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Sunday morning sermons drawn from the in-depth Wednesday night Bible studies at Little Country Church in Redding, California . LCC hosts a separate podcast, LCC: The Journey, for in-depth Wednesday night studies at
LCC Games Design
A blog and podcast by Game Design students at the London College of Communiation, University of the Arts London.
LCC Sermons
Weekly sermons by Pastor Adam Hopkins
Morning Worship service from Lifestreams Christian Church - A Christ Centred Community: Surrendering to Christ, Sharing our Lives
LCC: Haven
Haven is the young adult ministry of LCC Redding committed to seeing restoration through Jesus Christ in the lives of those 18 to 30 years old. We desire to rally young adults to the Word of God, Mission of Jesus, and Leading of the Holy Spirit, and release them to rally others to the same in their classrooms, workplaces, families, and neighborhoods. Also listen to honest conversations about these messages from The After Service at
LCC Berwick
connect with us at
LCC Coppell
LifeChurch Coppell | be•make disciples of Jesus Christ
LCC's Podcast
Life Community Church Podcast
LCC: High Sight
High Sight is the high school ministry of LCC Redding, committed to seeing restoration through Jesus Christ in the lives of high school students. We lead students into a relationship with Jesus, recognizing that each of them have been anointed by God to preach, serve, release, and proclaim the Kingdom of God.
LCC Sunday Messages
Sunday Morning Podcast from Life Community Church in Hilliard Ohio.
Uncertainty Playground is a podcast series about design research from London College of Communication. Uncertainty Playground is the title of LCC's exhibition for the London Design Festival and is comprised of four shows which explore the role of design research and practice in envisioning, critiquing and shaping futures. Each episode features one of the shows and investigates a different aspect of the work of the Design School.
Saturday morning free breakfast and devotional messages sponsored by the Men's Ministry of Little Country Church, Redding, California
Messages from the LCC Youth Ministry in New Orleans, LA
Rise Church
Rise Church is a vibrant and passionate church based just minutes from the city of Adelaide in the suburb of Northgate. Rise Church's sole purpose is to make a difference in our community and world. Connect with us through the Internet or come and see us in person!
Lakeshore Community Church's Sunday service message.
The Good News of salvation in Christ preached through Rev. Charles St-Onge, missionary and pastor at Ascension Lutheran, Montreal, Quebec.
Sunday messages from LCC Hilliard.
Weekly messages by Sr Pastor Randy Cordell.Lakeshore Christian Church5434 Bell Forge Lane EastAntioch TN, 37013Lakeshore exists...- To CONNECT people to Christ and each other.- To GROW people to maturity in Christ.- To SERVE people in the name of Christ.If you live in the Nashville, Tennessee area, or if you plan to be passing through Nashville, we would be thrilled to have you visit with us. You will be inspired by the contemporary worship and practical preaching.
144 Huron St. New Hamburg, ON
Welcome to the audio podcast of Life Center Church lead by Pastor Chuck and Sheryl Franco. New episodes every Wednesday! We exist to bring glory to God by making disciples through Christ-centered messages, impactful worship, and foundational fellowship. We hope that you are encouraged by this podcast.For more information about Life Center Church in Lakewood, CA, please visit
Lake Country Church
Listen to LCC messages any time of day. Senior Pastor Randy Thomas has a passion for the Word of God and bringing truth to the metroplex. Join us each Sunday in north Fort Worth or anytime online.
Sermons given at the LCC School of the Word Class
Out of Exile
A podcast about biblical studies, the Ancient Near East, and everything else. With Rebekah Devine of Wheaton College, and Benjamin Giffone of LCC International University
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041518 Mo Seneca The Cost of Unbelief Pt 3
041518 David Remedios One Accord Service
041518 Mo Seneca Being a Giver That Pleases God
041118 Mo Seneca The Cost of Unbelief Pt 2
This week on Low Carb Conversations with Leah Williamson NTP and Guests, Leah is joined by Low Carb High Fat Dietitian and Founder and Managing Director Eat Play Thrive in Melbourne Australia, Vicky Kuriel. Right-click to save audio file. | Open Player in New Window Subscribe via ...…
Think insurance is boring? Well, Mary Stucko makes it exciting. Listen to how this former insurance agent turned LCC faculty member is developing a program to help people prepare for a career in the insurance industry. You'll also learn a little about the rabies vaccine. Host: Brad Wever and David Aldrich Recorded at Blue Owl Coffee on April 24 ...…
Guests Confused.Me Hardluck Hotel is Keith Bloomfield. Filmmaker : Photographer : Artist. Comics : Film : Gamer : Geek : Presenter/podcaster on @geekybrummie : Reviews & Views Confused.Me (@hardluck_hotel) on Twitter Hardluck Hotel - home of keith bloomfield Guy Halford Collector of big plastic discs; Producer and panelist on @geekybrummie, and ...…
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Jesus is invited to a wedding as a guest, but when presented with a problem He responds like a host. Is Jesus a guest in our life or the host of our life?Check out Episode 65 of The After Service for more conversation about this topic and others from some of our young adults.
In a generation that yearns to be seen and/or known it is comforting to be aware of the fact that others see you or know you. Even greater than others seeing you or knowing you it is more comforting to know that Jesus too sees us, knows us, can identify with us and desires to show us greater things.Check out Episode 65 of The After Service for ...…
Dans cet épisode Emmanuel est de retour et assure l'intérim de Guillaume sur les blagues tout en discutant Java 10, Kubernetes et son écosystème, départs, rachats et IPO mais aussi diversité et Facebook avec Arnaud, Audrey et Vincent. Merci à Morgan pour sa crowdquestion sur les logs ! Enregistré le 29 mars 2018 Téléchargement de l'épisode LesC ...…
Despite a technical hiccup that left the gang one guest down, the ACP crew still took it to comic talk town, and this time with Dan Mallier, the man behind the great indie comics show Leamington Comic Con! Together not only do they discuss the upcoming LCC 2018, but also digital comics, where the man without fear came from, the contraversial wo ...…
022617 AM Mo Seneca Running With the Giants Pt 2
021917 AM Mo Seneca Running With the Giants Pt 1
021217 AM Mo Seneca It Aint Over til Its Over
012217 AM Mo Seneca Love God and Love People
011517 AM Mo Seneca One Thing We Must Do
Discussion of new long haul routes, How LCC Operate, How long haul travel is changing, and new credit cards such as Chase Iberia , Hilton Aspire, and Hilton Amex.
Discussion of new long haul routes, How LCC Operate, How long haul travel is changing, and new credit cards such as Chase Iberia , Hilton Aspire, and Hilton Amex.
Grab your hellhound and don't forget to load your gun with silver bullets, because this week Scott's talking with author and martial artist Orlando Sanchez about his series of urban fantasy novels involving an immortal detective and his British mage best friend! They discuss the origins of the series, Orlando's writing process, and even get int ...…
With less than a month to go before Podcaper's live episode at Leamington Comic-Con, Scott is sitting down with Dan Mallier, the creator of the Con, to talk about what actually goes into setting up a comic convention. They discuss the origins of the Con, what's happening at the Con this year, and the state of comic books of late. I'm excited! A ...…
Episode 10 is the fifth and final part of the Portland to Chicago leg of Tim Davies’ journey. Tim is travelling across the USA on the iconic Amtrak trains. This leg is on the Empire Builder train, and this episode sees him covering ground from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Chicago, Illinois. The next leg of his journey will be on the California Zephy ...…
David was accompanied by over 400 men in his times of running from Saul, war, and leading as king. These men were described as men in distress, debt, and discontent, but when they are spoken of at the end of David's reign they are described as mighty men. What does it take to move from distress, debt and discontentment to being a might man or w ...…
Things get weird this week on Podcapers, as Scott is joined by Kimberley Fountain and Emily Clapham, the co-creators of the strange, surreal, and hilarious webcomic The Legend of Val. They discuss the origins of the comic, where they'd like the series to go, and there's also some pretty overt Frasier references in there too. Check out The Legen ...…
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Detours: LCC Book Launch (2-25-18) by Lapeer Community Church
God values "promises". He is a promise keeper. He says it is better to not even make a promise than to make it and break it. David was not a perfect man of God but he too cared deeply about keeping his word. Do you also value you word, or promises, with others? How do you respond to the promises you make with others? How do you respond to a pro ...…
Subscribe to my DTube channel and earn cryptocurrency rewards for your best comments at:!/c/marketingmonk and Click on a video and then click 'subscribe'. LiteCoin Cash Website: The first fork of LiteCoin Expected 18th Feb, block 1,371,111 10 LLC for each LTC…
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