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Syndicated radio star Angela Yee talks sex and relationships with the hottest stars in hip-hop and R&B. Join her and her friends each week as they coax stars into revealing their most intimate from the bedroom. It’s hip-hop like you’ve never heard before.
A comedy/advice/storytelling show all spanning from the wonderful, bizarre world of Craigslist Missed Connections. Hosted by Alanah Pearce and Marty Sliva.
The Lip podcast
A podcast of unforgettable true stories. Each story is 100 percent lived by the person telling it. Be prepared to laugh, cry or forget to breathe!
Join Cahill Bell Warren and Jimmy Miles as they compare notes on World Surf League Championship Tour Events and the WSL Fantasy Surfing competition. They'll be joined each episode by feature guests to add insights you won't get elsewhere.
Commodore Computer Lovers, Rejoice! Chicken Lips Radio is all CBM, all the time! A member of the Retrobits Family of podcasts.
Lacey is newly married and on the fence about procreating. Amy is happily married with two kids. Two different lives. Same bathroom schedule and sarcastic attitude.
An amazing group of talented queer women and non-binary folk who are driven to make the world a better, happier and more peaceful place via the magic of radio.
The Fat Lip
A Fat-Positive, Body-Positive Podcast
Raquel and Krystal discusses relationships from teen shows in their varying levels of complexity and obsession.
Late night transmissions of industrial, EBM, power electronics, noise, coldwave/minimal wave, dark ambient, synthpunk, no wave, noise rock, the experimental sounds of inner and outer space and more.
Lip Service
Surf writer, Neil Pearlberg, and skateboarding afficianado, Terry Campion, host "Off The Lip" radio show in the #1 surf city in the United States, Santa Cruz, CA.
The World Of Hardstyle Podcast present to you by Lip DJ & Hardnews
Two Lips Podcast
From My Lips To Yours
Iracema (translated as Iracema, the Honey Lips: a legend of Brazil) is considered one of the most important books of Brazilian romanticism, but also of Brazilian literature as a whole. It's been called a poem in prose, a poetic novel, a fictional-historical novel, an indianist novel, an epic-lyric narrative, a mythic poem. The obvious difficulty in defining this work shows its many facets: legendary, narrative, poetic, lyric, mythic. The story revolves around the unexpected appearance of a P ...
Slip Of The Lip Podcast is a weekly podcast that features, Sports, Entertainment, Current Affairs, Pop Culture, Interviews with special guests & some Storytelling. Enjoy!
Loose Lips
Loose Lips Podcast with Ashley, Jasmine & Tati. Raw & real talk from our lips to your ears.
Cold Lips
Podcast by Cold Lips
audio station made by LIPS-BITE
Loose Lips 💋
Candy Lips
Welcome to a New Series call Candy Lips. Containing all genres of Music, it’s a must in Anyone’s Playlist. Enjoy.........
*SHOOTING FromThe LIP*Erik McEwen & Kevin Hale shoot w/ guests & contributors on business, music, politics, religion & trending topicsPodcasts on Google Play, iHeartRadio, iTunes, SoundCloud & YouTube#RoundOfShots #Music #Politics #Business #Sports #PopCulture #LIPnation
Two Lips One Mic
We're two twenty-something girls who talk too much about work, feminism and news and committed to smashing stereotypes. Join us for our musings about our lives as first generation asian ladies who haven't quite appeased our traditional grandparents as we navigate the world of law, current affairs and other big topics.
A group of close friends discuss all things funny. It usually revolves around sex.
Full Lips Podcast
Welcome to FULL LIPS The Podcast- a space to discuss the things we go through. This podcast is dedicated to sharing the voices and experiences of black and biracial men and women. Full Lips is the platform to have open discussions about some of the insecurities we have felt about our hair, complexion, features and other things like racism. If you would like to SHARE YOUR STORY then please email us a small summary of your story to: FULLLIPSTALK@GMAIL.COMYou can also catch us over on Instagram ...
Loose Lips Podcast
Join the ladies of Loose Lips Podcast, Lore'l & Debbie, has they sip their wine and spill all the tea when it comes to love, sex, relationships, money and so much more.
This podcast will be about Mixed Martial Arts. rumor talks,upcoming fights, predictions and much more!
Bringing Sexy Back to Sex Education
Hip and the Lip
A podcast of two friends bantering about NY sports, craft beer, hipsters, and beyond
Do lip injections hurt? Listen to Christina walk through her lip injection experience live as Rhonda plumps up Christina's lips with filler. Listen, learn & laugh.
Surf writer, Neil Pearlberg, and skateboarding afficianado, Terry Campion, host "Off The Lip" radio show in the #1 surf city in the United States, Santa Cruz, CA.
The straight shootin' basketball podcast, 5 Knuckleheads talking NBL, NBA & Brisbane Bullets hoops every Wednesday.
We are all sinners. Like the prophet Isaiah, we have unclean lips. Through Jesus, we are sins are atoned for. This is a Podcast about Jesus, made by a man in need of Grace.
Thoughtful thoughts of a Latina from Shaolin Island
A chat show by sketch comedy troupe Loose Meat and occasional guests. We discuss only the Important Issues submitted to us by listeners via Twitter. Tweet us future topic suggestions @LooseMeat and watch our videos at Theme song by Beekeepers (
Tech House and Bass mixed and hosted by British female DJ and Producer Anna Kiss - Anna has been on the FM airwaves for over 14yrs, her legendary Lip Locked syndicate radio show draws around 20,000 weekly listeners. Anna has headlined 21 countries to date and DJs all around the world have supported her tracks, including Fatboy Slim
Rae Bay gives an honest opinion while discussing pop culture, music, and relationships. Each week she conducts an in-depth interview with a guest who serves as her co-host. She says the things we all want to say, but without the repercussions.
At Loose Lips and Naked Truths, we are inviting you to share your most trailblazing and spirit-lighting acts. All under the veil of anonymity. We want to unleash your inner-most mysteries and beguiling ways. To celebrate all of your experiences, especially those you never thought you would say out loud. Because each truth you hold shares a deep insight into YOU. Indeed, your secrets are your most revealing truths.Loose Lips and Naked Truths is about the liberation of our secret selves. It is ...
READ MY LIPS is not your usual blah-blah-yada-yada, Q&A interview talk show where guests follow a canned script. akaRadioRed engages authors in lively, spontaneous and unpredictable conversations that reach beyond the pages of their book. Featured topics: Relationships, Workplace, Family, Entrepreneurs, Food, Health and more. Producer/host Bonnie D. Graham akaRadioRed, a former WGBB-AM1240 NY talk radio producer/host, thanks the thousands of BTR listeners who have become fans!
Sound Check Chat is a music lover's podcast that delivers the answers fans are looking for, straight from the mouths of those who make wonderful music. Music journalist and editor Tim Anderl brings you a new music artist interview on the 1st and 15th of each month.
Tom Da Lips is represented by Six15 Artist Management
First podcast for the cleft lip and palate community. Find out the latest in happenings in your neighborhood and around the world. Send in events, personal stories, comments to be read on the air. And most important, have fun!
We breakdown the latest happenings in WWE and the wrestling world, giving you the facts - and our own takes and predictions. Let us show you the ropes!
From Our Lips To Your Ears
The Jon Gaunt Show
The Jon Gaunt show for those bored with the bias of the Mainstream Media. Jon fires from the lip in his no holds barred show.
WTF Is A Podcast
Papi & Scoopz discuss everything from entertainment, sports, to edgy news opinoins from their 21 Year Old Perspectives. They're also self proclaimed Hip Hop Experts. They will make you laugh & they'll make you think. WTF Is A Podcast ?! These guys don't know they're just talking sh!t !
The Acapodcast
Bringing you the latest and greatest from the A Cappella world. Covering all styles and genres, and playing tracks from around the globe.
Do you believe in John Hughes, day-glo colors, Han shot first, new wave music, Reaganomics, lip syncing on American Bandstand, standing in line for concert ticket wristbands, Alex P. Keaton, American Top 40 long distance dedications, and the existence of music videos on MTV? Then this podcast is for you.
Hello world now we all have friends and family memebers and co workers that at times we really cannot stand some of the things they do or choices they make. You know your always who everyone runs too and the reason of logic in thier lives. Yeah i know the feeling. Its like they always come and tell u but when u try to be the person of reason they still dont get it . Here is your payback ! Yes its your turn to put them on blast. Even if u have love issues and want another opinion on the situa ...
Indie Cops
Tom Bell and Terry Saunders are the Indie Cops, two crimefighters that operate from their failing music shop, Dental Records These are downloads of the original Resonance FM radio show which so far has run for 2 glorious series, recorded live at Tuesday lunchtimes It's a heady mix of indie music, banter and crime-busting. Enjoy!
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अमरीका के डिपार्टमेंट ऑफ जस्टिस ने दिए डोनल्ड ट्रंप के चुनाव प्रचार अभियान की एफबीआई द्वारा कथित जासूसी की जांच के आदेश भारत के प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी आज रूस में राष्ट्रपति व्लादिमीर पुतिन से करेंगे मुलाकात, क्या होगा चर्चा का विषय कर्नाटक के मुख्यमंत्री पद की शपथ लेने से पहले ही एचडी कुमारस्वामी के सामने आया तमिलनाडु के साथ कावेरी जल विवाद ...… Steve Lindsley (Acts 2: 1-21) This week, Grace and I are beginning a six-week sermon series titled, The Early Church All Over Again. Here’s the gist of it: the church as we know it is changing. This is not news. Truth be told, it’s ...…
Date: May 20, 2018 Sermon Series: God's Avengers Scripture: 2 Chronicles 1: 7-13 Sermon Notes: There is wisdom behind you. There is wisdom in community.
Speaker or Performer: Bob PetersenDate of Delivery: May 20, 2018Characteristics of a Religious SpiritI am using the term religion to refer to a man-made effort to get to God and then serve Him.It is very easy to mistake being religious for having a relationship with God.Religion looks like true relationship from the outsideIt makes sense to the ...…
La Belle Dame sans Merci: A Ballad By John Keats O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms, Alone and palely loitering? The sedge has withered from the lake, And no birds sing. O what can ail thee, knight-at-arms, So haggard and so woe-begone? The squirrel’s granary is full, And the harvest’s done. I see a lily on thy brow, With anguish moist and fev ...…
In our ninth episode of Season 10, we experience serious technical difficulties, discuss the differences between runway and main challenge performance, and dive into this season's best lipsync! League Standings: Charles (Eureka, Asia)- 79Daniel (Miz Cracker)- 80Rebecca (Aquaria)- 62Robert (Monet, Kameron)- 94League Rules:Each player begins with ...…
Everybody gets slighted, disrespected, put down and overlooked. How do you handle it when it happens to you? Uncross those arms and suck in that lower lip. Explore alternatives to the strategies of pouting and pity parties on this episode of THC.AND, it's Caddyshack at Marty's house. Hear about recent setbacks in the ongoing war with ground squ ...…
Jane Wiedlin is best known as the guitarist and songwriter for the Go-Go’s but her latest project is a band called Elettrodomestico that she formed with Pietro Straccia in Oakland, California. We were delighted to have the duo as guests at a recent Blue Bear School of Music benefit show at the Haight Street Art Center where they treated us to f ...…
Dub and Ken give you their takes on whats happening in Springfield Nightlife. The duo chop it up about the pub crawl from the Illinois Times and the talk music news of the week. This weeks after topics include: More on the Tidal streaming “scandal” Spotify dropping artists from playlists over hate speech Kanye previews music ahead of album rele ...…
What happens in Vegas is inevitably recorded on this podcast, and disseminated for you our listener. This week we talk all things libertarian, Jillette, Ketosis, billionaires, MET galas, millitary and Gorn with special guests Dmitry and the return of Sean Muscles. We also have the spectre of Scott Pumpsman guiding ……
Entreperner/ Local Business Owner, Samantha Hartman Where She Was Born Where She Grow Up College Years How She Got Started Talking about the process of her book favorite projects. Find All her Stuff here:www.infiniteabysshandmade.comGet Her Book Here: Links mentioned in this episode: ...…
A panel of guest from Smith Family Clinic for Genomic Medicine in Huntsville, Alabama joins me for this episode exploring the power of whole genome sequencing for patients with undiagnosed diseases. On This Episode We Discuss: Whole genome sequencing (WGS) vs exome sequencing Qualifications for patient to receive WGS Next steps after a “negativ ...…
Episode 016: Show Notes On today’s episode, Glenda Russell discusses how the life you want is waiting for you to create it. It takes more than desire to create a life you love, it requires ACTION. Glenda shares how this process will not be easy and how the ride won’t always be perfect, but once you’ve created a life you love, you will without a ...…
Greer (another neuroscientist) and I began talking after I posted something on facebook about how I wanted to honour the female brain. She replied to my post with something like “YES!” and so we planned a conversation without any idea of where it would actually go. We went around and around and covered much ground including: 1) what does a woma ...…
The Daily Canna Podcast: covering the latest and most important cannabis news, every day. Today we have stories on: The black market caused by the inequality of legal/non-legal states A fight in Florida on allowing mmj patients to smoke marijuana (not just vape/eat it) Colorado bill passes allowing weed tasting rooms but fails to pass cannabis ...…
Accessible's first new episode since 2014. Topics include what accessibility is and what it means, the history of Apple's accessibility work, how the first iPhone redefined accessible computing, and more. Show Notes Steven's story about Accessible: Accessible Reborn Apple's Switch Control + Final Cut video, "Sady" Apple's Accessibility page App ...…
Wiring your brain for a full day of desk-bound work/studying can be a challenge, and whoever said it’s totally natural to spend the majority of your day glued to a screen obviously hasn’t ever tried to use Microsoft Excel on an empty stomach. In such situations, food really is your saviour and it’s therefore so important to choose snacks that a ...…
On this week’s episode of This Week’s Episode, Kris brings Karen and Evan to the Cobra Kai dojo to see if it has what it takes to live up to its legacy. Plus, all manner of renewal and cancellation news, Matt Lauer is officially a creep, George R.R. Martin gets SyFy-riffic, and more! This week’s episode Cobra Kai – Ace Degenerate (S01E01) Next ...…
Erik & Kevin do the "Last Shot" of the night, recap the show, Lyft, Boner Pills and more. Listen to each episode on Apple Podcast, Google Play, iHeartRadio, iTunes, SoundCloud & YouTube.
Erik & Kevin talk trending news with SFTL Contributors - Zach Longoria & Andrew Asher. Topics include the "This Is America" video by Childess Gambino, Trump, Iran Nuclear Deal, Israel fallout, Mother's Day/Social Media & more. Listen to each episode on Apple Podcast, Google Play, iHeartRadio, iTunes, SoundCloud & YouTube.…
Erik shoots with Louisville singer/songwriter, The Voice - Olivia Henken. Great segment with the Louisville Lovely Lady. Listen to each episode on Apple Podcast, Google Play, iHeartRadio, iTunes, SoundCloud & YouTube.
Erik & Kevin shoot with singer/songwriter, The Voice - Josh Logan. Lots of fun stuff with Josh during this SFTL segment. Check out his original song - "Good Times" - at 18:27. Listen to each episode on Apple Podcast, Google Play, iHeartRadio, iTunes, SoundCloud & YouTube.
Erik - with the help of Greg Unthank - shoots with the band Bleu Phonque. Johnny Edwards, Paul McGarry, Tony Frank and Greg share details on their newly released CD "Bleu Phonque", the CD release gig at Diamond Concert Hall & more. Check out the first track from the CD - "Peace Sign" at 20:36. Listen to each episode on Apple Podcast, Google Pla ...…
Erik & Kevin shoot with Nashville Recording Artist - Doug Pinson. Great conversation with Doug as well as his original song - "Blame It On Hank" at 14:57. Listen to each episode on Apple Podcast, Google Play, iHeartRadio, iTunes, SoundCloud & YouTube.
Erik & Kevin do the "First Shot" of the night and discuss the show details. Listen to each episode on Apple Podcast, Google Play, iHeartRadio, iTunes, SoundCloud & YouTube.
Hailing from Buffalo NY, Intrepid Travelers combines elements of Rock, Funk, Blues and Jazz along with a powerhouse performance certain to make you move and groove. From their home studio in Buffalo, the band shares stories of influence, time on the road, and what exactly a "jam band" is anyway. Featured Songs: Shit Post (The Preepy EP; 2018) P ...…
Jeremy Heimans is the co-founder and CEO of Purpose, an organization headquartered in New York that builds and supports social movements around the world. He is the co-founder of GetUp!, an Australian political organization with more members than all of Australia's political parties combined. He has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Creativ ...…
The 4th Annual concert by the incredible Soquel High Jazz Band
Today's episode is all about taking the weight off, both physically and emotionally. I'm going to share with you my own story of how I've lost nearly 30 pounds in the past year by doing some small and simple things, but even if you're not needing to lose weight physically, you likely have some emotional weight to lose. Surprisingly, the steps t ...…
The latest and greatest cannabis news, every day, with host Guy Chace Today's episodes has stories on: NJ looking to pass friendly medical marijuana law NY comptroller's report on the potential tax revenue from legalizingcannabis in the state San Francisco is using technology to help clear convictions of thosepreviously prosecuted for marijuana ...…
Mother's Day Sermon 1/1 Introduction: Have you ever just been done with someone? Like really, properly fed up with their nonsense? My brother is about 12 years older then me. And for as long as I can remember we have always picked on each other, as brothers do. Nothing abnormal about that. Like most brothers, we would look for any way to get un ...…
In this episode, we talk about domestic abuse and the positive difference housing associations can make. Helen Greig talks with Guddy Burnett and Alison Inman about DAHA (Domestic Abuse Housing Alliance) and how housing can support survivors and victims of domestic abuse, and Katie Teasdale visits Centre 56 in Liverpool, which provides childcar ...…
Alex Hooper is like if a Flaming Lips concert came to life. When he's not creating a 12 month yoga wall calendar with his pug, he's throwing Grease-themed comedy raves in airport hangers. Alex is on Exit Strategy this week to talk about a potential life in sales, getting meditative on a slackline, and the benefits of approaching life with a pos ...…
S1E48: Frite Geak Recipe: Paleo Steak Frites with Sweet Potatoes & Burgundy Sauce (Feeds 2) Get full ingredient lists Sunday mornings, plus calorie and macronutrient counts for all CWM recipes, on my Patreon page! For tonight's recipe, you'll need: EQUIPMENT: lg pan, lg mixing bowl, baking tray with lip, cutting board, sharp knife, measuring cu ...…
Stacie is excited to welcome Ellen Fields onto this episode of Communication Untangle. Ellen has over 30 years in Corporate America to draw from, first in the consumer healthcare industry, and now she's a communication executive. She started off wanting to make the world better, ad now she helps leaders communicate in a better way! In This Epis ...…
On Today's episode of the Kids Party Characters podcast, Cheryl fills us in on 5 ways to ignite a fire in our child's imagination, and encourage creativity! In This Episode 5 Massively helpful tips that even busy parents can implement Ways to encourage creativity Movies are great, but there is a much better way The perks of playing in nature “C ...…
It was never supposed to be this way. Says Who, the little eight-episode podcast, is now on its 50th EPISODE! FIFTY! Dan has returned from Disney and has tales of Dole Whip and the Haunted Mansion. Maureen did not go to Disney and has tales of being at home watching the news, which mostly means watching Rudy Giuliani do whatever it is Rudy Giul ...…
Greg explains why we can’t “unhitch” Christianity from the Old Testament then takes questions on 2 Chronicles 7:14 and the “Empty the Pews” movement. Topics: If we are now God’s people, why doesn’t 2 Chronicles 7:14 apply to us? (0:30) What approach should we take with people who are in the “Empty the Pews” movement? (0:49) Download the mp3... ...…
Mark 1:15 NLT “The time promised by God has come at last!” he announced. “The Kingdom of God is near! Repent of your sins and believe the Good News!” In this period of waiting between Christ’s ascension and Pentecost, the reality of the kingdom hangs in the air. The disciples have encountered the risen Jesus and yet are uncertain of the implica ...…
Walking in the park with my ex lover and kissing goodbye in the lips
In this episode, we talk about a beauty brand that should not be overlooked. Wet n Wild has amazing prices and quality products. I love all the Wet n Wild products I have used and they work on any skin tone. Products Discussed:Highlighter Gloss ...…
Dirty Projectors‘ previous self-titled release blatantly wore songwriter David Longstreth’s heart on its record sleeve, brandishing the anguish of loneliness. This year, the new album Lamp Lip Prose, out July 13th, returns to what the band describes as “a recommitment” to their original ideas – signature bright indie/dance sounds and elaborate ...…
“Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I don’t want to see any more pictures of your mom!” – Andrew Please take this survey so we can help create the best Patreon possible! A Chicago bar stole our logo for their Millennial trivia night, so we’re giving away a free month of Patreon to Surprise Bitch! callers who prove their #lit knowledge. Apple hasn’ ...…
EPISODE #14 Synopsis Everyon needs a hero especially in a world where interests and cultures collide for good and evil, life and death. In a fascinating real life account, royal fictional superhero Princess Diana of Themyscira, aka, Wonder Woman was briefly appointed as Honorary Ambassador to the United Nations for an empowerment campaign to fi ...…
10 Reasons You SHOULD Participate in Jury Duty The American jury trial is a constitutional right. The jury trial is a vital part of America’s system of checks and balances. The founding fathers included jury trials in the constitution because jury trials prevent tyranny. Trial by jury is a unique part of America’s democracy. Jury trials provide ...…
This week we're chatting with our podfam! Carlene and Jill from one of our favourite podcasts, Breaking Beauty, dropped by the pod to tell us all about their beauty stories, their top products and drop some sweet Canadian knowledge on their favourite homegrown brands.We've been trying out all the latest on launches from Hourglass, Fenty, Glossi ...…
Chewing is important for strengthening the lips and facial muscles thereby facilitating better breathing patterns. Chewing also helps keeping teeth and gums healthy. Mary Bourke explains the Myo Munchee chewing device. The post FF 07: The importance of chewing with Mary Bourke appeared first on Family Chiropractic Charlestown.…
In this hour, we step into the private lives of five storytellers all trying to make their worlds a more hospitable and homely place to be. Hosted by Jenifer Hixson, The Moth’s Senior Director. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media. Storytellers: Gina Sampaio, Anagha Mahajan, Maxie Jones, Matty Str ...… * Mother’s Day spotlight Link to tweet about Black Joy Mixtape Stitcher premium show Merch ~> #Amped Brunch Where the Spotify WOC program came from….by JoyMarie/Joblogues ~ Datrianna ~ and I, Berry Free podcast t ...…
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