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Life Bytes
A show about two dudes finding the weirdest stuff on the internet
Telugu Bytes
A podcast in Telugu about technology, programming, music, movies, life in the Bay Area and other stuff. Find us at and
A podcast to engage real-life situations to discover real-life solutions to help enhance real-life relationships and families thrive. At Family Bytes and Hope Church, we believe even closer relationships are closer than we think.
Food is such a part of life.On the Food Bytes podcast, Sarah Patterson chats to the stars of TV, entertainment and sport about their love of food. Add a pinch of gadget talk and recipes and you have Food Bytes proudly supported by Cheeselinks.
Lautering Bytes Podcast
The Lautering Bytes crew talk about the newest and oldest video games while pairing them up with different foods as well as beers, wines, and other beverages each podcast. Listen as we ramble on incoherently (yet informatively) about life, the universe, video games, and everything else while giving you an education on the world of food and beverages.
A podcast talking about Salinas. The social issues, the community events, the great restaurants and bars and anything about life in the Salad Bowl.
Short updates from The Geek Life crew.
Society Bytes
The podcast where we talk about the best & worst (mostly worst) social interactions and observations.Send Me Things Old School:Nicholas MartinP.O. Box 14171Van Nuys, CA 91409Check Me Out Everywhere Else:My Website: http://www.eClickNick.comFacebook: User name: eClickNickeClickNick Shirts: http://www.eClickNick.Spreadshirt.comRoyalty Free Musi ...
This podcast offers quick evidence-based health tips. Creator and host, Cindy Huggins, is a registered dietitian nutritionist, motivational speaker, and lover of life! Thanks for listening!
This podcast offers quick evidence-based health tips. Creator and host, Cindy Huggins, is a registered dietitian nutritionist, motivational speaker, and lover of life! Thanks for listening!
Authentically You is a new podcast featuring Dr. Richard & Cheri Himmer. They provide a refreshing look at life from the inside-out. Humans are hard-wired to connect with the desire to experience happiness, joy, and well-being. The Himmer’s stories and guests will address healing from the inside-out, which includes and understanding of how the four brains (left, ride, upstairs, and downstairs) work together and how they can integrate. They will address the gut-microbiome and how to use mindf ...
Just a Byte
On the Just a Byte podcast we discussing dining trends, social media and building your brand. Guests include Authors, Speakers and other successful bloggers
Our Curious World
Exploring this curious world
The Jinx Podcast
The Jinx Podcast is the fan-created show dedicated to the hit HBO show "The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst." Each episode will feature recaps, analysis, theories, clips, sound bytes, anecdotes and jokes. This is for entertainment purposes only and we do not own any of the footage or audio from the show, nor are we in any way affiliated with HBO.
After several years and millions of views, the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific society, is bidding farewell to its popular YouTube series Bytesize Science. But you can’t keep a great chemistry video series down for long. We’re proud to announce Reactions, a new weekly video series about the chemistry all around us. For more Reactions videos, please check out our Youtube channel at:
After several years and millions of views, the American Chemical Society (ACS), the world’s largest scientific society, is bidding farewell to its popular YouTube series Bytesize Science. But you can’t keep a great chemistry video series down for long. We’re proud to announce Reactions, a new weekly video series about the chemistry all around us. For more Reactions videos, please check out our Youtube channel at:
Extension Quick Bytes Live! Visit the blog at:
MyIndMakers ( is a Startup Platform for the exchange of Ideas; a place to argue and dissect status quo and most prominently to inspire everyone to contribute to public life. Historic movements are essentially unpolished ideas to begin with; eventually great nations get built on durable and sustainable ideas, and ultimately greater civilizations survive on ideas that can be debated thread bare. MyIndMakers will scrutinize and disseminate these ideas, churn new ones as by product ...
TechMedia Podcast
Taking you inside TechMedia conferences with interviews featuring speakers including Rand Fiskhin of Moz and Jason Miller of LinkedIn. Each event brings together technology and marketing thought leaders and executives. Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, TechMedia has been highlighting and networking the technology, entrepreneurial and venture capital communities in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic since 2001. Through conferences, media, and networking forums, TechMedia’s goal in life ...
Raw Data
We’ve entered a new era. The creation and collection of information plays an ever-increasing — yet often hidden — role in our lives. Algorithms filter all sorts of experiences, from the mundane to the monumental. The fuel that powers and curates these experiences is…data. Data is the new oil; whoever controls data has power. Is this making things better? Worse? Raw Data is a show about how information becomes power. What are the implications for all of us, now that mountains of data are more ...
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TJ Hoisington joins us to mostly finish our discussion on building self-confidence.By Society Bytes Radio.
In the world of computer science, being a hacker means you know what’s up, and you have street cred. Outside of technology circles, though, hacking is more associated with things like data breaches, ransomware, and malware. So where does the term come from, and why does it have different meanings to different people? In our conversation with Me ...…
Peter Moody is famous for his horse racing prowess, most notably as the trainer of champion Thoroughbred Black Caviar, and he's also a keen kitchen practitioner. Peter enjoys cooking up a good steak with none of the good bits trimmed off, and topping it off with a good beer or two. Peter gets up to all sorts of fun these days with his Moody on ...…
Aadit Kapadia is joined by author and columnist Aashish Chandorkar as they talk about the upcoming state elections in Maharashtra and Haryana. They also discuss the issues around them and controversy around the Aarey forest land.By MyIndMakers.
When we get stuck in our heads we often fail to notice our internal beliefs.By Society Bytes Radio.
Brian and Derek find a money-grabbing app that’s all about showing the world how truly dedicated you are as a “Super Fan” to the self-absorbed celebrity that is Jeremy Renner; Listen in as the duo discuss the sweet but short life of the app before it was tragically taken down.By Life Bytes Podcast.
It’s 2019, and machine learning is everywhere. It might not be Skynet, but it can still sound a little scary. If the robot apocalypse isn’t around the corner, what is? We talk to Kantwon Rogers, a lecturer at Georgia Tech and frequent guest of the show, to demystify this increasingly omnipresent technology. We learn about about how the heck mac ...…
This week we're taking the court for a little one-on-one with basketball legend, Andrew Gaze. We all know about his amazing sporting records, but is he as skilled when it comes to the kitchen? Gourmet Travellers Kym Cartwright has discovered another gem of a brewery in the West Virginia, as she chats with the Gary Vermillion at the Greenbrier V ...…
When we avoid challenges that would make us stonger, we compromise our strength and ability to cope with life.By Society Bytes Radio.
Aadit Kapadia and Pramod Kumar Buravalli talk about Howdy Modi, the camaraderie of Modi and Trump in Houston, PM Modi in USA and the speeches at United Nations.By MyIndMakers.
In this episode, Derek and Brian venture deep into the Dark Web and find a hitman for hire site that caters to those who have a personal score or two to settle and Bitcoin to spend. If you’re desperate and willing enough to buy into the possible hoax that is their cover, then look no further. Besa Mafia is at your service. charlie_coleslaw (bri ...…
What exactly is memory? And why is it so important to how our devices work today? Friend of the show and Georgia Tech computing lecturer Kantwon Rogers breaks it down into bits and bytes — and hints at what kinds of clouds the future may bring. BONUS: Andrea offers up her global solution to solve the issue of tailgating. Find out more at rawdat ...…
The Spring Racing Carnival is just around the corner, so who better to chat with this week than the Chair of the Victoria Racing Club, Amanda Elliot. She's a fan of traditional staples, keeps a solid collection of cook books and likes nothing more than a good roast of any variety. She's sure to be celebrating a winner or two over the next month ...…
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Have we, as a society, gone too far in protecting our children?By Society Bytes Radio.
We like to pretend that this show is a deep exploration into Salinas and the surrounding area but really we are just a couple comadres sitting on the stairs gossiping about our week. This week we talk about the interesting vote by a school district to ask the city to cancel their contract with the TV show Live PD and the online fight that ensue ...…
Google has become our yellow pages, our atlas, our library, our medical consultant, our shopping guide. Which means it is, basically, a giant, virtual confession booth. It knows our most intimate secrets and our most mundane desires. Which has some really amazing upsides; we get a smorgasbord of answers in milliseconds. But behind the scenes of ...…
This week we're chatting with 2019 MasterChef Australia sensation, Tim Bone. Better known to viewers as "T-Bone", Tim has been a favourite in this year's series, and aside from all the fancy TV creations, he's a fan of a decent toasted sandwich as well. In the big news of the week, Sarah has decided to enter the cookery competition in this year ...…
TJ Hoisington shares five of his ten tips on building self-confidence.By Society Bytes Radio.
Aadit Kapadia talks to author and journalist Vaibhav Purandare as they discuss the legacy of Veer Savarkar - one the most misunderstood figures in the history of Indian Politics.By MyIndMakers.
Ever wonder what it’s like to remove dead bodies for a living? Well, Brian and Derek find out when a good friend of the show (Grave Digger Adam) stops by to give his insight into the macabre world of body removal. Warning: NSFL podbelly.comBy Life Bytes Podcast.
Simply put, we (humans) can’t possibly process all of the data in the world, which is why computers are so useful — and why algorithms have become so necessary. In this mini-episode, we go back to the basics. We talk to Georgia Tech computer programming lecturer Kantwon Rogers, a self-declared “eternal optimist,” who breaks down where algorithm ...…
This week we're joined by the Seven Network's Sunrise sports presenter and newly crowned Father of the Year, Mark Beretta. Mark does a lot of charity work and has even recently joined the Army Reserve, but still likes to spend time in the kitchen or fire to up the barbecue. He rates his pasta sauce as one of his specialties, attributing it to h ...…
TJ Hoisington joins Dr. Himmer to discuss how most people aim too low and hit their goal vs. people who aim too high and miss.By Society Bytes Radio.
Themes explored in the film Screenplay Ending Characters Music and Background Score Editing Production design Direction Looking forward
Once a month for the last 11 months there has been a comedy show in the basement of XL Publichouse that was a showcase of local comedians. It's grown so much that you can now watch comedians from Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. September 28 marks the first anniversary of the Bricks 'N Beer show so we talked to a couple of the key pe ...…
Our guest this week is former Olympic & Commonwealth Games Skeet shooting champion Lauryn Mark. Originally hailing from California, Lauryn has made the transition to Aussie food styles over the years, and has even managed to adapt to hot dogs that aren't cooked on the barbecue. Together with husband Russell, Lauryn runs Go Shooting, where you c ...…
If you want to create a new habit, get rid of a bad habit, make new friends, or run a marathon, it is vital that you learn how to create an environment that makes good decisions for youBy Society Bytes Radio.
Aadit Kapadia is joined by author and columnist Arnab Ray as they talk about Chidambaram, Trump, Democrats, Western Media On Kashmir And 90's BollywoodBy MyIndMakers.
The Monterey Peninsula Young Professionals is a group that puts on networking event. It was founded by three young women who were tired of the lack of opportunities young professionals in this area had to hang out in a fun, casual environment. Tabitha, Marieke, and Rachel started MPYP earlier this year, and they are already hosting monthly even ...…
What could someone learn about you from your location? What about your Facebook likes? What about just...your face? You’re probably thinking — not much. But Stanford researcher Michal Kosinski says that even superficial data have the potential to expose some of the most intimate details of our lives. Kosinski’s research is provocative, and he h ...…
With the footy finals looming, who better to have on the show this week than the man synonymous with the Grand Final, and creator of the famous tune "Up There Cazaly", Mike Brady. Gourmet Traveller Kym Cartwright is back with another interview from the heart of West Virginia, this week speaking with Tootie Jones from Swift Level Farms, about th ...…
Listen in as Brian showcases four of the best episodes all rolled into one, for this exclusive sneak peek Life Bytes bonus episode to a spun off mini-series. (Poor Life Choices) Warning: Adult Subject Matter “B Ross Booty Jamz” podbelly.comBy Life Bytes Podcast.
Aadit Kapadia talks to BJP National spokesperson Dr Bizay Sonkar Shastri as they discuss Arun Jaitely's life in politics, his career and his contribution.By MyIndMakers.
On Saturday, Cheri woke up from a dream about our Great Dane Astrid, who we lost a few months ago to old age. During the conversation Rich connected how dogs and spouses are similar. Cheri wasn’t too hip on the idea at first, but she gathered steam.By Society Bytes Radio.
This week we're talking all things cauliflower with guests Farren Ray and Bianca Luscombe. Together they've started a business called Curiously Cauli, and you won't believe some of the amazing products they've developed from this humble staple. Find out more at The Friday Food Poll this week is looking at the issue ...…
Marlene and Steven are the couple behind Brew-N-Krew the fastest-growing homebrew project in Salinas. They took their passion for brewing their own beer and sharing it with friends and are transforming it into a brewery and tasting room in Oldtown Salinas. They talk about their journey in the beer world and what their plans are for their brewer ...…
Aadit Kapadia is joined by veteran and defense analyst Maj Gen G D Bakshi as they discuss Article 370, Kashmir, Pakistan, India's Strategic Outlook and Gen Bakshi's book on Saraswati.By MyIndMakers.
In this episode, Derek, Eric and Joel look into some embarrassing stories and share a few of their own in this second installment of “Today I Fucked Up Stories”. Warning: Adult Content podbelly.comBy Life Bytes Podcast.
Our special guest this week is journalist, broadcaster, author and former senator Derryn Hinch. Known to many as the "Human Headline", Derryn is also a keen foodie, and once wrote a column in the Sydney Sun called the Hungry Hinch. Derryn's got some great food stories to tell, and his recipe for Peking duck is mouth watering! Catch Derryn each ...…
No, Oz and Cujo didn't go out and find some hot gossip from the belly of Salinas, but they did start this episode with a conspiracy that could only happen in 2019: The Saga of Jeffrey Epstein. That has nothing to do with Salinas, so we quickly transition into more local events like the Salinas Valley Food and Wine Festival that went down in Old ...…
In this episode, Derek, Eric, and newest co-host (Joel) find an abandoned website from the past that catered to conspiracy theorists and crackpots alike. Listen in Ear Viewers, as we cover just some of what the site has to offer, we then take a quiz to see which among us has latent, homicidal rage! Warning: Strong Language http://www.anomalies- ...…
What happens in situational stress? We flip! We move to fight or flight. Using paradoxical technology, one’s behavior can be predictable.By Society Bytes Radio.
Aadit Kapadia and Pramod Kumar Buravalli talk about The Legacy of Sushma Swaraj and her contribution. They also talk about the revocation of Article 370 in the Indian Parliament.By MyIndMakers.
Last week was the 38th annual Steinbeck Festival in Oldtown and were there with our microphones to find some stories! Cujo's schedule was not agreeing with the one for the podcast, so our social media manager Leah jumped on the mic and handled co-hosting duties. We ended up having a great conversation with three powerful women that were all wor ...…
Australia's original MasterChef winner, Julie Goodwin is our special guest this week, talking about her journey as a high profile foodie, author, radio host and much more. Her most recent book, Julie Goodwin's Essential Cookbook has over 300 recipes to try, and Kev's as keen as always to get started! Find out more about Julie at http://juliegoo ...…
There are 12 pairs of paradoxical behaviors. Today we address the communication paradox and Cheri’s tendency to be blunt with her loving husband.By Society Bytes Radio.
Who are we as parents? What do my kids need throughout their development? If you have these questions; listen now to "The Parenting Perspective" podcast with David Thomas & Sissy Goff. If you like what you heard....stay tuned because these two kid-savvy gurus will be here on Nov 2nd for Hope's first EVER Raising Boys & Girls Parenting Summit! C ...…
Aadit Kapadia is joined by filmmaker Radha Bharadwaj as they discuss her movie Space MOMs. The challenges of telling this story and her journey making this film.By MyIndMakers.
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