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The NBA Podcast
The NBA Podcast is your walk through all of the latest happenings in the Association, both on and off the court.
Kyrie Pub Church
Kyrie is a worshipping community for the wicked and thirsty meeting in a pub on Sunday evenings. Worship usually consists of live music, gospel, preaching, communion, and sharing peace. It is open and inclusive as the bar remains in operation to the public as we worship. Sundays at 5 PMChimera Brewing Company1001 W. Magnolia Ave
CavsFanCast - Cavs Fans Talking Cavs, LeBron's return, Kyrie's health, Kevin Love's contribution & everything else Cavaliers Basketball
Cavs Fans Talking Cavs
Hella Opinionated w/ Kyrie and Toby T.
Podcast by Kyrie and Toby T
Children Of The Gods
Children Of The Gods
Minds Of The Astute
A show about sports, music, TV,and pop culture.
An international Cleveland Cavaliers podcast.
Cavs: the Podcast
Here you’ll find the most in-depth Cavs analysis in our audacious game recaps. We boast an insightful, clever, and civil commentariat – the best you’ll ever come across.
Babble B.S. & Beyond
Marco Kyris former stand-in for actor Nicolas Cage for 10 years
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We’re 2 weeks into the NFL season, and the Jets are abysmal, so we thought we’d bring on our friend, Matt Barbato, to discuss just how bad they are, along with news around the NFL. We also touch on college football, KD’s burner accounts, Kyrie Irving’s First Take Interview. Top 5 this week is Athlete Alias’s. ...…
Jenkins & Jonez Podcast
Topics:Kevin Durant Really CaresKyrie "Captain America Face" IrvingKevin Hart Prefers Professional PrivatesMusic:Cozy Tapes "Bahamas" Hakim "Needy Bees" "There You Go" ...…
Kryie Irving went on First Take and it sparked a ton of Discussion around the Globe and the Anchor Universe. This is the conversation Lebron drops a new diss track, Irving on First Take, and Lil Wayne
On this episode of M&A Sports Radio, Moose & AJ recap Week 2 in the NFL & preview all the games in Week 3. Next the guys break down the big college football games from Week 3 & the Top 25 matchups in Week 4. Moose & AJ then discuss the Kevin Durant Twitter story & Kyrie Irving's comments about his former team. Next the guys touch on MLB, PGA, & ...…
No Gray Area Podcast
Show Notes: NFL-Are Brees and Payton done in New Orleans?,Tom Brady looking good at 40?,Best 0-2 team? Worst 2-0 team?,Is the AFC West the best division in football?,Watson makes first start, how will he handle Foxboro?,Judge rules in favor of Elliot injunction, NFL going to 5th circuit next,Weekly picks took a beating…,NBA-Kyrie rift with Lebr ...…
In the beginning of the episode I give my thoughts on Kevin Hart being extorted by the woman he cheated with, R. Kellys victim comes forward.This episode of Its Too Real is w/ Rob & Swan, we give our listeners an introduction of who Rob is, and his Wing business after we discuss our top 5 NBA players, current and all time, rappers, albums, let ...… Episode of the DDisclaimer podcast, D'Emmanuel speaks on: Earthquake in Mexico; Trump UN Threats; Kyrie Irving wants the Thrown, maybe; Competition over concession; "I can Be Swayed" Give feedback at the twitter or Instagram @DDisclaimer or for a "little" bit m ...…
Geekvibes Nation
Topics: 1.) ESPN Rankings - We'll breakdown our thoughts on ESPN's rankings and preseason rankings in general. 2.) Kyrie Irving Interview - We'll give our takeaways from Kyrie's First Take interview. 3.) Trade Talk - Nick will throw out a new Cousins trade. 4.) Draft Lottery Reform - Is it too much? 5.) Player Rest Reform - Adam Silver wants te ...…
I hate that everything is a discussion, we share way too much on social media. Is it my fault for sharing or your fault for paying attention? I don't really hate it but this helps tie together what Jemele Hill, Kevin Hart and Kyrie Irving have in common and its more than people's opinions that shouldn't matter. Episode 26 brought to you by none ...…
Dan Shaughnessy of The Boston Globe joins Zolak and Bertrand in studio following Kyrie Irving's appearance on ESPN's First Take. Find out what Kyrie had to say about his new team, and what his LeBron-less future, and whether the guys believe him when he says that he can win without LBJ.
Vegas Stats & Information Network
Mitch Moss (@MitchMossRadio) & Pauly Howard (@PaulyHoward) bring back some #HotRoutes to hit on some of the biggest stories in sports. Topics include a prop on the first SEC coach fired in 2017, Adalaide Byrd getting a "break" from judging, Kyrie Irving's First Take appearance, & the most insecure thing Paul's ever seen an athlete do. Looking a ...…
Odell Beckham Jr.'s 2017 debut, Giants head coach Ben McAdoo's strong words for Eli Manning, Ezekiel Elliott being called out by Jason Garrett, Kevin Durant's mishap on Twitter and LeBron James vs. Kyrie Irving headline today's show. Nick, Cris, Jenna and Eric Mangini discuss the day in sports.
The Chicken Social
On this week's episode, Diante Lee of Inside The Pylon joins to discuss the current state of football. Specifically, Diante gives his opinion on what's causing the current malaise in the NFL: is it scouting/development or talent?The boys then talk about Jemele Hill's battle against white supremacy and whether or not Kyrie Irving owes anyone an ...…
ESPNLA Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ
Keyshawn, Jorge and LZ start the show discussing what Ben McAdoo, Giants head coach, said about Eli Manning at yesterdaya��s game against the Lions at half. Key agrees with Anthony Lynn, Chargers head coach, about how he is not giving up on Koo just yet. The guys talk about the Dodgers loss against the Phillies yesterday and how Kershaw has bee ...…
ESPNLA Mornings with Keyshawn, Jorge & LZ
Keyshawn, Jorge and LZ start the show discussing what Ben McAdoo, Giants head coach, said about Eli Manning at yesterdaya��s game against the Lions at half. Key agrees with Anthony Lynn, Chargers head coach, about how he is not giving up on Koo just yet. The guys talk about the Dodgers loss against the Phillies yesterday and how Kershaw has bee ...…
Podcast of Champions
Jimmy wins an Emmy Award, the boys make their NFL Week 3 picks and celebrate the life of Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Plus, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant make headlines (again).
Zach and Karthik are back for their final season! A new season means new rules. The NBA and pop culture segments are now split into two different episodes ingeniously named Pick and Pop. In this Pick episode, Zach and Karthik discuss the Kyrie trade with their newest segment "Kyrie's Conspiracy Corner of the Earth", who the best point guards in ...…
We recap the second week of the NFL season, where the Eagles went wrong, Marshawn setting the entire stadium off, the terrible QB play in the league, and how Dallas looking bad saved Pop's weekend. Kris goes over his Power 6 teams and the guys wonder what the hell Kyrie and Kevin Durant are doing.Song of the Week: E-40 "Tell Me When To Go"…
Sideline 2 Sideline
This week we discuss Mason Plumlee's big extension, Kyrie (again), Luka Doncic, NBA ROY sleepers, Mitchell Robinson, Rick Pitino, and more.
Episode 51 is dedicated to the memory of a WWE Legend, Bobby The Brain Heenan This week we have the Final 4 sports stories of the week. We start off with a look back at week of the NFL season. We talk about Brady’s bound back game, Browns Lose-O-Meter, Dallas getting rolled in Denver, and on a scale of Andy Dalton to Tom Brady, Jam names his to ...…
17:36 Sink or Swim22:54 Kristian Garic talking New Orleans Saints1:01:40 Ruffin Rodrigue talking LSU1:21:17 Kyrie Irving Throwin Shade on LeBron1:30:44 Adam Hunsucker talking Cajuns-UL Monroe
Ep. 24: Redskins Recap, Su'a Cravens, Kyrie's Comments, No Mercy Preview
Donno discusses an interesting perspective on the Timmons courtesy of Mike Florio and expands on the peculiar circumstance that the Phins must face moving forward. Later, we hear from Kyrie Irving on ESPN’s First Take today discussing his decision to withhold his trade information from Lebron James on Monday’s edition of Click Bait.…
Alex Donno Show
Monday’s edition of click bait includes sound of Kyrie irving courtesy of ESPN’s First Take where we come to the conclusion that the Celtics’ new point guard is now a member a team petty.
Ben Gordon of the joins the show to discuss articles that he has written about the enigmatic Brandon Knight and the value of Victor Oladipo as well as discussion on the Kyrie Irving/Isaiah Thomas trade, and where the Phoenix Suns went ...…
The Cleveland Cavaliers are never uninteresting. It doesn't matter whether they're getting hammered for not being as good as the Golden State Warriors or lauded for pulling off the greatest NBA Finals comeback ever in 2016. We never run out of things to discuss when it comes to LeBron James' teams. This upcoming season is no different. In fact, ...…
Round Table Sports Talk
Co-Host Brett covers Week 1 and Week 2 of the NFL. Brett also covers recent NBA news with a couple signings, Kyrie on First Take, and the new Nike jerseys. Brett covers Canelo and GGG, and the MLB closing in on October.
Re-Take OKC
Kyrie, OU, OSU and more!! Tune in!!
I left My Wallet in Greg Polanco
She's back! My MOM returns to main event a packed show heading into the weekend and week 2 of the NFL (Thursday's game doesn't count:/). It's been a while, but hear my Mom NOT talk about the Red sox, her expert analysis of the Patriots/Chiefs game, and her long awaited thoughts on the Kyrie Irving trade. But first, in a change of pace, we have ...…
Richard and Kyle, Founder of FreeIC, talk about LeBron James, the Kyrie Irving trade, LeBron's future, and his legacy. Then we talked about FreeIC and what it is all about (40:00). If you'd like to learn more about FreeIC go to their website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Website: Freeic.orgFacebook: ...…
JJ WATT Seals the Game For Texans, Deshaun Watson Shines, Andy Dalton Needs To Be Released! | NFL TNF Week 2 Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayliss, Sports Talk Radio, GmiasWorld, NFL Sports, NFL Network, NBA, Sports Highlights, Sports Commentary, Gmia, FOX Sports, Floyd Vs Conner, Tiger Woods, Zeke Suspension, Roger Goodell, jj watt, jj watt ...…
We're back talking #Giants and #Jets crappy opening weekend, #Zeke gets a gift from a #Texas judge and the Kyrie trade is finally done, finally. Polar/Bi-Polar is up next, will the #Twins win 2nd wild card? Have #Indians hit their stride? Is AP already a problem for #Saints? Is Stephon Marbury wasting his time with an #NBA return? Plus 5 more q ...…
Cavs and Celtics swap Kyrie Irving for Isaiah Thomas and a package. Connor McGregor steps into the ring, not the octagon, against the undefeated Floyd Mayweather.
0:00 - 41:15 - Well the Patriots lost their season opener against the Chiefs; effectively ending all 19-0 discussions. Mat and Nick discuss the problems with the team and conclude not everything revolves around a terrible showing from the defense. Could there be worry around the offensive weapons? What does the team need to do to beat the Saint ...…
This week, Kyrie and Cori discuss bestsellers they selected, as well as some history on what makes a bestseller a bestseller! During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori shake things up and drink fermented tea known as Kombucha! They try humm coconut lime kombucha–it’s delicious and feels like there is a party in the mouth! Not very vinegary, which ...…
Mike is joined by Chris Manning, the managing editor at Fear the Sword, to talk about the LeBron 15 and Kyrie Irving's shoe game in Boston. There was also a bit of surprise news at the end of the episode.Music: The Passion HiFi- Get upRandy P- G’s Randy P - GrindinRandy P - Grindin
Double agents. Passing. Going undercover. There’s a lot of ways to be not what you seem, and this Wednesday Brooke Allen, Allie Wachowski, Kim Nelson, and Bea Cordelia get into these cases of Mistaken Identity with humor, grace, guts. Miss Spoken is lady live lit: a storytelling show from Chicago, Illinois featuring female-identified readers, h ...…
Join No Coast Bias writers Brian Hall and Alex Schubauer as they discuss and debate four of the most important sports and pop culture takes from the last week. Be sure to share your thoughts with them on Twitter, or by commenting.After taking a week off, the guys are back to talk every angle of the Kyrie Irving trade! We discuss the immediate a ...…
Utility Fog
Post-classical goodness, and electronic weirdness tonight! LISTEN AGAIN for that reallllly cool bit… stream on demand from FBi, podcast from here. Jim Perkins – Faces in a Crowd [bigo & twigetti] Jim Perkins – Foundling [bigo & twigetti] Jim Perkins – Phantoms [bigo & twigetti] Aisha Orazbayeva – Lizard Dance [bigo & twigetti] Madeleine Cocolas ...…
I left My Wallet in Greg Polanco
The esteemed Les Thatcher joins the show to talk growing up a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, Jackie Robinson,playing little league with Roger Staubach, his love for the Boston Celtics, wrestling Danny Hodge and a whole lot more! Les is an Ohio boy born and raised and lives there til this day-here him reminisce about the Big Red Machine, Oscar Robertson, ...…
Toolbox Tuesdays
Adam and Kieran are back to discuss the first week of the AFL Finals, the EPL and the Kyrie Irving trade.00:00 - 04:54 AFL All-Australian Decisions04:54 - 18:10 AFL Finals Talk18:10 - 35:18 EPL Talk35:18 - 38:10 NBA38:10 - The End Admin and Goodbyes
On this Episode, Emmanuel and his comrade Everic White discuss the Oakland Raiders and New York Giants Super Bowl Chances, Ezekiel Elliot Domestic Violence Case, Kyrie Irving, Colin Kaepernick Protest & Donald Trump's Shenanigans.
We're back finally for another episode of the NBA LunchTime Podcast!Again sorry for hiatus but your boi JK had to skidaddle for a Summer wedding but he's back.This week we talk about Ball in the Family, The Kyrie-Isaiah Trade, BBall Shoes and NBA2k!By (@JaySKana77 and @AznStallion - Find Us On Twitter).
Chappell Brothers Podcast
In this episode the Chappell Brother's Podcast discuss' week 1 of the upcoming NFL season, recaps week 1 of college football, breaks down the Kyrie Irving/IT4 trade, talks about the futures and possibilities for Giancarlo Stanton and Justin Thomas, and more.
On this episode Drizzle & Big Jay talk about the Floyd and Conor fight outcome , Boston trading for Kyrie and if Lil Wayne is top 5 all time.
After a furlough, the boys are back with NFL Divisional Picks, Verlander breakups, Isaiah Thomas for Kyrie, and of course, lots of spoilers for the finale of Game of Thrones, Season 7. All this while sipping on Black Doubt Brewing Company's Dark Mountain Coffee Milk Stout. Cheers!
The Red Couch - News that Doesn't Suck
NBA Wednesday is back, baby!! We're all suffering through the doldrums of the NBA Offseason, but Paul and Justin check in to chat the drama that was the Kyrie Irving trade and the NBA fining the Lakers $500,000 for Magic Johnson;s tampering with Paul George
HangTime w/ Josh & Justin
The guys break down the wild first week of college football from the big games, the upsets, & the Tenn-Ga Tech overtime thriller Monday night. Can anyone beat Bama? How does FSU respond to losing Francois? How many Red Bulls did Holgerson drink in the WVU-VT game? LaMelo Ball has his own shoe, but what does this mean for his amateur status? Kyr ...…
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