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Footy United
Soccer and Videogames. PES. FIFA. It's all good.
Silent Hill Experienced
Silent Hill Experienced is a podcast about the popular game series, with interviews and news updates on all aspects of the game, movies, and fan contributions to the community. Follow us for the lastest information on all things Silent Hill.
Castlevania Podcast
"Not Another Podcast" companion podcast to Netflixs new TV show "Castlevania"With your hosts Andy and Jon
Codec Moments Podcast
A podcast focusing on the Metal Gear Solid franchise and the fan community of
Hot KoCode by the Fire
Welcome to Hot KoCode by the Fire. We’re hoping to get together every once in a while and just talk about anything and everything going on around us - mostly related to video games. There's not going to be a set structure to any of these discussions, bar a few topics we're all bringing to the table, but we take pride in our lack of organization. We can only hope you'll find some charm in our discussions, off-topic tangents, and emotional rants as we throw each of our two cents into the ring. ...
ReLoaded Gaming Podcast
Hear the show live on Mondays at 4:30pm Pacific/7:30pm Eastern on Download the TuneIn or Live365 app and search OC Rock Radio on your smart phone.
Insert Coin History
Reviewing every arcade video game in history, chronologically. Come be a part of the show! Send a review or story of your favorite arcade game to: or Driving or running? Call our automated review line and leave us a voice mail review at 760-ICT-TOYS. We’ll include your review when we review your game. Insert Coin History is sponsored by Insert Coin Toys. Reimagine arcade classics for future generations. ( ...
ThatSportsGamer’s Retro Roundtable –
A Home For Sports Video Game Fans
Insert Coin History
Reviewing every arcade video game in history, chronologically. Come be a part of the show! Send a review or story of your favorite arcade game to: or Driving or running? Call our automated review line and leave us a voice mail review at 760-ICT-TOYS. We’ll include your review when we review your game. Insert Coin History is sponsored by Insert Coin Toys. Reimagine arcade classics for future generations. ( ...
Interview Starcade
Wiggly of Trap Door and Kyle VonKubik bring you their handpicked favorite guests from the Monthly Video Game Audio Magazine, We Talk Games. Some of the most influential figures in the Video Game industry Talk Games.
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Hey Bubs! Happy Wolverine Wednesday! Welcome Back to TalkinSnikt: The best podcast there is at what it does, and what it does best is talk about Wolverine. In today's episode I take you through Origin; the 2001 miniseries that claims to be the greatest story never told. It also loosely inspired the beginning portion of the film that shall remai ...…
GGB Magazine Podcast
Tom Nieman became president of the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers late last year, taking over from Konami’s Tom Jingoli, who served a long term at the helm of AGEM. Nieman is senior vice president of marketing for JCM, and has been a respected figure on the manufacturer side of the industry for more than 20 years. He explains how ...…
Finding good music in a Konami game is easier than falling down the stairs. Parodius Da!! is actually the second Parodius game - there's a much lesser known title on the MSX, but this is the famous one. It was on NES, SNES and of course the brilliant arcade version. The Game Boy version has the majority of the levels (I think there's only one m ...…
The TechnoFunkBoy Daily 5
We're up on iTunes! • Timmy and the Konami code
Today Gregg rants about trying to preorder the SNES Classic, the Scorpio edition of the Xbox one X, Kojima and Konami, and much, MUCH MORE!
Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher talk about the final two episodes of the BBC series The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy from 1981. Covering the back half of the novel The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, itself a loose adaptation of the second series of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio play, these episodes satiri ...…
August 12th, 2014 released a Playable Teaser or shorten as PT. Under a fake studio name and published by Konami, we witnessed the most terrorizing "game" ever. What was once a tease for a new SILENT HILLS game before getting canned, we learned soon enough that Norman Reedus would have been the main protagionist. This is our Episode on this stil ...…
If you thought we were done talking about the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy then you’re at least partly wrong, since we open up this week with just that, even if it is only for a few minutes. After that it’s on to The Wolf Among Us. With the recent announcement that Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us 2 is on the way, how does the original hold up? ...…
We enlist in the Konami Army with Rush’n Attack, a.k.a. Green Beret. Also, is the All Controller the universal gamepad you need? Download MP3
Fancy a free copy of Destiny 2?! This week’s NGB Podcast is a biggie! Yep, we’ve finally hit episode 100! Join Ben, Jonny, and special guest Asim Tanvir of Konami (and formerly of this parish), as they talk about all things gaming, including: PES 2018! Fortnite! PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds! MORE PES 2018! Crash Bandicoot! Patapon! EVEN MORE P ...…
We're sorry. We can't believe it has taken us so long to get here: 36 episodes, 30 minisodes, 4 bonus episodes, and one weird, one-off audio sketch, and yet not until now have we taken the time to pay tribute to our FAVORITE MARTIAL ARTS ACTORS! Not named Bruce Lee of course. Because otherwise we would have all picked Bruce Lee. And we can only ...…
Popcorn Talk – We Talk Movies
The Mighty Otaku team discusses Netflix’s look into the lives of the Belmont family by reviewing Castlevania! Castlevania is an American adult animated web television series based on the 1989 video game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse by Konami. The series follows Trevor Belmont, who defends the nation of Wallachia from Dracula and his minions ...…
Geeksquatch Podcast
GS Now: Castlevania on Netflix Netflix recently released an animated series that breaths life into the story of Castlevania III and the universe that Konami created some 30 years ago. The guys break down the story, animation, their favorite scenes, and the bloody mess that’s portrayed in the 4 episodes produced by Adi Shankar. Geeksquatch Now c ...…
On episode 209 of Toon Talk Weekly, Jake and Brad head up to Dracula’s castle when they watch an episode of the 2017 series “Castlevania.” Trouble listening here? Download the MP3 (32.0 mb). Castlevania premiere on July 7, 2017 on Netflix and currently has one season and four total episodes. The series is written by Warren Ellis and Directed by ...…
B3 - The Boston Bastard Brigade | Video Game Reviews, Pop-Culture Musings, Sports and more! » Podcast
Japan's most famous thief gets another season, and King Baby Duck is overjoyed by what it entails! Then a look at the Summer anime series block finds a delicious show known as Restaurant to Another World. Finally the hosts of Another Retro Gaming Podcast TheDCD and David Giltinan chime in on why Netflix's new Castlevania series gets more right ...…
VGM Monday Ep.9 TMNT, Overworld and Title Theme! This week we double dip into the infamous NES Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtle's game. We also talk some Konami history. Questions/Comments? hit us up at or!
In this episode of TCG Buzz, Jacob and Dalton discuss some recent announcements from Konami about Yu-Gi-Oh! . They discuss several changes to the game including link summons, changes to pendulum zones and the new season Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains
Martin Estrella, Tekken fanatic, joins us on GameByte to talk about Tekken 7! We also talk about Konami blacklisting former employees, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and more! J!NX Store 10% Discount Code - QuitStalling_366 [Get it? Quit Stalling Us] iTunes ► ► htt ...…
Mandi, Sam, and Joe are back at it again! This week, they finish out discussion about Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and catch up on what they're watching!End theme: No Game No Life Opening Theme
Hello friends, we're here again at the nearly-midpoint of the year for a celebration of music and magic and wonder. Everyone liked our December music episodes so much and they took so long to make we decided to split them into twice-yearly installments, so enjoy this long list of summer tunes based on what we've been playing since we last check ...…
Link to the Cast is back, and all over you like a wet flannel.On the show this week:*Dave is back down the Zelda well, Mark has been getting weird in Nier: Automata.*A brief update on the Alex Mauer DMCA chaos we reported on last week.*Nintendo is doing very well in Japan this year*The return of, you guessed it, Konami KornerAnd for the Book Cl ...…
Some of Konami's treatment of former employees has come to light. This includes denying health insurance, warning companies not to hire former employees and not allowing them to list konami as a past workplace.Source: Affiliate: www.patreon.c ...…
This week we’ve got our somewhat belated E3 2017 coverage for your listening pleasure. However, before that, we start things as we usually do by talking a bit about what we’ve been playing. First up is The Witness. This 40 hour puzzle game is not for the meek, despite it’s calming look and feel. Next is The Evil Within, and it’s uncharacteristi ...…
This week we talk a bout Devolver Digital's E3 send-up, even more pettiness from Konami, Harvest Moon, Atari's new console, the future of Sega, Speculation over Hideki Kamiya's new game, and Take-2 shutting down Grand Theft Auto 5 mods. This week's topic: Spider-Man games!Jumper Cables is way more grumpy and disgruntled throughout this episode ...…
Download Here! On today's episode, Nick subs in for Emily as we discuss a trio of hot topics. We talk in depth about the announcement and strategy of the Snes Classic and the Sega Forever service. We also take a stab at the latest fiasco from Konami and come to a rather easy consensus. We end the show with questions from the audience.…
Ten Pence Arcade
Blah Blah Does anyone even read this? Biscuits. Two podcasters not wearing underpants talking about playing games standing up in front of wooden boxes with TVs inside them. Buttons. Joystick. Thrills! I may need help… TIMESTAMP: What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s Jim Bagley Arcade Reveal – 3m 22s Play Glasgow Walkround – 6m 14 ...…
Ten Pence Arcade
Blah Blah Does anyone even read this? Biscuits. Two podcasters not wearing underpants talking about playing games standing up in front of wooden boxes with TVs inside them. Buttons. Joystick. Thrills! I may need help… TIMESTAMP: What we’ve been up to since the last podcast – 0m 0s Jim Bagley Arcade Reveal – 3m 22s Play Glasgow Walkround – 6m 14 ...…
We Bare All Podcast
Recorded 6/25/17. On the first anniversary of the show we talk about the mess that is the Han Solo movie, X-Men timeline issues, WB says DC may go R, Wonder Woman is bigger than Superman and most Batman films, John Landis has words for Marvel and Universal, The Mummy bombs, Elizabeth Banks gets in the news, remakes and re-titles, Daniel Day-Lew ...…
Press Any Key Podcast
Show Notes Konami reportedly blacklisting ex-employees across Japanese video game industry. ( Microsoft’s Spencer: Xbox One X is not the console “most people will buy”. ( W.T.F Dream Daddy is a hot dad-on-dad dating sim from Game Grumps. ( What? Atari is working on a new console. ...…
SummaryOn this episode we talk about Konami blacklisting ex-employees in the gaming industry, and want to date a dad? Now you can with Dream Daddy dating sim. All this and more on the Press Any Key Games Podcast.Show NotesKonami reportedly blacklisting ex-employees across Japanese video game industry. (’s Spencer: ...…
Today Jen is back! She and Gregg talk about a new trolling technique used against content creators, Seattle Police using twitch to share information, Rockstar backing down with banning mods, and the ever continuing saga of Hideo Kojima and Konami!
This week - Racial Segregationists want to declare that the Black Panther film is what Africa would look like without White people, Konami's crappy business practices are slowly coming to light and it's pretty damn bad,
Don't Copy That Floppy
In this weeks news: Konami hurts former employees, Take 2 bans mods, Paradox raises prices, and Starr Mazer composer flips out.
Los Angeles born guitarist Nita Strauss has become a force to be reckoned with in the music world, dazzling audiences across the US, UK, Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa, and sharing the stage with a diverse range of artists including rock legend Alice Cooper, R&B star Jermaine Jackson, early MTV darlings Femme Fatale, video ga ...…
Geek Legacy's Pixelated Podcast
Pixelated-Podcast-NES_iTunes-copy-300x3002Welcome back to the Pixelated Podcast! Justin and Stephen return to talk about some of their favorite video game stories for the week.This week's topics include:Former Kojima Productions employees getting blacklisted by KonamiFull list of games that will run in 4k on Xbox One XNetflix introduces choose ...…
Lettuce Talk Podcast
Nate and Hobbe talk the winning games of E3, Friday the 13th updates, Spiderman, Kojima, Assassisn Creed Origins Collectors Edition, Microsoft blaming gamers for Scalebound, Bayond Good and Evil 2, Destiny 1, IO Interactive, Xbox Exclusives, and Konami's shady business practices.
Second episode of the monthly podcast I host with my friends, Gammalad, Box, and GaoGaiKingTheGreatVA. Also, our second guest for this podcast is Gigguk, anime man.Stuff We Talked About For This Episode:▶ Top three things from E3▶ Bubsy comes back from the dead▶ Liveaction Cowboy Bebop movie in the works▶ Inferno Cop Season 2▶ Konami being s**t ...…
Podcasts – Winning Eleven Next-Gen Blog
In podcast 146, Gari and Bryan sit down and talk about their experiences with playing the E3 build of PES 2018. Bryan tested it out during E3 and Gari and Nico was invited down to Konami HQ in Windsor to spend time with the game. As well as our discussion regarding the game itself, we also answer Twitter questions from the PES community regardi ...…
For the past year, Microsoft and Xbox fanboys touted the power of the Xbox One X (aka The Artist Formerly Known as Project Scorpio). Now that the system has been officially revealed, it turns out that it isn’t everything it was supposed to be; that it is somewhat… compromised. We compare the rumored specs of the system to the final ones, and pu ...…
The Cheat Codes Podcast
Never give up, never surrender as Microsoft games test engineer Jason Ericson joins us this week to discuss the _GTA V_ fan reaction to the removal of a beloved modding tool, reports about Konami's blacklisting policies, and Hasbro's shiny new game subscription box. Enter the Lightning Round, during which we weigh in on Atari's new console anno ...…
TardNation - for and by PS4 gamers
We talk about PSVR $300 sale, Stand-alone Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, Hitman dev goes independent, Superhot coming to PS4 and PSVR, Shadow of Colossus is a remake, PSX has a date, $800 Assassin’s Creed Legendary Edition, Kojima and Konami still fueding and $800 Gran Turismo Racing Wheel. Download the mp3…
“Wait, wait…I Coleman? Talking about…DOOM?! I need a moment.” A mom-themed episode of the Hey Poor Podcast? How appropriate! Just in time for Father’s Day! Nathan was off, I dunno, being dead or something, so this week it’s up to I “Talks About The Same Two Videogames Every Week” Coleman, Jay “Great Service Clean Tables” Petrequin, and Anthony ...…
The Surly Nerd - Are Microsoft's backwards compatibility announcements really about JUST backwards compatibility? Is this the future of Xbox? Greetings adventurers, and welcome to this weeks installment of The Surly Nerd! After our prelude, we kick things off in comics, where the year of weird comics continues with Wonder Woman crossing over wi ...…
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