Best madden podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018)
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The Super Genius of Pittsburgh Sports.
Each week, Breakthrough PT Marketing Podcast with Chad Madden brings you no-nonsense marketing strategies that deliver you patients and profits.Author of "Killer Marketing Secrets for Private Practice PTs" and Owner of Madden Physical Therapy, Chad grew his practice 600% in the last five years using direct response marketing strategies. He sees more than 200 new patients each month in his single location Private Practice. Now he's teaching over 400 Practice Owners to do the same.
Legendary Oakland Raiders coach and NFL Hall of Famer John Madden talks sports live on KCBS Radio at 9:15 a.m. PDT on Mondays and Fridays.
Ask Madden Show
Madden Content and interviews with members of the Madden Community. Hear from developers, community leaders, Twitch and YouTube Personalities, and everyone in between. New episodes every Friday! Hit me up on twitter at @AdRobsGC if there's an interview you want to hear.
Podcast for the greatest PS4 Madden Community known to man! We talk everything that is Madden Franchise, rules, rivalries, the ins and outs of the game and of course, We Keepin it Organic!
Chenin Madden
Welcome to Chenin Madden, where amazing things happen.
Sim Madden league
We a a SIM Madden league on the PS4. You can apply and view our rules on
A podcast for the and the Madden Online Franchise that takes place there
Welcome to the Madden Insiders Podcast where hosts Holden Pitre and Pete "Litezout" Calefato will be discussing all things competitive Madden. Along with covering the professional circuit we will be talking in game trends, meta evolution, and will have special guests appearing regularly to provide a different perspective on the discussion topics. The podcast is certainly still in its infancy and we are excited to learn and grow as we go!
Madden 18 cfm (PS4) Gridiron gang 18
Josh Madden is a Music Producer, Remixer, and DJ; Co-Founder of DCMA COLLECTIVE clothing line with brothers Benji and Joel; stylist for artists such as Good Charlotte, NYLE, Pierce Brosnan, Metro Station, White Tie Affair as well as for KANGOL, BEN SHERMAN, and HOUSE OF CASSETTE clothing lines; and a writer for & Josh has been featured in magazines such as PEOPLE, NYLON, TIME OUT, SPIN, PAPER, & STATUS.
Featuring an All-Star lineup of the industry’s best sports video game writers, it’s a show dedicated to the games we love from the perspective of the people who make their living writing and talking about them.
Brian Madden, Gabe Knuth & Jack Madden join most Tuesdays to discuss the end user computing market. Guests come from all over the industry for raw, unfiltered discussion. The shows are broadcast live, and you can join the conversation via twitter or our built-in chat engine. After each show is recorded we post the MP3 as a standard podcast download. Check it out every week at
Raiders Fan Radio
Raiders Fan Radio. Brought to you by Sonny & Murf. A Lighter Side of fandom, from fans of the Dark Side. Podcast discussing all things Raiders from a couple of fans' perspective. Interviews with players, reporters, super fans and everyone in-between. Sonny & Murf were both born in San Jose, California. They grew up in Raider Nation households under the tutilege of "Bruz." Sonny & Murf have since moved away from the Bay Area but took their passion for the Raiders with them to their respective ...
From the author who started it all and New Zealand's original podcast authoress, Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine return to with Tales from the Archives, a collection of original steampunk short stories set in the world of their award-winning series, The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. Featuring voices familiar and new, Pip and Tee invite you to sample the fantastic world of their shadowy organisation that fights for Queen and Empire against the mysterious and unknown.
Gutfoxx and TheTexasBoy91 sit down to talk though the past week in MUT. Topics are wide-ranging from in-game items to the metagame, from card reviews to Madden game strategy and news of new events.
Game Changers Radio
Join EA SPORTS Game Changers MadScientist and Shopmaster as they discuss the latest EA SPORTS News, Interviews, Tips and Tricks.
With all this talk about wall building, bad hombres and refugees as Skittles, comedian Maeve Higgins is beyond ready to change the conversation around immigration. She's traveled all the way here from Ireland to bring you funny, beautiful and sometimes maddening immigration stories, told by the people who’ve lived them.
Dear HBR:
Work can be frustrating. How can you get along with that maddening coworker? Figure out what your unapproachable boss really wants? Motivate your demoralized team? "Dear HBR:" is here to help. With empathy, experience, and humor, veteran Harvard Business Review editors and co-hosts Alison Beard and Dan McGinn explore solutions to your workplace dilemmas. Bolstered by insights from guests and academic research, they help you navigate thorny situations to find a better way forward.
The Human Bible
It is a book cobbled together long ago over the course of many centuries by regular, flawed human beings, and yet its contents are considered sacrosanct by billions of people. But even those who consider it an infallible guide cannot agree on its meaning! And for believer and nonbeliever alike, many passages are difficult to understand, with maddeningly obscure references. (Who, or what, are the Nephilim anyway?) Surely, there must be someone who can help us come to terms with this weighty, ...
Mark from Washington Sportsjam discusses Sports Videogames
Where Sim is the Standard
Locked on Bucks
Eric Nehm and Frank Madden give you a daily look into all things Milwaukee Bucks, providing analysis of every Bucks game, player and rumor. Oh, and did we mention Giannis Antetokounmpo? Yep, lots of him, too.. Having covered the Bucks at ESPN Milwaukee and Brew Hoop, Eric and Frank dive into the Milwaukee Bucks and the NBA in Locked on Bucks, part of the Locked On Podcast Network. #nba #bucks
MSL is a community of Sim Gamers who specialize Madden online franchises.
CNN's Party People
CNN's Kevin Madden and Mary Katharine Ham look at the 2016 race from a rightward perspective. What is the future of the GOP in the age of Trump? He's a seasoned party strategist and she's a movement conservative and each episode will delve into an elements of that question with guests from across the political spectrum. A trip looking for the soul of conservatism in America.
Muthead Podcast
In the constantly evolving world of Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), it can be hard to keep up. We'll keep you up to date with MUT news while interviewing community leaders, YouTubers, professional players and more.
TSG Podcasts
Multiple podcasts, from different hosts, all concerning TSG (The Sim Gamer). A sim gaming website/group, where players come together who want to play games life-like without little kids. These podcasts cover both Video Game Sports & real life sports as well. From Madden 15 to Fifa 15 to NBA 2k15 and beyond. Enjoy!
Bruce and Dave bring you a podcast about the Sports on Esports. In studio and on location we bring you the latest news about the Sports on Esports. This hilarious podcast will keep you listening as we discuss the NBA 2K League, EA's Madden esports league, the NHL Gaming World Championship, FIFA Esports, eMLS Esports and the F1 Esports series.
So far there are only a few videos of my playing Battlefield 4 and some clips of crazy ish. I have Madden games and will be creating more videos of other games. Eventually I will have crazy rants where it's just me ranting about ish that I have to rant about or I will go crazy. OH wait thus the name of the podcast. Hey what can I say, Crazy is as Crazy does. Check out the site
Black Phoenix's show talking about the game of Madden and real life sports.
Capitol Hill Brief
Keep up with what's going on in DC without the liberal media slant & establishment spin. CRTV congressional correspondent Nate Madden's got you covered.
The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program is live tabletop roleplaying turned into a 1930s radio serial. What dark deeds unfold on the streets of Arkham? And which unwitting souls - innocent or impure - will succumb to the maddening call... OF CTHULHU! This 8-part miniseries is wrought with unknowable horror and black comedy. Meet Sam; a cagey ex-Federal Agent, Deloris; the obsessive book dealer, Hank; a noble farmboy, Cyril; the smooth-talking jazz man, and Father Grandfather; a mad bible salesma ...
Presented by Margaret B. Madden and Bob Johnston, Bookish is a monthly (for now) show about the world of books. Reviews, news, recommendations, forgotten classics, and all the latest from two industry insiders.
Ritual is a podcast about how humans make patterns of meaning in a maddening world. The rituals we discuss will span centuries and civilizations. They will run the gamut from the ornately performative to the relatively mundane. Season One focuses on the quest for immortality and how we cope with our own expiration dates.
THHOP has been cancelled.Visit
Madden Night Lights
Get It Right
Get It Right analyzes pop culture through the lenses of justice, and particularly reproductive justice. Host Jamie Broadnax, the founder of the popular site and podcast Black Girl Nerds, teams up with Rewire.News to examine everything from the history of abortion provider characters in television to intersection of reproductive justice and hip hop. Get It Right will dissect maddening tropes, celebrate the art and artists who get it right, and present our favorite movies, music, comics and te ...
Your host Brian Kush talks with the people behind the games. Sign up on our message boards at
The Stuff of Life
Eavesdrop on experts and researchers as they ponder what makes our world so maddening, so strange and so achingly beautiful. Not to mention ridiculous. Join Julie Douglas for this week’s episode of The Stuff of Life, a podcast by
We love video games and we like talking about them. We have some topical discussions about things happening in the industry, what we are playing, and other things gaming related.
Capitol Fight Club
Capitol Fight Club is a weekly face off between two members of Conservative Review's staff, political insiders on the right, versus two guests from the left side of the political spectrum. CR staff members John Gray and Brian Darling are the featured hosts, and CR's Nate Madden is the ref and the moderator of the podcast.
BAFTA winning and Academy Award® nominee Kenneth Branagh (Thor, Hamlet), Richard Madden (Game of Thrones) and Holliday Grainger (The Borgias) discuss their latest film Cinderella. Hosted by Chris Hewitt at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
NLB Pick 6 Podcast
Podcast hosted by Calvin Jackson, commish of NLB Madden Lg, that focuses largely on Madden Connected Franchise mode.
Fright Club Podcast
Hosted by Hope Madden and George Wolf, Fright Club is a podcast for horror genre lovers. Hope and George share a vibrant passion for films and media, and they bring that passion to their discussions in Fright Club. As lifelong fans of horror films, and way more knowledge than anyone should have about the genre, Fright Club will entertain you, keep you on the edge of your seat, and fill your brain with all you’ve ever wanted to know about horror.
The Iliad by Homer
A divinely beautiful woman who becomes the cause of a terrible war in which the gods themselves take sides. Valor and villainy, sacrifices and betrayals, triumphs and tragedies play their part in this three thousand year old saga. The Iliad throws us right into the thick of battle. It opens when the Trojan War has already been raging for nine long years. An uneasy truce has been declared between the Trojans and the Greeks (Achaeans as they're called in The Iliad.) In the Greek camp, Agamemno ...
First & 10
The official podcast of the TPCFL, the Madden League of
Madden 18 podcast featuring recent stories, news and new content looked over and much more MUTtalk
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show series
America has entered an age of excess, according to Jay Slosar. Driven by a maddening quest for perfection, technology, deregulation, and a superficial, and often inaccurate mass media, America’s national psychology has become increasingly narcissistic. This is leading to a culture of cheating, lying, and reckless behaviour which has crashed the ...…
In Episode 119, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky actually managed a semi-shortened episode, despite the topic list growing far beyond its original purview to include: Some on-air pre-production (0:55) re: next week’s plans for a Killing Eve pop-in… A brief discussion about the best shows on TV right now (2:30) and just how good Showtime’s Billions ...…
Chris Cornell of Soundgarden possessed one of rock's most raw, powerful and soulful voices, capable of cutting deeply into the heart with the rusty blade of every note. In a special tribute episode, Christina Rowatt and Michele Madden explore Cornell's creative and emotional impact one year after his death. We also explore what it was like expe ...…
Christina Rowatt and Michele Madden talk about what intimacy means in the 21st century, the intensity of touring life, size queens, their vastly different approaches to love and romance, hermit heaven and cutting sick on the interwebs. And just generally riff on life and what it is to know your animal and exist in the human world.…
Christina Rowatt and Michele Madden enjoy another rollicking conversation about the soulful nature of making music, attitude, effort, love, the art of war, the war of art and Michele's moment at seven years old when she no longer needed validation from the outside world, ever again. Nothing beats persistence. And Clint Eastwood brevity. It is o ...…
In this podcast Prime discusses many topics, including - who the next bonified superstar of the SML may be.
Tweet Papa and Tank discuss Celtics vs Cavs, Madden, Jay Ajayi, NFL free agents, and stories from Tank's career. The post Reality Check with Tank and Papa – Episode 16 appeared first on Wildfire Radio.
In Episode 118, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky share their plans for the evening before focusing in on: Some thoughts on FX’s Atlanta (2:35) after the finalé of its second season, with an aside on Donald Glover’s upcoming appearance in Solo… The season finalé of Barry on HBO (10:55) and whether the writers have painted themselves into a corner fo ...…
Fake News or Not can't figure out why Israel defended itself. Mark Hancock talks about Trail Life USA. Nate Madden joins the CR Roundtable to discuss whether or not Republicans will seize on the opportunity the Left is giving them.
From his many appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The Late Show with David Letterman, to his weekly picks segment on the FOX NFL pregame show with Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and Jimmy Johnson, comedian/actor/impressionist Frank Caliendo has been all over Television the past few years. (Last year He even performed in front of the ...…
Lance talks to Dennis Madden and Rodger Bland about the origins of What's Working
Episode 13 Chucky P and I sat down with both Mister_Senegal and Throwback Boobie and we discuss the latest news regarding post NFL Draft , NHL Caps, why Paul George is OVERRATED , LeBron FUCKING James, and NBA playoffs news. We also briefly some how started singing Madden 2000 theme song featuring rapper Ludacris. So sit back and enjoy. Please ...…
In this week's episode, Carla and Annie sit down with the legendary Dr Marianne Jauncey -- director of the medically-supervised injecting centre (MSIC) in Sydney's Kings Cross. The trio discuss the latest in harm reduction, the upcoming MSIC in Richmond, Victoria, Uniting's push for drug law reform and the transformative power of treating peopl ...…
Paul and Eric sit down with Stephanie Madden PhD, and her husband, Michael Steudeman, to talk all about moving to and from Memphis, what its like to be college professors, starting Nerd Nite, and some behind the scenes of how they keep it going.
In Episode 117, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky do a bit of housekeeping from last week’s show (figurative housekeeping, not literal) before addressing: The second season of Dear White People (4:40) on Netflix, and how it manages to be a lot of fun while still speaking to relevant social issues… A return to HBO’s Westworld (13:00) to discuss both ...…
Currencies that trade against currencies other than the U.S. dollar can be a lucrative market for traders in the know. For insights, ElliottWaveTV sat down with Michael Madden, co-editor of our forex-focused Currency Pro Service. Learn more about our Currency Pro Service at
Today we have Phildo joining us from New York talking about the NHL & NBA playoffs, the Bills & Eagles draft and also have Dick Hyman give us his outlook for Josh Allen via Madden 18! Scheyden also tells us what was going through his mind when the Bills traded up.
This Podcast Is the first of many of the Play Catch Podcast with John Madden of You Go Pro Baseball! We chat about all kinds of amazing topics! Most guys chat a little while they are warming up! If you would like to support #Cutternation you can shop on my website with this link!…
This week on The Retro League we tackle the hard questions like - does the world work like a Pac-Man maze or are some people just trolling for profit? Is Tomb Raider an all-time great game or overrated? Is this rumored Neo Geo Mini a good idea? And does a game designed for 6 year-olds hold up today? Listen to find out the answers to these quest ...…
U Read It Well Podcast! A weekly podcast that reads RuPaul's Dragrace Season 10! Hosted by Jean Lizza. A maddening and jam-packed episode of Dragrace. The legendary Snatch Game episode has arrived and it is both heartbreaking and baffling! I was joined by musician, performer and long-time drag fan, Georgie Darvidis. We go deep as the queens att ...…
The SML Tonight: Risers and Fallers by Sim Madden League
Pastor Jerry Madden sits for an interview style conversation with Dr James Dobson during the 10:30am service on May 6th. (AUDIO MP3 ONLY)
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Caffeinate is hosted live every weekday morning at 7am ET! Links for the show will be down below. Here are today's stories:- Next Battlefield Game is Bad Company 3, Says New Rumor- ‘Madden’ Creative Director Leaves EA, Hints at New Direction For Series- Twitter Says Glitch Exposed Users' Passwords, Recommends Changing Them- God of War Sells Ove ...…
Christina explores co-host Michele Madden's musical story, from growing up on soul music, falling for heavy metal, the story of her first band Tourettes, the electricity felt standing side of stage with Henry Rollins whilst witnessing the majesty of Beasts of Bourbon and what happened when she ran away to Los Angeles to join legendary drummer G ...…
Anne Madden and Ashlie French talk with Seton Hall University students about strategies for getting work done and enjoying college.
The post The maddening move to upend North Carolina’s court system appeared first on NC Policy Watch.
The SML Tonight: Season 16 Draft Preview by Sim Madden League
A Very Special Episode: Roswell Join Nemo as he sips on whiskey and begins his descent into the maddening world of UFOs and alien conspiracy theories starting with the granddaddy of them all, Roswell. What really crashed in that field in 1947? Will Nemo’s reality ever be the same? Find out as Josh and Lisa try to explain the events that started ...…
In Episode 116, Derek Madden and Matt Kolsky ignore the small Venezuelan woman knocking on the door of Kolsky’s room and get right into: Kanye West’s apparent Trump support (6:20) and whether it changes the receptiveness to his music… The season 2 premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale (14:45) and whether the guys are prepared to depress themselves fo ...…
On his regular Monday morning interview on KCBS Radio former Oakland Raiders Head Coach and NFL Hall of Famer John Madden recaps the NFL Draft and gave in-sight into what's it's like for teams inside their draft rooms.
Museum / State Representative Mike MaddenBy (Trevor Jackson).
In this podcast, our Bengals owner: "Meats" discusses his opinions."The SML Tonight" makes its offical debut.
FInally catching up with Terrence Collins 1 of our OAT Facebook group admins, he shares the status of our Madden league along with season 1 and 2 winners.
On Thursdays Gist, EPA chief Scott Pruitts behavior is too plainlyunethical to sweep under the rug.What does a Malaysian party boy have to do with President Trumps potentialbreach of the Emoluments Clause? Reveals Amy_Walters and WAMUs PatrickMadden can explain everything in their story for Reveal, Check_intoTrumps_Washington_Hotel.In the Spiel ...…
In this episode of the Sun Devil Source Report Podcast, site publisher Chris Karpman is joined by staff members Kaelen Jones, Max Madden and host Rob Werner, as they break down their thoughts on the Sun Devils' spring football slate. The guys discuss who they thought performed well and what to expect from the team as they prep for the long offs ...…
Following the outcome of Vicky Phelan's high court case, and subsequent interviews on RTE Radio 1, it appears doctors are not 'compelled' to tell women of cancer errors. Professor Deirdre Madden of UCC who is an expert in medical law and ethics spoke to Drivetime
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