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El Café de Nadie
Conducido por Ireri Figueroa y Luis Ricardo, se transmite en vivo los viernes a las 21:00 horas por Puebla FM, 105.9 en la ciudad de Puebla. Pasamos música de Albert Plá, charleston, rag, jazz, Frank Zappa, sones latinoamericanos, Velvet Undeground, música del mundo, gitana, blues del delta, folklores, humor, rock inglés, fotografía, Autocantantes, artistas en catalán y portugués, mexicanos de ayer y hoy, genios sudamericanos, norteamericanos desplazados, autores poco favorecidos por el éxit ...
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This week A Thousand Words looks at Luis Ricardo Falero's "Naughty Bits" aka "Faust's Dream." Along the way, we discover the modern Faust, discuss Planet Hollywood, and Stan makes the worst sound ever with his mouth.
Hey gang! Just returned from my trip from Portugal, and it was incredible. Working on helping rebuild houses for people in need, and diving to clean up the reef is up there as one of my most rewarding trips. It is always scary to take that step to get out there, and have some alone time. I wanted to make it a bit easier on everyone! Here are so ...…
Stage lights rise on Faustus study. Ralph and Robin come running in and hide among the furniture. Immediately they are followed by several raw-skinned demons, midgets of reptilian humanoid form, with female breasts and thrashing snake-like tails, and horns on their heads. Sparks fly out of their anuses as they fart spluttering sulfurous gases. ...…
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