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Talking with Lordiel
KNOW THAT NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE & THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE......... The healings and blessings that flow through me are unpretentious, unrehearsed and straight from the heart, soul and Spirit. The programs are about helping each other ... and finding solutions to that which we seek!!! Programs that are for the people and by the people to share, teach and reach out to each other in living life. As in life, we are all in it together and if each of us just REACH out and TOUCH someone,we can ...
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Talking with Lordiel
Mark McCool is the Founder & CEO & offering you the opportunity for success & security!!! Mark has been an industry innovator who envisions the hot products of the future, and a super-wired leader who pioneered IT-based network marketing way back in the 1990s. Over the past 11 years, he built a successful company from the ground up into a multi ...…
YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!! If you haven't listened to Dr. Eda previous program on cleansing & detoxing, take 30 min. now & listen Now, tune in live to listen & ask questions concerning what you are eating & if it is what you should be eatin ...…
Many of us are looking for ways to safely cleanse & detox our bodies. Not just the colon or intestine, but our entire body. Call in 646-378-0386 or listen in on the internet or to the replay on itunes or in the archives right here. Get healthy... stay healthy .... be healthy !!! Discover natural healing solutions, nutritional advice, herbal vit ...…
Many of us are looking for ways to loose weight safely, naturally and continue to provide our bodies with nutrients & vitamins to remain healthy. Discover natural healing solutions, nutritional advice, herbal vitamins, natural supplements, healthy weight loss & find out how you can enjoy remarkably good health through the inspiring Naturopathic ...…
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