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Nassau Street Sermons
"Equipping God's people to extend God's kingdom" is the mission of Nassau Street Church. Each Sunday, we diligently walk through a given set of scripture to try to achieve this mission.Nassau Street Church is located in Winnipeg, MB and is a part of the Go Mission! conference. Our senior pastor is Pastor Al Letkeman. Find the church on the web or by calling 204-475-3841
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Talking Peer Review with Dr. Peter Chahales Peter is a newly minted Ph.D. from the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology at Stony Brook University. Peter is an enthusiastic and skilled science communicator and loves everything science. Our topic today was peer review. We talked about what peer review is and how it works, and why it ...…
MB Mission’s Regional Mobilizer Lloyd Letkeman is always on the move. His work connects him with people, churches, and partners everywhere from Snow Lake to Coaldale. But when he’s not in a car, plane, or coffee shop, Lloyd can usually be found on a boat with some bait and tackle. Join Carson, Cullen and David as they get to know more about Llo ...…
Imagine if you can, yourself as Jean Val Jean, standing before the priest well aware of the guilt you carry. Than having the priest step up, looking you into the eyes declaring that you are a new man, bought with the silver candle sticks. Declared Innocent, the words spoken to us by God because of his son Jesus on the cross. Spoken as a judge d ...…
Solomon told us years ago in Ecclesiastes that what has been done will be done again, and again and again. Life he said really is one big version of groundhog day. For most of us if we look at our calendars from year to year, those words are validated. So as we begin a new year in the life of the church, again doing the things we do once more, ...…
Pastor Al Letkeman answering the question of "Who Made God?"
Too often we ask the question 'how do I live for God' without asking the why question. Why am I here, Why do I even want to live for God? It's those questions that bring us face to face with the glory of God, the very glory we are created to image forth. And when we grasp that idea we are ready to ask the question 'how do I live for God?'…
It's rather amazing to think that God divinely appointed a group of imperfect people with the task of displaying to the world who God is. As we gather here week after week, do we fully understand what is so significant about this thing we call the church. Questions from a five year old: What is so important about the church?…
Jesus spoke of the prodigal son, and reached out to a prodigal in the tax collector Zacchaeus. His mission was to seek and save the lost, and Jesus calls us to join Him on His mission.By Nassau Street Church.
Pastor Al Letkeman preaching from Luke 1:1-19By Nassau Street Church.
Al Letkeman preaching the second week of LentBy Nassau Street Church.
Pastor Al Letkeman preaches on prayer and what the life of prayer could look like.
A Sunday morning conversation between Al Letkeman, Daren Redekopp and Brynden DevennyBy Nassau Street Church.
Pastor Al Letkeman PreachingBy Nassau Street Church.
Pastor Al Letkeman preaching.By Nassau Street Church.
Pastor Al Letkeman preachingBy Nassau Street Church.
Pastor Al Letkeman takes us through Luke 3By Nassau Street Church.
Pastor Al Letkeman walks the church through the first portion of Luke 4By Nassau Street Church.
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