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Kingdom Life San Antonio
Our Mission is Revival
Professor Fell's Adventure Across the Lifespan
Podcast for Lifespan Psychology Students
Journey Across the Lifespan, 4th Edition
Journey Across the Lifespan, 4th Edition
Rehabilitation Psychology Podcast
Rehabilitation Psychology is a specialty area within psychology that focuses on the study and application of psychological knowledge and skills on behalf of individuals with disabilities and chronic health conditions in order to maximize health and welfare, independence and choice, functional abilities, and social role participation across the lifespan.
We Are Error Show
We are error is a podcast about video game news, the lifespan of the Nintendo franchise, anime, manga, and all things nerdy
Nursing Adaptation II- Spring 2008
Podcasts of selected classes from West Chester University of Pennsylvania Department of Nursing. Nursing Adaptation II discusses nursing care across the lifespan of chronic conditions.
Mortgage Matters TALK 107.3 FM Sponsored by GMFS Mortgage
Mortgage Matters is a weekly radio show sponsored by GMFS Mortgage and heard Sundays @ Noon on TALK 107.3 FM in the Baton Rouge, LA metro area. After working with over 65,000 customers, GMFS Mortgage realized that the public's working knowledge of the lending process is still very limited, most likely because buying, building or refinancing a home is something typically done once or only a few times in a person’s lifespan.So the MORTGAGE MATTERS weekly radio show is designed to bring togethe ...
Cystic Fibrosis Podcast
Jerry Cahill's Cystic Fibrosis Podcast is presented by the Boomer Esiason Foundation. A non-profit organization dedicated to funding research for CF and improving the quality of life of those affected by cystic fibrosis. Jerry Cahill is a 57 year old male with CF who has been able to thrive with a disease that has a average lifespan of 31 years. In this podcast Jerry gives his views on living with CF.
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Law of Attraction Radio Network
This week on the Ask Julie Ryan Show, Julie talked with a couple of callers wanting her to do past life scans for them. The first one regressed to Ancient Egypt and the second one to Cincinnati in 1927. Both were fascinating. In addition, Julie spoke with a man wanting her to scan his knee. It was causing a great deal of unsteadiness for him. A ...…
Hello, and welcome to Life is Shit, the podcast formerly known as All White-Tukee! Join Steve-o and his best friend Pat as they talk about them growing up in Ahwatukee, AZ. Podcast that talks about Life, Relationships, Music, games, and more! Episode 41: “Spaghetti balls, Beep, Bop, Boop” Patrick and Steve-o are back we catch up on the week, Pa ...…
Tom’s Sad Weekend | Sexy Deck Launch! | Fountain of Ideas | Girl on the Train (NO SPOLIERS) | Fountain of Ideas callback | When AirBnB got Weird | Tom’s Breakout Meal | Will the iPhone survive? | This is Do or Die | The Worst Ideas Bonanza Ever | The LIFESCAN Results | Riley-Rose’s A+ Story | Olly Eats the Food for Tom Instagram | Facebook | Tw ...…
Tom's Sad Weekend | Sexy Deck Launch! | Fountain of Ideas | Girl on the Train (NO SPOLIERS) | Fountain of Ideas callback | When AirBnB got Weird | Tom's Breakout Meal | Will the iPhone survive? | This is Do or Die | The Worst Ideas Bonanza Ever | The LIFESCAN Results | Riley-Rose's A+ Story | Olly Eats the Food for Tom Instagram | Facebook | Tw ...…
Tom & Olly Podcast
Olly Needs Something | The Kitchen/Bedroom Theory | Olly Chats Pokemon Go | Fountain of Ideas: Make It Count | Tom Offends A Local Business | More Money Please | Ideas Bonanza Saves The World: #PhotosFromFridayNight | The Border Bachelor Brad George | The Lifescan | Marja from The Bachelor | Changing A Stranger's Behaviour | Blonde's Have More ...…
Fire It UP with CJ | Spirituality | Health | Business | Career | Self-Help | Environment | Relationships | Parenting
What are the core competencies that women offer in the workplace? How can women use this information to better market their skills during promotions and finding a job? Bonita Banducci, a Gender Expert who teaches at Santa Clara University, helps companies find ways to retain women and bring more innovation and competitive advantage to their com ...…
In this episode, we talk with 20 year veteran business owner Stacy Monroe of Stacy Monroe Salon in Castro Valley California. Stacy has owned her own salon since 1994. She opened a Spa in 2000, and recently sold the Spa to a lovely lady who has worked in the Spa as long as it has been open. Stacy has recently been published in a book entitled "B ...…
In this episode of the Litigation Quality Patents® Podcast, find out how manufacturers can get the wrong patent protection for anything from Keurig coffee makers to glucose meters. For the second time this year, things get exhausted again! The Federal Circuit finds a patent on a machine that uses a highly profitable, but unpatented, consumable ...…
Two companies, iHealth Lab and LifeScan, have brought diabetic glucose monitoring to the smartphone age with bluetooth devices and apps. Walt Mossberg reviewed these and gives his us his take. (Photo: iHealth Labs/LifeScan)By
In this episode of the Blogging Diabetes Podcast I cram a ton of information about a few different topics into one show. Since I'll be off next week for Thanksgiving and also have an interview with Kim Stebbings there is a ton packed into this one. This could have easily been divided into two different shows and might have flowed better.I talk ...…
change your life: internet radio with Juice. no more excuses- take the wheel.
Who are you? what do you feel? what do you want? today we are talking about taking a life scan........ Connecting to what matters in your life........ Taking a scan of your emotional, intuitive, mental, physical, spiritual, and vibrational aspects of who you are........ Your life matters and taking an inventory gives you freedom and so many thi ...…
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