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Superman Forever Radio
A stream of consciousness celebration of Superman in easy to swallow podcast form
Now Playing: The Superman Movie Retrospective Series
With the upcoming release of Zach Snyder's Superman reboot Man of Steel, Now Playing hosts Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob watch and review all the Superman films to find out which are truly super and which are as poisonous as kryptonite.
It All Comes Back To Superman
A monthly podcast all about the greatest super-hero of all time...Superman!
It All Comes Back To Superman
A monthly podcast all about the greatest super-hero of all time...Superman!
Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum
Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor on Smallville, Buddy Dobbs on Impastor, Martinex on Guardians of the Galaxy II, voice of The Flash on The Justice League) has a career working alongside some of the greatest. Listen as he welcomes those celebrities, athletes, comedians, and musicians to his home where they are forced to talk openly and candidly about everything. It's raw, honest, and hilarious...come listen as he gets inside of each and every one of his guests.
Smallville Freaks
It's been 15 years since Smallville left the small screen, so let's talk about it NOW. We're recapping all the drama, testing our nerd knowledge, and finding out how drunk you can get while watching Clark brood. As Lionel Luthor would say, "I'm your future. Join me, Lex."
Up, Up, and Away!
A podcast focusing on every aspect of the first and greatest superhero, Superman! Join host Mario Bennese each episode as he explores a different facet of The Man of Steel. Up, Up, and Away is a proud member of The Superman Podcast Network.
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DC Daily Drop - DC Movies, TV, and Comics News
Jesse Eisenberg is hoping to return as Lex Luthor in the future. We discuss this, plus Teen Titans GO! to the Movies and more on today's podcast.Jesse Eisenberg talks Lex Luthor in an interview with Variety Asked if he’ll return in a Superman movie - “I hope so. I mean, I have no idea is the truth. I love playing the character. Probably in term ...…
Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher discuss Superman Returns to finish off their look at the first batch of Superman flicks. Director Bryan Singer was so gung-ho to do a Superman movie that he jumped ship from X-Men: The Last Stand to do it. Lex Luthor (Kevin Spacey) has another scheme involving land acquisition, but Superman (Brand ...…
Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher discuss Superman 4: The Quest for Peace to round out their look at the Christopher Reeve Superman films. Frustrated by humanity's refusal to rid the world of atomic weapons, Superman (Christopher Reeve) decides to take care of the problem himself. A side effect of chucking nuclear missiles into th ...…
DC Daily Drop - DC Movies, TV, and Comics News
Today's podcast covers news on Shazam! and Gotham plus we talk what shows we'd like to see on DC's streaming service.Zachary Levi talks about Shazam! and his career on Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum Auditioned for role of Lex Luthor in Smallville, Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy Worked out 5-6 times per week and ate 3700 calories per ...…
In this episode: - Heathendog's Heathendogma: Paranoia RPG 2nd Edition.- Garthon's Comic Pull: Spider-man #236, Batman: White Knight #4, and Doomsday Clock #2.- Random Number Generator (RNG): Guilty pleasure movies: Suburban Commando and Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.--------------------_Please Subscribe to our YouTube channel; like and share this vid ...…
SUPERMAN MOVIE MINUTE #12 - Sick, You're Really Sick Fire and Water Network All-Stars Chris Franklin and Rob Kelly bring you SUPERMAN MOVIE MINUTE, where they analyze, scrutinize, and you'll-believe-a-man-can-fly-ize the classic 1978 film starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder, and Marlon Brando, five minutes at a time! In minu ...…
Timm Talk
“What makes you think you can kill Superman when you can't even handle a mere mortal in a Halloween costume? - There's nothing mere about that mortal!” This week we’re talking Superman TAS Episodes 29, 30, & 31: World’s Finest, Parts 1-3. The two iconic heroes of the DCAU, Batman and Superman unite for the first time to take on their greatest c ...…
Na na na na na na na na Podcast!
This week comedian Joe Stricks sits down with Danny and Jacob to talk about the horse shoe theory, armpit hair, and why heâ��s called Joey Uncles. Also Batman! Batman/Superman Public enemies is a straight to DVD animated film, dealing the aftermath of Lex Luthor becoming President, and a kryptonite meteor falling to Earth. Follow us on Twitter, ...…
The Motivation Report
Superman and Lois Lane must accept the help of a strange space and time traveler to prevent Lex Luthor from changing Superman's timeline forever.By Will Sterling.
THE JLS COMICS Comic Book Podcast: COMICONversation
Hello everyone! Thanks for listening. Please don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and we love when you leave us a review! Don't forget to look for us live on Thursday nights on YouTube at Here are our topics for this show:1. Thor Ragnarok Movie Discussion2. Ragnarok domestic Box Office Prediction Results$ $122,7 ...…
Justice's First Dawn: A Classic Justice League of America Podcast
Got any spare change? If so, then you TOO could take advantage of the story, "For Sale -- The Justice League", from Justice League of America 8! Thrill to the mental manipulations of Pete Ricketts! Chill to the LEGIT combats between JLA members! Spill to the lack of Batman and Superman participation, and an apparent Lex Luthor cameo! All this, ...…
So let’s say Superman’s ship landed in the Soviet Union. Instead of Truth, Justice, and the American way, what does Superman become a symbol of? And why are we cheering on Lex Luthor? Intro music is “Infinity” by Louise Byrne.
DC Daily Drop - DC Movies, TV, and Comics News
Fall has arrived, so on today's podcast we continue our Superman for All Seasons review with the third issue, simply called "Fall".Background on the series: Written by Jeph Loeb, art by Tim Sale (who had recently done Batman: The Long Halloween together) "Fall" issue debuted November of 1998 Big inspiration for the Smallville TV series (Loeb wo ...…
Our trek through the death and return of Superman continues with "World Without a Superman." You may know this a "Funeral for a Friend." How does Metropolis, nay the World, cope with the death of Superman? How does Lex Luthor feel about the death of his arch enemy? Will Lois Lane punch someone when they say that Clark Kent is bound to turn up? ...…
When the United States and North Korea threaten nuclear war… oops, sorry… jump back 30 years. When the United States and the Soviet Union threaten nuclear war, it takes a mind-wiped Lois Lane and some random school kid’s letter for Superman to decide to rid the world of nuclear weapons. He gets more than he bargained for, however, when Lex Luth ...…
With the 25th anniversary of "The Death of Superman" story line approaching, we thought we would share our thoughts on that event. Find out what happens when a character created solely to kill Superman fights Superman. Does a JLA that includes Bloodwynd and Guy Gardner stand a chance against Doomsday? Who is Lex Luthor Jr. and why does he have ...…
Red Dead Redemption 2; Is A Prequel A Bad Idea? Could Luthor Be Recasted?/Blade Runner 2049 PreviewEpisode 149 : The Return Of The Revenge Of The GeekVerseVideo Game NewsRed Dead Redemption 2 Trailer Review. Plus will prequel hurt the story of the game?New Battlefront 2 Modes Revealed We Go Over The Top Selling Games Of August 2017 Thanks To Th ...…
Join us as we talk with Lex Luthor Himself Micheal Rosenbaum as we breakdown his Music, and podcast and his rich Geek history.
This week on Multicomicverse podcast! Chris and the Tenacious Angel Discuss the biggest news from the past week in the Multiverse of Movies, TV, Video Games, Comic Books, and Scarecrow as character of the week Have anything you like us to read, review, and/or talk about. Email us at Don’t be shy be part of the show! Don’t ...…
This week, the Keepers veer off course a few times, talking about everything from giant Japanese robots to the Blob eating endangered animals, but that hopefully leads to some interesting converstation.Topics discussed in this episode include: Information about the new Terminator trilogy Information about the next Predator film Rumors that Lex ...…
Luthor to not appear in JL. My thoughts on Kingsman: The Golden Circle
ESTE NERDOLOGIA É UM OFERECIMENTO DA ALURAAcesse: Nerdologia de hoje vamos ver porque alguém faz uma delação premiada.Apresentação e Roteiro:Átila Iamarino -ção e Arte:Estúdio 42 - Mieko - MAISComo ...…
In this week's ball-revealing episode, the secret gets revealed! And Magnus is along for the ride as the splotlight shines on Lex Luthor in Superman #02, this week's comic book of interest. What exactly would happen if Lex Luthor discovered Superman's secret identity? Well, if you've read Superman #02 before, odds are you already know. Unless y ...…
This week Josh reveals his fear of clowns, we chat about Luke Cage, Dwight K. Schrute as Lex Luthor, and break down “The Hateful Eight” in the inaugural Watch of Shame. This week’s featured metal track is “Oh Lonely Grave” by Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. Get pumped!
The Usual Podcast
In the Star Wars: The Old Republic section of the show, Marshall and Will discuss their weeks in game, community news, 5.4 bugs, and more. Links: Sun King Brewing Co. Ninkasi Brewing Co. CRR plays 5.4 with Musco Class Changes: Medicine Operative / Sawbones Scoundrel *UPDATED* Maintenance: August 24th, 2017 Discussion Topic: Game Update 5.4 and ...…
We Be Geeks - Your Voice Of The Geek Revolution
Tonight the band is back together minus Julz. Yes, she and Brett are the same person.Topics discussed on this episode:1. Gremlins 3 plans.2. The Jetsons reboot by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti.3. Robert Kirkman's move from AMC to Amazon.4. Robert Kirkman suing AMC.5. Justice League rewrites. Problems? What problems?6. Joker standalone film. ...…
Discover Best Sellers Free Audiobooks of Fiction, Religious & Inspirational
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: The Traveler's Touch: Showdown in the Land of ZoAuthor: Jarrod D DixonNarrator: Gerald ZimmermanFormat: UnabridgedLength: 3 hrs and 13 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 08-14-17Publisher: Revival Waves of Glory Books & PublishingGenres: Fiction, Religious & Inspiration ...…
World Wide Net Cast
Dan is the messenger of Death, delightful internet comments, NPR segments, how much Spider-Man can lift over his head, Making amends with John Green, Stefan is confused about Death Cab for Cutie, Book Club, DnD chicanery, more John Green plots, things you can put drugs in, arguing about Lex Luthor, Dr. Doom for President, Dragon Dildos, Fursona ...…
The Super Hero Hour Hour
On this week’s episode of The Super Hero Hour Hour, Mike and Ryan tackle the debut of everyone’s favorite non-Darth Vader, non-Lex Luthor bald bad guy, HHHHHEEEEERRRRRR SSSSSSSTTTTARRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Not, a villainous sitar, like the one that ruined Sgt Peppers, but a villainous Starr, like that one from the Preacher comics, who is now on that one ...… Superman III (1983) IMDB Rating: 4.9 Join me as I redeem Superman III. This movie was great back when I first saw it! Computers were brand new, we didn’t know what they were capable of. That is why when Webster’s sister becomes the computer villain, it ...…
4 Color Flashback: The Superhero Re-watch
Smallville! The Pilot Watch! Is Smallville worth a watch? Cainim finds out! Music: Lionel Luther's Decade long slow con! Tales of Cainim's High School angst! Bread and Boy George! Cainim mis-identifies the actress playing Lana Lang! Sorry Kristen Kreuk! Stop using your telescope to spy on Lana, Clark! How exactly do you unstack ...…
DC Daily Drop - DC Movies, TV, and Comics News
July 24, 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the theatrical release of Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. On today's show, we look back on the film that marked the final appearance of Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent and Superman. Released July 24, 1987 Was made for $17M while the 1978 film had a budget of $55M Box Office Superman ($300 million) S ...…
GOB 49 – Give me my Raptor today… II (This article first appeared in the March 2014 edition of ‘Birdwatching’) Mrs Grumpy and I are fans of Van Morrison and whenever we sing along to ‘Give me my rapture today…” we change rapture to raptor as we are even bigger fans of birds of prey. My regular readers will know that ‘Hawkeye’ is second to none ...…
Look, running an evil empire is one thing. But not even Lex Luthor will go up against the IRS, those guys are monsters. So we here at Evil Inc are here to cook your books. No, not literally, get that thing out of the oven.
Defenders of the Arc
It's the movie that killed X-Men 3: Superman Returns! Listen as Mark, Jimmy, and Justin show their appreciation for Lex Luthor's love of wigs and try to understand the complexities of various types of kyrptonite! Tune in, True Defenders!
DC Daily Drop - DC Movies, TV, and Comics News
Summer is near, so we continue our Superman for All Seasons review with the second issue, aptly titled "Summer".Background on the series Written by Jeph Loeb, art by Tim Sale (who had recently done Batman: The Long Halloween together) "Summer" issue debuted October of 1998 Big inspiration for the Smallville TV series (Loeb would become writer/E ...…
This is the pilot episode of the Journey Podcast as we talk about everything under the sun. Sorry for our humor we have a certain taste in humor that we bring to the world some will hate it some will like it...we are just chilling.
Holy mini-ep, Bookworms! In this Marvel-ous (lol) not-so-mini-episode we're talking COMICS, with comics writer and friend of the show, Josh Vann. We discuss President Lex Luthor, why Daredevil is the worst (not according to Ben), and how you can get started reading comics if you've always wanted to give it a go. Let us know if you want a comic ...…
Nuff Said: The Marvel, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Comics Fan Podcast
Superconnectivity #136: Phil’s Man Cave Charlie & Phil discuss various Marvel & DC Comics topics including: -Charlie is not jealous -Can Hydra Cap make the jump to the MCU? -Will we see Captain America and Black Widow in the Black Panther movie? -The state of the DC movie universe -Wonder Woman & the women of the DC movie universe -The threat o ...…
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