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If you Care a Little More, Things Happen. Bees can be dangerous. Always wear protective clothing when approaching or dealing with bees. Do not approach or handle bees without proper instruction and training.
Listen in as Luis Palau encourages Christians to share their faith with easy-to-use tips on reaching your world for Jesus Christ.
Pop music mix From 70's, 80's, 90's and nowadays. Only the best music and the best artists!"As a DJ you should really know music better than the crowd - it's your job and you should have researched and be dedicated to the music you play all your life". - Jamie Anderson.Contact: / Twitter: @djLuisAAMy Podcast in iTunes:
Personal life and stories of my every day life. Oh and is in Spanish, so let me now If you want it in English too.
Legion of Skanks has been called "the most offensive podcast on Earth" and the hosts and creators wouldn't want it any other way! Stand up comedians and real-life best friends Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith host their weekly "podcast party" from the Creek and Cave in Long Island City where they invite their loyal fans in studio to hang out and listen in as they discuss anything and everything in a hilarious and extremely uncensored way. The "skanks" consistently raise the ba ...
The Lusiads (Os Lusíadas) is a Portuguese epic poem, written in the 16th century by Luis Vaz de Camões. The poem tells the tale of the Portuguese discoveries in the 15th and 16th centuries, specially the voyage to India by Vasco da Gama. Modelled after the classic epic tradition, Camões' Lusiads are considered not only the first literary text in Modern Portuguese, but also a national epic of the same level as Vergil's Aeneid. In the 19th century, Sir Richard Francis Burton translated Camões' ...
Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel, mobilize the Church, and equip the next generation of godly leaders. More information at
Un podcast despre marketing si viata
Un podcast despre marketing si viata
Sermons from the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Luis Obispo County.
Exclusive House Music Radio & Podcasts
Welcome to the Luis Belville’s #Realtalk podcast, where thoughts are said out loud and realizations hit me I hope as hard as they hit you. Otherwise enjoy my nonsense!
Luis M.
Hi i am Philip. It's my first podcast about all that i want, y si está en español
⚽️ futbol
Luis Goytia
Criptonoticia no te las pierdas!!!
Podcast by Luis&GregPodcast
Luis de Poda
The Lui G Podcast
I'm a young man aspiring to touch the souls of the youth that feel as if they don't have life figured out just yet. I'm here to remind you.... WHATS THE DAMN RUSH? I don't have life figured out at all. I am still learning everyday. My goal is to grow with my listeners and hopefully inspire you to reach your true potential the way YOU want. Take a listen to Lui G and we can start this journey and watch the fruits of our labor grow into something beautiful!
Jesus deve ser adorado, a Sua Palavra pregada, e as pessoas amadas e servidas.
Luis Riano's Podcast
8800S Radio Test Set for P25 (Phase I & II), DMR, dPMR, FM and AM.
Luis Zamora House Producer and Dj. Enjoy every week the Garage Sessions. Don't foget mail your comments and your request to
Dance and Electronic music sessions selected and mixed by Luis Escribano (MAD-ESP) Autor: LUISESCRIBANO/
Luis Daly Podcast
luis daly podcast
The hottest mixes from Luis Funez. Like me on facebook: Follow me on twitter: @LuisFunez99
In this podcast I'm going to share all I know about Internet marketing.
A Video Blog about the San Luis Obispo Real Estate Market for buyers and sellers by San Luis Obispo's premiere Realtor Hal Sweasey
Luis Karvlaska has always had a love for music and has been immersed in the house music scene for more than 1 decade. He is one of the most sought-after DJs in Playa del Carmen, Barcelona, Mykonos, Toronto... largely because he consistently share different sessions styles: House, Tribal House, Tech House and Techno... that are coupled to different themes' parties: pride, after hours, in the sunshine, on the beach, on the boat, techno rave, big room, dj bar...
Luis M's Podcast
Lui Chadwick Podcast
Light hearted, friendly chat show hosted by Lui Chadwick. Each week different guests come along and the podcast is released each Tuesday.
Evangelista solo para Dios
Welcome to the Luis Rosales Alfaro podcast, where amazing things happen.
A pop culture blog for geeks
Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
Jonathan Squillacce & Luis Santos pres. Welcome to the Weekend
One hour of deep, blissful, mesmerizing House and Classics.
raw truth if you ain't ready don't listen
Luis and Ethan get together once a week and talk about whatever the hell is on their minds: Comics, cheeseburgers, wrestling, beer, movies, and everything in between!
Worldwide Syndicated EDM, Urban & Latin Music Radio Show with Guest DJ's / Mixes / Tracks & Interviews. Hosted by Luis Otero. Send us your Demos,Tracks & Mixes to play on the show: "Please Say No To Music Piracy" & Support All The Artist, DJ's, Songwriters & Producers that we play on Air Music Live.
Eclectic tribal, progressive house mixes from Dj Luis M
We Know Nothing Podcast with Graeme and Luis. We talk all things pop culter and more but remember we know everything and nothing at the same time.
The Ngigua, San Luís Temalacayuca Audio New Testament (WYI) is a unique presentation of the Audio Bible. For a list of other available languages go to our website at The mission of Faith Comes By Hearing is to bring His Church together and make disciples from every nation, tribe, language, and people: to give every person the opportunity to listen completely through the New Testament in their heart language.
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The man behind @Disney_Nuts and Disney Colors tells us all about his journey. CJ & Greg stepped out of their usual recording space to spend some time with Luis (and a few others!) --- Looking to travel? Contact CJ at From ZADD Crew merch to Disney parks gear, visit…
Ancienne prof dans une banlieue difficile, Delphine Saltel retrouve les élèves qu’elle avait enregistrés au collège et confronte leur voix d’enfant à leur parcours d’adulte. 12 ou 15 ans après leur troisième, que sont devenus les petits caïds et les premiers de la classe ? Inattendu, drôle et parfois dérangeant, un podcast documentaire sensible ...…
About twenty-five years ago, doctors discovered a massive tumor growing on my mother’s liver. They looked at the X-rays, shook their heads, and said, “There is nothing we can do. All we can give you is pain killers.” Despite the diagnosis, Mom remained at peace with the Lord. She knew that a glorious future awaited her in heaven.As she neared t ...…
PLAY | Luis Rosales | 4.15.18 | Welcome to the Summit Church Podcast. We pray that the following messages will enhance your walk with God, and lead you to experience God real for yourself. Thank you for tuning in, we pray that you will be blessed for itBy (Pastor Shane Golden).
Mix #316 we bring you DJ IRV. Growing up on an eclectic diet of classic rock and old funk records provided by his parents’ record collection, Irv is hard to pin down musically. Inspired by his family’s love of music. Irv took up the drums at the age of 18. It was only a few years later that Irv discovered late night house parties and the groovy ...…
Nic caught up with Luis Vasquez during The Soft Moon's US Tour. They discussed cinema influences, being robbed on tour, living in Europe and the feeling of playing to a foreign crowd in your own country as well as The Soft Moon's latest release Criminal.
This week Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico are joined by comedians Mike Recine and Mike Feeney and discuss wearing cheap clothes as kids, Recine dippin' and smokin', Luis takes (or attempts to take) an IQ test, Guess The News - Will Ferrell car accident, childhood shows, the incest dad, being attracted to family members, blaming black people for cri ...…
Our heroes discuss the fascinating topic that is the Australian legislative system....zzz...zzz...zzz....
Kendrick of Compton has inspired David of Auckland to Commonwealth Games gold.David Liti offered nothing short of outrageous courage and brilliant theatre to secure gold in a sport he once thought was "boring".The 21-year-old won the men’s over 105 kilogram weightlifting on the Gold Coast, combining a 174 kilogram snatch with a 229 kilogram cle ...…
My guest today has been dancing since the age of five! She started out studying ballet and classical Spanish dances, and later developed a strong background in contemporary dance and contact improv. She started studying tango back in 1994 with Luis Solanas and Cecilia Troncoso, founders of the renowned escuela de Tango La Viruta. She's worked w ...…
Todays episode came out of the blue and inspired from a conversation i had with someone. I had other plans for todays podcast however, im pretty excited to deliver to you guys The Undeniables. Pt. 1
Former owner and founder of the Waist Trainer and Luxe Fitness. Iyia Lui is no chump when it comes to being a young entreprenuer in the cut throat business world. Swami sits down with Iyia to discuss business and life in general.
¡Escucha mi nuevo episodio y Descubre más contenido en mi canal!
#Realtalk Episode two discussion is about the person in the mirror, the impact of belief, and the embrace of life’s hurdles.
Don't know what to watch on Netflix,Amazon, Hulu or Shudder join us as we cut through all the waste. This week we review "Death Note" with John Reid Adams from Narcotic Cassarole, Brandon and Luis Lacau together. Then we each bring our picks of the week "Only lovers left Alive", "Doctor Strange" and "Take you pills". Watch our weekly youtube sh ...…
#Realtalk it’s a bit rough but it’s the first one. I only took one take because I wanted it to be as authentically spoken as I could.. I had free time and just started recording. Topics: happiness. Work & Reward.
Daniel Ho is a 6-time GRAMMY winning artist, producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer from Honolulu, Hawai'i. Playlist Spotify playlist Guest Daniel Ho is a 6-time GRAMMY winning artist, producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and audio engineer from Honolulu, Hawai'i. He began his professional career in the ‘90s as the ...…
I need to share some important news with you. It’s not good. A few weeks ago it was clearly confirmed that I have Stage 4 lung cancer. As you can imagine, this isn’t news we were expecting or hoping for. Yet our trust in the Lord remains rock-solid. I’ve seldom been sick in my life. Only a handful of colds. The only time I was hospitalized was ...…
Andrew Burer joined Scott and BR to talk about the Padres 0-3 start, Luis Perdomo's outing and Wil Myers injury update.By (The Mighty 1090 - San Diego).
Time to get SAUCY! Just in time for Spring - Grab this latest episode of my MEAT podcast series recorded live from the Dallas Eagle. This tribal infused peak hour set will put you through a frezied journey of beats with energetic vocals and some twists and turns. Enjoy! Benson Wilder - SAUCED 1. Todrick Hall, Rupaul, Offer Nissim - Dem Beats Ch ...…
The April mix is now available, featuring tracks from The Advent, Oscar Mulero, Luis Flores, Rebekah, Marcel Dettmann, Alexander Kowalski, Lester Fitzpatrick.Follow us on social media:Apple Podcast the artist and bu ...…
Another day, another show. Alan and Charles are both having a weird depressed hook up phase. Charles' life goal is to be a trophy husband. Luis tells a recent hookup story as a non-sadboi, while Cindy interrupts again. Charles objectively has the best butt on the show. If you don't like Black Dynamite, we can't be friends. Alan tells the absolu ...…
En este episodio especial, nos acompaña Dr. Luis Rodriguez, Manager del Programa de Educación Pastoral del Hospital Metodista de Houston. Con un gran sensibilidad, Dr. Rodriguez comparte sus reflecciones sobre el tema del divorcio, y los aspectos espirituales y emocionales. Tuvimos la gran oportunidad de pasar este tiempo con Dr. Rodriguez en 2 ...…
Trending #2A mix of songs, popular in all of dance music and my personal favourites.New episodes monthly.Tracklisting:1. 48HRS - Disciples2. Go Bang - Pnau3. Freaky Friday (Alphalove Remix) - Lil Dicky & Chris Brown4. Bum Bum Tam Tam (Jax Jones Remix) - MC Fioti Ft. Future, Stefflon Don, J Balvin, Juan Magan5. Jumanji (Shift K3y Remix) - B Youn ...…
April 2018 | All your favourites of house, bass, urban, UK and this month we add a splash of tech house as requested.Got an Iphone or Ipad? Download the 'Podcast' app, search 'DJ Richie Don' and subscribe, to receive future episodes automatically from #Itunes. For links and more info visit: - turn it up and enjoy.Ric ...…
Squad Up! gains a party member! Join hosts Eduardo, Peach3z, and dragon knight Luis as they discuss the possibility of an open world Star Wars game, the rising success of Fortnite, and the possible decline of the MOBA genre. Will "Battle Royale" style games dethrone power players like League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm? Step into the are ...…
Sports Illustrated's Justin Barrasso serves as guest co-host to break down WrestleMania weekend and match predictions with Luis, Jae, and Julio. (Luis Vasquez, Jae Holland, Julio Jeune).
"Luis DH – StardustCris Vola – Ci SaraiMandy Woods – A Mother’s LoveDavid Cooler – Dog Huntin ManThe Bleeding Rose – She’s My HeroDavid Simmons – Angel Music LoverThe Dream Logic – Without YouSojo Mojo - Something To Smile About"
Luis Drayton and Professor P-Soop present the latest edition of "Butterflies and Hurricanes" on Fusion Music Radio! With Special Guest Audrey, music from Anthony Albanese, Toska Wilde aka Cryin' Queerwolf, The Nigel Purcell Trio, 60 Hz Official, Vigilia, The Surgemasters, Ced Duenow - plus "The Week In Lulz", "My Life In The Bush Of Static" and ...…
We return from our self-imposed hiatus older and wiser. Also, we're talking about Florence + The Machine now, so that's pretty neat. This episode takes a look at the band's debut album, 2009's Lungs. -- Supergroup Presents takes a look at bands we like, album by album. Hosted by Declan Murphy, Luis Gomez, and Rachel Poe. Edited by Luis Gomez. F ...…
Dave shares a few wild stories and answers questions about investing, real estate, budgeting and paying back family loans. Featured Calls: Luis: How to sell an upside-down car? Debt-free Scream: Omega paid off $42K! Amanda: Am I ready to buy real estate? Annette: I need a budget makeover! Kelly: I owe my parents money. Win With Money: Financial ...…
This week on Limited Resources Marshall and Luis take a show to ask each other the important questions. They each wrote up about 15 questions without the other knowing, and then they through them at each other live on this week's LR! Limited Resources is proudly sponsored by MTG Breakdown YouTube Channel: ...…
Throughout Lent, we will supplement our weekly podcast with daily reflections from scripture scholar Elizabeth Kirkland Cahill. Each reflection will focus on the Psalm from that day’s Mass. Sign up for The Word e-newsletter here: Music from the podcast: Kyrie II composed by Tomás Luís de Victoria & Mis ...…
On today’s show Luis is out, but Carlos, Dizzy and Eric are talking about “Ghosting” and giving their thoughts and opinions on the “millennial term”. Podcast Links:TuneIn: Play: ...…
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