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Sonic Daydream
Sonic Daydream presents podcasts featuring vintage rock music, with a focus on the lesser-heard sounds of the '60s and '70s... You're not gonna hear the same ol' tunes that you've heard a million times already... These ain't your daddy's golden oldies!
Dayz Of Purple
The best in psychedelic, krautrock, space and freak rock
Searching For A Thread
Exploring psych jams, outsider folk, minimal grooves, cosmic jazz, vintage blues, garage punk, Jamaican sounds, archaic synth composers and whatever else.
The Cargo Culte Audio Field Report
Having the highest regard for the mandate placed before them to restructure the cultural landscape, The Demagogues of The Cargo Culte break bread with the deepest thinkers, hardest hitting critics and simply the most bad ass players of our times and ask them to provide the soundtrack to your lives. Punk,Hardcore,Hard Psych,Space Rock,Krautrock and Outsider recordings, all is laid on the table for the consumption of you our gentle patrons. "Nothing is true, everything is permitted."
syndae podcast
Weekly podcast on electronic music, including ambient, new age, chill-out, post-rock, krautrock etc.
Volker Wolfgang
Elektronische Musik von Volker Wolfgang. Podcast der neuesten Werke, Songs und LIeder. Mit Gesang oder instrumentaler industrial House. Klänge einer neuen Krautrock-Welle.
So Wrong So Right Podcast
The monthly Podcast from Bethany, Dang and Tal; everything from sleazy disco to dark techno and whatever we feel is right (or wrong) playing.
Indie-licious on 93.3 CFMU is a weekly broadcast featuring experimental and alternative music from Canada and around the world. Art rock, krautrock, avante-synth, messy garage pop, experimental R&B, and glitchy psych - no song is played twice.
Wolf Auto
Hallo Zusammen; Willkommen bei Wolf Auto aus Köln! Jetzt produziere ich auch mit eigenen Kompositionen, experimentiere mit neuen Sounds der organischen Klangkunst. Humorvoll nenne ich diesen Stil Neuer Krautrock, in Anlehnung an die 1970iger Jahre des westdeutschen "Krautrock" .New Krautrock and progressive Electro tunes by Wolf Auto from Cologne in Germany. Now also published as Volker Wolfgang and sometimes Autoö.
Dayz Of Purple And Orange
Playing the best in psychedelic, krautrock, space rock and freak out music. Sister podcast to
Attention Surplus Disorder
One of modern modern music’s most enduring genres, progressive rock has flourished since the late sixties when radio switched to FM and music became adventurous and more artistic outside of the comfort zones of Pop. Progressive rock also branched into sub-genres; progressive folk, progressive metal, RIO — rock in opposition, avant-garde & experimental, progressive electronic, Psychedelic space rock, progressive Italiano, post-rock, krautrock, canterbury, jazz fusion, and many others. Unlike ...
Jim'll's Bobcast
Bob Says...Unscripted, unplanned and unprofessional - meander with us through my record collection. Over a thousand Lps include 6ts soul, garage, psych, pop, punk, folk, krautrock, classical, blues and 8ts pop. What on earth will Jim'll's Brain make of it all?Jim'll Says...How do you host a radio show when you don't have any records? Nick someone else's and get them to do all the hard work, sifting through thousands of Lps, mixing the tracks and putting the needle on the record, while I sit ...
Disco Unusual Social Club's Podcast
Disco Unusual Social Club is a moving Dirty Disco Party that takes house and disco heads, on a musical adventure that's full of Studio 54 glam and old-school Chicago House Music energy. Everything from boogie to late krautrock has become fair game in these the hippest DJ sets in America, and forgotten disco detritus such as "Lovetown" are staples for DUSC & Dimitri from Paris. The most reliably tasteful dance party in the city, Disco Unusual Social Club, has been running for just over a year ...
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Escoltem algunes de les ltimes referncies del segell alemany Bureau B: Faust, Moebius, Grosskopf i Kranemann i Kreidler. Una mostra de com aquesta discogrfica mant viu l'esperit de l'anomenat kraut rock, l'escena alemanya de rock experimental dels anys 60 i 70.
VJ Podcast is your weekly vinyl news, broadcast every Saturday at 1PM EST in our Facebook Community. Live broadcasts are then uploaded to our YouTube channel and now podcast form. Vinyl news, reviews and stories On VJ Podcast 2 This Week VJ NEWS (Cameron Graves, Captain Beefheart, podcast news) Special Discount Code for Vinyl Junkies: […]…
Willkommen Zukunft. Trockener Drumcomputer Beat mit einer minimalen Bass-Linie und Sequenzer. Auch zu hören auf dem Dom Airport Musik Album;
L.A Takedown is a 7 piece band lead by Aaron M. Olson. Today i'm reviewing their new album "2". On this album they deliver a mix of 80s pop, cinematic and instrumental music that dips into a psychedelic, catchy and visceral space. Listen to the album➜ the youtube version of this review➜ me ...…
Krautrock Disco, so könnte man diesen netten Track verifizieren. Dann let´s dance...
Episode #2! Heather Trost of A Hawk and A Hacksaw stops by to chat about Rachmaninoff, Krautrock, The Beach Boys, and The Beach Waterpark! We also get a preview of the title track of her new soon-to-be released solo album Agistri. You can (pre)order the album here:…
Utility Fog
Quite a pop show tonight, or, well OK fair enough, not “pop” as such but songwritery anyway. LISTEN AGAIN because you won’t hear these sounds in this order anywhere else! Stream on the demand is the FBi way, and podcast is here. Sydney’s Joshua Gibbs aka Setec creates lush, layered indiepop straight outta his bedroom with charming folktronic ed ...…
Wie versprochen, jetzt ein romantisches Lied im neuen Krautrock Design. Für verträumte heiße Sommer-Tage 2017.
This Day in Music Radio
Jane Weaver Modern Kosmology . Singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist Weaver talks about her sixth solo album. The follow up to 'Silver Globe' LP, swirls around the universe creating punk,Kraut rock and edgy synth moments, channeling new depths of creative cosmic energy. Once again mesmerising. 8/10.…
KQED’s Cy Musiker and Suzie Racho share their picks for great events around the Bay Area this week. This is one of those weeks where it’s so hard to choose our picks, with an excess of terrific shows. The New Century Chamber Orchestra is finishing its 25th season, and saying goodbye to its music director and lead violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenb ...… 24/7 Deli -Tony G’s Krautrock Mix -Dale’s “mostly dark and british vibe around the 140 beats per minute tempo” Mix -Nick Boyd Too Many Beers Disco Mix
Drop The Biscuit INCHXINCH Initially intended as the next in the ‘on/off’ series/but somehow turns into something different/but what/featuring a couple of new 7”/something veering towards prog/kraut rock/ an some usual usual/thanx for joining us, he says/he was wearing clown shoes/see ya next we ...…
You lay by the swimming pool of a hotel in a mid-century modern resort in the middle of the Colorado desert while the cast of the OC cavort in the water, throwing margarita cocktails at each other. You arrived from Britain’s first pathetic attempts at a Spring a few days ago and the sun still burns, the heat still burns, the #FFFFFF smiles of t ...…
A tough techno radio style show from Trust The Machine with a banging techno selection for your weekly enjoyment.TTM_Show_020 Tracklist:Collab 1 - Ortin Cam & Boriqua Tribez - GobsmackedHammer - Ryogo Yammamori - Pareto ParkCaustic - JT Kyrke - UnreleasedStart Chopping (Tommy Four Seven remix) - Perc - Perc TraxLaReal Part 1 - Surgeon - Counter ...…
Frisch erholt vom Joggen und mit neuen musikalischen Ideen in den Montag. Deshalb gibt es Heute noch einen Song. Kölner Krautrock Tradition meets den eingängigeren House Pop Stil. Jetzt mit meinem Gesang und Text, deshalb jetzt bei Soundcloud, diese Kompostion und Produktion aus Eigenanbau. Allerdings auch mit etwas Hilfe guter Musikbegeisterte ...…
Sequences Magazine
Welcome to Sequences, time seems to be certainly flying this year, already into March with this edition, again Mick has put an excellent range of music on air for you. Syngate Records have re-released two early albums by Jack Spruch known as E-Motion, who sadly departed this world to soon in 2013. It’s been awhile since we featured Steve Hillma ...…
Barbican Contemporary Music
Laying the foundations of what came to be known as Krautrock, Can became one of the most influential avant-rock groups of all time, and echoes of their work is audible in everything from Joy Division to Kanye West. We caught up with founding member Irmin Schmidt and his collaborator on this project Gregor Schwellenbach, as well as Can biographe ...…
Something "neu" we've been working on.
After Hours at the Burgundy Room
Lias Saoudi, lead singer of the English rock band Fat White Family, has been described as a drink and drug-wracked nihilist degenerate, not to mention an enthusiast of onstage nudity, Nazi history, and animal carcasses. A self-professed humanitarian, Lias rejects the nihilist label, but he’s got no problem talking drugs, art, politics, fascism, ...…
Since 1978, Koichi Makigami has been making music with Hikashu, a collective who have taken in post-punk, new wave, krautrock and free jazz. With techniques and sounds borrowed from various indigenous cultures, from nature, and his own imagination, Makigami is a master of his instrument - the voice. In New Zealand for shows, he and bandmate Kaz ...…
Since 1978, Koichi Makigami has been making music with Hikashu, a collective who have taken in post-punk, new wave, krautrock and free jazz. With techniques and sounds borrowed from various indigenous cultures, from nature, and his own imagination, Makigami is a master of his instrument - the voice. In New Zealand for shows, he and bandmate Kaz ...…
This week our first Bombshell Special Presentation comes to us from Barcelona's Famous Forgotten Artists who always manage to come up with interesting cinematic, retro-futuristic, progressive and experimental music. And all of this within the pop-art concept. For this show they host a great mix of likes and influences and unveil some new tracks ...…
Roadkill RSS THIS WEEK ON ROADKILL Roadkill has grown up. We're eleven! Weeks, that is. And what better way to celebrate an eleven week birthday than to actually do what was originally intended; to interview people! That's right, we've got ourselves a good, old-fashioned, honest, down home human to rap with, plus of course some incredible music ...…
bbc review of A turn in the dream songs Jeffrey Lewis wiki Buy a turn in the dream songs “Each one was based on a foundational sound-clip that I added some overdubs to. The foundation of Boom Tube came about because I was given a reference CD to listen to the recording of Water Leaking, and there was a strange CD/DVD player at the house I was s ...…
Roadkill RSS THIS WEEK ON ROADKILL Welcome one and all to Roadkill's Krautrock vs Jap Rock extravaganza. Join host Benny Two-Shoes as he get his America bashing out of the way early, abuses a fan, and then spins his way through a sig-heil kamikaze of Japanese lunacy, German efficiency, and a hell of a lot of kick ass music that has absolutely n ...…
In the 1970s, German art-rockers took psychedelia and added hypnotic drumbeats and innovative synthesizer sounds to create a style known as Krautrock. Hosts Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot dissect the Krautrock genre and its influential bands like Kraftwerk, Can, and Faust. Plus, they remember the late Maggie Roche of The Roches.…
Hold Your Corner Radio presented by Jonny Dub
For episode 012 I welcome a guest mix from a long time friend and collaborator Illum Sphere.For over a decade we have been DJ'ing and putting on parties together since our beginnings running small live art events in Manchester. Since those days we went on to set up Hoya:Hoya, a monthly club night and label that ran for over 7 years and held dow ...…
Ätherische Klänge, nachdenkliche Stimmungslage. So klingt diese Musik abseits der großen Strömungen verloren im elektronischen Äther..
LPR Live, from New York
Jaga Jazzist is an eight-piece Norwegian ensemble with a sound that draws from jazz, vintage funk, Krautrock and shoegaze. It adds up to a mesmerizing, exploratory and overwhelmingly energetic sound simply meant to be experienced live. Led by composer and multi-instrumentalist Lars Horntveth, the band first came together in a small Norwegian to ...…
Biodesign ist ein Musikstück der Gegenwart. Elektronische Klänge und tragender Rhythmus. Introvertiert...
Welcome to the episode 35 of LTA: The Compilation Edition. It's 2017 and Eric is starting it off with thunder, lightning and the rumble of Hard Rock, Heavy and Thrash Metal. Starting off with the German comp, King Solomon's Goldmine featuring 70s hard rock, Punk, Kraut Rock and even some Pop Rock. Following that is discussion of the 18 Headbang ...…
Krautrock im Biodesign.
The Sound Projector » Podcast Feed
The Sound Projector Radio Show Friday 6th January 2017 The Astral Army, ‘Interstellar Shortwave’ From Cologne Curiosities: The Unknown Krautrock Underground, 1972-1976, SPAIN MENTAL EXPERIENCE MENT005CD CD (2016) Redukt, ‘HTOO’ From OTHO, UKRAINE KVITNU 46 CD (2016) The Miz’ries, ‘Commune Of Dume’ From Complete Control Of Your Vehicle, USA BELT ...…
Today’s electronic hour might be the perfect soundtrack for hectic days at the end of the year and for taking care all of those errands you still have on your list. We’ve got new music by French electronic pop outfit Justice for instance, but we’ve also got some classics from way back in the 70s – almost meditative, new age-y tunes by krautrock ...…
Today’s electronic hour might be the perfect soundtrack for hectic days at the end of the year and for taking care all of those errands you still have on your list. We’ve got new music by French electronic pop outfit Justice for instance, but we’ve also got some classics from way back in the 70s – almost meditative, new age-y tunes by krautrock ...…
Finders Keepers Records
'Tis the season to be explicitly self-explanatory... Yule never hear another radio show like this because snowbody does it quite like the Finders Keepers Records Christmas congregation etc. Expect turkey from Turkey, festive French fuzz, mince pies from Melbourne, magnetic melodies from Moominvalley, Tamil tinsel and plenty of Kristmas krautroc ...…
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