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Lei's Podcast
برامج يهدف لنشر الثقافة القانونية
O Podcast que fala de codigo genetico, codigo juridico e codigo fonte. Aplicacao das leis sobre as novas tecnologias
Job Hunting Tips - Soft Skills - Ask a Wharton MBA
Job search tips podcasts – one-on-one discussions with Lei Han – career success mentor and soft skills coach – 15 years of business experience, Stanford Engineer, and Wharton MBA
O JRcast é o Podcast do Joeverton Rodrigo, onde vamos compartilhar Dicas sobre Saúde Mental e emocional, Técnicas de Relaxamento e Assuntos como Lei da Atração e o Universo, Siga nosso Podcast!
Workplace Communication - Soft Skills - Ask a Wharton MBA
Workplace communication podcasts – one-on-one discussions regarding how to improve your business communication in the workplace with Lei Han – career success mentor and soft skills coach – 15 years of business experience, Stanford Engineer, and Wharton MBA
Hawaiian Nights with the O'Debra Twins
Talk radio meets paradise. Each month, The O’Debra Twins will take a special guest on a pleasure cruise filled with leis, coconut rum cocktails with tiny umbrellas, and secrets that only a drunken vacationer would spill. Things are gonna get reeeaaaally loose.
Modern Sex
Project-Nerd's Modern Sex Podcast features psychologist Dr. Beth and cosplayer Erin Lei as they discuss the ins and outs of sexuality, sexual health, and sex in geek culture.
In Out Sound
La cantante e vocal coach Claudia B. conduce In Out Sound, scopriamo con lei come conoscere la propria voce, sia nel canto che nel parlato. Venite e scoprite un mondo misterioso e affascinante: la vostra VOCE! Ogni due settimane, il sabato alle 14,30 solo su
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"Seek out strong women to befriend, to align yourself with, to learn from, to be inspired by, to collaborate with, to support, to be enlightened by." Following Madonna's speech on feminism, BLYNKT editor Lei seeks out a strong woman this week to speak about feminism, design, and work and life in Berlin. Dora is currently working as an independe ...…
Knurd Report
"A mudança é a lei da vida. E aqueles que apenas olham para o passado ou para o presente irão com certeza perder o futuro" John Kennedy "O inferno somos nós próprios e a única redenção é quando nos colocamos a nós próprios à parte e concentramos os nossos sentimentos noutra pessoa" Tennessee Williams No qual se discute todo o final da temporada ...…
Balance Boldly Podcast #shaketheshame
Today we are going to talk about how to let go of loss. Amy Leis and I go into depth about how sudden wealth can change your life, dealing with the significant loss that is most times emotional and is dealt with a heavy heart bearing the shame that sometimes accompanies that gain is the whole idea behind Amy Leis. We talk about what happens dur ...…
Ryan and Noosh are Dead
If you're tired of talking politics this week, join us at the KDHR fallout shelter for the third grade class that held the first Chinese elections, the origins of political satire, and the Donald Duck Party of Sweden. You Xiaofei supporters better vote for Luo Lei! Do you want Cheng Cheng to win? This week's topic: "Democracy". #WeWearShirtsAnd ...…
Richy and I catch up on the past and the future, we also have a special drop in from a good friend of Richy's, who knows a lot about Eagle Rock. Hey guys! Welcome to my first episode of Banks Heist, my name's Rob Banks and I appreciate you listening and I hope you enjoy! For this episode I have my Uncle Frank and my Cousin Joe, were in Las Vega ...…
Predestination – what is it and where do we find the foundations of this theology. Watch out for Jody Leis and Randy French. Note from Michael L Williams; “That’s is the first word that comes from listening to this power cast, leveled. Leveled to the most common denominator, human. Raised to Him that is highest, God. A couple other words, honor ...…
Missing the Mouse - A Disney Parks Podcast
In this week’s episode we try to do more than follow-up and are, somewhat, successful. Disney has officially announced the reopening date for Mission: Space as August 13th. They have also provided some more details about the new green mission. Thanks to a trip report from we now know the answer on whether or not we’ll need to tip ...…
NITIN MANNA July 17 Tlawngkai Nikhat Leilung A Hnin Tikah Harsat ka tonlai ah Bawipa cu ka ko; I bawm dingah ka Pathian cu ka ko a si. A Biakinn ihsin ka aw a thei; ka aunak aw a hna sungah a lut. – Saam 18:6 [Saam 18:1-6] San Francisco khuapi le a kiangkap pawl linghnin in a siatsuah hnu tawkfang rei ah nauhak pa pakhat cu tlawnginn bualrawn a ...…
William Bao Bean is a General Partner at SOSV, a US$300m venture capital fund that invests in startups in its accelerators across the world. William is also the Managing Director of SOSV’s Chinaccelerator, China first startup accelerator based in Shanghai and MOX, SOSV’s mobile only accelerator platform SE Asia. Prior to joining SOSV, William w ...…
Maria Samudra Manzone is an artist and yoga teacher who applies sound to the body by using music played on ancestral instruments. Samudra combines yoga with music to imbue people in an inspiring sound bath.Samudras Sound bath 432Hz will be held on 18 July at One Roof Melbourne, in Southbank. (Samudra, al secolo Maria Manzone, è un'insegnante di ...…
Neste episódio falamos sobre o projeto de lei que pretende impedir bancos de negarem empréstimo para idosos, a condenação em primeira instância do ex-presidente Lula, a sanção da reforma trabalhista e a situação política de Michel Temer.Início da pauta principal aos 29:17.
This afternoon, Aneti and I went to one of the parks immediately after work. We sat in the shade of a blossom-raining tree, and the warm summer breeze played with the fabric of our light hepteri vests. We took the Skyrail to my apartment, where Kati stood over the stove stirring noodles for a sasahi-based sauce. I wanted to go to Lantern Park f ...…
Rogério Giannini, membro do Conselho Estadual de Defesa dos Direitos da Pessoa Humana - Condepe, fala sobre o projeto de lei que tramita na Assembleia Legislativa de SP, que permite ao governador do Estado escolher o Ouvidor da Polícia sem as indicações do Condepe. Entrevista à jornalista Marilu Cabañas…
During the beginning of the final hour Fred and AJ do the Zadok Jewelers Gem of the Day. They switch topics and give Game of Thrones updates before playing a clip of Michael Lei’s voice. AJ gives an update of the new Batman movie and they close the show with celebrity deaths. #GameofThrones #GoT #Batman…
NITIN MANNA July 12 Tlawngkai Nithum In Kilveng Curuangah nan thinphaang hlah uh, sunṭam tampi hnakin nan man a khung sawn a si. – Matt. 10:31 [Matt. 10:16-31] Nipi Ni zing veikhat cu Biakinn ah, “Sunṭam a kilveng” timi hla kan sak. Mi pakhat in paakzai ih sak ṭheumi hla a si ruangah miburpi hlasaknak ih sak dah lemlomi hla a si. Saknolh (Choru ...…
Clemente Ganz Lúcio, diretor técnico do Dieese, comenta que a aprovação da reforma trabalhista nesta terça-feira demonstrou uma estratégia de sucesso do governo. Entrevista à jornalista Marilu Cabañas.
NITIN MANNA July 11 Tlawngkai Nihnih Feh Hmaisa pawl Lamhmuhtu Ka tumtah ringringmi cu Khrih an theih dah lonak hmun ah thuthangṭha phuan hi a si. Ziangahtile midang in a hram an rak bun cianak hmun ahkhan va sak bet ding cu ka duh lo. – Rom 15:20 [2 Korin. 5:12-21] Kum zabu (19) nak thok pektelai ah American President Thomas Jefferson in tipit ...…
Trash talk, ass slaps, beer, and arguments galore! Tim, Matt, Estella talk EBI 12 and MORE with Brooke and Ilima-Lei
NITIN MANNA July 10 Tlawngkai Nikhat Pathian ih Kutsuak Ṭhabik Pathian in kan ṭuan ding hrangih a rak timtuah ciami hnaṭuan ṭha ṭuantu dingah Khrih Jesuh sungin kannih cu siam tharmi kan si. – Efesa 2:10 [Efesa 2:1-10] Grand Rapids ih khuahlan kut thilthiam pawl hmuhnak innpi ah thil phun (5000) lenglo a um. Siihnih zuksuai, thlazuk (photo) 350 ...…
Anabela Natário com "Mulheres Fora da Lei" e Ana Margarido de Carvalho com "Julgamentos que Mudaram a História"
[Hey there! Stacie here. I have to admit that I made an "oops" and accidentally deleted a bunch of the info that was included in the blog post for this episode, and I didn't have a back-up saved. AH! Silly me! I'm so sorry. Take a listen to the podcast episode, it covers all the same info that was in the blog post. And click below to download t ...…
Alvin's career to date has been an epic adventure, a journey that's taken him across epicenters of technology and the world's three largest internet markets: China, India, and the US. As a Stanford undergrad, he started ThinkBulbs, which developed 2 leading iOS photo apps and amassed over a million users before being acquired by Megatasty Labs. ...…
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