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Si quand tu vois un FMICast de 5H arriver dans ton Flux, tu te dis que ça va jamais passer, on à la solution fais le passer en 2x! Retrouvez ici les numéros du FMICast en 2 numéros mensuel parce que même si 3H + 3H feront toujours 6H vous ne le sentirez pas passer! Par contre si tu veux les Episodes de 1 à 42 c'est ici que ça ce passe:
Le podcast geek et sport ! ICI on vous parle de high-tech, séries, cinéma, sport,...
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Join Lexi Lou of Untamed and Unleashed for a bear hunting adventure she will never forget. Website: Instagram: @untamed_unleashed Be on the lookout for our 100th episode giveaway. Details will be at A special thanks to: Gannett Ridge Sportin ...…
If you need a drinking game: take a shot every time I say 'etcetera'. :l My current input on US politics & an intro to my new baby bluenose pit bull, Lei Lou Blu
Join Lexi and I for the story of an unforgettable hunt that didn’t quite turn out the way anyone expected. Check check check her out: Instagram: @untamed_unleashed
Here we are in Episode 12 with Lexi Lou. For those of you who don't know, her real name is Alexi Quinn. Don't ask where the nickname came from - friends and family started calling her Lexi Lou when she was young, and she guesses it just has a good ring to it. With separated parents, Lexi bounced around between Southeast Missouri and Central Wis ...…
Lexi Lou tells about her first hunting experience as and about some of her turkey hunts! She also talks about the hunt she won and some of the events that happened. We jumped on an awesome topic and talk about her schooling for firefighting. Check it!
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