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Alcatrez radio "LIVE WITH JAY ALVA"
Alcatraz will be bringing you the latest news and updates of all the artist on the rise! also upcoming Events and Celebrity News, Come check us out!
B M DuBB's Podcast
Misery Loves Company With Alicia Love
Actress, Comedian & Radio Personality Alicia Love takes a comedic look at Hollywood, comedy, life, marriage, parenting and unemployment.
Miss Spoken
Lady live lit from Chicago, Illinois.
Miss Spoken
Lady Live Lit
Miss Spoken
Lady Live Lit
Metropolitan Ave
METROPOLITAN AVE. is a platform for local independent musicians, rewarding those who brave nontraditional venues here in New York City, with 30 minutes live, on-air, to be seen, heard and appreciated. Hosted by DJ Lady DM, guests are interviewed and invited to unplug, playing original music. Broadcasts feature live Q:A sessions with: top industry execs, managers, lawyers, publishers, bloggers, and venues, who undress, in plain language, how an independent artist can best position themselves ...
Blazing World, The by CAVENDISH, DUCHESS OF NEWCASTLE, Margaret
The Blazing World by Margaret Cavendish is, all at once, a satire, a treatise on natural philosophy, a work of proto-science fiction, and a defiant venture into a scientific world where women were not usually allowed. It tells the tale of a young Lady who is kidnapped by a man that tries to sail away with her. Through divine interference, however, the ship is tossed into a storm and everyone but the Lady perishes. Blown up to the North Pole, she inadvertently passes into to another world, th ...
Lady Susan by AUSTEN, Jane
Jane Austen demonstrated her mastery of the epistolary novel genre in Lady Susan, which she wrote in 1795 but never published. Although the primary focus of this short novel is the selfish behavior of Lady Susan as she engages in affairs and searches for suitable husbands for herself and her young daughter, the actual action shares its importance with Austen’s manipulation of her characters' behavior by means of their reactions to the letters that they receive. The heroine adds additional in ...
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Jack Dappa Blues Radio
On this show we will discuss Negro Spirituals and I will be talking to Doris A. Fields AKA Lady D. To Donate click Link To support our Crown Fund Campaign
THIS WEEK’S HOSTS: Nathan Schuckman and Jacob Kaufman of the Stanley Kubrick Minute John McClane is talking to the limo driver, Argyle, at the exit to LAX. “What do we do now?” asks McClane. “I was, uh, hoping you could tell me,” replies Argyle, removing his sunglasses. “This is my first time driving a limo.” “Ah, that’s okay,” says McClane, “I ...…
Mama by Design Radio
Feeling like a crazy lady? Doing #AllTheThings to run your business AND be a great mom? Over the next few days I will walk you through super simple ways to Mama like a Mother 🚨Freebie alert 🚨
Miss Spoken
Double agents. Passing. Going undercover. There’s a lot of ways to be not what you seem, and this Wednesday Brooke Allen, Allie Wachowski, Kim Nelson, and Bea Cordelia get into these cases of Mistaken Identity with humor, grace, guts. Miss Spoken is lady live lit: a storytelling show from Chicago, Illinois featuring female-identified readers, h ...…
We celebrated the late great today, on the 20th anniversary of her passing. How many questions would you answer correctly?
The song this week is The Colour Of Time and is one I co-wrote with a good friend of mine called Patricia features a painter who sees rainbows where there is no rain and everyone in his painting is smiling with no hatred etc....proving the world is a better place through a six year old's eyes instead of the goons who run things at ...…
Election présidentielle au Kenya : l'opposition conteste Vous avez dit cosmopolite ? Renault vient de signer un gros contrat avec l'Iran Libérez Loup Bureau ! Documentaire sur Lady Di : encore !
Do Your Business Right
50 Year old lady does 180 switch on career. Nice!Guy almost quit his business but changed into more of a emotional and spirtual leader that saved his business.Links:
Slow down and catch your breath, then have it taken away again by some of our favorite action movies with ladies in the lead. This week we take a quick break from Charlize to drink in some other badass women. We've got spies in the city and the forest, MMA fighters in the present and racist cyborgs in the future!…
For May, we've got Chloe Riley, Elizabeth Gomez, and Julie Jurgens breakin' the law breakin' the law (guitar squeal). Get your legal ass to that play button to for stories of protest, poor choices, good choices, and more. Miss Spoken is lady live lit: a storytelling show from Chicago, Illinois featuring female-identified readers, hosted by Rosa ...…
Discussion Episode: Wonder Woman You’ll have to stick with us a little this week. Atomic Blonde blows up the screen this weekend, and that would usually mean we’d do our favorite Charlize Theron movies, but we’ve already done that. Perhaps we’d do our favorite lady-led action movies, we’ve done that twice. So we decided to dedicate an episode t ...…
Dr. Jane Secker is a Senior Lecturer in Educational Development in the Learning Enhancement and Development (LEaD) Department at City University of London Sara: Welcome to an episode of Copyright Chat. Today, Copyright Chat is pleased to welcome Dr. Jane Secker, the Senior Lecturer in Educational Development at City University of London. Thanks ...…
The song this week is my tribute to a little village in Anglesey which has the longest railway station sign in the universe....Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.....the song teaches you how to say the word because if you can sing it you can say it.....I have sent it this week because it has just reached 1.4 million hits ...…
David Massoni brings more than twenty years of restaurant experience to the Three Kings Restaurant Group. He started at the age of fifteen working in his parents’ Zagat rated and Wine Spectator award-winning hotel and restaurant, the Imperial Hotel, on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. This year, the Three Kings Restaurant Group made their first foray ...…
Episode 001: The Crystal Precious Guide to Festival Raving 2017 - Part 1 of 2 WARNING: This Podcast contains explicit content. Do you know someone heading out to their first electronic music festival? Maybe need a quick refresher and possibly a chuckle or two? If you are looking for a comprehensive, uncensored version of what to expect, this is ...…
Wow, what a wonderful show!! The Champagne Hour Takeover, co-hosted by Lady L. All slow jams on the Champagne Hour are her choices. She likes to put it in the context of Prince, "The Hit It and Quit It" tour. LOL. Anyway, I hope you love and enjoy this episode. Just check the playlist and keep going from there. Thank you always for tuning in, a ...…
Miss Spoken
Get out your quills and charge your keyboards, we’re talking about letters. Legal letters, letters of recommendation, Dear John letters, FAN LETTERS OMG, from the desk of featured readers LeeAnn Yops, Anna Wolfe, and Lisa Hilleren. Miss Spoken is lady live lit: a storytelling show from Chicago, Illinois featuring non-dude readers, hosted by Ros ...…
Redundancy – not something most of us like to contemplate. Yet it is a reality for many of us in our working life. So rather than redundancy being seen as something negative, let’s flip it around - your redundancy could be the best thing that has ever happened to you. Financial autonomy is about building financial strategies to give you choices ...…
on this weeks show the crew discuss several topics like party weekend in ottawa , summer bbq addicton and canada 150.we talk about several news items such as Bill Cosby , syrians on thier first RV trip and a dong free spa . we also do a special interview with local celev=brity "Crazy Lady ". All that and so much more on this weeks episode.…
Blood on the Microphone
So much news. If you had to kiss Lee Stranahan on the lips or on the ass, which would you choose? It seems a reporter for Newsweek chose the latter. Does Trump fear a bit of news coming down the pipe? Something the media has been holding and holding to the point of bursting? Well, no more Cuban cigars. THANKS, TRUMP! No WONDER your approval rat ...…
Craig and Beth Broderick of Brody's Burgers and Beer Website: Facebook: Instagram: Ole Hickory Pits: Weber Grills: Del Mar BBQ Championship: ...…
We refuse to allow the terror attacks in London tonight dull our spirits. We need to stay strong and free! Bill and Lady Di Preston-Schmalfeldt keep calm and carry on in the face of a terror attack in London.
Show the world that you are in the resistance with your “Bald Pussy Gear” from Help us keep this show going. In 2013, Bill recorded three comedy bits that his enemies have classified as Child Pornography, even though there were no children involved in the recording, no sex, no pornography. On today’s s ...…
This week the travelling fair comes to town and leads to discussions of: homework in school, new curriculum, outdoor podding, what isn't Canadian, Candada's Wonderland, grandparents are different, dance mom fail, Fitbits revisited, weddings, Kristin sleeps in, X-country run, songs of the week, A to Z revisited, lyrics and going home early. Reac ...…
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