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The Truth About Cancer video podcast is an eight-part video series. It is a continuation of the discussions begun in TAKE ONE STEP: A Conversation About Cancer with Linda Ellerbee. Each episode is two to five minutes long. Participating in the podcast discussions are U.S. News and World Report health editor Dr. Bernadine Healy; breast cancer surgeon and Breast Cancer Research stamp mastermind Dr. Ernie Bodai; neurologist and leading palliative care expert Dr. Richard Payne; and counseling ps ...
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Steve Feldman is an Emmy award winning director who has worked with talent as varied as Bill Nye, Linda Ellerbee, Bill Maher and Elmo for PBS, CBS, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, MSNBC and Discovery. His work on “Sesame Street” earned him an Emmy Award, while his work with “Barney and Friends,” “The Wubbulous World of Dr. ...…
Week of April 2-8, 1994 Today Ken welcomes comedian and host of "You're The Expert" Chris Duffy to the show. Ken and Chris discuss Loni Anderson, the long long process of Chris's appearance on the show, growing up in Manhattan, Petey's winking, living in You've Got Mail, how comedy and horror are the same, secret SNL writers, reading over TV, r ...…
CHECK US OUT ON STITCHER.COM! Leave us a review! BE SURE TO E-MAIL US AT TWOBROTHERSWATCHINGSTUFF@GMAIL.COM Intro (0:01-2:18) Writers Guild of America TV Nominations (2:58-14:23) Wicked City/Cancellations (14:24-19:38) The Soup (19:39-30:33) American Crime Story (30:34-32:30) Linda Ellerbee (32:31-41:38) Final Thoughts (41:39-End) Follow us: @B ...…
Thank you Horror fans for downloading! This week is going to be awesome! We finally make due on our threat to give Are You Afraid of the Dark a true tribute. We discuss two of the most popular episodes, The Tale of the Lonely Ghost and The Tale of Midnight Madness. They guys talk about these classics as well as SNICK, Nick News, and Linda Eller ...…
Why x2? Because Hangouts is just. the. worst. Jessica discovers some cable television is free, Lizzy fondly remembers volunteering at The Big Help, Jessica is still bitter she couldn't pledge for PBS Telethons, & neither understand the point of "Red Asphalt". What's Linda Ellerbee doing? EDUCATIONAL!…
This is the story of a family, with twelve kids, who sold their house in the mountains of Colorado, packed up a few favorite possessions, and began roaming the country in their new home: an RV.
We look at the issue of peer pressure, asking kids: What does peer pressure look like? How powerful can it be? Have you pressured a peer? When is peer pressure good? And most importantly, how do you deal with it?
Kids involved in sports are getting hurt in alarming numbers. Yet it seems more than half of sports injuries to kids are preventable. How did we get here? And what's being done to reverse this trend?
One million kids have fled Syria and the numbers only keep rising. We will explore what it's like to be a refugee kid fleeing Syria to camps in Jordan, and how they now live their uprooted lives.
Even 60 years after the court, ruling many black kids continue to lack equal access to high quality education. We will find kids fighting against the slide back into inequality and hear what they have to say to the rest of us.
In this follow-up to the 2009 special, Webstars: The Kids Behind The Hits, this delves deeper into the performances and the lives of kids seeking fame online.
A look at next year's Olympic hopefuls. This special will delve into their stories, dreams, and journeys to the winter games in Sochi, Russia.
A humorous look at the lies parents commonly tell their kids.
Despite its increase and prevalence, anxiety among kids gets little recognition. As a result, kids tend not to understand why they feel the way they do and why they can't control their feelings or actions. This show will explore the frightening world of anxiety and the way out of it.
If it seems as if there are more twins these days, it's because there are -- over the past 30 years, the twin birth rate rose by 76 percent. So what is it like to be part of this growing population of kids? What is it really like to be a twin?
Domestic violence is a hidden problem that few families openly discuss. Yet research shows that 80-90% of children living in homes where there is domestic violence are aware of the violence. This special will present the stories of kids who are caught in the crossfire of domestic violence.
This is a show about everyday heroeskids who have stood up for another kid, not because it was popular or to get attention, but because it was the right thing to do.
In this countdown special we will hear kids and celebrities discussing the top 10 annoying things their siblings do.
In honor of Women's History Month Nick News is celebrating the history, accomplishments and ongoing struggle of being a Female American.
This Nick News special deals with hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and presents both sides of a complicated issue that affects kids and adults.
In this special, we get to know some of the approximately 60,000 US kids who tackle the challenge of living without sight every day, every moment.
Nick News explores what it's like to be an American kid living with HIV/AIDS today.
Nick News will take kids' questions directly to the presidential candidates and feature their responses in this fall special, along with bios on all of the candidates.
On this episode of Nick News, the kids pick the president, asking the tough questions that matter to them.
Author Sonia Pressman Fuentes/a> joins BookGoodies hosts Deborah Carney and Karen Garcia to discuss writing, publishing and a lot of history. What inspired you to write your memoir? Several things inspired me to write my memoir. First, I was born in Berlin, Germany, of Polish Jewish parents, fled the Nazi regime with my parents, and came to the ...…
Author Sonia Pressman Fuentes joins BookGoodies hosts Deborah Carney and Karen Garcia to discuss writing, publishing and a lot of history. What inspired you to write your memoir? Several things inspired me to write my memoir. First, I was born in Berlin, Germany, of Polish Jewish parents, fled the Nazi regime with my parents, and came to the US ...…
Child trafficing is an international problem affecting millions of people and many countries around the world. From New York, Linda Ellerbee shines a light into child slavery in Ghana.
The circus, the zoo, the horse race, the rodeo. It can be fun, even exciting to watch animals do tricks. But, is it fair to use other animals for our entertainment? Kids discuss their views on animals being used for our own amusement.
May is Asian Pacific Heritage Month! There are many different cultures, religions, and ethnicities that make up this group, Nick News gets friendly with some of these amazing people!
Nick News takes an inside look at some of the young Olympic Hopefuls for 2012.
When schools lose funding towards their education, can the students step up to save the day?
The world's biggest stars started their careers with some major flops. How do we learn from our failures to push forward and succeed?
What happens when we take all technology away from kids for two weeks? Can they survive without cell phones, television, computers, microwaves, etc?
Millions of American kids go to bed hungry every night and the number is increasing as the US faces economic crisis. Not surprisingly, kids are finding ways to help, through traditional means and more creative approaches.
Wild animal encounters with humans are on the rise. Who's to blame? If humans encroach on animal territory, do we have the right to control their access to what was their land? What's best for the animals?
More than 200,000 people under 18 had cosmetic interventions in 2009 a nearly 200% increase from 2003. Botox for babies. Facelifts for tweens. What next?
Most kids want their parents to understand them, and yet sometime it's hard to talk to your parents. We listened to kids on this subject, and made a list of some things you said you want your parents to know, but might not tell them.
Every day thousands of kids wait for organ donations that will save their lives. This show will profile kid donors and recipients.
Separating fact from fiction for a generation that is too young to remember 9/11.
A look at the tragedy in Japan as seen through the eyes of kids.
Stories of kids (and some famous former kids) who don't fit in, are totally okay with it, and would like the rest of us to understand that. A show that celebrates the individual.
Many kids hold down jobs today and we'll hear from them on what they do, how they balance work and school, etc. We'll speak with some celebs on their work experiences growing up.
Bullying can happen anywhere. Find out how you can stay safe and help others.
The First Amendment to the Constitution was intended to prevent there ever being one official American religion yet most Americans believe this is a Christian nation. Kids from across the country share their views on this divisive topic.
One in five people are without access to safe drinking water -- that's one billion people worldwide. So why can't the world provide enough clean water for everyone? And what are kids doing about it?
What is it like to be a kid in an energy self-sufficient household? Why would someone chose to live this way? We'll meet families who go off the grid in different ways and for different reasons.
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