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Messages, devotionals and other audio resources to help you Connect with Christ, and One Another, and Those In Need from Hosanna! Church in St. Charles, IL -
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St. Paul Lutheran Church
These are past video sermons from Christ The King Lutheran Church, in Fallbrook, CA. LCMC. For more information on our church please visit us online at or stop in for any of our 3 Sunday Services 8am (Traditional), 10:30am (Family Friendly) or 6pm (The Brook Contemporary).
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Charity is a shelter in Christ transforming lives!
Sermons from Immanuel Lutheran in Story City, Iowa
Heritage Lutheran Chuch is an NALC/LCMC congregation located in Brandon, SD. We are delighted to share our commitment to the Word of God with you.
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Will we pattern our thoughts, words and actions after the Lord's example or the world's example?By Pastor James Lotz.
Churches have both mission and ministry - Hosanna!'s mission is highlighted this weekend.By Pastor John Nelson.
By (Danny & Lance).
We don't need to wait to be a part of God's Kingdom, it is right here, right now! Guest speaker Pastor Abdi Tadesse of Ethiopia shares what God has placed on his heart.By Abdi Tadesse.
Worry, anxiety, fear ... all too often we allow these emotions to control us. Instead, let us choose to lean on our faith in Jesus.By Pastor John Nelson.
Choose to be guided in your daily life by the Holy SpiritBy Pastor James Lotz.
Choose God's loving, forgiving grace.By Pastor James Lotz.
The angels appeared to the lowly shepherds, and their response reflects their strong faith as they trusted that this baby Jesus was Lord and SaviorBy Ryan Schaible.
In the midst of celebrations or struggles, we have a God who never leaves us and whose love never diminishes.By Pastor James Lotz.
No matter what labels others try to place on us, God gives the only names that matter as His children ... loved and valued.By Pastor James Lotz.
There are lots of distractions in our world, when we focus on Jesus real satisfaction is ours.By Pastor John Nelson.
Pastor John returns from his summer sabbatical sharing how we can release our anxieties and fill up with joy.By Pastor John Nelson.
Jesus invites us to a new life, putting our past behind and moving forward in forgiveness, love and grace.By Pastor James Lotz.
Jesus came to serve, and as His followers it is our responsibility to do the same.By Scott Jaeger.
God is ready to make a difference in the world, are we ready to let Him accomplish great things through us?By Pastor James Lotz.
God is all around us all the time, here are some tips on how to be aware of God's presenceBy Ryan Schaible.
The Old Testament story of Joshua serves as our model of living boldly for ChristBy Joan Scheffler.
In the middle of our ups, downs, and in-betweens, God asks us to be faithful to HimBy Pastor James Lotz.
We're forgiven, so we need to forgive as wellBy Pastor John Nelson.
Our identities can only truly be found in JesusBy Pastor James Lotz.
Knowing about God isn't the same as knowing Him in a growing relationshipBy Pastor John Nelson.
When we surrender to live the life Jesus calls us to, our hearts and minds should be transformedBy Pastor James Lotz.
This couple waited upon God's promises - and God delivered like He always doesBy Pastor John Nelson.
Intro message to our weekend Advent seriesBy Pastor James Lotz.
Special Thanksgiving Eve message reminder to give thanks to God every day, not just on a holiday.By Pastor James Lotz.
Not only should we give back with our financial resources, but also with our time and God-given abilitiesBy Pastor John Nelson.
When we're following God's instructions regarding our time, talents and treasures, we'll find out what's really importantBy Pastor John Nelson.
We have many choices about what to do with what we've been given by God.By Pastor James Lotz.
God gives us the standard of what he expects, but what are we showing as examples to those around us?By Pastor John Nelson.
Ultimately everything we receive is on loan to us from God, asking this question should form our approach to Biblical stewardship.By Pastor John Nelson.
God loves you and there's not a thing you can do to stop him.By Pastor John Nelson.
When we put our faith in Jesus, our lives should change ... and others should notice.By Pastor James Lotz.
Holding on to bitterness won't solve anything, and forgive doesn't mean forget. Learn to forgive like Jesus does.By Pastor John Nelson.
In our baptism, we are given spiritual gifts to build up the church here on earth.By Pastor John Nelson.
God showers countless blessings upon His children for us to pass along to others in His nameBy Pastor John Nelson.
Rest assured, God hears our prayers ... but are we doing all we can to hear Him?By Pastor James Lotz.
All through life we identify ourselves by many things ... but we should start with the fact that we are each a child of God.By Pastor John Nelson.
God has unique plans for each one of us, He calls us to action!By Pastor John Nelson.
By working together, more can be accomplished for God's Kingdom than any of us can accomplish on our own.By Pastor John Nelson.
Giving glory to God should be the primary motivation in all that we think, say and do.By Pastor John Nelson.
The world is watching, can people see Jesus when they look at us?By Hosanna! Council members.
If Jesus were to look over His shoulder, would he find us there?By Pastor James Lotz.
Because of Jesus, God's love shines on us and through us to othersBy Pastor James Lotz.
Living a life reflecting God's love takes practice, better today than yesterday ... better tomorrow than today.By Rick DeVries.
The world has many definitions of truth ... or no definition of truth. Actual, real truth only comes from God.By Pastor James Lotz.
Being a "child of God" is a daily reminder that God, through Jesus Christ, is never far away.By Ryan Schaible.
The world tells us so many things are good for us - but Jesus offers us something the world cannot ... eternal love.By Pastor James Lotz.
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