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Resonance FM: The Hello Goodbye Show
The perfect complement to a double espresso and a bacon sandwich, The deXter Bentley Hello GoodBye Show has been reviving hung over listeners in London and beyond every Saturday lunchtime between noon and 1.30pm, ever since Resonance 104.4 FM first hit the airwaves back in the Spring of 2002. Occasional excursions into poetry, drama and sound art aside, the show revolves around the one thing that excites us the most… MUSIC! Whether your thing is electro-punk, avant-pop or good old free-folk ...
A Podcast!
Americana, altcountry, folk etc from, the Americana-website in the Netherlands and whereabouts. Playlists can be found on
Cheap Scares Podcast
Cheap Scares Podcast is a funny take on horror stories, movies, history and news. Hosted by Mary Nguyen & Cailey Follet. Research assistant is the magnificent Lina Ha. Will be updated every Thursday. Art by Jess Cuffe | | |
The Simplified Body Podcast
Listen in as UK Dietitian Mike Sweeney grabs the confused fitness industry by the throat and beats the “fluff” out of it on topics like nutrition, training and getting the body you want - in real life. Because who wants to spend their life eating boring food and doing cardio? nobody, thats who. After 7 years helping athletes win trophies & helping every-day-folk get their sh*t together, Mike has a lot to say. He’ll also answer all of your questions, no matter how daft. Tune in for what just ...
Secrets of the Woods by LONG, William J.
The unique merit of this nature student rests in his fascinating style of writing, which invariably interests young and old; for without this element his pioneer work in the realm of nature would now be familiar only to scientists, introducing people everywhere into the wonderland of nature hitherto entirely closed to all. This is another chapter in the shy, wild life of the fields and woods. Little Toohkees, the wood mouse that dies of fright in the author’s hand; the mother otter, Keeonekh ...
The US100
The US100 invites you to join an epic journey across the American musical landscape. In Winter last year, Jarek Zaba embarked on what he thought would simply be an extended holiday in the United States. Fast forward 9 months he has found his days transformed as he has become full time curator of the US100: 100 songs he has picked at the heart of America, based on the geography of the trip he made. Through these podcasts and his website,, Jarek will explain why he has chosen the ...
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Norse News 3 bara i Sverige man gör filmer om det nya folket:Övar terrorangrepp på asylboende: ...…
Ingrids tal: tal: konstigt att muslimer är våldsamma - föräldrarna skållar dem: Robinson säger en obehaglig sanning om kriget mot islam. Klipp 2 min.http ...…
Nästa Folkets Demonstration Lördagen den 26/11, 13-15Mynttorget, Stockholm:www.folketsdemonstration.seNordiska asa-samfundet: frodas i en nationalistisk miljö: med Stenar: ...…
Paris tisdag.Är Nicolas Sarkozy Frankrikes svar på Donald Trump? Den frågan diskuteras i franska medier, för sedan Trump blev vald, är det Sarkozy som tydligast har försökt rida på svallvågorna från USA.Inte för att han omfamnar Trump, själv påstår han sig vara närmare Clinton - men han lånar uttryck och är positiv till amerikanernas val: han s ...…
Hors d'Oeuvres
Wilfried* écrit et enregistre des chansons depuis le début des années 1990. Il a sorti deux albums, « Songs for mum and dad » (2002, Prohibited Records/Wagram) et « D’ailleurs » (2008, Abeille Musique) que l’on pourrait rapprocher de l’œuvre hypothétique d’un chanteur pop français tel le jeune Gainsbourg, ou Philippe Katerine, sous influences l ...…
Varför uppstår populistiska rörelser? Med utdrag ur vårens serie om populism, ger vi idag olika svar på frågan vad som varit populismens grogrund: i Europa, i Latinamerika, men även i Indonesien och Nordafrika där islamisk populism är utbredd.
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