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Leto McELveen's Podcast
Jared Leto: Meet the Filmmaker
Singer/actor Jared Leto ("Requiem for a Dream," "Dallas Buyers Club") discusses "Artifact," the riveting documentary he directed that tells the harsh truth about the modern music business. The award- winning film gives intimate access to Leto and his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, as they fight a relentless lawsuit with record label Virgin/EMI and write songs for their album "This Is War."
Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto: Meet the Filmmaker
Academy Award nominated and Golden Globe-winning actors Matthew McConaughey (Mud) and Jared Leto (Lord of War) discuss their new film, Dallas Buyers Club. Hosted by Edith Bowman at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
Awon Nkan Ti O leto Fun Musulumi Lati Maa Fi Se Iwosan
Alaye ni ekunrere wa ninu ibanisoro yi lori awon nkan ti o leto fun Musulumi lati maa lo fun idena arun ati lati wa iwosan nigbati arun ba n se e. Bakannaa ni oro tun waye lori awon oogun ti o leto fun Musulumi lati lo ti o si so awon nkan ti esin se ni eewo fun Musumi.
Ohun Ti O Leto Fun Musulumi Lati Mo nipa Ile Filistin
1- Se awa Musulumi ni eto Kankan lori ile Filistin? Kinni awon igbiyanju ti awon asaaju Musulumi ti se ninu itan lori ile Filistin? Nje awa Musulumi aye ode oni ni igbiyanju kan lati se bi lori ati so ile Filistin di ile ominira fun Musulumi papaajulo masalaasi Kudusi? Gbogbo awon ibeere wonyi ni a o ri idahun fun ninu ibanisoro yi.2- Apa keji ibanisoro yi so nipa awon ogbon arekereke ti awon Yahudi lo lati fi gba ile Filistin ti won si le awon ti won ni ile kuro, bakannaa ni oro waye lori i ...
Dune Cast
Greetings, travelers of space and time, to the Dune Cast! Know then that this is your home for Dune in podcasting, and will be a monthly series examining all things from the world of Frank Herbert's legendary Dune universe, including the classic books, movies, miniseries, games, documentaries, and ongoing novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson. Maybe we will cover news, too, should it arise! Whether this is your first foray into the Dune universe or you are returning like a Duncan Idah ...
Horse Skeleton
A typical Horse Skeleton contains about 205 bones, but unfortunately we seem to have forgotten the funny one. Horse Skeleton is a weekly comedy/gaming/Internet culture live show streamed on Thursdays 8:00pm +10GMT ( and released as a podcast on Fridays 8:00pm +10GMT
Global Hardcore Alliance Podcast
Get the latest mixes from DJ Leto and the Global Hardcore Alliance.
The Rob And Dan Show
Join Rob and Dan as they dish out the latest information from the games industry!
Awọn Aaye ti a kọ fun wa lati kirun nibẹ
Alaye nipa awon aaye ti ko leto ki Musulumi ki irun nibe gege bii ite oku ati ile egbin.
Judging a Book by Its Lover
Author Lauren Leto pries into a guest's reading preferences and (hopefully) uncovers interesting stories from their lives and loads of literary knowledge.
Костас - DJ и музыкант (Эксклюзивный резидент лэйбла "Luxury-Music"). Официальный DJ российского тура Jared Leto и группы 30 Seconds To Mars. Резидент ресторана ValenOk
Alaye Lori Awon Iruju ti o nbe fun Awon Eniyan Kan nipa Wiwa Ategun (At-tawassul)
Ibanisoro yi da lori alaye ni ekunrere lori awon iruju ti o nbe fun awon eniyan kan nipa awon ohun ti o leto ki Musulumi maa fi se ategun si odo Olohun ati awon nkan ti ko leto nigbati o ba npe Olohun.
S knjižnega trga
V oddaji S knjižnega trga, eni najstarejših oddaj Radia Slovenija, objavljamo recenzije leposlovnih in delno tudi humanističnih knjižnih novosti, izdanih v slovenščini. Zaposleni v Uredništvu oddaj za kulturo in zunanji sodelavci na leto ocenimo oz. podrobneje predstavimo okoli 200 knjig, kar je sicer majhen del produkcije slovenskih založb, pa vendar izbor najboljšega in najzanimivejšega.Oddajo ureja Vlado Motnikar, na sporedu je v ponedeljek ob 17:30.
Audiences and critics can’t stop talking about DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, honored with six Academy Award nominations including Best Picture of the Year, Best Actor for Matthew McConaughey and Best Supporting Actor for Jared Leto. Both Matthew and Jared, are also recipients of Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the Broadcast Film Critics’ Awards for their transformative performances in this extraordinary story of acceptance and survival, inspired by true events. RADIO LINKS HOLLYWOOD ...
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The DIAG crew was bamboozled into watching christian propaganda horror film Tsunambee, and while that went down a pizza boy afraid of knocking on doors was thrown into the mix. Robin and Scotty talk about Arrow Home Video's release of 1970s Japanese kung fu movie Wolf Guy featuring Sonny Chiba and his romper. Discussion abounds on why Scott thi ...…
General Snobbery | Film and Philosophy
“People ask me if I know about Tyler Durden.” So begins the film Fight Club, a movie that is about fighting and a few other things. Those other things include masculinity, corporations, and Meat Loaf. And of course Leto. Jared Leto, that is. If you haven’t seen Fight Club, then you haven’t seen Jared Leto get his face pummeled by the fists of E ...…
Have you ever watched a movie and fallen in love with it, while the guy on the couch next to you thinks it's just OK? What separates us out like that? Why does Luke love Tarantino, while Gomer thinks him a coked up 17 year-old? Why does Wes Anderson do nothing for Luke, but the Cohen Brothers get his gears grooving? This conversation revolves a ...…
Discussion "Rijeka, European Capital of Culture"Space: Židovska ulica 2b – Terace GalileoGuests: Emina Višnić, Vuk Ćosić, Davor Mišković, Ivana Katić, authors of the exhibition »Rijeka, city of contemporary art« & GT22 teamThe last day of Festival Lent and the GT22 program „Focus Rijeka“ offered an analysis of the city through the presentation ...…
Na Petrovaradinski trdnjavi v Novem Sadu čez leto deluje tukajšnja Akademija umetnosti. Pa ne samo to, tudi številni ateljeji so tu, in v enem izmed teh deluje Branislav Dobanovački, ki na prizorišču festivala Exit tudi živi. Njegov atelje je v neposredni bližini glavnega odra, na katerem se vsak večer zbere več deset tisoč obiskovalcev."Med fe ...…
On Sunday 18th June, Klub Triglav celebrated the 26th anniversary of Slovenian National Day as well as the 15th Annual Slovenian of the Year awards for NSW. In this interview, we spoke with active member of the Slovenian community in Sydney, Emil Hrvatin, who received an award for Senior citizen of the Year. (V nedeljo 18. junija pri Klubu Trig ...…
This week Mike is joined semi-live at "The Awesome Pad" with special guest musical improv comedian Armando Aranda from Space Mango to discuss the week's top geek updates!Stories Discussed:-Jared Leto on “Joker” Future in DC-Verse-Mike’s Latest DC Films Rant…-Mike’s Movie Theater Rant!-VOD Release Preferences-Young Han-Solo Movie Director Contro ...…
Horse Skeleton
Joel and Austin discuss their five week experimental streaming goals, Kent gives us more reasons why his dad is cooler than him, and Leto goes in-depth with Darkest Dungeon. The crew also covers some hottest sports: Netball and Curling.
On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 51, recorded Sunday July 2nd 2017) John takes the following viewer questions:1:35 Charleston Thomas - I remember 3 months ago when Chris Evans was interviewed by Ellen, he said that he'd start shooting his part of Infinity War in May. But Infinity War has been shooting since January or Februar ...…
Uncomfortably Charming » comedy
Our friend Jared Leto (actor, director, and Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman) wants to include you in his new project, A Day in the Life of America.
Open. Showbiz Beat. Replacing Car Horns with Duck Quacks. Movie Beat. I Pity the Foo. Internet Roundup. Edgar Wright. Showbiz Beat. Beer Mugs Farts for Toys. Jared Leto. Keep it 100. Showbiz Beat.
Open. Showbiz Beat. Replacing Car Horns with Duck Quacks. Movie Beat. I Pity the Foo. Internet Roundup. Edgar Wright. Showbiz Beat. Beer Mugs Farts for Toys. Jared Leto. Keep it 100. Showbiz Beat.
Open. Showbiz Beat. Replacing Car Horns with Duck Quacks. Movie Beat. I Pity the Foo. Internet Roundup. Edgar Wright. Showbiz Beat. Beer Mugs Farts for Toys. Jared Leto. Keep it 100. Showbiz Beat.
Slovenians in Victoria celebrated Slovenian Statehood Day at Melbourne's Federation Square on Sunday, June 25th, right on the 26th anniversary of Slovenia being declared a sovereign and independent state. A large crowd gathered to celebrate this special event in a very jovial and informal atmosphere attracting the attention of many visitors fro ...…
Nogometni klub Rijeka je pod vodstvom mariborskega strokovnjaka Matjaža Keka v letošnjem letu prekinil dolgoletno Dinamovo nogometno prevlado. Kaj poleg tradicije in denarja je še bilo na strani kluba iz hrvaške prestolnice? Kako je mogoče, da je Rijeka letos nadomestila ta zaostanek in ne le to, tudi prehitela veliki Dinamo? Ali je heroj mesta ...…
PRI KÁVE - rozhovory, inšpirácie a tipy Olivera Jakubíka
Leto je tu a prináša so sebou letné dovolenky a letné cestovanie. Ako si vybrať z množstva navigácií a čo by sme mali zohľadniť pri rozhodnutí sa pre tú „pravú“ navigáciu?Vypočujte si detailnú recenziu 5+1 najznámejších navigácií do smartfónov:- Google Maps- Apple Maps- Sygic- Tom Tom- Waze- Here
SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #410 - In this DCEU episode, Dave & Jason discuss: Warner Bros Planning on 3-4 Movies A Year? | Gotham City Sirens Coming Sooner Than Expected? | Larry Fong to Take on The Teletubbies | Toby Emmerich Talks The DCEU | Variety, @BrentALang Senior Film and Media Editor Geoff Johns and John Berg on DCEU | Jared Leto’s J ...…
DC Daily Drop - DC Movies, TV, and Comics News
The Superman: Red Son comic is in the news. Could DC be looking to adapt it into a live-action film? We discuss this, plus Jared Leto talking DCEU films and Stephen Amell discussing Arrow Season 6.Warner Bros. might have talked to directors about Superman: Red Son - Den of Geek Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) apparently pitched a Super ...…
Welcome to The Lazy Geeks Podcast, our weekly news podcast that discusses news, that interest us, from the past week. This is for the week of June 25, 2017. Random Roundtable It was too hot Lucky Charms Shake Remind people to send in questions, comments One Awesome Thing Steven: Rogue One Coming To Netflix Adam: F2P Classic Sega Games Headlines ...…
Believe it or not, the idea of the summer break wasn't invented until very recently. Before kids got the summer off, school basically was the break from months of grueling farm work or any of the other countless horrors we subjected children to before modern labor laws. As people moved out of farming jobs into the cities and modes of transporta ...…
The Suicide Squadcast
In this episode, Tim is in the missing Scott formation and talks about: Warner Brothers Pictures Toby Emmerich's impact on DC Films! When will the Wonder Woman sequel be set in time? Jon Berg and Geoff Johns talk about DC Films plans! What did Berg and Johns learn from the receptions to Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad? Johns on if there are ...…
V sredo se je v Zagrebu končal tridnevni festival InMusic. Gre za enega največjih poletnih festivalov na Hrvaškem, ki so ga za svojega vzeli tudi številni Slovenci. Letos so se na prizorišču na Jarunu zvrstila zares vroča imena iz sveta glasbe: Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Kasabian … in Michael Kiwanuka. Britanski glasbenik ugandskih korenin, ki ...…
Pomemben del turističnega prihodka v Posočju predstavljajo padalci in zmajarji. Z vse večjo prepoznavnostjo doline Soče kot priljubljene padalske destinacije tako za "skydiverje", ki se pogumno poženejo z letala, kot tudi jadralne padalce in zmajarje, ki poletijo z urejenih vzletišč, pa prihaja tudi do nesreč. Te so glede na število skokov in v ...…
On Sunday 18th June, Klub Triglav celebrated the 26th anniversary of Slovenian National Day as well as the 15th Annual Slovenian of the Year awards for NSW. In this interview, we spoke with well known musician in the Slovenian community in Sydney, Stefan Sernek Jnr, who received an award for Outstanding achievements in Art and Culture. (Pretekl ...…
On Sunday 18th June, Klub Triglav celebrated the 26th anniversary of Slovenian National Day as well as the 15th Annual Slovenian of the Year awards for NSW. In this feature you will hear more from the formal and cultural program, where some special guests spoke as well who this year's winners were. (Preteklo nedeljo 18. junija pri Klubu Triglav ...…
On Sunday 18th June, Klub Triglav celebrated the 26th anniversary of Slovenian National Day as well as the 15th Annual Slovenian of the Year awards for NSW. In this feature you will hear what some of the award winners themselves had to say after the ceremony. (Preteklo nedeljo 18. junija pri Klubu Triglav v Sydneyu je bilo že 15. podelitev priz ...…
On this episode of Collider Movie Talk (Thursday, June 22nd, 2017) Mark Ellis, Jeremy Jahns, Perri Nemiroff, John Rocha, Natasha Martinez and Wendy Lee discuss the following: -Carnage will be the villain in Venom movie; Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio spin-offs in development -Blade Runner 2049 featurette reveals story details and new footage -O ...…
BIG ONE TODAY, it's Spencer from TRASH TALK! Kickback and listen in as the two discuss discovering the love of music through Jimmi Hendrix and the journey from MXPX skate punk to Hardcore. Deciding to ditch sports for Powerviolence, Spencer takes us down the rabbit hole. BROUGHT TO YOU BY VANSAlso Touched On:Trash Talk touring with Fucked UpJim ...…
A ménage à trois of sorts this week as Michael and Leto help Zac adjust to his new life in a corporate environment. The Crew talk about the Final Fantasy StormBlood event, they dig into the depths of the DC and Marvel universe, Dragon Ball Z, and all roads lead back to Superman. Games talked about: Warframe, Slashy Souls, Street Fighter V, Mass ...…
Ken's Last Ever Radio Extravaganza | WFMU
Jóhann Jóhannsson - "Dis 8 ynnkudagur" Circular Ruins - "Time Without End" Music behind DJ: - "You can't control it. Just make it up" Westworld - "Please feel free to endulge your every whim" [Please go to the color-coded tram which will take you to the world of your choice] Sweet Valley - "Sentimental Trash" Joe Frank - "Bad Karma" Alan Watts ...…
Mixes: Detroit Techno
By Dj Sa'eeD.
SPOILERS/NSFW - DC on SCREEN #407 - In this episode Dave & Jason discuss: Geoff Johns on the DCEU Going Forward | Kevin Feige Roots for DC Comics To Succeed | Man of Steel 2 Supergirl Rumors Debunked | Zack Snyder Confirms Fan Theory About Batman v Superman | ‘Wonder Woman’ Has Best 3rd Weekend for a DCEU Movie | Tone Criticisms Didn’t Effect W ...…
Alfred (Fredi) Brežnik AM isn't only a very popular and active member within the Slovenian community in Sydney, he was also the long serving Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Slovenia in NSW and a driving force behind the movement for Slovenian Independence in Australia. Brežnik has received numerous awards and recognition for his ti ...…
Run to Daylight #SFB7 Pod #2 with Jason Tran, Matt Wispe&Sal Leto and Matt Zozula Tango and Cash We will be doing our second of the #SFB7 pods getting to know 3 more of the contestents in what is sure to be a very hard contest to win. With 720 people in #SFB7 we all are going to have to bring our best. We will get to know each of the guests and ...…
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