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Bits and segments from The Kevin & Bean Show.
A podcast from the weekly Sunday service held at The Salvation Army Kroc Center in Hawaii. For more information about Kroc Center Hawaii, visit us online at for additional content and information about what we are all about.
Frans Classics is a rocking, weekly, hour-long look back at THIS WEEK in the history of Rock Music. Hosted by Fran Bennett who spent decades as a Top Rated FM DJ on Los Angeles and San Francisco Rock Radio, interviewed everyone from AC-DC and The Allman Brothers to Frank Zappa and ZZ Top, and authored The Definitive DJ Datebook with 30,000 listings on 1500 pages! She was in the middle of it all and has stories to tell! Free of repetition with long sets and smooth segues, Fran's Classics focu ...
A podcast from the weekly Sunday service held at The Salvation Army Kroc Center in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.
Dr. Drew and Rehab Bob Forrest from MTV's Celebrity Rehab talk about "This Life" with featured guests. Also introducing the exciting and new video channel offshoot, "This Life #YOULIVE" podcast available at youtube/Drdrew and Facebook/Drdrew featuring the previous KROQ Loveline co-host Mike Catherwood who is the current partner on KABC AM 790 Midday Live podcast. Go to for current shows and the collection of all Dr. Drew podcasts.
Chris Krok
K-Rox Music
Hip Hop Beats, instrumentale Musik und Remixes
Taylor and Bill are Salvation Army Officers. They oversee the Grand Rapids Kroc Center and pastor the Church.
Are you making money wholesaling Real Estate? Do you regularly make assignment fees of $10k to $50k (AND MORE) per deal? Would you like to be? Join America’s #1 Real Estate Wholesaling coach, Tom Krol along with 7 Figure Wholesaler, Cody Hofhine as they lead you by the hand to help you CRUSH your income goals! This Podcast is NOT about theory, stories or fluff. It’s all about taking MASSIVE action and following instruction rather than more education (most people get stuck in “education mode” ...
Kako je Ibrahim, alejhi selam, postupao prema svome ocu onda kada ga je pozivao Allahu i ostavljanju obožavanja kipova, šta više, pravljenja i klesanja istih?
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The show begins with Reggae! After years of ignoring KROQ music on Sundays, Walt finally sees the light! Fonz kicks off his summer travels by visiting Holland and does all sorts of romantic stuff! You know, dinners, jazz clubs, bike rides through tulip farms and sex shows?! If that weren’t enough, Fonz also attends King’s Day, a festival dedica ...…
THIS WEEK ON THAT'S LIFE... Nando see's Joyce Manor and see's the girl from the Turnstile Show, Jose jumps on just in time and MTR celebrates Cinco De Drinko with Beermug from KROQ FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: THAT'S LIFE | @thatslife_pod MTR | @RattHaus JOSE | @HurrayForJose PATRICK | @PatrickOnTheMic Support the podcast! Shop for RattHaus Apparel! C ...…
Open. What's Happening? AFRO Line. Andrew Siciliano. Beer Mug on the Red Carpet of Avengers: Infinity War. Jersey Shore Recap. What's Happening? The Movie Man. Reggie Watts In Studio. Keep It 100. What's Happening?
Open. What's Happening? Total Recall. Does Going to the Movies By Yourself Make you a Loser? Mike Shinoda In Studio. What's Happening? Mama Mugs on Dodgers Opening Day. A Stranger Stepped In To Help You. Dr. Drew. What's Happening?
In this episode: We check in with Lightning, revisit K&B's visit to a sperm bank and more!
You know the wise mentor that guides the young hero throughout the journey in monomyths? Like Yoda? Well, Megan Holiday is sort of like my Yoda (of radio)... except way hotter and much more articulate. Megan is an LA-based DJ for the alternative rock station, 106.7 KROQ. Episode 22 sheds light on not only what it's like to be a radio personalit ...…
Open. What's Happening? How Allie picked her Tourney teams. Internet Roundup. Turkish Sect Leader. Awkward "I Love You's." What's Happening? Rishi Sharma's trying to interview WWII vets. Omaroke. Remembering Beer Mug's Lou Zamperini interview. Keep It 100. What's Happening?
Open. What's Happening? World Star Wednesday. Lightning Says Farewell:B-Team Podcast. Christopher Robin Trailer. March Fatness Update. Psycho Body. Vladimir Putin. What's Happening? Scientific Survey: Should We Book Real Life Vampire? Beer Mug With K&B Van On Location In Anaheim With April Foolishness Tickets. Adam Carolla. What's Happening?…
Open. What's Happening? TMZ's Harvey Levin. The Blonde Leading The Blonde. 90th Oscar Highlights. Beer Mug Live From The Kevin And Bean Billboard. You Accidentally Terrified Someone. What's Happening? Great News. Robert Kirkman In-Studio. The Hollywood Reporter's Matt Belloni. What's Happening?
this week we get into what is and is not a parody band or song. we touch on tekashi 69 getting called out by the LA homies. joe references LA's KROQ station again. by the way KEVIN AND BEAN IN THE MORNINGS ON KROQ 106.7 FROM 10@NOON. anyways back to our show now. we talk some other crap and call it a show. BEAT IT NERDS…
Open. What's Happening? Who Do You Root For In The Super Bowl. Woman Gets Surgery To Be Black. Internet Roundup. RJ Bell. New Orleans Cameras. Beer Mug Does ALS Hot Pepper Challenge. What's Happening? You Lost A Bet And Got A Tattoo. Cousin Sal. Keep It 100. What's Happening?
Open. What's Happening? Beer Mug's "Are You Gonna Finish That?" IGN's Matt Fowler. Derek Waters. The Bachelor Report. Petros Papadakis. What's Happening? Should Mike Sell His Motorcycle. What's Happening?
Breakfast With Foo Fighters. Ashely Esqueda Sang With The Foo Fighters. Kid Demands Mac N Cheese. Top Drops Of 2017. Broga. Crazy Things That Happened At The Drive Thru. Kevin Annoys You. Wheel O' Bad Animal Voices. Dueling Poop Stories. You Believe Something Cray Cray.
DC We need a director’s cutHammMan? BatHamm? Resist the Fascists, 21st Century-Style [Resist Bot] to easily send real letters to your representatives( Marvel Jennifer Lawrence talks about coming back to the X-Men franchise for “Dark Phoenix”Our first look at Sansa Stark as Dark PhoenixDisney and Fox are said to have resumed ...…
Putin’s Cockholster Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBITrump says the worst possible thing for himself following thatMatt Lauer fired from NBC in the wake of sexual harassment allegations DC We’ve got our first look at ‘Titans’ RobinKevin Smith shares his thoughts on ‘Justice League’ Arrowverse Cros ...…
FAULKNER are a bicoastal mono-genre band. An unfinished demo of their song "NY Anthem" fell into the hands of RZA, the Wu-Tang Clan mastermind, and captured his interest, leading to their first major collaboration. As a result of their collaboration, “NY Anthem” is heard at the New York Yankees home games and US Open. New York isn’t the only pl ...…
Open. Showbiz Beat. Afro Line. The Amazon Key. RJ Bell. Internet Roundup. Popular References You Made That Other People Didn't Get. Showbiz Beat. Great News. Movie Beat. Keep It 100. Showbiz Beat.
Open. Showbiz Beat. World Series Game 1 Recap. God Forgiving Mark Wahlberg. Does Allie Know. Showbiz Beat. Wheel O' Bad Animal Voices. Finish The Line. Pasquale Rotella. Heat Wave Coverage. Showbiz Beat.
Open. Showbiz Beat. Harvey Levin. Michael Jackson in Heaven. Greg Fitzsimmons. Montage for Linkin Park Tickets. Showbiz Beat. Andrew Siciliano. Super Hero Colors. Showbiz Beat.
Open. Showbiz Beat. Taylor Swift. Florida Republican Candidate Abducted By Aliens. Clippers Fan Songs. New Mexico Removing Science from Public Education. Bean Makes Us Guess. Showbiz Beat. Afro Line. Mama Mugs Watches The Dodgers NLCS. Method Man. Showbiz Beat.
Open. Showbiz Beat. Movie Beat. Linkin Park Carpool Karaoke. RJ Bell. McG. Showbiz Beat. Great News. Ken Ham's Awful Halloween Treats. Jimmy Kimmel. Keep It 100. Showbiz Beat.
On This Episode: Jordan VS. KROQ, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and the FCC / Littering / Fan Follow Up / Text Messages from Jarrod / 17 Questions with JohnBy (Motherboard Cali Guys - Jordan | Jarrod | Brandon | Sean | John).
After returning from vacation, Bean is not quite himself. In 1998 four contestants and Big Tad lived in a VW Beetle for two weeks for the Live In It and Win It contest and more.
Open. Showbiz Beat. You Were Burned by an Online Purchase. Bob Saget. Funeral Crashers. Showbiz Beat. Jim Rome. Dr. Drew. Foo Fighters Carpool Karaoke. Recording the Blood Drive Promo. Showbiz Beat.
Today we’re joined by Mitchy, Sam, and Jordan from a great new band that we love called—ironically enough: Lovelytheband! They’re gearing up to release their debut EP ‘Everything I Could Never Say’…as soon as Matt heard their first single “Broken” he asked Producer Ted if he could get them on the show. You may recognize front man Mitchy Collins ...…
Krisha & Frank varied their routine by recording this episode on a Saturday. Frank’s wife, Jere the Brave, joined them on the podcast porch. Jere reads an email to Krisha & Frank from podcast listener Melissa, who says her favorite episodes so far are “Awaiting the Rapture” and “Disney Digress.” Melissa emailed several photos of newspapers from ...…
Open. Showbiz Beat. Sebastian Maniscalco is one of 2017's Top Earning Comedians. TMZ's Van Lathan. Internet Roundup. Hey Kevin & Bean. Your Goal is to Visit All ____. Showbiz Beat. Lana Del Rey. Kyle Farmer hit a Walk-off Two-Run Double in Dodgers Debut. Showbiz Beat.
Thanks For That Podcast, Bean, Episode 3. Bean talks about all the news from July 20, 1969, including man walking on the moon. Plus, a chat with a KROQ listener driving over 1000 miles to see the eclipse next month
Open. Showbiz Beat. Great News!. Kevin's Vacation Story. Trumpdate. Jim DeRogatis. The Bachelorette Report with Petros Papadakis. Showbiz Beat. Musical Heroes. Sarah Chalke & Chris Parnell. Showbiz Beat.
Open. Showbiz Beat. Vacation Stories. TMZ's Van Lathan. What's Up With Florida?. Comic Creators. The Pope. Showbiz Beat. Bean's Podcast Recap. Adam Carolla. Showbiz Beat.
Lightning, Dave The King of Mexico and DJ Omar Khan take Kevin & Bean fans behind-the-scenes of their favorite morning show
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