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Legacy Prs Radio is used in conjunction of discussions on paranormal events or theories as well as featured gusts from actors/actresses from various movies..
Ghost In My Soup
Talk about the paranormal from a paranormal researcher, PRS's case manager, Chris Edwards
Leadership Point Radio | Critical Thoughts for Today’s Leaders
Leadership Point Radio, LPR, is a new concept in radio charging ahead in raising the level of leadership in today’s corporate and nonprofit worlds. Offered through a simple format of interviews with leaders, folks who study leaders, and those who have been led by great leaders, bringing out the heart and soul of leadership working in today’s multitasking society. LPR is aimed at the rising stars. Individuals who recognize that new ideas and education are key to their personal and professiona ...
WSNK Valdosta Community Podcast
WSNK-LP is a new community radio station based in Valdosta, Georgia. We are scheduled to launch in the Summer of 2016.
DJ LP - The Total Package
Leadership and professionalism are only two of the attributes DJ LP has pushed to excel in today’s music business. From an early age born in Newport News, Virginia, DJ LP has been making his mark along the musical path. Raised by a musically influenced family, at age 14, LP taught himself how to read and write music. After a few years of touring around the world as a drummer he wanted to serve his country. He proudly joined the military and soon deployed to Iraq with the U.S. Marines.After b ...
Jim'll's Bobcast
Bob Says...Unscripted, unplanned and unprofessional - meander with us through my record collection. Over a thousand Lps include 6ts soul, garage, psych, pop, punk, folk, krautrock, classical, blues and 8ts pop. What on earth will Jim'll's Brain make of it all?Jim'll Says...How do you host a radio show when you don't have any records? Nick someone else's and get them to do all the hard work, sifting through thousands of Lps, mixing the tracks and putting the needle on the record, while I sit ...
Connected Radio Podcast
Connected Radio is a radio program hosted by Gerry OConnell, a powerful mix of music, fun, interviews and chat that seeks to Connect with the listener to explore issues such as lifes meaning . Contact Us Here SUBSCRIBE NOW: All rights reserved, licensed by PRS for Music Go to Our Website: RSS FEED iTunes ...
Radio - presenting and guesting
These podcast format files are archives of Peter D Cox radio contributions and appearances. Mostly recorded off-air they do, of course, have copyright constraints of the broadcaster usually BBC or Radio Glamorgan. Some material may be available for rebroadcast - please enquire before using - better quality files of interviews are available. See for details of each item. Downloadable podcasts of programmes for personal use are licenced by PRS .
Archives of Radio Glamorgan shows
These are podcast versions of the full off-air recording of Peter Cox's programme broadcast on Radio Glamorgan every Friday. Each is in two one-hour files. More than usually interesting interviews recorded for the programme may be clipped and also appear on the media pages. In order to comply with PRS rules, playlists are not necessarily complete in every detail. Use the subscribe button to get iTunes downloads.
Mayfest Radio
**Please note, if you've come here looking for Music is My Radar, The World is Listening, Arias for an Apocalypse or Field Notes then please head to the Mixcloud link on the links belowMayfest is Bristol’s unique annual festival of contemporary theatre. Here you can catch up on Mayfest Radio, the sound of Mayfest.* Featuring interviews, conversations, podcasts and much more.Mayfest Radio’s aim is to make make a meeting point for arts, theatre, performance, music and discussion, in the form o ...
YOU NEVER HEARD OF THE PANICROOMSHOW ? Well PRS just happens to be the funniest show in the world... well not quite but we do try. is a live comedy radio show that features on air talent such as KaySee (Producer), Leeroy (Host) and any other poor soul that drifts or gets dragged into the PanicRoom. This show is not like any normal comedy show, OHHHH NO!, when live we broadcast a live video feed so the viewers can see our misfortunes as they happen so they feel like they a ...
Every DJ needs a voice… whilst you’re wrestling with Ableton in the studio or out spinning records in a darkened box; you need someone to be working behind the scenes on your behalf.And that’s what we do here at DJ Voice: we get your name, your tracks, your parties and your record label all over the internet. From hitting hundreds of forums with your news, to raising your social networking profiles with engaging content via improving your biographies and release PRs with our experienced jour ...
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The Dave and Gunnar Show
This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: DIY LPRs, Crowdsourced Panopticon, and Universal Key Escrow is a thing we’re talking about now. Subscribe via RSS or iTunes. Proud Daddy: Lauren declared runner up in the National Center for Women in Technology 2016 National Award Competition It begins: FRC 2016 kickoff on January 9! Gunnar can strongly end ...…
This week Dave and Gunnar talk about: DIY LPRs, Crowdsourced Panopticon, and Universal Key Escrow is a thing we’re talking about now. Proud Daddy: Lauren declared runner up in the National Center for Women in Technology 2016 National Award Competition It begins: FRC 2016 kickoff on January 9! Gunnar can strongly endorse helicopter rides for tod ...…
Coming Sunday February 8th 2009 at 4pm est we will be interviewing the original mother of the infamous killer of the 80's Jason Vorhees, Betsy Palmer who starred as Pamela Vorhees. You don't want to miss this Show.
David Scott is a Religious Demonologist based in North Carolina, he will be our guest and will present some evps that he has captured on some of his cases.
We will be interviewing Richard Senate one of the worlds top leading paranormal expert with over 30 years of paranormal knowledge only on LPRS-Radio.
We will be talking about anything paranormal, and we will also have some evps that we have captured from our past investigations.
We will be discussing the myths and legends about Sleepy Hollow home of the headless horseman, and taking callers to discuss the Most Haunted Live in Gettysburg, Pa to see what the after effects was on the viewers.
We will be having a open discussion about the myths and legends, Urban Tales, and how we feel about Psychics.
Dr. Ciaran O'Keeffe has achieved fame in the UK following his appearances on Living TV's paranormal television show Most Haunted and Jane Goldman Investigates where he performs the role of parapsychologist and paranormal investigator. He also featured in National Geographic Channel's Paranormal? (2005) series. He is an open minded skeptic on th ...…
We will be interviewing RCPS Founder and Founder of Jon Woods,
Today we will be doing something a bit differently, everyone needs to vent and we are going to do just that. We will be venting over TAPS, TALA and other paranormal groups etc.
Dead Famous Chris Fleming will be our guest Sunday August 17, 2008 at 4pm est. Chris Fleming is best notice for his show Dead Famous and Unknown Magazine. He has been featured in Sci-Fi's "Ghost Hunters" in the episode with TAPS and the introduction to the K-II Meter.
We will be interviewing 3 guests for Sunday August 10 2008 starting at 4pm est. Our guests will be Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio, and 5:00pm est OPI Founder Brian Sizemore.
David Wells medium who was apart of the UK show Most Haunted will make a 30 minute guest appearance on LPRS Radio Sunday July 27, 2008.
Eddie Sloan one of the founders of BGPS Blue Grass Paranormal Society located in Frankfort Kentucky.
Sci Fi's Ghost Hunters International's Barry FitzGerald will be our guest Sunday July 13, 2008 at 4pm est.
We will be interviewing one of the original founders of InSight Paranormal and a close friend of Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson from Sci-Fi's "Ghost Hunters"
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