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Tre ST-läkare och en specialist i allmänmedicin pratar allmänt om medicin i allmänhet och allmänmedicin i synnerhet.
Hukumcin ruwanda kare ya sayya baki acikina
Malan yayi bayanine akan hukuncin rowanda kare ya sayya baki cikinshi Yayi bayani cewa wannan ruwa sunzam najasa kuma wajibine a wanke abinda yasa bakinsa aciki so ba kuwai na fako da kasa Dakuma hukumcin wankeshi da sabuni da sauransuDa wasu hukumce hukumne masu alaka das hi wanda wajibine musulmi yasansu.
93X Half-Assed Morning Show
Josh, Nick and Ali bring you the 93X Half-Assed Morning Show including your daily dose of stupid news and sports with KARE 11's Randy Shaver // Powered by Standard Heating & Air Conditioning
Ronden – Tre läkare. Ett samtal. Ingen ordning.
Tre läkare. Ett samtal. Ingen ordning.I Ronden avhandlar vi högt och lågt om medicin. Nytt avsnitt varannan vecka. Maila oss på och följ oss på Twitter: @rondenpodcast.
En pod om yoga, medicin och vetenskap. Av och med Jacob Lidström – fysioterapeut och yogalärare, och Erik Myrberg - läkare och yogalärare.
Ask Laker Lance – Lance's Podcasts
Home of Ask Laker Lance and First Take With Lance Podcasts
Ronden – Tre läkare. Ett samtal. Ingen ordning.
Tre läkare. Ett samtal. Ingen ordning.I Ronden avhandlar vi högt och lågt om medicin. Nytt avsnitt varannan vecka. Maila oss på och följ oss på Twitter: @rondenpodcast.
I huvudet på en banbrytare
I huvudet på en banbrytare är en podcast med Katarina Gospic och Viggo Cavling. Nytt avsnitt varje lördag. Utgångspunkten är banbrytande och vad som händer i hjärnan när vi hittar på nya saker eller bryter mot etablerande normer och oskrivna lagar. Minsta motståndets lag bor i vår gener, men trots detta har mänskligheten utvecklats från grottmänniskor till dagens högteknologiska individer. Dock har våra hjärnor inte förändrats nämnvärt de senaste 40 000 åren. Podcasten I huvudet på en banbry ...
The Hypercombofinish Podcast
Gaming Podcast hosted by Chris Maguire and Marie Kare
Krisemøte, en ukentlig podcast av og med Kristopher Schau og Kyrre Holm Johannessen, handler om to menns kamp mot klokka. De er begge i 40-åra, og smertelig klar over at livet er ad nedadgående. Men hvor raskt? Blir alt bare dårligere? Eller er det noe som faktisk blir bedre med åra? Og går det egentlig an å lære noe nytt som noen og førti-åring?Utrustet med pulsarmbånd, nysgjerrighet og utadvent selvopptatthet, er Kyrre og Kristopher klare for å oppsummere livet på vei nedover, uke for uke.
High Frequency Wellness Podcast
Welcome to the High Frequency Wellness Podcast. Kare Possick has been on the cutting edge of natural healing, energy medicine and quantum consciousness for nearly 50 years. Author of bestselling books—“Why are you poisoning your family?” and “You’re How Old?-how to recharge, repair and regenerate every cell in your body”, Kare has been a consumer advocate and proponent for natural foods and alternative healing techniques ever since she opened the first biofeedback clinic in Ohio in the late ...
Sihiri da bokanci
Dalilan dasuka haramta sihiri da bokanci, da hukuncin bokanci da sihiri,da hukuncin aikinsu, da hukuncin tafiya wajansu, da hayyoyin dake kare musulmi ga resu.
True Bromance
"True Bromance" is a podcast where four guys watch 'chick flicks' and break them down from a dude's perspective. They use their love of movies, and knowledge of all dude things to find out what it takes to find true love.Follow us on Twitter:JD Roberts: @JDRintheAMMorgan Acuff: @WMorganAcuffJeff Cerino: @mrjeffreezeRyan Klare: @ryanklare
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In the Birmingham Fabian Society podcast, newly-christened West of Centre, Cory and LJ are joined by Labour's PPC for Mid Worcestershire Fred Grindrod to discuss being a PPC and what factors were most influential in the West Midlands. Our theme tune is Plucky Good Times by Dave Depper.
Kirtan & Katha - Podcast
ਮਨਿ ਹਰਿ ਹਰਿ ਜਪਨੁ ਕਰੇ ॥O mind, chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.ਹਰਿ ਗੁਰ ਸਰਣਾਈ ਭਜਿ ਪਉ ਜਿੰਦੂ ਸਭ ਕਿਲਵਿਖ ਦੁਖ ਪਰਹਰੇ ॥1॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥Hurry to the Sanctuary of the Lord, the Guru, O my soul; all your sins shall be taken away. ||1||Pause||ਘਟਿ ਘਟਿ ਰਮਈਆ ਮਨਿ ਵਸੈ ਕਿਉ ਪਾਈਐ ਕਿਤੁ ਭਤਿ ॥The All-pervading Lord dwells within each and every person's heart-how can He ...…
The Klares Andy and Cormac join Barbara live in studio to treat our listeners to 2 of their tracks in acoustic session & interview. See The Klares live in Bundoran this Saturday 24th June at Atlantic Bar & Venue 10.30pm Check out The Klares online for more: https://twitt ...…
In this episode, we chat with Barbara Stark-Nemon who wrote and published the book Even In Darkness: A Novel. Show notes at ————————————————————— BOOK SUMMARY — Based on a true story, Even in Darkness is the fictionalized saga of Klare Kohler’s life as a Jewish woman in Germany, through two world wars, and the 40 year rela ...…
Früher, so in den späten 80ern bis mittleren 90ern, war es sehr schwer für die Spielehersteller: Der Spielemarkt war noch kein großer, und in den Prä-Internetzeiten fiel es schwer, die Interessenten überhaupt irgendwie zu erreichen. Entsprechend großen Einfluss hatten damals Spielemagazine: Sie waren die Gatekeeper zwischen Zielgruppe und Produ ...…
In dieser Ausgabe sind Helge und Daniel im Gespräch mit dem Übersetzer Klaus Jöken. Am Niederrhein geboren, zog dieser vor nun mehr als 30 Jahren in die Auvergne in Frankreich und arbeitet dort im Stillen als Übersetzer. Mehrere hundert Comics hat er bereits aus dem französischen übersetzt und doch ist er sicher nur wenigen wirklich bekannt. Vö ...…
Hast du Schmerzen? Dann löse diese auf - mit dieser Laya Entspannung. Egal ob im Sitzen, im Liegen oder Stehen - mit dieser Laya Technik aus dem Kundalini Yoga kannst du die Energie des Schmerzes umwandeln in positiv nutzbare Kraft. Schmerzen sind oft Zeichen, dass etwas nicht in Ordnung ist. Das solltest du natürlich erst mal abklären bei eine ...…
This week Professor Remu and Aide Nuzlocke Matty have been given the task to research the anomaly of humans turning into Pokemon. We dive deep into the pokedex entries for Kadabra and Yamask, and also talk about Bill's transformation as well. Are these just myths or is it currently happening in the world?QOTD: How do humans turn into Pokemon?Le ...…
When you're getting started in your field, networking events can be INCREDIBLY useful. But what is the best way to actually get the most out of an event that may only give you 30-60 minutes to network with those attending? Elisabeth lays out a technique called F.O.R.M. and breaks down each part of the acronym. Then, Jason Hartman talks with Kar ...…
This is it! The inaugural first episode of the EGGS podcast. EGGS is a podcast about all things creative, regardless of what that means to you. From the creativity involved in launching a business, building brand, crafting an entertainment career or whatever, we talk about the process of growing your EGG from start to finish.----The Plugs: Ryan ...…
Club Mood Vibes Podcast
Hit the [↻ Repost] button if you like it!#122 of our podcast row by @tommystu!➡➡➡ ist einer der Südthüringer DJ-Bewegung, der den Aufbau und Wandel der DJ-Szene in Südthüring en mit beeinflusste. Im Jahre 2002 begann alles mit dem damal ...…
Jaggu er vi ikke klare med tips og råd for Runde 12 av Eliteserien Fantasy. Denne gangen diskuteres det om Lillestrøm og Udoji egentlig er til å stole på. Klarer Godset å holde på den gode formen borte mot Rosenborg? Kommer Sarpsborg seg opp på hesten igjen? Og hvilken øyboer blir rundens joker? Episode 12 av Bonuspodcasten - selverklært som El ...…
Juan Carlos Flórez de La Luciérnaga y los datos del sondeo que se hace desde la Red Colombia
MERITA BUSINESS PODCAST | Storie di Marketing, Social Media e Digital Transformation per Vendere
Da quando è uscita la nuova versione grafica di Linkedin, nome in codice Neptune, molte cose sono cambiate.La Linkedin Summary, cioè la zona in cui si forniva un riassunto discorsivo del proprio percorso professionale e delle proprie aspirazioni, è fra le aree del profilo che ha avuto lo stravolgimento più profondo.Anche se meno visibile di pri ...…
Shirin Lafiya Jari ya yi bayani kan kare yaduwar cutar Sida daga iyaye zuwa ga jarirai. Shirin ya tattauna da masu yaki da cutar.
Listen below to a great interview with Dr. Daniel Martinez, dentist working at Kids Dental Kare in Lynwood, California. The post Interview with Dr. Daniel Martinez from Kids Dental Kare appeared first on Kids Dental Kare - Dentista Para Ninos.
I denne ukens sending snakker vi om at Tor har vært på Tinder, herman har binge’a Rick and Morty, Postman Pat tror det er OK at han flyr helikoper, Nytt Zelda til mobil, Challange og ny spalte!
Es ist eines der Bücher, die auf den ersten Blick vielleicht etwas sperrig daherkommen, ist es doch optisch etwas speziell, um nicht zu sagen Retro-Angehaucht. Selbst der Klappentext lässt nicht unmittelbar erkennen welchen Tiefgang und Güte diese Buch haben wird. Für Fans von Clowes sicher ein Selbstläufer, für alle anderen wird es eine Offenb ...…
Vi har feiret både 16. og 17. mai, og nå er vi klare for Runde 10 av Eliteserien Fantasy. Er dette runden Bendtner gjør seg verdt sin pris? Kommer Rolantsson noen gang til å få defensive poeng? Er det over og ut for Adegbenro? Og hvorfor i alle dager prater gutta om Luc Martin Kassi? Dette og en hel del mer får du svar på i denne ukens Bonuspod ...…
PTF and JK are joined by Winstar Farm's Director of Bloockstock and Assistant Racing Manager Sean Tugel to discuss all the Maryland stakes on Friday and Saturday, culminating with a spirited debate about the Preakness Stakes.
The Daily Racing Form
PTF and JK are joined by Winstar Farm's Director of Bloockstock and Assistant Racing Manager Sean Tugel to discuss all the Maryland stakes on Friday and Saturday, culminating with a spirited debate about the Preakness Stakes ​​
PTF and JK are joined by Gabby Gaudet for an on-the-scene report from Pimlico. From there, they look ahead to the coming week and do an extended mailbag segment, which includes both hosts thoughts on when to hedge and when not to hedge.
The Daily Racing Form
PTF and JK are joined by Gabby Gaudet for an on-the-scene report from Pimlico. From there, they look ahead to the coming week and do an extended mailbag segment, which includes both hosts thoughts on when to hedge and when not to hedge. ​​
Before Geeks Were Cool
Laree and Jim recap Larees visit to the East Coast!
Professor and author Michael Klare on awful future of climate genocide. Dr. Noah Diffenbaugh: science of climate driving extreme weather events. Australian radio host Vivien Langford’s original radio on Malaysia. Song “Speak for the Trees”. Download or listen to this Radio Ecoshock show …By Alex Smith.
Happy Hour: The ladies have a debate around Mother's Day Gifts. The question of this happy hour..."Is your Boyfriend allowed to buy his child's mother a Mother's Day Gift." They discuss all the ways this scenario can play out and if they find this acceptable or not. Shaken NOT Stirred: Khadijah's Mom Maria Scott, AKA Ree Dawg, joins the party t ...…
In this episode, Tim and Megan have an Uphill Conversation with Kare Anderson on synchronicity, clarity and specificity. Kare Anderson is an Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter, now connective behavior speaker and columnist for Forbes and Huffington Post. Anderson’s TED talk on The Web of Humanity: Be an Opportunity Maker h ...…
Khloe cares is a charity founded by an amazing girl with a deep desire to help. Khloe and her team distribute Kare Bags to those who are less fortunate. She is only 9 years old and is showing that age truly has no bearing on someone’s ability to help. She believes that she can give back by serving others, being positive, spreading awareness abo ...…
Episode 8: Stefan Roock und Henning Wolf / it-agile und die Geschichte von Agil in Deutschland Episode 8 ist für mich eine ganz besondere und sehr persönliche Folge. Und das hat mit den Gästen zu tun. Ich habe die Folge mit Stefan Roock und Henning Wolf in den wunderbaren Büros Ihrer weithin bekannten Firma it-agile am Hamburger Hafen aufgenomm ...…
Der eine hat Filmgeschichte geschrieben, der andere wurde fast vergessen: Wir blicken in der aktuellen Lichtspielplatz-Folge auf Fritz Langs wegweisenden Krimiklassiker M - EINE STADT SUCHT EINEN MÖRDER aus dem Jahr 1931 und auf das zwanzig Jahre später entstandenene Drama DER VERLORENE von und mit M-Hauptdarsteller Peter Lorre - seine einzige ...…
Broscience med Geir Kåre Nyland og Christian Stava på Herjer MMA i Haugesund. Share
Bob is joined by KARE 11's Tim MCNiff, who discusses his return to morning TV, as well as movie critic Tim Lammers, who reviews "Guardians of the Galaxy," and Smart Start MN co-owners Ed Cohen and Mike Friedberg, who share their thoughts on the astounding start by the Twins.
Episode 018 Kare Goodness by Mr. Reisler
Dr. Diane Hamilton
Emmy-winning journalist, TED speaker author Kare Anderson and personal branding expert author Barry Feldman
David is joined by Neil and Fiona again today with Brendan interstate again for family reasons. Fiona is in the hot seat later today, doing her first monthly segment for Sunday Arts Magazine–an interview with […] ...…
Jason Hartman talks with Kare Anderson about the nuances of human communication. Kare is an Emmy award winning journalist, reporting for such outlets as NBC, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and the Huffington Post. Kare's TED Talk on becoming an opportunity makers has over a million views, she's a co-founder of 9 PACs, and author of such books as ...…
Attack of the Killer Kast
Har du Lyst har du lov. Vi snakker selvsagt om Severin Eskelands nyeste film, «Lyst». Omtalt i media som Norges drøyeste skrekkfilm, men er den så drøy som de kulørte pressetunger skal ha det til? Er «Lyst» virkelig så drøy at man må sitte med spyposene klare? Krimforfatter Lisa Rostorp, en suksessfull forfatter tør ikke forlate leiligheten ett ...…
April 24, 2017 – This week’s episode airs on Holocaust Remembrance Day, and features debut novelist Barbara Stark-Nemon’s ambitious novel, Even in Darkness. Spanning a century and three continents, Barbara tells the story of her real-life great-aunt, Kläre Kohler, from early years in a prosperous German-Jewish family, through an adulthood of lo ...…
Gusse par kabu kaise kare Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad
I denne utgaven av Partikontoret tar ressursgruppa for miljø og klima tak i hvordan vi skal klare å skape mange flere grønne arbeidsplasser. Det er gjennom arbeidet vårt at vi kan få til å gjøre en forskjell. Gjestene i studio er AUFer Helen Ingrid Andreassen og Harald Holm som er kommunikasjonssjef for bærekraft i Storebrand. Helen har jobbet ...…
As the thirtieth episode rolls out, Beckett and BK are swept away in the swirling morass that can only be metaplot. The dynamic duo discuss the role of metaplot in RPGs, and the oWoD in particular, offering their views on the successful narratives. They close out by considering two aspects of metaplot from Vampire and Werewolf, with some altern ...…
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