Best lawless corporate judges podcasts we could find (Updated January 2018)
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Liahona Times ObServer
This show shares views on a variety of current events that have had a negative impact on the earth's environment. While exposing the corruption, we provide listeners with the directions and information to influence change. We also provide solutions for restoring the earth to it's pristine condition.
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I put this blog out a couple days ago. A brother sent this show to me as a result. Critical Infrastructure Being Guarded by Muslim Immigrants -DHS Paying Security Firms $1200 for Each Muslim Hired - Dave Hodges - The Common Sense Show --- OPERATION GLADIO IN FULL SWING....BY OUR SATANIST KINGS AND QUEENS UPON THE PEOPLES OF THE EARTH....THEY BE ...…
The Voice before the Void: Arcana, Story, Poetry
With an old cowboy story of North Dakota, Roosevelt illustrates a moral truth about representative democracy and the line it threads between brutal revolution and authoritarian plutocracy. ⁓The Voice before the Void “Cattle Rustling and the Republic” from Realizable Ideals … Continue reading →
Catechism Sermons 2015 – Covenant United Reformed Church
Confession: Belgic Confession, Article 28 Scripture: Hebrews 10 Preacher: Rev. David Inks Sermon Outline Introduction, I. John 4 II. Hebrews 10 – The Golden Chain of Worship III. Old to New Covenant IV. Drawing Near – Heaven on Earth V. The Gospel Goal – Assembled in Heaven Conclusion Belgic Confession, Article 28 We believe, since this holy co ...…
Daniel Training Network Gospel Seminars
Israel, the Cross, and the End of the Age – Session 1 DESCRIPTION This session provides an overview of the events spoken of by the Law, the Prophets, and then reiterated by the writers of the New Testament. 2 ISRAEL’S SALVATION AT THE END OF THE AGE > NOTES The content of this teaching’s notes are below with partial formatting. If you would lik ...…
Daniel Training Network Conference Sessions
One Hope One Boast Conference – Day 1 Session 4 DESCRIPTION The Bible talks about the “blessed hope” that we have in the resurrection of our physical bodies at the Day of the Lord. Hans gets down to the basics of what the resurrection is and what eternal life tangibly means. Within this teaching Hans refers to John Harrigan’s course Biblical Th ...…
Daniel Training Network Bible Teachings
DESCRIPTION This teaching Biblically lays out the need for solemn assemblies in light of the Day of the Lord. It was taught in context to a larger course not featured on our website. NOTES The content of this teaching’s notes are below with partial formatting. If you would like to see the notes with complete formatting, click Download “Calling ...…
Daniel Training Network Gospel Seminars
The 4 P’s Seminar – Session 3 DESCRIPTION This teaching expounds on one of the foundational 4 “P’s” that define the Daniel Training Network; which is walking in the prophetic. It works through what “prophetic” really means and how to rightly walk it out as a believer. < 2 PREPARATION 4 PRAYER > NOTES The content of this teaching’s notes are bel ...…
Daniel Training Network Bible Teachings
DESCRIPTION If we forget God’s greatness and goodness, then we will turn to our own way and lose proper perspective of the bigger picture – God’s coming Kingdom and our resurrection when Jesus returns. When we lose that, then discouragement quickly follows and we end up complaining. This teaching reveals how essential it is to remember God in t ...…
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