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Missing Jay Leno
On February 6, 2014, late night talk show host Jay Leno disappeared. He stopped doing his regular late night show on NBC, fired all of his employees, and removed himself from the public eye after decades of coming out every night and shaking the audience’s hands. Nobody has heard from him - and no one knows why he left. “Comedian” and Overall Fame seeker Jude Tedmori has taken it upon himself to track down and find Jay. Every week Jude and a guest will go to Burbank to find the now Missing J ...
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The podcast about talk shows - from Carson to Letterman, from the US to the UK and beyond, and everything in between. Hosted by George Grimwood.
Mohr Stories is hosted by actor, comedian and sports enthusiast, Jay Mohr. Each week, laugh, be surprised and think deep, as Jay talks to an entertainer, athlete, musician, author or game-changer about showbiz, comedy and life beyond your typical interview conversation. Guests have included Anthony Bourdain, Perez Hilton, Lou Diamond Phillips, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jay Leno, Reggie Watts and more. Frequent visitors include John DiMaggio, Brad Williams, Jim Jeffries, Adam Carolla, and of course, ...
Actor Eric Bana discusses his directorial debut with "Love the Beast," a documentary about his beloved Ford GT Falcon Coupe.
My Classic Car, with host Dennis Gage, visits some of the most prestigious car shows and events in North America. With muscle cars, hot rods, local cruise-ins, museums, and more My Classic Car has something for everyone.
Stuttering John Melendez from The Howard Stern & Jay Leno show fame talks life experience & his feelings on celebrity's.
My Classic Car, with host Dennis Gage, visits some of the most prestigious car shows and events in North America. With muscle cars, hot rods, local cruise-ins, museums, and more My Classic Car has something for everyone.
SuperCar Sunday
Comedian Adam Hunter (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Showtime, MMA Roasted) and his co-host Mike Tsirklin hang out with their comedian friends and whoever else pops in to talk about the crazy hustle of being a comedian in Los Angeles. It truly is... Adam Hunter's World!
My Classic Car, with host Dennis Gage, visits some of the most prestigious car shows and events in North America. With muscle cars, hot rods, local cruise-ins, museums, and more My Classic Car has something for everyone.
Tuesdays 7-8PM (EST.) on WTAN-AM 1340 - FM 106.1 Clearwater/St. Petersburg, WDCF-AM 1350 Dade City, WZHR-AM 1400 - FM 104.3 Zephyrhills, Florida. Join us for some Classic Rock and some captivating conversations with our interesting and legendary guests about cars, boats and motorcycles. Topics cover collector car shows, concours, auctions, vintage and professional motorsports racing events as well as swap meets. Some of our guests have been Carroll Shelby, Jay Leno, Ted Nugent, Gregg Rolie, ...
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Gordon McCall and Nic Waller -419By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Today, John makes some more White House calls, talks about some of his days on the Stern and Leno shows then shares some financial planning advice.
Tom McDowell and Brad Littlefield - 418By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
This one is for you. I talk about my new book and give you some behind the curtain moments about Paulie. Put Your Name On It!By
Today we are joined in Studio with the beautiful Bobbi Brown, and we talk Stern Show reunion with Jackie, Billy West and John, plus more updates about the Alt-right being dismantled, and the usual hijinks.
Les Stroud is a survival expert...he was first of his kind. Showing us that we can survive anywhere if encountered with the situation. He's is a musician, with a new album, Bittern Lake. And now he is a new friend. We had a great time talking about...well everything! Put Your Name On It!By
Bing Copeland and Greg Noll - 417By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Steven Wright is a genius beyond measure. If hes in your town then go see him. I break down his Planetarium bit. Put Your Name On It!By
Today we are joined in studio by Gretchen Bonaduce and via skype by Kelly Jones. Both famous ex-wives of infamous husbands. Plus, some music from John live on stage at Comic Con, playing catch-up with what Howard Stern is up to, and a quick update on all the happenings around the Stuttering John Podcast.…
Gary King - 416By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Episode 12 sees John and company reporting on San Diego's Comic Con adventures, and placing some calls to The White House, Senator Menendez, and Mike Cernovich. Plus talk of a Stern Show reunion and much more! Give it a listen!!!!
For the first time I look back and pull apart one of my own stories. Put Your Name On It!By
Vic Piano - 415By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Today John reaches out to Senators Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Kamala Harris along with Congressman Adam Schiff. Most surprisingly he called Gary Baba Booey Dell'Abate from the Howard Stern Show to see if they wanted him on to promote his book. Listen right now with @stutteringjohnm @RoyceDorazio and @amsterdon…
Dick Dale - 414By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Greg Grunberg joins John in the studio today to talk politics, Star Wars, Star Trek and so much more. With Royce D'Orazio and Don Adams.
Brilliant comic and even better friend Brad Williams is a veteran of Mohr Stories. We are happy to welcome him back and catch up about his wife, his stand up and general silliness. Put Your Name On It!By
Stuttering John reviews the events of the last week and how much has happened since calling President Trump. We discuss the current legal situation and talk about where we go from here. With @stutteringjohnm @RoyceDorazio and @amsterdon Thanks for listening!
Bruce Meyers - 413By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Rick Overton is one of the most talented comics and writers I know on top of that he is the kindest human beings I've ever met. Listen to two old friends catching up...incredible! Put Your Name On It!By
Stuttering John prank calls the White House and actually gets called back by President Donald Trump on Air Force One.
Leigh Keno, Nehad Alhassan, Sean & Carman Cavanaugh - 412By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Today a to a new old friend, John Hastings, stopped by to talk all things comedy. Put Your Name On It!By
Larry Van Gelder - 411By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Oscar Nominated Actor Haley Joel Osment drops in to promote his new project Izzy Gets The F#@% Across Town. A great conversation with an old friend...catching up and seeing the wonderlful grown up version of this talented, kind and handsome man that I first me as a child. Put Your Name On It!By
Thorsten Link and Alan - 410By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Andy Friedlander - 409By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
John dishes about Anthony Cumia, Star Wars, & Jackie Martling.
John talks about everything you care about.
Bob Lutz - 408By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
John talks more about his book, Jay Leno, Artie Lange, Anthony Cumia, Gary Dell'Abate, Howard Stern, Roseanne Barr, Dan Falato, & Donald Trump.
Mark Greene - 407By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Stuttering John of Howard Stern & Tonight Show fame dishes about today's news.
8 Year Anniversary / Denis Pittsenbarger - 406By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Marina Alley - 405By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Lauren Fix and Alan - 404By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
"Bogi" - 403By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Eddie Lepine - 402By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
John talks about Scott The Engineer's Gofundme page & what a bitch Chelsea Handler is.
John Staluppi and Cathy Lenhardt - 401By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Horny Mike - 400By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
John gives the love back to artie & anthony, & addresses the scott salem gofundme page.
Don Kehr - 399By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Mike Sheehan - 398By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Ed Justice Jr. - 397By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Mike Galimi - 396By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
John Clifford - 395By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
Bill Warner - 394By (Nostalgic Radio and Cars).
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