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Two comic book veterans cover their thoughts on comics, sci-fi, pop culture, and anything that they have an opinion on. In 2018, it's anything related to The Avengers Infinity War movie
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This week, BaZz & E discuss a Tale of Two Weddings, and more!- Batman #50 dramas- X-Men Gold #30- Ant-Man & Wasp - Star Wars The Last Jedi hits NetFlix- Infinity Countdown- Avengers 4 title
In this episode BaZz & E have a special in person episode where they discuss:- Billy Dee rumoured to be in Star Wars Episode IX- Comic Con 2018- Disney's finale bid for Fox- Wonder Woman 2- Infinity War- Theory crafting Infinity Crisis- Thor, Justice League, Dr Strange
The boyz are back after a short hiatus.This week BaZz & E discuss:- Deadpool 2- Solo- Infinity Countdown- Green Lantern- Why you MUST read Monstress from Image comics!and more!
In this episode, BaZz & E discuss Solo: a Star Wars movie with special guests OneVille, and Ozi. Beware, there are spoilers!
In this episode, BaZz & E discuss- Deadpool 2 & Infinity War earnings- Deadpool 2 cameos etc- Jim Starlin's creations that could show up in Avengers 4- Black Panther home video ratings- Ninja-k- Black Bolt- Venom- Shield- Avengers- Xverse
In this episode, BaZz & E discuss:- Whisky- Thanos Annual- Infinity War breaking records- The Mighty Thor sucking ballz- Star Trek, and more!Notes:DC's multiverse:
In this much overdue episode, BaZz & E cover the Infinity War aftermath, and more
It's finally here! Join BaZz & E as they review Avengers: Infinity War*** Warning! This episode contains major spoilers ***
It's finally, almost here! The countdown to Infinity resumes in episode 19 of KomiK FellaZ where BaZz & E cover their thoughts on- Infinity War- Jessica Jones: both the comic and NetFlix series- Avengers: No Surrender- Green Lantern- Infinity Countdown #2
In this episode, BaZz & E talk about:- Dark Knights Metal- Thanos #18- Vader- Captain America #700- Domino #1- Avengers #688- Doomsday Clock
This week BaZz & E discuss:- Infinity War- Han Solo- The 4 tenets of Marvel- Infinity Wars: Prime- News that broke first on the podcast- The return of the Fantastic Fourand more!
In this episode BaZz & E discuss comics, Star Wars, and more...
Your hosts, BaZz & E take us thru the the Deadpool 2 trailer, and some thoughts on watching Avengers: Infinity War in IMAX theaters
In this special episode, our fearsome hosts cover that Infinity War trailer! Warning: Major Spoilers, and theories ahead!
- Star Wars Rebels - Series Finale- Solo movie poster fiasco- Doctor Who has a new logo- Jessica Jones is out on the 8th?!- New character posters for Infinity War
In this episode of KomiK FellaZ, BaZz & E discuss- Star Wars Rebels - Finale- Solo movie poster fiasco - Doctor Who has a new logo - Jessica Jones is out on the 8th!- New character posters for Infinity War- Infinity War toy spoiler- Tom Cruise as Hal Jordan?
In this episode, BaZz & E discuss lots, but they as always focus on Infinity War, and cover some Xverse ○ Dr Aphra #17 ○ Avengers 675-680 § The Grandmaster vs The Challenger ○ Astonishing X-Men #8 ○ Silver Surfer Requiem ○ Infinity Countdown prime § Great read to catch everyone up ○ Marvel reboot again in May or June…
In this special episode, BaZz & E discuss the Black Panther movie.
This episode, BaZz & E discuss the Xverse comics, and more!
In this episode, BaZz & E discuss the latest news on Avengers Infinity War, Family Guy's parody of Deadpool, and more. • Jackman and MCU? ○ • Hemsworth done playing Thor with MCU contractually ending ○ "Contractually, right now — yeah, this is it. I’m ...…
On the first episode of KomiK FellaZ, we cover Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Please skip if you don't like spoilers
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