Best lymphology podcasts we could find (Updated March 2018)
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Speed-Healing Radio
Prof. Karl West was motivated to start this Radio Program from the desire in his heart to be of service to others in helping them learn to heal their own bodies naturally - even empowering others to help revolutionize the "health" care system which is widely recognized as problematic today.Our mission as originally defined by Dr. C. Samuel West is "to bring people together regardless of race, color, or creed - to eliminate disease and live peace with no poor among us."If you haven't done so ...
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Bob Gajda, body building legend, and co-author of Total Body Training is an exercise physiologist who has championed Peripheral Heart Action and proven his viewpoints with regard to physical fitness training. Even better now, he has discovered the role of lymphatics are profoundly linked to what he already believed about the circulation and mus ...…
The Robert Scott Bell Show -
It's time for the Labor Day weekend edition of the Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King as he and RSB discuss the 8 essentials to loving your job! Is it possible to learn to love what you do if you do not already? It has been said that when you love what you do, you'll never labor another day in your life. If working encompasses an us vs. the ...…
Sound Health Options - TTMG & Sharry Edwards
Until now science has claimed that the brain is the only major organ that lacks a direct connection to the lymphathic system. Several authorities have recently come forward to show that the elusive lymphatic vessel s do indeed have major infiltration in the brain. Our guest Karl West, CL, President of the International Academy of Lymphology, ha ...…
It is time to Relearn, Rethink and Rewrite Our Personal Healthcare. In order to do this we must adjust our mode of thinking and realize that our health is in our hands. The good news is WE HAVE CHOICES. Dr. Khadijah Abdul Malik will join us on the Talking Feather and walk us through some steps that we can take to get to a healthier self for the ...…
Speed-Healing Radio
Benjamin A. West; Certified Lymphologist and another son of Dr. C. Samuel West will be giving his best Speed-Healing & Applied Lymphology Course overview to date.
Speed-Healing Introductory Lessons 5, 6, & 7 of the International Academy of Lymphology.
Speed-Healing Introductory Lessons 3 & 4 of the International Academy of Lymphology.
Speed-Healing Introductory Lessons 1 & 2 of the International Academy of Lymphology.
Prof. West interviews Dr. Rebecca Carly on the H1N1 scare. Dr. Carly is extremely familiar with vaccines and the history of vaccination. It is the opinion of this host that she is a cherished expert on alternative information with regard to both vaccines and supposed pandemics. She may also be somewhat familiar with the Applied Lymphology Cours ...…
Speed-Healing Radio
I will be interviewing Thomas Rayner about Glyconutrients and/or answering questions and reading testimonials for the Applied Lymphology Course developed by Dr. C. Samuel West.
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