Best legos podcasts we could find (Updated April 2018)
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A podcast about LEGO
Inside LEGO is your source for all LEGO game news! Whether it’s the new LEGO Worlds game, the stand alone themed releases from Marvel or DC, or the old favourite of LEGO Dimensions; Inside LEGO has your back!
The only show devoted to the greatest building system in the world, LEGO! Interviews with MOC builders, webmasters of LEGO sites, and general LEGO news on all the greatest themes, from Star Wars and Indiana Jones to Castle and Space. We even do Bionicle and Exo-Force news!
Sean from the Fun Kids Breakfast show takes you through the new LEGO Worlds game! Our hero Bill is exploring and getting into serious scrapes.You can hear Sean weekday mornings on Fun Kids - the UK's children's radio station - when you wake
Stop-motion animations with Playmobil and Lego at Playgarden of animations by Sven van der Hart.
The Secrets Of Lego Unverse podcast!
Star Scavengers is a podcast hosted by Johnamarie Macias and Aaron Goins covering all things LEGO Star Wars. Expect reviews of the Freemaker Adventures animated series, fun guests, informative interviews, and even some discussion on collecting.
LEGO Hero Factory Channel
Poontin Muzik Podcast
Two dumb young guys continuously talk through movies... That isn't annoying, right?
A podcast by some Canadians about videogames, life, and everything else.
Chris Pirillo
I'm Chris Pirillo. Ask Me Anything! Geek. Dad. Toys. Star Wars. LEGO. Tech. Reviewer. Advisor. Retro. Seattle. Entreprenerd. Kidult.
Scooter's Bricks
Welcome to Scooter's Bricks - your destination for everything related to the LEGO phenomenon. We offer news, information on LEGO deals, reviews of popular LEGO products, and more!
To explore Jack White's music and history through weekly topics ranging from album analysis to Third Man Records recording acts and beyond.
The official podcast of BZPower.
Timothy Endersby videos of what he's building with Lego Mindstorms NXT and Lego Technic.
Building Up To It
A LEGO fan podcast for your casual LEGO fan. Join Chris, Paul, and Matt for a diverse look at what's new and what's important in the LEGO world.
Three guys talking about movies, tv and comic culture.
A podcast dedicated to all the collectors out there, especially those addicted to the toys-to-life video game genre. We talk about the newest and coolest releases, rumors, speculation and announcements from all the major toys-to-life franchises - amiibo, Skylanders, and LEGO Dimensions - as well as the up and coming franchises looking to evolve the genre.
The Brick Blog, podcast style!
Latest news/articles from BrickJournal
WikiMetru's own Hero Factory podcast.
An in-depth look at the games and teams of the FIRST Robotics programs.
Under parollen "två nördar - en podcast" diskuterar Fredrik Björeman och Joacim Melin allt som rör datorteknik. Från gamla klassiska hemdatorer till Douglas Adams, Lego, populärkultur och mycket annat därtill.
Striker and Sons
Just me and my boys talking about life. Seeing news from the eyes of 5 year olds can give us such a new and unique perspective.Striker - 35 year old dad of Alex, Tony, and JillAlex - 5 year old with a lot to sayTony - Twin brother of Alex...who also has a lot to say
This is a podcast in which two guys who used to write about video games talk about Transformers, LEGO, and other toys.
Community, Pictures, & LEGO - A podcast focused on the Fan of LEGO community
The Brickfilming podcast
Every other week (or so) the CDX Crew cover the best in Toy News, Reviews and Commentary. Watch on YouTubeSubscribe with iTunesGet the feed
A cultural look at a society full of Zombies.
A weekly podcast about FIRST robotics.
We're just a couple of nerds talking about comic books, movies, and other nerdy things.
Rolling For Loot
Rolling For Loot - a podcast on gaming. Join us for discussions on World of Warcraft, tabletop games, PC/console games, and many other that strike our fancy.
Dapper n Posh
Listen to Caleb, David, and Daniel discuss some of the most important current events of our time, at least according to them. This podcast is ideal for fans of movies, video games, board games, Lego, sci-fi, and more.
One Brick at a Time
Just another site
Geek-Stuff Garagecast
We are 4 geeks that have been podcasting for the better part of 5 years. We started a podcast called The Lunch Room and eventually started working on podcasts such as Off the Cuff, Altered Geek, and The Pull Bag on GeekCast Radio. We decided to shift our priorities and create our new podcast and website so we had a platform to express our love for all things geek. This website is not only a labor of love for us but it’s also an extension of The Geek-Stuff Garage Sale founded by Joe Reed. If ...
Unleash your inner nerd!
Who could know more about Comedy Parenting than a father of seven zany, creative children who hide in stores, set Lego traps, and sleep on rolls of wire?
Stop-Motion Lego animator on YouTube and Host of the Streamin While Dreamin LIVE stream. Check out my channel for Lego animations!
Henry's podcast
Welcome to my podcast. It's a podcast about Bionicles, Legos, and just all-around fun stuff!
Tired Nighttime Anecdotes is a podcast, brought to you from the fine stable of talent at Panic Moon Productions. Join married hosts Trayce Zimmerman (@TrixieCanuck) and Adam Canuck Zimmerman (@ItsAdamCanuck) at their dining room table as they talk about such topics as their week, their kids, school supplies, mismatched socks, terrible music, and stepping on Lego.
Miles tries out is first podcast with Anchor while building a Lego truck.
Tom and Dave talk Lego... and whatever else pops in to their heads
Geeks Amok Podcast
We will discuss toys, comics, collectibles, action figures, legos, movies, tv shows, etc. We want your feedback and who knows, we might start adding fans to our shows!
Best friends for 30 years, Heavy Handed J and Eugene take one the WORRLLD. Not really but we will discuss politics, religion to ratchetry LEGO!
Patrick The Broom
This podcast series discussing things like Gaming, Anime and TV shows, as well as strange topics like, Bird and Legos curses.
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The X-Men: Most days, my two sons Zane and Aidan don’t like each other. Aidan steals Zane’s Legos, so Zane puts dog fur in Aidan’s milk. At some point, they bro-hug it out, and Zane shrugs, “It’s family. You can’t get away.” Then they team up against me. Brother X and I are as close as two brothers can be. Well, two brothers born eight years ap ...…
Want to hear a British guy & Polish girl discuss differences in their countries, their views on being patriotic to one’s country as well as the “separation of church & state” or lack thereof as well as numerous other topics? Well then be sure to check out part 2 of episode 19 of Genuine Chit-Chat! In this part, Mike & Justyna continue their dis ...…
Episode Tease Austin is a junior in high school and is currently on FIRST Tech Challenge Team 11619, Rust in Pieces. Although his team hasn't formally competed in a tournament yet, they have built a robot and completed all of the challenges on their practice field. Their goal for 2018/2019 is to compete and make their way to Nationals. This yea ...…
Episode Tease Anybody who has ever been involved in a team sport knows that the coaches can either make or break the experience. One of the best things about FIRST is the dedication and enthusiasm of the team coaches. Whether they join because of their own love of robotics or to be supportive of their child's aspirations, so many of the coaches ...…
Brockett is here to talk about the second season of A Series of Unofortunate Events which leads to a discussion of a series of unfortunate third acts in The Titan and The Hateful Eight. But hey, on the bright side, Tron LEGO! The post The Citadel Cafe 268: Hateful Act Three appeared first on The Citadel Cafe: A Sci-Fi and Fantasy Podcast.…
Phoebe Waller-Bridge Didn’t Know What a Droid Was Before Signing On to Play One in SoloThe Fleabag actress (which, honestly, is a lot of fun to say) needed a little extra coaching when they started filming her scenes for Solo: A Star Wars Story. Waller-Bridge hadn’t ever seen a Star Wars film. “I wasn’t entirely sure what a droid was, and I was ...…
NIGGAS GON FEEL ME LolWhats up my name is JT!Your official orator, your designated duke of narration, your royal of random rhetoric.Letting niggas know off top, my topics tend to vary, if you looking for youtube channel where some fat dude is going to post 17 videos a week talking about magic gathering cards and only that or some nappy headed n ...…
"Lego Batman The Movie: DC Superheroes Unite." Troy Baker, Clancy Brown. Directed by Jon Burton Originally uploaded onFebruary 17, 2017. Superhero Rewind is an in-depth analysis. If you haven't seen this movie you might want to before listening to this review. Superhero Rewind has been on Geekvolution on YouTube for 9 years and while we're fina ...…
Who knew when you cross Neopets with porn you get furries? Show Notes: 0:1:59 - Fortnite Patch Notes 0:07:58 No Man's Sky Update Coming to Xbox 0:09:51 Sea of Thieves Death Tax Revoked 0:11:21 Fortnite in Schools is a Problem 0:20:00 Dragon Quest 11 coming to PS4, PC and Switch No 3DS Version 0:23:30 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Creative Director Le ...…
#3 Elon Musk’s LEGO’S, Ready Player One Preview, And Stuff
After working in TV news as an assignment editor and web producer in Indiana, John Hanlon quit his job due to the growing success of a LEGO YouTube channel he operates with his brother - Beyond the Brick.During our conversation, John shares his own journey through his media career, why he left the business, and shares a ton of insight on what i ...…
This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe discuss Pacific Rim Uprising, Tommyknockers, Archer, some recent TV show premieres, animated Deadpool, Carmen Sandiego and more. News: Archer: Danger Island and Rise of the TMNT trailers, The Tommyknockers getting rebooted, Beetlejuice musical arrives in the fall, Lego Incredibles game coming this s ...…
Join Alex and Dave, with debutant Council member Andy (Mr Lego) as we discuss everything and anything Star Wars! From the Han Solo poster controversy to more information about The Last Jedi coming out from the accompanying documentary from the digital release and the novelisation, to Star Wars Lego!
Popcorn Talk Network proudly presents a vodcast for your insider look into the day to day reporting of the hottest scoops, exclusives and reports from the leading reporters in the industry on all things movie news! It’s Popcorn Talk Network’s Meet the Movie Press, hosted by The Tracking Board’s Jeff Sneider and Forbes’s Simon Thompson. Each wee ...…
On this episode of the ThrillGeek Podcast, we discuss the following topics: Barry's Mardi Gras birthday at Universal Orlando The Great LEGO Race VR roller coaster at LEGOLAND Florida - Details & Video: Halloween Horror Nights 28 ticket details and dates (including a few rumors) - Details on dates: Dea ...…
After having lost both her parents at a young age, Heather Dixon started believing a lie that she was meant for suffering. She walked away from God for a season until He used her 4-year-old son to point her back to to Him. Looking back, she sees that period as unbelief. Though she believed in God and in the Bible, she didn't believe God's promi ...…
Episode Tease We had a blast getting to know Hope from FIRST LEGO League Team 8152, the RoboGeeks. Hope is 11 (going on 12) and is in her third year on the team. With her seniority and experience, she now mainly acts in a supportive role and fills in wherever she is needed at any given time. She tends to do a lot of the programming and does a l ...…
Charles Rogers and Jordan Firstman (Search Party) along with HDTGM All-star Kulap Vilaysack join Paul and Jason to discuss the 2013 drama Adore starring Naomi Watts and Robin Wright. They talk about the yacht-building business, aggrosurfing, flirting with moms, and much more. Plus, they unpack five star reviews of the movie on Amazon. This epis ...…
Zach is discussing No Man's Sky coming to the Xbox One, Lego The Incredibles gets a release date and much more!
After a few weeks of experiments, the Gamer Bros are back! This week a new monster is terrorizing the Ancient World, Nintendo Sleuths have measured up, and Lego is making YET ANOTHER GAME.
Kevin & Erik shoot with Chase Skinner, Zach Longoria & Steve Bradbery. We get the latest music updates from Chase - what's going on with Chaser. Zach & Steve join us to talk Noah & the Mend Noah's Heart Benefit. We get the status on Noah, Zach's action figure, Lego's & more.
Your source for all things Nintendo 3 days a week Sponsored By: OPSeat: Head over to to directly support the show, and get a fantastic gaming chair that can support you! I'm sitting in one right now, and its great. Links: Patreon — This episode of SwitchCraft is brought to you by Rock Roberge — Support Switch ...…
Welcome to the PvP Podcast #120, this week: Lego The Incredibles Game Immortalizes Both Films In Bricks, Star Wars Open-World Game Is In Development At EA and more!By (Podcast vs Player).
In this weeks episode, Claire, Jake and Mark talk about the brands. We look specifically at the ones we identify with and how they fit into our lives. Claire talks about: Bureo, Patagonia and Lush. Jake talks about: Tesla, M24 and Adidas. And Mark talks about: Carhartt WIP, LEGO and Pixar.
Brandee Johnson is an entrepreneur, a marketer and a speaker. Since 2015, Brandee has owned and operated Limelight Marketing, a Kansas City inbound marketing agency based in Pittsburgh, Kansas. Limelight helps companies to have brand stories to attract and convert customers. Prior to owning the agency, Brandee spent 15 years working for leading ...…
Odell Beckham on a new team? Johnny Manziel a Patriot? The boys are break down the possibilities! We're play "or step on a lego" with choices like own the Ravens backfield or step on a lego, plus are the rule changes hurting the NFL and it's product. Time to go the full 60!on Twitter @JoePisapia17 @BogmanSports @IsItTheWelsh… Vernon Guillermo Chief Executive Officer Agile Interoperable Solutions AIS and their flagship product CORE were born out of a real-world need to rapidly re-establish critical business communications in the aftermath of a hurricane which crippled local i ...…
Jeff and James grab their enchanted diamond swords and head underground in search of monsters and ore in LEGO Minecraft.
Grizz Gaming general manager Lang Whitaker joins the podcast to discuss Grizz Gaming draft preparation, Jeff Goldblum sightings, and life as an executive. Brought to you by EHarmony, and Seat Geek Episode breakdown: 4:00 -- Lang Whitaker introduction 4:30 -- Preparing for the draft and the 2K League combine 7:00 -- Developing the stra ...…
Grizz Gaming general manager Lang Whitaker joins the podcast to discuss Grizz Gaming draft preparation, Jeff Goldblum sightings, and life as an executive. Brought to you by EHarmony, and Seat Geek Episode breakdown: 4:00 -- Lang Whitaker introduction 4:30 -- Preparing for the draft and the 2K League combine 7:00 -- Developing the stra ...…
In this DisKingdom Podcast episode, Roger and James review the new Cloak & Dagger DLC for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2. Visit Us at You can help support our site on Patreon from as little as $1 a month at Twitter: DisKingdom Facebook: ...…
On Episode 29 of Multiverse Musings, Adam Basciano and Jordan Valdés are joined by special guest Brandon Alvarado from Revenge of the Fans to discuss: Comics News: - Selina Kyle's wedding dress revealed - Batman/Catwoman Wedding Album to be released - Details on "The Best Man" arc in Batman #48-49 revealed - Batman: Prelude to the Wedding one-s ...…
So what's the deal with this Facebook data thing? Tom knows. Lego Japan has some ideas. Event Horizon is a book, not a movie. Wondercon is the place for Trek cut scenes. Street Fighter is coming to the small screen! How sites will handle your data in the future and more!
3 Things We Learned at Shoptalk Retailers spent lots of time legitimizing their reason to exist Same day delivery becoming the new normal - with Target leading the way Grocery is the next retail segment to be disrupted The Evolution of the Retail Store ’The Evolution of the Retail Store’ - Technologies Optimizing the Store Experience (Shoptalk ...…
This Guy... In this episode: Video Game Movies: Hollywood Fallout -Hollywood ruins another video game story with a shitty movie LEGO Gump - the video game ChChChChallenge: Jingle for a Cereal by Steven Speilberg - you decide who wins Vote at and at…
In this episode we discuss LEGOs, the four video games we can't live without, discover sasquatch is a hippie, nerd out over TV shows, cotton gins defy the laws of physics, bowling, Kyle gives tips on lawnmower maintenance, why we enlisted, Kyle's story, missing the 90s style, and we answer the listener question "if we ever went to prison what w ...…
Episode Tease The only thing better than attending a FIRST event that is being managed by JT Yoerger is getting the chance to sit down and talk with him for a few minutes. His energy and love of all things FIRST are not only contagious, but his hard work and dedication make the events that he hosts truly wonderful for the kids in the league. As ...…
Apple Goes to Hollywood. Will Its Story Have a Happy Ending? and Alibaba unveil car vending machine sells Southeast Asia business to Grab Artist Hid $10,000 Worth of Cryptocurrencies in These Lego Artworks ban ...…
we talk some news and we watched a lot of movies. plus Thomas' top ten movie lists plus Donny thinks Chicago med and SVU are getting ridiculous. The Birds, DuShon Monique Brown passes away, Byron Allen, Supa fly trailer, Deadpool 2 trailer, Tiffany Haddish in Lego movie, Karate Kid, Hulk Hogan in talks to return to WWE, Danial Brian returns to ...…
Welcome One and All to the Glorious Movie Show, the most Glorious Movie podcast in the entire galaxy. On today’s Episode, we talk about Indiana Jones 5! the Matrix the Reboot! Justice Leagues has left the Cinema! & a Shia LaBeouf Biopic, staring Shia LaBeouf?!?!?! That and More! I am the Glorious One Mr Moody, and joining me as always, is the F ...…
David Kerman graduated from UCSB with a fine arts major and attended Art Center College of Design part time while working in the industry.In 1997, he began his career as a print designer at the Buz Design Group and gained a solid foundation for typography, layout and corporate design. His passion for design evolved beyond the world of print, an ...…
Water on the face, Russell Crowe’s suit from Virtuosity, and more are on this week’s minisode! Paul goes through Corrections and Omissions for Johnny Mnemonic, opens up the Mail Bag, and the Movie Bitches review Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Plus, important info on next week’s movie! This episode is brought to you by Namely ( ...…
It’s always a joy to talk with someone in the education space of WordPress. One thing is certain. I can always tell that it is their passion. Brian Richards from WPSessions is no exception. I have known Brian since he started his online training. When I was a trainer myself, many people came to me wanting to learn WordPress development. I was a ...…
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