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Tangible Dreams Entertainment Radio is hosted by comedian Patterson Lundquist, a ten year veteran of celebrity impersonation as well as cartoon voice recreations each show is sure to be a scream. Subject matter will range over a vast genre of themes. From Hollywood news, gossip, plus Circus Envy's Side Show News. A segment featuring news of the weird, focusing on some of the craziest stories across the world. BJ "Orlock" Sizemore brings us Paranormally, featuring discussion of the paranormal ...
Unofficial podcast for Skeptics Stack Exchange ( Hosted by Marco Cecconi (Sklivvz) and Steve Lundquist (Larian LeQuella).
Viral is a public health podcast for both public health nerds and the general public hosted by Linsey Grove and Quinn Lundquist. Public health consists of too many topics and professionals to name–but we’re going to try to cover it all. From baby bottle tooth decay to social justice, we will discuss the historical context, cultural relevance, and current connections to each topic while interviewing our colleagues in the field. You don’t have to work in public health to appreciate its quirky, ...
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