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Welcome to Ludology, an analytical discussion of the how’s and why’s of the world of board games. Rather than news and reviews, Ludology explores a variety of topics about games from a wider lens, as well as discuss game history, game design and game players. Ludology is made possible by the support and donations of listeners like you. We encourage you to visit us at our guild on Boardgamegeek to get involved in a continuing discussion of our topics. Ludology is part of The Dice Tower Networ ...
PartTimeIndie - Game Studies
This podcast is en excerpt of my devlog in which i talk about one ludological topic each week. I will try to deconstruct a mechanic or part of a game, see what its benefits and drawbacks are and try to come up with ideas on how to use it and what can be improved.
Ludus Novus
The Art of Interaction
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Gil and Geoff are delighted to welcome Jason Morningstar, designer of Fiasco, The Shab-Al-Hiri Roach, Night Witches, and other innovative RPGs. We discuss how to better integrate story and narrative into games when there is no GM, the social contract that requires, and pitfalls along the way. Duration: 1:10:35…
Gil and Geoff are joined by the gang from the Flip The Table podcast to talk about Roll & Move games. What works (and doesn't) with this much-maligned mechanic? Duration: 1:07:00
This week, I have an interview with Riot Games lead designer, Greg Street. A few months ago, the League of Legends YouTube channel posted a “Dev Diary” video. A few people who follow my work alerted me on social media about this video, telling me that it sounded a bit like theory I often advocate was being expressed in the video. I often watch ...…
Gil and Geoff talk about different methods for using mathematical modeling and simulation during the design process. Duration: 1:12:12
In this classic GameTek, Geoff takes a look at the physics behind the coin toss. Duration 5:39
Gil and Geoff are pleased to welcome Morten Monrad Pedersen, to discuss the art of designing solo games. Morten has designed several popular solo variants to games, including Scythe and Viticulture. What are the design techniques for solo games? How do they differ from multiplayer games? Duration: 1:14:38…
Scott Rogers joins us with a new Biography of a Board Game - Arkham Horror! Duration: 6:16
Gil and Geoff tackle ties in games. How important are tiebreakers? What are good and bad ways to design them? Duration: 1:18:18
In this classic GameTek, Geoff discusses the difference between a cheat and a spoilsport, and what that means for society. Duration: 05:49
Gil and Geoff are thrilled to welcome Chris Cobb from Riot Games, creator of the number one online game in the world, League of Legends. Until recently Chris was the technical lead for the Player Behavior team, which was tasked with designing in-game and out-of-game systems to encourage players to be nicer to each other, and deal with players w ...…
The Veteran Wargamer
Episode 17: Buddy is only half a wordWe talk with Justin Burgess and Kevin Jacobson of War Games LLC about their latest Kickstarter project, Blue Falcon, plus grunt stuff, pog stuff, bootleg DVDs and relationship-killing games of Diplomacy.Blue Falcon Kickstarter ...…
Ludology welcomes Scott Rogers and his Biography of a Board Game segment! This episode he traces the history of Risk, from the early 20th century to today. Duration: 09:10
For their first show as a duo, Gil and Geoff revisit the question posed in the very first episode of Ludology - What is a game? The answer may surprise you. Duration: 1:23:24
New Content! Geoff interviews Eric Janszen, the CEO of VirZoom. VirZoom makes a Virtual Reality exercise bike, that interfaces with all the major VR platforms, and uses games to keep people exercising. What lessons have they learned about gaming and engagement? Duration 25:39
Changes! We bid a fond farewell to Mike, and a big hello to Gil! Duration: 1:25:22
New content! Geoff interviews Rogelio Cardona-Rivera, a researcher at North Carolina State, about Procedural Narrative Generation - systems that can create and manipulate story structure in a game on the fly. For more information, please check out and Duration: 32:58…
Mike and Geoff are pleased to welcome Justin Jacobson from Restoration Games, to talk about what they've learned from bringing older games back for a modern audience. Duration: 1:01:35
In this classic GameTek, Geoff looks at games that help improve teamwork. Duration: 05:41
Mike and Geoff are pleased to welcome guest J.R. Honeycutt, to discuss the role of the Developer in the game design and publication process. Duration 59:25
In this classic GameTek Geoff discusses some techniques for estimating things in your head. Duration 6:19
Mike and Geoff field a bevy of listener questions. Duration: 1:10:21
In this classic GameTek Geoff looks at how the language people use can give clues to their treachery. Duration: 6:32
Father and sun duo Geoff and Bryan Engelstein join the show to talk about the nitty gritty awesome nerdiness of board game designing. To learn more about Geoff check out his own podcast Ludology ( he analyzes board game mechanisms.
Mike and Geoff are pleased to welcome designer Andrew Parks to discuss taking a second shot at a design, whether it's revisiting a mechanic or taking an entire system into a new direction. Duration: 1:15:42
In this classic GameTek Geoff looks at how choosing a color may affect how you play. Duration: 06:17
Mike and Geoff discuss multi-use cards - their history, and how they can be used by designers. Duration: 1:03:53
In this classic GameTek, Geoff discusses the use of pronouns when writing rules. Duration: 06:17
Mike and Geoff are pleased to welcome returning guest Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games to discuss the state of the gaming industry going into 2017. Duration: 1:19:43
In this classic GameTek Geoff pays tribute to game theorist John Nash. Duration: 06:35
Game Designers of North Carolina Podcast
Mark McGee (@mmark40) and Josh Mills (@joshuajmills) join Matt Wolfe (@mattwolfe) to talk about ludological arcs in games. 1:02 - What's in the Oven? 4:00 - Main topic: Ludological Arcs 1:03:17 - GDofNC news Things mentioned in this episode: I Can't Even With These Marvelous Supers I Can't Even With These Spectacular Supers Discuss this episode ...…
How do different player counts affect the design process? How important is it that a game support a variety of player counts? Duration: 1:08:06
Poke Press Digest Podcast-Pokemon Interviews and Discussions
For this episode, we have two segments. The first (0:55-26:00) is an interview with Eric Summerer, co-host of a board gaming podcast called “The Dice Tower”, regarding his experience with the Pokémon Trading Card Game. We discuss how he played the game in its early days, and how he got back into it.Our second segment (26:06-37:53) is an archiva ...…
Mike and Geoff are pleased to welcome slot machine game design Jeremy Hornik. Jeremy has been designing slots for over 15 years, including Money Burst, Willy Wonka, Monopoly, and Baron von Bacon's Million Credit Bonus. What are the special considerations for slot machine design, and what do they learn from video and board games? Duration: 1:16:28…
In this classic GameTek, Geoff wraps up his discussion of entropy and statistical mechanics by exploring the way that disorder and energy flow through a game system. Duration: 6:19
Mike and Geoff dive into real time games. What design techniques work for this mechanism? What does it do to the player experience? Duration: 1:00:50
In this classic GameTek Geoff continues his exploration of thermodynamics by talking about Statistical Mechanics and what it tells us about the world. Duration: 7:05
Mike and Geoff are thrilled to welcome guest Mark Herman to the program. Mark is the designer of a slew of games, including the first Card Driven Game (CDG) We The People. His latest design is Churchill. However the focus of our conversation is on Mark's work designing and executing simulations for the military and businesses, to test out their ...…
In this classic GameTek, Geoff looks at the scientific concept of entropy. Duration: 5:32
Mike and Geoff take a deep dive into Martin Wallace's latest game, Via Nebula. They look at all the design choices, from game play to theme to production. Duration: 1:09:04
In this classic GameTek Geoff looks at lead changes, and some simple mathematical models that reveal some surprising truths. Duration: 06:31
Mike and Geoff discuss the different ways you can win a game, and how that effects the design and player experience. Duration: 1:13:29
In this classic GameTek Geoff examines rules as a logical structure, and the way that relates to math concepts of axioms and completeness. Duration: 06:28
Mike and Geoff are thrilled to welcome two of the designers of Thornwatch, Mike Krahulik and Mike Selinker, to discuss their game design process, and their views on gaming culture. Mike Krahulik is the artist for the popular webcomic Penny Arcade and co-founder with Jerry Holkins. Mike Selinker is founder of Lone Shark games, and designer of ma ...…
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