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Alcatrez radio "LIVE WITH JAY ALVA"
Alcatraz will be bringing you the latest news and updates of all the artist on the rise! also upcoming Events and Celebrity News, Come check us out!
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Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Opie & Anthony, Dennis Falcone and Don Wicklin, April 18, 2014Author: Opie & AnthonyNarrator: Opie & AnthonyFormat: Original RecordingLength: 4 hrs and 16 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-18-14Publisher: XM Satellite RadioRatings: 1 of 5 out of 1 votesGenres: Rad ...…
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Opie & Anthony, Anson Williams, Anthony Michael Hall, and Dan Soder, November 12, 2014Author: Opie & AnthonyNarrator: Opie & AnthonyFormat: Original RecordingLength: 3 hrs and 24 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 11-12-14Publisher: XM Satellite RadioGenres: Radio & TV, ...…
Jubal brings back an old favorite... Old Frank! Frank has a problem with some residents living in his complex and even though it's none of his business, he saw a young lady doing something he did NOT approve of. He's here to give her a piece of his mind.By
Fascination Street
My wife and I went to this quaint little bar in Comfort, Tx and there happened to be a lovely young lady doing a book signing. So naturally I interviewed her so I could introduce her to you guys! There is a special give away in this one..... so pay attention!
EagleView TALK
DJ Gavan Bright
**Tagged** #house#funky house#commercial house#nu-disco#retro **Go Big Part One** Featuring Block & Crown, Madonna, Pop Corn, Born Ready, D.I.D, Michael Jackson, Adri Block, Chris Marina, Discotron, Crazybeats , Tina Charles, Stevie Wonder, Troy Sivan, Kylie Minogue, Barry Harris, Mida, Lika Morgan, Gianluca Vecchi, Sub Sub feat Melanie William ...…
In a recent interview Vanessa Lachey says she finds it sexy when her husband Nick changes their kid's diapers. Rocky & Lissa asked: What does your guy/lady do that you find oddly sexy?
The Friday Night Rotation
Laura Jackson - Don't Walk Away [V/A: Sedsoul, The Singles Collection Vol. 1]Sulpacio Jones - Feelin' Good [Funky Love EP]Regina Chavon - Dream Again [Better Days]Jarez feat. Selina Albright - You Said [Blow Your Mind]Tonyaa - Everything I Hoped For [Thank You For Waiting]Eric Roberson feat. Dayne Jordan - Slave Owners [Fire]Black Diamond - Bes ...…
Surely you can’t be serious. Remodelers Advantage is launching a podcast? Yeah, you betcha. And as a prelude to our first episode, we’ve recorded “Episode Zero – Beginnings” to not only introduce you to your hosts — Victoria Downing and Mark Harari — but also to give you a taste of what you can expect when you put the two of them in front of a ...…
We've Lost the Plot - A Book Podcast
In this Episode of WLTP, Caro and Devin talk about The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald! It goes on a bit long but it's all good. Follow WLTP on Twitter! Like WLTP on Facebook! Rate Us and Subscribe to us on iTunes! -- Points of Discussion: A Brilliant Intro Pre-Conceived Jokes A Long Winded Tangent about Gay Names Is Gatsby Good? (yes) One M ...…
Die Hard Minute Podcast
THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Jonathan Carlisle & Steve Lastoe of The Princess Bride Minute John McClane calling for help on the roof of Nakatomi Plaza, via his CB walkie-talkie. “Century City,” says John. Meanwhile in Holly’s office, Hans tries to figure out where McClane is radioing from. “Where’s the best place to transmit?” Hans says to himself. “Some ...…
Jack Dappa Blues Radio
On this show we will discuss Negro Spirituals and I will be talking to Doris A. Fields AKA Lady D. To Donate click Link To support our Crown Fund Campaign
THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Nathan Schuckman and Jacob Kaufman of the Stanley Kubrick Minute John McClane is talking to the limo driver, Argyle, at the exit to LAX. “What do we do now?” asks McClane. “I was, uh, hoping you could tell me,” replies Argyle, removing his sunglasses. “This is my first time driving a limo.” “Ah, that’s okay,” says McClane, “I ...…
Listen to Popular Authors Free Audio Books of Romance, Science Fiction
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Nine LivesAuthor: Nhys GloverNarrator: Ulka S. MohantyFormat: UnabridgedLength: 5 hrs and 50 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 09-19-17Publisher: Nhys A GloverGenres: Romance, Science FictionPublisher's Summary:When a handsome young man, claiming to be 300 years old, o ...…
Mama by Design Radio
Feeling like a crazy lady? Doing #AllTheThings to run your business AND be a great mom? Over the next few days I will walk you through super simple ways to Mama like a Mother 🚨Freebie alert 🚨
Double agents. Passing. Going undercover. There’s a lot of ways to be not what you seem, and this Wednesday Brooke Allen, Allie Wachowski, Kim Nelson, and Bea Cordelia get into these cases of Mistaken Identity with humor, grace, guts. Miss Spoken is lady live lit: a storytelling show from Chicago, Illinois featuring female-identified readers, h ...…
Como se los prometimos, hoy tuvimos la segunda parte de todo sobre la vida de Lady Di a 20 años de su muerte. También les dijimos cómo mejorar la relación con su pareja a tráves de la numerología.
We celebrated the late great today, on the 20th anniversary of her passing. How many questions would you answer correctly?
The song this week is The Colour Of Time and is one I co-wrote with a good friend of mine called Patricia features a painter who sees rainbows where there is no rain and everyone in his painting is smiling with no hatred etc....proving the world is a better place through a six year old's eyes instead of the goons who run things at ...…
Listen to Best Sellers Free Audiobooks of Mysteries & Thrillers, Historical
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: The Habit of MurderSubtitle: The Twenty-Third Chronicle of Matthew BartholomewAuthor: Susanna GregoryNarrator: David ThorpeFormat: UnabridgedLength: 14 hrs and 38 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 08-24-17Publisher: Hachette Audio UKRatings: 5 of 5 out of 13 votesGenre ...…
Election présidentielle au Kenya : l'opposition conteste Vous avez dit cosmopolite ? Renault vient de signer un gros contrat avec l'Iran Libérez Loup Bureau ! Documentaire sur Lady Di : encore !
Do Your Business Right
50 Year old lady does 180 switch on career. Nice!Guy almost quit his business but changed into more of a emotional and spirtual leader that saved his business.Links:
Slow down and catch your breath, then have it taken away again by some of our favorite action movies with ladies in the lead. This week we take a quick break from Charlize to drink in some other badass women. We've got spies in the city and the forest, MMA fighters in the present and racist cyborgs in the future!…
For May, we've got Chloe Riley, Elizabeth Gomez, and Julie Jurgens breakin' the law breakin' the law (guitar squeal). Get your legal ass to that play button to for stories of protest, poor choices, good choices, and more. Miss Spoken is lady live lit: a storytelling show from Chicago, Illinois featuring female-identified readers, hosted by Rosa ...…
Discussion Episode: Wonder Woman You’ll have to stick with us a little this week. Atomic Blonde blows up the screen this weekend, and that would usually mean we’d do our favorite Charlize Theron movies, but we’ve already done that. Perhaps we’d do our favorite lady-led action movies, we’ve done that twice. So we decided to dedicate an episode t ...…
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