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When The Luvologist first graced the airwaves on Sunday, January 13, 2008 he promised to revolutionize BlogTalkRadio with QUALITY programming. Sunday nights and relationship advice has never been the same since The Luvologist came to the BTR scene. 'The Luvologist LIVE!!!' became a FEATURED SHOW in two short months. Tune in to find out why The Luvologist is taking self-discovery, empowerment and relationship advice to a whole 'nother level and beyond the Internet. Check his website for detai ...
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The Luvologist has been a friend of this program for many years and we also did a simulcast about Baby Mama Drama that was hugely popular in 2008. He's back now giving us an update on what new changes he's been making to his Luv & Relationships webpages as well as his Facebook and Twitter pages. He will also be answering YOUR questions LIVE…
"What Men and Women Should and Should Not Expect for Valentine's Day from their Mate?" This is going to be a very special show as the guest on the show will be none other than... -------------------------------------------------- Luvologist Live - Nothing much to say except, ask me anything you want and I will give you an answer...My interest i ...…
The Luvologist celebrates two years on the BlogTalkRadio network. Tune in to find out what he has in store on a special night.
A man works hard to please his woman in every way. He spoils her. He boosts her self-esteem and self-worth. He cares for her. He is willing to die for her. There's one problem. He's financially strapped. Is money the big motivator when choosing your mate? Is love enough when trying to maintain a relationship? Also, The Luvologist speaks with au ...…
The Luvologist returns to talk about a topic he's been avoiding for two years. Tiger Wood's infidelity has triggered an overwhelming response by the media, bloggers and Twitter. The Luvologist approaches this topic like it's never been approached before. Instead of the 'blame game' he will actually have SOLUTIONS. Tune in to find out what he ha ...…
The Luvologist teams up with Jason 'Six-Nine' Barnes to do a simulcast that will be remembered for ages. 'Why You Don't Have A Man'. Your emails will be answered in what promises to be a highly entertaining show.
The Open Mic Nite show back in December was one for the ages. Open Mic Nite returns highlighting the Internet's HOTTEST artists. Come join The Luvologist and Simply Sherri as they listen to YOUR pieces.
Dawn the Self Esteem Queen returns to talk about her new book. If you missed the show 'Mother and Daughter Relationships' you DEFINITELY don't want to miss this show.
BTR's Annette Jones returns for another round of tarot card readings. Call in early. These shows are typically packed.
The Luvologist returns to BlogTalkRadio after a six month hiatus to a show topic that will be talked about at the water cooler on Monday. With the growth of the social networking sites such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook, why are relationships being torn apart because of these venues? Why has social networking become a pool for cheaters? The ...…
Continuation of part one To play for shows Howelegant, Queen Unique, Luvologist, Real Talk Real Woman with Jaxx1108, Reflectionz, Freedom Verse Cafe and Youth Illumination, CultVault.orgDJ SQWYD, Politics That Dictates The Entertainment, and Empowerment Zone Radio , Hip Talk Radio
What's going on inside of the strip clubs? What's up with the VIP room? How do exotic dancers feel about the men and women who throw money their way on a nightly basis? How do women keep their men out of the strip clubs? Those questions and so much more...
Three people who are involved with interracial relationships sit down and speak with The Luvologist about their lives.
What happens if a mother chooses the man she's dating over her child? Dawn the Self Esteem Queen and her mother have a couple of answers to an issue that is happening more than we know.
Something told me to do this show. So let it be let it be done.
This is a repeat of The Luvologist's third show broadcasted on January 20, 2008. An explosive show, an explosive topic.
Author I B Freeman speaks with The Luvologist about the HIV virus and golddiggers. How does that go together? Tune in to find out.
How did I fall for that same trick again? Why did I not see the signs that this relationship was doomed from the start? Will I ever find Mr./Mrs. Right instead of always rushing into a relationship with Mr./Mrs. Right Right Now? These and so many others are on the FAQ's when people are trying to find healthy and satisfying. From the fear of liv ...…
If we are not married, why do we claim the person we are with? Why do we place titles on people. Dawn Johnson, author, life coach will speak with The Luvologist about putting titles on people and how it works or doesn't work in relationships.
Annette Jones reads your tarot cards. Call in early these shows are typically packed.
What is the definition of intimacy and are you getting enough in your relationship?
The Luvologist LIVE!!! has been on the BlogTalkRadio network for one year. The Luvologist comes back from his hiatus to talk about the state of love. Is it on the decline or is it status quo?
The last show of the year. The Luvologist talks about rules to clubbin. He is taking questions from the live listeners and emails he has received about love, life, sex and relationships.
The Luvologist is calling on all spoken word artists, poets and storytellers to spit on the open mic.
Discrimination is an issue majority of people have faced at one point or another in their lives. Whether it is religion, the color of skin, sexual preference, the size of a person or how much money is being made by someone, there is discrimination that exist today. The Luvologist is going to hit this issue head on. In a way that has never done ...… is one of the longest standing relationship websites on the Internet. The Luvologist will speak to the founder Deborrah Cooper about the definition of 'Sucka Free Dating'.
Raqui from LargeInCharge Radio comes back for another round with The Luvologist. If you missed when she was on the show before you don't want to miss this.
Cathy Holloway-Hill from 'Living by Design' talks with The Luvologist as to how events in our past can affect our future.
Domestic Violence Awareness month is coming to an end but the violence happens all year around. Join The Luvologist and his guest Leeta Thompson from Big Sis and Company as they discuss some of the signs of domestic violence. Is there a solution?
This show is for the GROWN & SEXY. The Luvologist FINALLY goes where the candles have never gone before. Freak you...freak me...freak us...freak them and FreakU. The Luvologist and the ladies from Freak U (Mo Flames and Keia) sit down to talk about what men and women want behind four walls...or anywhere else for that matter.…
Annette Jones comes back for her third installment of tarot card readings. Call in early because these shows are ALWAYS packed.
The Luvologist sits down with single mothers to find out what is going on in the dating world and how difficult it is dating as a single mother.
Willie Lynch, Bill Cosby and your life. What does that have to do with love, life, sex and relationships? Do you have the nerve to 'Break The Cycle'? What does that mean? You have to tune in to find out...
Is there a such thing as falling out of love? That question PLUS the winner of The Luvologist calendar and another Luvologist Question of the Week.
Have you ever been a part of a relationship that was controlling to the point that you were being smothered? The Luvologist explores that question PLUS one of the weirdest questions of all time.
After a week hiatus The Luvologist opens up the phone lines to hear YOUR confessions. And wait until you hear what confessions he has in store...
When women starts a relationship with a man twenty years younger than her there are a lot of stares and questions. Why is that? The Luvologist explores that question and so much more.
You have someone new in your life. Your family and friends don't care for that person. You care about this person very much. What do you do?
Prenuptial agreements are very popular with celebrities. In light of Alex Rodriguez's recent marriage troubles and Christie Brinkley's husband challenging their prenup, when is a wife or husband deserving of half of what a person is worth?
OPEN FORUM!!! Luv Sessions is a segment where anyone can ask The Luvologist anything they want. He will be answering your phone calls, emails and questions in the chatroom.
The Luvologist invites Raqui from LargeInCharge Radio to discuss if falling in love is more complicated in the plus-sized community. They will discuss dating and the prejudice that happens with BBWs.
When you break up with someone you always wonder if you should get back with your ex or not. The Luvologist will go through the proper steps as to if you should get back with the ex or not. Also...what in the heck is a B.B.D??
The Luvologist sits down with five men for a roundtable discussion on issues that are going on in the dating game. This show will give positive solutions from five brains from all walks of life. This promises to be a show for the archives.
Come by to either roast or toast The Luvologist as he celebrates another year in the life. Classic clips and happy times are abound as The Luvologist's executive producer and best friend, DownSouthGaGirl take a trip down memory lane.
You hear it all of the time. 'I am an independent woman...' What does that mean? What is the man's role in an independent woman's life?
Random people, random and casual sex. How right or wrong is it? The Luvologist will answer that question and much more. Also, The Luvologist will give the basic rules to a booty call. He will be taking your phone calls and questions from the chatroom.
Two lines pop up on the pregnancy test. Now she is faced with a decision that will affect the rest of her life. Should I or shouldn't I? Pro-lifers and pro-choicers are definitely welcome to voice their views and opinions.
The Luvologist received quite a few emails over the past few weeks from 'the other woman' (the side piece). On this show the question will be posed: Why does the 'jumpoff' always want to be the #1?
BlogTalkRadio's Annette Jones comes back to 'The Luvologist LIVE!!!' for another round of tarot card readings with the audience. Call in early these shows are typically packed.
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