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James Bond Radio: 007 News, Reviews & Interviews!
The podcast for 007 fans! Bond talk, celebrity guests (including Sir Roger Moore), news, reviews & more. New episodes every other Friday. Disclaimer: James Bond Radio is an unofficial entity and is not affiliated with EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. or Danjaq, LLC.
Pod, James Pod: A 007 James Bond Podcast
Each month, co-hosts Carlin Trammel, Aaron Nix and Alabama Dog watch a 007 James Bond Movie and then discuss it. Or, maybe they mostly discuss other things (like Pepi Foods, dodgeball and Alabama Dog U).
Hardcore Bondage 007
A podcast that reviews the James Bond films randomly! We're our own thing, and we hope you like us! Hosted by Robert Fulton and Sean Faust!
Bond Boyz
Josh and Jeremy talk all things James Bond.
Building a Better Bond
The name “James Bond” is synonymous with action, espionage, sex and swagger. While the man of mystery is truly one of a kind, his essence is a pastiche of Ian Flemming’s original literature and the eight men lucky enough to don the moniker in cinema. Join Rupert Carmichael and Mr. 007 himself, George Lazenby, in an eight-episode series investigating the Tux, Talk, Tech and ‘Tini of each legendary actor who once called himself Bond, James Bond.
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Listen to Free Audio Book of Romance, Historical Popular Authors
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: A Lantern in the WindowAuthor: Bobby HutchinsonNarrator: Melanie HastingsFormat: UnabridgedLength: 2 hrs and 32 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 10-27-16Publisher: Kemah BayRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 25 votesGenres: Romance, HistoricalPublisher's Summary:Ever wondered ...…
Listen to Top 100 Free Audio Books of Bios & Memoirs, Personal Memoirs
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: ShowboatSubtitle: The Life of Kobe BryantAuthor: Roland LazenbyNarrator: Ron ButlerFormat: UnabridgedLength: 22 hrs and 2 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 10-25-16Publisher: Hachette AudioRatings: 4.5 of 5 out of 127 votesGenres: Bios & Memoirs, Personal MemoirsPublis ...…
Roland Lazenby (@lazenby) is the author of the biography “Showboat: The Life of Kobe Bryant”. Roland, a sports journalist, has spent many years covering the NBA and was also my guest last episode, #023, the first ever interview I recorded. In this episode, we talk Kobe Bryant and Roland’s biography on the famous Laker called “Showboat”. We get ...…
Film Photography Podcast
Film Photography Podcast – Episode 173 – November 15, 2017 Hey, folks, we’re back, and the whole gang is around the table! That’s right joining Michael Raso today in a studio is Leslie Lazenby, Mat Marrash, Mark Dalzell, and Mark O’Brien! Topics include a TLRPaloza, New from Bessler, Ilford Film Supply, Nikon Autofocus, Listener Letters and Mor ...…
Film Photography Podcast
Film Photography Podcast – Episode 171 – November 1st, 2017 It’s the Film Photography Podcast, the Internet Radio show for people who love film! Topics on today’s show include the FPP Plastic 35 Camera, Bessa Rangefinders, Canon Scoopic, 16mm film, listener letters, and more! In the studio with Michael Raso, today are Leslie Lazenby, Mark Dalze ...…
Dueling Genre Productions
Brandon and Scott dig into one of the most expansive film franchises in history! This two-parter begins with a discussion of how the boys came to James Bond fandom, and covers their thoughts on the Connery/Lazenby films. Also, a pinch of video game talk for good measure. Make sure to download Part 2, available RIGHT NOW! Song of the week: “How ...…
Can a New Bond continue to perform old tricks? Lazenby (kinda) makes his mark in the 6th Bond film, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"!
This week’s podcast is designed for Christian parents as Harry and Kate Benson share how parenting drove a wedge in their marriage, Angela Perigo talks about why Theology is for mums and Donna Lazenby encourages us to find God in everyday life.
The Steve Austin Show
Paul Lazenby has a new book, "When We Were Bouncers 2," and he's sharing some of the crazier stories on the Steve Austin Show. He's also talking about the New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 tournament, Kenny Omega, Juice Robinson, and Zack Sabre Jr. Plus, Paul just finished filming the new "Predator" movie and will share what he can from that set along ...…
We return to our James Bond series with the first of only two Bond outings by Timothy Dalton – The Living Daylights! Chrys VanDerKamp returns as our guest to decide for herself where Dalton falls in the “who is the best Bond” debate. Tim and Melissa are both Dalton apologists as he is frequently viewed as one of the worst actors to play the rol ...…
Tune in to the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR) for another LIVE broadcast of ‘The Boiler Room’ tonight 6:00 PM PST | 8:00 PM CST | 9:00 PM EST for this special broadcast. Join us for uncensored, uninterruptible talk radio, custom-made for bar fly philosophers, misguided moralists, masochists, street corner evangelists, media-maniacs, sava ...…
This Nordic Nation episode has some old and new content. From the start until just after 33 minutes in, our interview with Kris Freeman, of Team Freebird and Ski & Snowboard Club Vail, was conducted last August. The after part, from 33 minutes on — that’s all new. It’s from an interview with Freeman last Wednesday, June 14. Here’s what we wrote ...…
Big Boys Don't Cry
In this episode we discuss the teen comedy Easy A, continuing the Emma Stone theme. It's familiar to Rob but new to Paddy, and it's all about reputations. How can we get ourselves a bit more notoriety? SHOWNOTES Andy Zalztman on Unspun Bill O'Reilly - Do It Live! The Tucci Table George Lazenby - On Her Majesty's Secret Service Sensations: Hot D ...…
Brian, Gary and Edmund discuss “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”. The film was released in 1969 and starred George Lazenby.
Phil Jackson has seen success at every stop. With championships as a player in New York and as a coach in the CBA and the NBA with Chicago and the Lakers, Jackson had established a winning pedigree. The New York Knicks hired Jackson as president of basketball operations thinking that Jackson’s golden touch would work despite his relative inexpe ...…
Our next episode in the Bond series follows Lois Maxwell (Miss Moneypenny) because George Lazenby really didn’t make any other films of note after his turn as Bond. Because of that, we used Maxwell’s small role as an excuse to watch The Haunting! We are joined by returning guest Lana Rosario to watch this extremely creepy ghost story that doesn ...…
Don't forget to join the #NERDWatch on Facebook LIVE every Tuesday night. Show starts between 8:00-8:30pm HST. Make sure you subscribe to get notified when the #NERDWatch goes live. In this episode of the #NERDWatch podcast, join G Money, Gannon, Todd, and Swan as they welcome two new guests, Cynthia and Isaac, to talk about all things GEEK. Th ...…
Fred Richani hosts the TSC News Episode 4 on MNN 2 (Manhattan Neighborhood Network), featuring a special look at pro wrestlers turned fighters, fighters turned pro wrestlers, and how successful these men were inside the cage courtesy of Scott Anderson. We also have an in-depth interview with actor/author Paul Lazenby, who discusses his recent S ...…
Fred Richani hosts the TSC News Episode 5 on MNN 2 (Manhattan Neighborhood Network), featuring part two of our Paul Lazenby interview discussing his role as Marcus Fenix in Gears of War 4, working with The Miz on set, Lance Storm, if Roman Reigns is WWE's guy, and much more! Plus: Interviews with Bellator MMA's King Mo Lawal and current TNA Imp ...…
Hughesy & Kate For The Drive Home
Hughesy and Kate are driving you home in 2017!Today Hughesy was violated. He had his first colonic and it didn't go well. He also lost his keys. Kate has decided to wipe someone from her life. More contestants tried their hand at Hughesy's Voice, and the only Australian James Bond George Lazenby called to chat about his infamous movie.…
We continue our exploration of James Bond and the actors who played him with On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the first and only film featuring George Lazenby as Bond. Our guest is once again Chrys VanDerKamp, who will be joining us for every bond film as the only two she has seen is Quantum of Solace (which is unfortunate) and Goldfinger (whic ...…
In this episode we discuss George Lazenby's sole outing as Bond, On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Topics include Draco, The Tale of Two Tracy's, and Lazenby's decision making skills.
Sequelcast 2
Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher discuss the live-action Scooby-Doo flick from 2002. 1990s teen heartthrobs were cast as the members of Mystery, Inc. in this somewhat tepid take on the classic cartoon. Daphne (Sarah Michelle Gellar), Fred (Freddie Prinze Jr.), Shaggy (Matthew Lillard), and Velma (Linda Cardellini) team up to inve ...…
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