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Best Kurre And Klapow podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Kurre And Klapow podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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Join us for the The Kurre and Klapow Show! Tony Kurre, radio personality, classic rock legend has seen it all and done most of it, and Josh Klapow - a psychologist giving advice and breaking it all down from a human angle. What happens when these guys get together? They talk about things that grab them. Have a listen – see if it doesn’t grab you too.
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Our good friend Rachel Baribeau joins the show for another round of RAPID FIRE, as well as discussing http://www.imchangingthenarrative.com! Also, we analyze a list of the worst Christmas songs ever. Arguments ensue. This year's Christmas party might be ruined. Tune in!
Baker Mayfield takes the blame. Alternative Thanksgiving food...are we sick of the same old / same old? Finally, out of the millions of ships at the bottom of the ocean, what treasure was recently discovered?
Let's take a sampling of the Best Of today's Kurre & Klapow: from a spirited debate about the necessity of legalizing marijuana, to celebrating the anniversary of Sesame Street, to analyzing the best-selling NFL jerseys (and what each player's sales REPRESENT about our society).
Former Jets great Mark Gastineau recently revealed he was repeatedly raped as a child, so Tony and Josh discuss not only his situation, but also child abuse in-general.
Tony and Josh discuss a recent study analyzing what men mean when they use the word "sexy," and it's not as simple as you might've thought.
Rachel Baribeau, college football commentator, joins Tony and Josh to dip her toes into this MAJOR weekend of gridiron action...but also talks about her transition away from broadcasting, delving full-time into a passion project. It's something we all wish we had the courage to do, so learn more about the path she's on! http://www.imchangingthe ...…
Alabama and LSU face each other this weekend in a huge match-up, so who better to talk to than Alabama color-commentator John Parker Wilson? He joined us this morning to talk about the big game. Also, how does JP think President Trump will be welcomed in Tuscaloosa?
Yoga pants, leggings, tights: call them what you will, but we all know them as the tight and revealing pants that tend to come out of the closets this time of year, and NOT just when women are working out. Should there be more modesty around this garment, or are we looking too closely (LITERALLY) at comfy workout attire? Sex therapist and frien ...…
Writer, researcher, and television presenter Andrew Gough joined us live from London! He discusses his research on bees, and answers: What's the one thing in his research that really shocked him? Also, he tosses out his theories on the Nazis post-WW2.
Tony and Dr. Josh discuss whether the Teal Pumpkin Project is a sign-of-the-times about making kids' immune systems WEAKER. Also, a man that Tony is very confident in calling a handsome dude has been hit with some HEAVY charges. Finally, let's talk the merits of diversity with Barbie dolls. Why the heck not?!…
This morning, Tony and Dr. Josh analyzed Nebraska head football coach Scott Frost taking issue with players wearing hoodies in the cold. Is he calling out a legit wussification of men? Or is he trying to find a scapegoat for that 4-4 record? Tune in.
Tony Kurre: "I wanna see Caitlyn Jenner naked." Happy birthday from Tony, Caitlyn. Also, what's appropriate tipping etiquette? Finally, is your biological age as old as you REALLY are, grandpa?
Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow are joined by Coach Mike Leach of the Washington State Cougars. It's not just football, folks. Want to talk duck sandwiches and saving your old tattoos when you're dead? Coach has you covered there, too.
Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow talk with sports analyst Rachel Baribeau about an array of topics, so not just sports! John Parker Wilson, former Alabama QB and color analyst, also joins and he keeps things a bit more grounded as he talks the Crimson Tide.
Is snooping ever OK, particularly on something as intimate as our personal phones? Also, how do we condition our society (especially our kids) to get away from the normalization of bullying? Tony and Josh dug in on today's episode of Kurre & Klapow.
Planning on watching a spooky movie? Well, it's one way to set the mood... Also, does YOUR name make you a trouble-maker? Let's celebrate #NationalNutDay on today's recap of Kurre & Klapow.
Is there a price tag you can put on being wrongfully imprisoned? One recent story prompts that question. Also, men, listen up: there's a reason you might want to cut down on eating so much meat (Mr. Happy will thank you). Much more in the best of today's episode of Kurre & Klapow.
We're joined by sports analyst Rachel Baribeau! Find out the answer to this exchange: Tony: If you could pay someone to do one thing for you every day, what would it be? Rachel: ____ Tony: ...I'd do that for FREE!
Lots going on in the rainy-day edition of Kurre & Klapow! Former Alabama QB John Parker Wilson joins to talk the Crimson Tide and takes on a round of RAPID FIRE questions. Also, the guys talk school lunches and how kids have changed with regards to harassment.
If you missed Kurre & Klapow on KCast Radio (http://www.KCastRadio.com) between 7 and 9AM this morning, you missed everything from rock 'n roll stories to deep analysis of the psyche of child stars. Don't forget to tune into the latest Kurre & Klapow TV show on WBRC's Roku / Amazon Fire channel, this afternoon!…
If you missed today's Kurre & Klapow morning show on KCast Radio at http://www.KCastRadio.com, we've got you covered. From sports superstitions, paternal leave, drama with the LA Kings hockey team, and even Cliff Richard. As always, it's the biggest variety of talk in town!
Sirius XM's Rachel Baribeau joins Kurre & Klapow to talk goings-on in the world of college football, but more importantly, she takes on another round of RAPID FIRE questions!
Former Alabama QB and color analyst John Parker Wilson joins Kurre & Klapow to discuss what's next for the Crimson Tide, both this week and for the last stretch of the season.
Rachel Baribeau joins the guys to talk college football shaming, blaming, and claiming. But to get things started, she enters the ring for a round of Rapid Fire Questions!
Coach Mike Leach joins K&K to discuss what happens when a team drops a game after holding a big lead. Is it the end of the world, or is there a better approach to tackle that subject with? Also, more crazy quips from the legendary Coach Leach.
Sports analyst Rachel Baribeau joins Kurre & Klapow to not only talk college football this week, but also the intricacies of gender roles.
Outside of everything-college-football, what ELSE is Alabama color analyst John Parker Wilson passionate about? Also, JP’s been a leader: is Cam Newton acting like one? Also: what IS the proper locker room etiquette for being naked?
Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow get into the nitty-gritty of relationships: from where they begin (Tinder, perhaps?), to makin' babies, and finally the idea of sharing a COFFIN with your spouse (while you're still alive - so just for a couple of days). Love is a freaky thing.
Coach Mike Leach of the Washington State Cougars joins Kurre & Klapow to discuss his feelings about being followed around by an HBO camera crew for an upcoming television series. Also, he asks the question: has Cam Newton gone full Caitlyn Jenner?
The South's "Sweetheart of Sports," Rachel Barbieau, joins Kurre & Klapow to discuss where Braylon Edwards stands with the Michigan faithful, as well as coaches properly handling criticism. Also, hear what she listens to when working out!
Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow discuss NBC's decision to fire newly-hired Saturday Night Live cast-member Shane Gillis. Should folks look past his mistakes when he admits his regret, or is his reputation forever sullied?
Alabama color commentator (and former Crimson Tide QB) John Parker Wilson joins Kurre & Klapow to discuss classic rock and college football. What's next for the Tide? Also, hear John Parker's players and fans feel about covering the spread.
Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow are joined by Sirius XM college football commentator Rachel Baribeau as she discusses the Antonio Brown situation, among other goings-on in the world of college football. Tune in for some unique analysis you won't hear from the typical sports talking-heads. #ChangingTheNarrative…
Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow are joined by former Alabama QB and commentator John Parker Wilson, who discusses topics ranging from stadium horror stories from his playing days, Coach Nick Saban's sentiment regarding fans staying for hot games, as well as what's next for the Crimson Tide.
Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh analyze insight that will be discussed in an upcoming ESPN documentary about NBA Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman. Before that, Tony spills the details about running into The Worm in Vegas at 3AM.
Coach Mike Leach of the Washington State Cougars joins Kurre and Klapow to not only talk about how to uplift his players, but he's not afraid to touch a very controversial topic: the best sandwiches! He's got some tales to tell (Duck Tales)!
The NFL season is officially BACK, hot on the heels of college football returning! We celebrated by welcoming sportscaster and Sirius XM host Rachel Baribeau to the show this morning! From how coaches handle pressure to Rachel's sleep habits - it's another can't-miss!
Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow are joined by former Alabama quarterback, and current color commentator, John Parker Wilson as he analyzes last week's game as well as what's to come next in the world of Alabama football. #RollTide
Tony Kurre talks to Coach Mike Leach of the Washington State Cougars, and let the fireworks begin. He gives us the REAL story about why he was fired from Texas Tech, then he called Craig James' son a spoiled WHAT?! This is one NOT to be missed.
Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow go over some reasons why folks from abroad say they love Americans (some are affectionate, others...not so much!). On a completely separate topic, what are the struggles that come along with dating one of the most famous athletes in the world?
Tony Kurre was joined live by Coach Mike Leach from Washington State University. Perfect timing, right? Football season is right around the corner! Well, Coach Leach never disappoints: not only do we get football talk, but Coach offers his opinions on #cats, #France, and #snakes. Hot takes all around!…
Dr. Misty Smith joins Tony Kurre on Kurre & Klapow to discuss relationships. In this segment, she takes a look at the time-frame in which she sees relationships start to hit troubles that require mediation. If your marriage is in double-digit numbers, you might want to listen!
While away taking his daughter to college in Charleston, Dr. Josh Klapow calls into the Kurre & Klapow show to announce a special new partnership with WBRC: K&K on your TV (and more)! Listen to find out how you can SEE Kurre & Klapow, starting next week.
On Kurre & Klapow, how better to voice a controversial, lewd Tweet by Tommy Lee than using a squeaky-clean version by our own Jason Lee? It's safe for work - don't worry. #TommyLee #Trumpsters
Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow talk sports with sports broadcaster Rachel Baribeau. Read more about her student athlete initiative at http://www.imchangingthenarrative.org. Look out for more Kurre & Klapow, mornings on KCast Radio, and coming soon to @WBRCnews!
Tony Kurre breaks down some of the weirdest, but useful inventions to come out lately and important birthdays today. He also brings up Dominoes doing a pizza insurance deal that replaces any pizza that may be dropped.By Kurre and Klapow Show
Tony Kurre breaks down some of the weirdest and best inventions recently.By Kurre and Klapow Show
Tony Kurre is joined by sexual therapist Dr. Misty Smith in studio to break down and discuss seven critical questions in a relationship, expected personal alone time in a relationship, and people who hike dangerous places.By Kurre and Klapow Show
With sex therapist Dr. Misty Smith in studio, Tony Kurre ask seven relationship questions to ask your partner.By Kurre and Klapow Show
Dr. Misty Smith is in studio to answer the question on why people constantly go back to their crazy ex, why being rich changes people, and why people take back someone when they say "they've changed".By Kurre and Klapow Show
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