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Leto McELveen's Podcast
Jared Leto: Meet the Filmmaker
Singer/actor Jared Leto ("Requiem for a Dream," "Dallas Buyers Club") discusses "Artifact," the riveting documentary he directed that tells the harsh truth about the modern music business. The award- winning film gives intimate access to Leto and his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, as they fight a relentless lawsuit with record label Virgin/EMI and write songs for their album "This Is War."
Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto: Meet the Filmmaker
Academy Award nominated and Golden Globe-winning actors Matthew McConaughey (Mud) and Jared Leto (Lord of War) discuss their new film, Dallas Buyers Club. Hosted by Edith Bowman at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
Awon Nkan Ti O leto Fun Musulumi Lati Maa Fi Se Iwosan
Alaye ni ekunrere wa ninu ibanisoro yi lori awon nkan ti o leto fun Musulumi lati maa lo fun idena arun ati lati wa iwosan nigbati arun ba n se e. Bakannaa ni oro tun waye lori awon oogun ti o leto fun Musulumi lati lo ti o si so awon nkan ti esin se ni eewo fun Musumi.
Ohun Ti O Leto Fun Musulumi Lati Mo nipa Ile Filistin
1- Se awa Musulumi ni eto Kankan lori ile Filistin? Kinni awon igbiyanju ti awon asaaju Musulumi ti se ninu itan lori ile Filistin? Nje awa Musulumi aye ode oni ni igbiyanju kan lati se bi lori ati so ile Filistin di ile ominira fun Musulumi papaajulo masalaasi Kudusi? Gbogbo awon ibeere wonyi ni a o ri idahun fun ninu ibanisoro yi.2- Apa keji ibanisoro yi so nipa awon ogbon arekereke ti awon Yahudi lo lati fi gba ile Filistin ti won si le awon ti won ni ile kuro, bakannaa ni oro waye lori i ...
Dune Cast
Greetings, travelers of space and time, to the Dune Cast! Know then that this is your home for Dune in podcasting, and will be a monthly series examining all things from the world of Frank Herbert's legendary Dune universe, including the classic books, movies, miniseries, games, documentaries, and ongoing novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson. Maybe we will cover news, too, should it arise! Whether this is your first foray into the Dune universe or you are returning like a Duncan Idah ...
Global Hardcore Alliance Podcast
Get the latest mixes from DJ Leto and the Global Hardcore Alliance.
Horse Skeleton
A typical Horse Skeleton contains about 205 bones, but unfortunately we seem to have forgotten the funny one. Horse Skeleton is a weekly comedy/gaming/Internet culture live show streamed on Thursdays 8:00pm +10GMT ( and released as a podcast on Fridays 8:00pm +10GMT
The Rob And Dan Show
Join Rob and Dan as they dish out the latest information from the games industry!
Awọn Aaye ti a kọ fun wa lati kirun nibẹ
Alaye nipa awon aaye ti ko leto ki Musulumi ki irun nibe gege bii ite oku ati ile egbin.
Judging a Book by Its Lover
Author Lauren Leto pries into a guest's reading preferences and (hopefully) uncovers interesting stories from their lives and loads of literary knowledge.
Костас - DJ и музыкант (Эксклюзивный резидент лэйбла "Luxury-Music"). Официальный DJ российского тура Jared Leto и группы 30 Seconds To Mars. Резидент ресторана ValenOk
Alaye Lori Awon Iruju ti o nbe fun Awon Eniyan Kan nipa Wiwa Ategun (At-tawassul)
Ibanisoro yi da lori alaye ni ekunrere lori awon iruju ti o nbe fun awon eniyan kan nipa awon ohun ti o leto ki Musulumi maa fi se ategun si odo Olohun ati awon nkan ti ko leto nigbati o ba npe Olohun.
Ibẹru Ọlọhun ninu Irun kiki
Awọn koko idanilẹkọ yii: (1) Alaye itumọ ibẹru Ọlọhun ninu irun kiki pẹlu apejuwe rẹ nibi isesi awọn ẹni-isaaju ti wọn jẹ ẹni-rere. (2) Itaniji si awọn isesi kan ti ko lẹtọ ninu irun. (3) Awọn ohun ti o le se okunfa ibẹru Ọlọhun ninu irun.
Audiences and critics can’t stop talking about DALLAS BUYERS CLUB, honored with six Academy Award nominations including Best Picture of the Year, Best Actor for Matthew McConaughey and Best Supporting Actor for Jared Leto. Both Matthew and Jared, are also recipients of Golden Globes, the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the Broadcast Film Critics’ Awards for their transformative performances in this extraordinary story of acceptance and survival, inspired by true events. RADIO LINKS HOLLYWOOD ...
Law Sisters
Mixing legal information with entertainment, podcast hosts The Law Sisters (aka Valerie Johnson and Leto Copeley, attorneys that are just like sisters in the law) discuss all things sex in the workplace. The series will include discussions of recent scandals and cases in the news and segments such as “Bad Boss of the Week,” “Is it or Isn’t it,” and “Cases in the News.”
Atẹgun sise lọ si ọdọ Ọlọhun Allah
Koko ibanisọrọ yii ni: (i) Itumọ atẹgun sise lọ si ọdọ Ọlọhun (ii) Awọn ọna ti a ngba se atẹgun lati wa oore ni ọdọ Ọlọhun. (iii) Awọn gbolohun ti o lẹtọ ti Musulumi fi le se atẹgun lọ si ọdọ Ọlọhun.
S knjižnega trga
V oddaji S knjižnega trga, eni najstarejših oddaj Radia Slovenija, objavljamo recenzije leposlovnih in delno tudi humanističnih knjižnih novosti, izdanih v slovenščini. Zaposleni v Uredništvu oddaj za kulturo in zunanji sodelavci na leto ocenimo oz. podrobneje predstavimo okoli 200 knjig, kar je sicer majhen del produkcije slovenskih založb, pa vendar izbor najboljšega in najzanimivejšega.Oddajo ureja Vlado Motnikar, na sporedu je v ponedeljek ob 17:30.
Branislav Dimitrijević (curator) - Everything Is Gonna Be: Katarina Zdjelar in Zoran Todorović at the 53rd International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia La Biennale di Venezia
(english below)SLO: Kaj bo letos na 53. beneškem bienalu predstavila Srbija? Kdo so njihovi "aduti" sodobnoumetnostne scene in kdo utegne najbolj "vznemiriti" mednarodno javnost, nam je na predavanju v Projektni sobi SCCA "zaupal" Branislav Dimitrijević, komisar in kurator srbskega paviljona. Odločitev strokovnega odbora (Branislav Dimitrijević, Zoran Erić, Milica Petronijević, Milica Tomić, Stevan Vuković) je bila, da v paviljonu soočijo dve avtorski poetiki, med katerima se bo vzpostavil i ...
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Join the Boys as they talk about DC possibly replacing Jared Leto's Joker, Paul Bettany joining the Han Solo standalone movie, JJ Abrams replacing the director of Episode 9, the possibility of more Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and more!Support us on Patreon: us on Twitter: us quest ...…
Tweet The Villains convene to review the past two weeks of “America: Disassemble” and Kid Rock begins to lay down out platform. Minneapolis and New York City have different views on statues of Christopher Columbus and a town in New Jersey takes “privilege” to a whole ne ...…
DC Joss Whedon getting co-writing credit for Justice LeagueNightwing has been castPatty Jenkins on potential Oscar nominationWarner Bros. wants Leonardo DiCaprio for their Joker movie, and Jared Leto isn’t happy about it Marvel Marvel’s Inhumans first reviews are in. It’s shit. Misc For only $799, you could own the largest lego set everWWE HoF ...…
IRR CON POD - A Fine Dram
Sorry it took so long to get this one out. Nicholas had the plague... Again. Topics News & Notes - 00:02:04 Star Wars - 00:29:17 Other Stuff - 00:40:13 Picks - 00:56:16 Show Notes George A. Romero - IMDb The Void (2016) - IMDb The Blackcoat's Daughter (2015) - IMDb The Monster (2016) - IMDb The Monster Squad (1987) - IMDb Alien: Covenant (2017) ...…
Who is Leto Atreides? The Duke Leto Atreides of Caladan is an honorable man. I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way. I am not Mark Antony giving a speech to the crowd loaded with barbs about honorable men. Duke Leto is an honorable, good man. He respects and honors those who follow him, he places great trust in people, and seeks to make sure that ...…
We're back and ready to milk that sweet Stephen King SEO right off the internet. Did you know the movie IT is kind of a big deal right now? Don't worry, we'll remind you. Seth MacFarlane's FOX show The Orville premiered, and Remington has an opinion or two that may or may not surprise you. Is he meant for space? There's also talk of Danny Trejo ...…
Nerd OD Podcast
On this week's show we discuss terrible daytime quiz shows, Jaden Smith's new anime, Stephen King's 'It', why Reg hates Jared Leto, X-Force gets a director and Star Wars loses one plus lots more!
Lookin GOOD Radio
Old school hard core bullshit. I saw “It.” Jared Leto is a fag. Fear The Walking Dead stinks, but I still keep watching it. I did a mic in the hood. A few random Teddy Roosevelt facts. Kiss my ass. Kiss his ass. Kiss your ass. Happy Hannakuh.
Le Thuy Vuong is the founder and CEO of The Redmelon Company, formerly known as Fishrock Laboratories. As part of her PhD thesis she discovered that a fruit indigenous to her native country of Vietnam has the potential to help tackle Vitamin A deficiency in developing countries. In this episode, I sat down with Le to learn about her work on her ...…
This week on The Comics Pals is a Marvel-centric one as the Pals talk about the series of bad news for Marvel that sparks a discussion about whether or not Marvel’s time on top of the comics world has passed, what they’ve done so wrong to turn off so many people, and what Marvel needs to do to bring their fans back. You don’t want to miss this ...…
On this episode, we're focusing on two studios: Lucasfilm and DC Entertainment. Lucasfilm dropped a bomb a few days ago that Colin Trevorrow is no longer involved with Episode 9 and DC announced that they would like to make a Joker origin movie without Jared Leto and outside the DCEU. Andy and Ian join me to give our thoughts on both. PS - I ap ...…
Signal of Doom: A Comic Book Podcast
Welcome to a FRESH episode of the Signal of the Doom! Dave and Stew are recording from the Bunker this week, holed up deep as hurricanes sweep the globe and zombies roam the earth! The book of the week is Infinity by Jonathan Hickman, and straight away Dave is in trouble for not reading the required 46 tie in issues but hey what’s new! We cover ...…
Geekvibes Nation
Disney/Marvel/Star Wars Leaving Netflix Jared Leto Also Confused on Multiple Joker Movies Gavin O'Connor Officially the writer and director of Suicide Squad 2 Jessica Chastain Says she will not be playing Lilandra Minka Kelly and Alan Ritchson are added to Titans show as Dove/Hawk X-force hires Drew Goddard as Director and Writer Colin Trevorro ...…
We cover some rough subjects on this one. Thank you for listening!
JoinPaul @PaulTStevenson&Rich @El_Sinestro With Special Guest From The Go Figure Podcast John @FillerBunnyNinjaShark and Later Adrian @AyeYo_MrBigGeekin Raw Live & Unedited This Week This week we will be talkin' Who Is The Last Jedi? InHumans Worth Your Watch? Jarod Leto speaks on the Stand Alone Joker Origin Adrian Gives His InstaReaction to S ...…
This is the episode where Leto and Valerie wade into questions involving both sex and race, as it what if a person is female and African American, or an Asian female, or a Black man? What happens when the discrimination is about both? The courts have had problems with issues that involve the very long name of intersectionality: when race and se ...…
This week, the guys wax poetic on all things Parisian, oh and talk some pop culture: Ed Skrein does something right Han Solo gets the Vision Bad Boys 3 back on? Lord Lady of the Flies? Drew Barrymore getting scary again? True Detective, season 3 confirmed Starsky and Hutch may or may not be a sasquatch and an alien Netflix heads to Paris with T ...…
Episode 6What Are The Keys To Identifying Your Passion?Today I am sharing my interview with Ross Stewart who did just that — he identified his passion and went after his dreams. (You can listen to the interview on iTunes, Unleashing The Champion Within Episode 6.)Ross is currently the head coach at Leto High in Tampa, Florida. He is a graduate ...…
On this week's episode we have Clown Prince of Crime talk, Whitewashing backlash, Han Solo movie recasting, Blade Runner prequel shorts of the upcoming sequel, and much much more. Topic Links: Standalone Joker Origin Movie Ed Skrein e ...…
This is the sound that sparks the fire! It's part two of Sean's conversation with Bryan Whiteman, bassist of the iconic Louisville band EMANUEL. In this episode, Bryan discusses shopping the album, touring with Jared Leto, having a rumble with the Suicide Girls, writing and recording Black Earth Tiger, the time everyone mistakenly thought they ...…
The Fandom Podcast
Episode 130 Nerd Trivia! We have been Challenged to some sort of trivia contest by the Nerd Dome Podcast on September 9th for their 100th episode. In order to prepare ourselves, we have put together our own Trivia Training Montage, and we have found out that we have an ace in the hole… shhh don’t tell the other guys… its a secret… The categorie ...…
Join Adrian @AyeYo_MrBigGeek&Rich @El_Sinestroand Special GuestFrom the Go Figure Podcast Adam @Urban_Spidey in Raw Live & Unedited This Week This week we will be talkin' King Kong V. Godzilla, Who Will Be The King Of All Monsters? Martin Says Bad Boys 3 Is Not Happening?! Joker Stand Alone Film Minus Leto? Margot Robbie Harley Quinn & Jared Le ...…
In this episode we talk about Cable in Deadpool 2, the possibility of an Obi Wan film, and Rob Lowe's new tv show. First photos of Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool sequel released The Lion King adds two new cast members Ian McShane and Milla Jovovich to appear in new Hellboy film Death Wish remake trailer Gremlins 3 script finished Obi Wan stan ...…
Remedial Nerding Podcast
Fight Club Having used the Rule 1, Rule 2 trope several times (including in this episode) we won't subject you to it again here! Although this is one we've all seen before (some more recently than others, as there was only a 2/3 success rate in homework completion this week) it does provide some new insight into the film, watching it with a cri ...…
Today’s Questions: Round 1: The Greatest American Hero What is the greatest super hero theme song, TV or film? Round 2: “I’m of A Mind to Make Some Mookie” Each fighter will be randomly assigned an actor who has portrayed the Joker in film or TV. They will then have to argue why theirs is the best Joker • Jared Leto (Suicide Squad) • Heath Ledg ...…
Matt Is joined by the three man FLAFFL House podcast team Please check out all the podcasts and work by Kevin Cutillo, Sal Leto, Steven Marcuz, and the rest of the FLAFFL crew. Please excuse a minor technical difficulty in this one.
Queens of the Nerd Age
This week we discuss product placement, Hayley Atwell, cat stories, and more outtakes.
Hey howdy hey friends! So hopefully you enjoyed the hell out of Danny, Blue, and I doing our Top 10 superheroes. It's always so much fun when my pals show up to talk geek and as usual, there was more than just two plus hours of content. I figure... hey, it's been a year so let me drop another bonusode for all you listeners. Geeky rambling about ...…
Topics discussed on this episode: Haley Atwell would like to play Peggy Carter again Jared Leto in talks to play Valiant Comics character Bloodshot Release date set for Wonder Woman sequel James Cameron wants to film a new Terminator trilogy Matt Groening creates a new fantasy animated series for Netflix Joe Manganiello will not say if he is in ...…
Geek Out/Nerd Rage
In this weeks episode the panel talk about Mustache Gate, Wonder Woman 2, Jared Leto playing Bloodshot, the alien franchise being in trouble, and John Wick being turned into a cinematic universe.
Am I On The Air?
Season 14 Episode 18 "I Think I Love You" : On this episode we discuss Hulu's Marvel show Runaways, New TNT Project with Patty Jenkins & Chris Pine, How can Marvel use The Skrulls in the Captain Marvel movie, Possible director for new James Bond movie and is Daniel Craig returning? Mahershala Ali has officially signed on for True Detective Seas ...…
Valiant Central Podcast
The podcast that never rests is back! Ok, well we took the week off last week but the Valiant Central Podcast is here for you this week and we have so much Valiant to discuss! Paul and Martin are joined by D'Juan from Collecting Valiant to discuss Jared Leto possibly being cast as Bloodshot, Shadowman past, present and future, variant covers, w ...…
The DIAG crew was bamboozled into watching christian propaganda horror film Tsunambee, and while that went down a pizza boy afraid of knocking on doors was thrown into the mix. Robin and Scotty talk about Arrow Home Video's release of 1970s Japanese kung fu movie Wolf Guy featuring Sonny Chiba and his romper. Discussion abounds on why Scott thi ...…
General Snobbery | Film and Philosophy
“People ask me if I know about Tyler Durden.” So begins the film Fight Club, a movie that is about fighting and a few other things. Those other things include masculinity, corporations, and Meat Loaf. And of course Leto. Jared Leto, that is. If you haven’t seen Fight Club, then you haven’t seen Jared Leto get his face pummeled by the fists of E ...…
Have you ever watched a movie and fallen in love with it, while the guy on the couch next to you thinks it's just OK? What separates us out like that? Why does Luke love Tarantino, while Gomer thinks him a coked up 17 year-old? Why does Wes Anderson do nothing for Luke, but the Cohen Brothers get his gears grooving? This conversation revolves a ...…
Discussion "Rijeka, European Capital of Culture"Space: Židovska ulica 2b – Terace GalileoGuests: Emina Višnić, Vuk Ćosić, Davor Mišković, Ivana Katić, authors of the exhibition »Rijeka, city of contemporary art« & GT22 teamThe last day of Festival Lent and the GT22 program „Focus Rijeka“ offered an analysis of the city through the presentation ...…
Na Petrovaradinski trdnjavi v Novem Sadu čez leto deluje tukajšnja Akademija umetnosti. Pa ne samo to, tudi številni ateljeji so tu, in v enem izmed teh deluje Branislav Dobanovački, ki na prizorišču festivala Exit tudi živi. Njegov atelje je v neposredni bližini glavnega odra, na katerem se vsak večer zbere več deset tisoč obiskovalcev."Med fe ...…
This week Mike is joined semi-live at "The Awesome Pad" with special guest musical improv comedian Armando Aranda from Space Mango to discuss the week's top geek updates!Stories Discussed:-Jared Leto on “Joker” Future in DC-Verse-Mike’s Latest DC Films Rant…-Mike’s Movie Theater Rant!-VOD Release Preferences-Young Han-Solo Movie Director Contro ...…
Horse Skeleton
Joel and Austin discuss their five week experimental streaming goals, Kent gives us more reasons why his dad is cooler than him, and Leto goes in-depth with Darkest Dungeon. The crew also covers some hottest sports: Netball and Curling.
On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 51, recorded Sunday July 2nd 2017) John takes the following viewer questions:1:35 Charleston Thomas - I remember 3 months ago when Chris Evans was interviewed by Ellen, he said that he'd start shooting his part of Infinity War in May. But Infinity War has been shooting since January or Februar ...…
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