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Music with substance and integrity live and direct from
Ill Vibes
The Married with Board Games Podcast
We're Spencer and Lara and we're married with board games! We talk about board games and card games with a critical eye on how they work for couples. We also have entertaining segments like Board Game Trailers, Rule Book Mad Libs, and Game Night Grub!
L Podcast
Daily+ is Dragon Fli Empire's hip hop blog through their own Calgary lens.
Just My Show
Where else can you find the dad from "Silver Spoons," the lead singer of Wang Chung and the creator of "MadLibs"...all in one place? Welcome to Just My Show, the retro pop culture podcast. Our job is to bring you back to all those things you forgot you loved growing up. Just My Show brings you interviews with some of your all time favorite people from classic TV, movies, sports and a whole lot more. (We love jogging your memory by throwing in some more obscure stuff too!) So take a quick bre ...
Dj Kimoni JUST HiP HoP & RnB Volume 322 (Live for Today) (1 DVD) 8-30-14
1. Fat Trel - or Nah 2. Lil Wayne (feat. Drake) - Grindin'3. Jacquees (Feat. Trinidad Jame$) - Bet I 4. August Alsina (Feat. Rick Ross) - Benediction5. Courtney Noelle (Feat. Juicy J) - Without You6. Frank Ocean Mick Jones and Paul Simonon - Hero7. Troye Sivan - Happy Little Pill 8. DJ Khaled (feat. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future & Jeremih) - Hold You Down 9. Greg Machado (Feat. Jadakiss) - Cant Live Without You10. Jay Electronica (Feat. Latonya Givens) - Better in Tune with the Infinite ...
Funny (hopefully) interviews with cool, and maybe even some not so cool people using Mad Libs!!
Yum's The Word Show
"Yum's The Word" is the only show that blends old-school fun with modern-day storytelling.Join host, Robin Gelfenbien, and some of NYC's best storytellers, comedians and writers every month for funny true stories, Mad Libs, nostalgic candy and Robin's homemade ice cream cakes.*Past guests have included stars from "Orange is the New Black," Aasif Mandvi (The Daily Show), Sasheer Zamata (SNL), Ophira Eisenberg (NPR), Joy Behar (The VIew), Tom Shillue (The Tonight Show)and more!"We love Yum's t ...
Self-proclaimed Louisville's hottest podcast. Brett, Ryan, Andrew and a sleuth of guests talk a range of subjects. Star Wars mad libs? We've done it. How tasty is Boston Market? We have the low-down. A trivia game based off NFL criminal activity? You can find it on Tricastatops. Would you let a spider braid your hair? How do dog's nipples work? What's the best fake-money gambling site where you can see your favorite video game and fast food mascots duke it out Mortal Kombat style? Find out t ...
listening sessions for the third ear ~ cut-up collage edits & free-format mixtape compilations eclectic selective assemblage ~ ranging from difficult to easy listeningvarious genres ~ various artistsinstrumentals . songs . spoken_word oddly modified - modly oddifiedmerging into medleys of metapsyphonicaCustomer Review: "Constantly Unfolding""AgentA mixes together a wide assortment of music, clips of commercials and television audio into a smooth moving assemblage that both challenges and gro ...
Dj relyT
Welcome to Oxnard Cali. dj relyt spins that real hip that stretches from Madlib, j dilla, dilated peoples, and more. Enjoy and smoke a fat one and enjoy ths experience...All live mixing no edits...that real ox city style
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Madlib and Doom beats
TUTN with Kenny Pick
Download the latest FREE Turn Up the Night Podcast featuring Kenny, Raine & Joe!SPACE FORCE!Professional Mexican Mountain Climbers!Trump visits WALL-Mart!Name Calling!Listener Calls!#REXITStormy Daniels is turning into a HURRICANE!Nunberg is BACK!Mad Libs!MORE!
Tuesday March 13th 8:00 PM EST Join Mister Sinister, Billy, and Andy for another action packed LIVE broadcast of Dead Air Nation Live! Tonight we will be discussing the movie Black Panther, did you see it? With all the hype/controversy surrounding this movie, what are the boys thoughts, did they enjoy it? We are finally getting a peak at what t ...…
Pilot episode - Recorded Wednesday, March 7, 2018. We talk iPhone wallpapers, old timey stuff, Madlib, plane failures, Quincy Jones, Kanye algorithms, and our Safari Tabs, duh. Let us know what you think!
Friends Of The Deep Sound
Music from:QuasimotoFlying LotusDoom & MadlibEsperanza SpaldingOtis ReddingSandra PhillipsSkip Mahoaney & The CasualsTaylor McFerrinMassive AttackIlla JCommonMos DefBoards of CandaSt.GermainD'AngeloColm KMF.DoomA tribe called questWesseltoft Schwarz BerglundHarvey SutherlandThe GodsonMCDEMoodymann
Doctor Who: Verity!
It's time to wrap up our first mini-arc of 2018! Join Deb, Erika, Liz, and Liz as we talk about the history of competent women in Doctor Who. We discuss some favorites, some common threads, and have a jolly good time doing it! There's no way we could cover them all, so let us know who you think of when you think of competent women in our favori ...…
Mitch Joe and Jonathan do Mad Libs. It flies off the tracks faster then you can imagine. Like and follow on Facebook and Twitter @supnerdpodcast. Download and listen on the go through itunes just search supnerdpodcast
Photo: © If you’re a follower of Trade Show Insights – or you’ve attended any of my workshops – you’ve probably heard me talk about the importance of rewarding your team. Celebrating your wins not only results in happier teammates and reduced stress, but it also helps to build a feeling of community and camaraderie am ...…
GenXGrownUp Podcast
Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How many times have we spoken those words to our parents on those long car trips? How in the world did we survive those trips without DVD players, phones and Game Boys? Well, in this episode we look at the things that helped keep our parents from killing us. Stop touching me! YouTube » ...…
Stream Of Consciousness Podcast Video The guys talk about superpowers, mad libs and more!
Download the latest FREE Turn Up the Night Podcast featuring Kenny, Raine, Joe and listener calls!PLUS:The Glorious Women's March!Trump Cultists want to KILL opposing voices! Conservative Women Mansplaining Nonsense to Clear Minded Liberal Women!Cuomo vs. Conway!By Conservative Standards: ALEX JONES WORSHIPS SATAN! Green News!Backwards Name Cal ...…
Talking Without Thinking
This week’s segments include: Jarrod goes to a bachelor party, and Scott is trying to stop buying collectibles (00:19), Scott’s Cat Diet Watch Week 1 (14:39), we go Back in Time to things that give us tingly nostalgic feelings (22:19), Mike Mann from Channel Star Wars and the guys try to convince Scott to watch all the Star Wars movies (32:46), ...…
The Brothers Binge
In this chapter we discuss the premieres of the DC TV shows, rationalize which super power we would want, and play a round of Super Hero Name Mad-Libs.
Download the latest FREE Turn Up the Night Podcast!Kenny, Raine, Bobber & Joe discuss a variety of topics!#TrumpShutdownStormy Daniels and Trump's Spanking Kink! Blurgh...The Alex Jonesification of the GOP & Fox News!Name Calling!Birthday Boehners!Listener Calls!Mad Libs!Kenny's YouTube recommendation: ...…
What's the sitch? Cecily and Alden try their hand in some Mad Libs before accepting the mission to re-watch everyone's favorite snowboarding-heavy spy show, Kim Possible.
Jump In Social Podcast
The Tide Pod Epidemic. The Pube Epidemic. Speed Dating. Mad Libs.
Download the latest FREE Turn Up the Night Podcast with Kenny, Raine & Joe plus listener calls! Plus:Trump Comprehensively does not know what Comprensive means!Fire & Fury!The GPS Fusion Testimony RELEASED!"What The Hell Is That Sound?" Season 2!!!Name Calling!Birthday Boehners!Steve Schmidt's excellent farewell to Steve Bannon!Mad Libs!AND ALS ...…
Yo yo! On today's episode of YSA we have the very animated Matt "Surnn" Serniak of the website Second Saturday Sports. Dee & Q chop with Sern about his varying sports allegiances, coaching a youth football team, the random comedy of his blog, and a lot more. This was a funny one.Check out Sern's site at T ...…
A new year and a another installment of Ring General Radio for your listening pleasure (and pain). The boys break down their predictions (and wishes?) for 2018, get you the dirt you crave and ease you through a week of WWE programming. Another Mad Libs to get you by and an invasion nobody could see... or want. Plenty to love and a fair amount t ...…
Millennial Movie Moguls
It’s Christmas Day! Thomas and Lindsay watch Home Alone, talk about Hamilton (4:00), their goals for the New Year (6:20), and Thomas’ risk for diabetes (49:27). Later, they play a game of Mad Libs (52:22) and they exchange gifts on air (22:09)! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! --- Welcome to Millennial Movie Moguls, a new weekly comedy podca ...…
Episode 5: We can't believe five episodes have already gone by! This week we are drinking and laughing our way through Christmas MadLibs and weird Christmas traditions. Grab a friend or two and a bottle of wine (or three) and get into the Christmas spirit with us! Tell us your Christmas stories or traditions, P.S. We now h ...…
Monologues returns to Farbfernseher Berlin on December 8 with Jad & The + Ben Gomori With a keen sense for melodic hooks and a rarely paralleled knack for uncovering delectable samples, Berlin-based Australian producer Jad & The is making some of the tastiest deeper house music of the moment. With ...…
Episode TwentySeven features Episode Fifteen guests back again Terry the Tickler and A Bunch of Baby Ducks with host Captain Deathsince episode 15 telling lots of stories and talking about cum for a little bit Oh We also do a MadLib Its terrible Your Last Breath702The Pill1119The Squirming Man2006Birthmarks2715We Danced2929Who or What are the S ...…
Grenades and Horseshoes
Episode 18! Grenades and Horseshoes brings you the crazy shenanigans of Grey, Mark and Yuna each week. This week the fireteam feature the following segments 1. Week in Gaming: Grey. Yuna and Mark discuss their experiences in gaming this week 2. Greys GG’s: Bungie comes clean…or did they? 3. Yuna’s Musings: Destiny Mad Libs 4. Destiny Squared: L ...…
She's sneaky and quick. It's one half of the production twins - TRUDY! Her mad libs are becoming a regular part of the show. They come out of no where when you least expect them. And as your ears do a double take, you realize SHE'S STRUCK AGAIN! This week's mid week mini is a Mad Libs with Trudy moment regarding speedos, banana hammocks, and bu ...…
Why Was This Ever Cool
On this week’s minisode of Why Was this Ever Cool, Cody and Shayla hit the normal segments, but the return of HOLLY JOLLY MAD LIBS is upon us people! Shayla hates it & Cody loves it, so you know it’s going to be a good time! Tune in! Turn up! Enjoy!
Hey! It's the latest FREE Turn Up the Night Podcast! Kenny, Raine & Joe had a ball with Tim Corrimal & Jody Hamilton in the first hour and delved into some current events throughout the program!Featuring:What The Hell Is That Sound: The Celebrity Edition!Alex Jones: Pepsi is for LIBERALS!Roy Moore - Party over PedophiliaThe Trump Cult IS that s ...…
The Mana Pool – Magic the Gathering Podcast
On this episode of TMP, the dorks are giving a eulogy. Actually it’s another Mad Lib by lvl99luck, but it’ll make sense when you listen to it. Good night, sweet Rogue Kavu. After that we’re off to talk about Unstable! It’s the first Un set in the podcast’s lifetime, and we’re all over it. We’re making sense of all the jargon surrounding Contrap ...…
TUTN with Kenny Pick
Download the latest FREE Turn Up the Night Podcast featuring Kenny, Joe, Raine & Pete! Weird Tales from the news and our lives! Plus Madlibs!Enjoy!
Sock's good friend Crazy Deb (@Chloesullivan89) stops by to talk about weird pets, binge-watching, and we play some Mad Libs!
Dr. Quinn chats with WeekendGabe on Radio One Chicago about his latest release, Richard Pryor.Chicago base artist bringing you fly, funky, outersounds with a versatile, experimental styles. 1 half of the St. Andrews crew. A Producer/MC who's a super nerd with an unorthodox style in comparison to "everyday" "RAP" music, with numerous pop-culture ...…
TUTN with Kenny Pick
Download the latest FREE Turn Up the Night Podcast! Kenny, Raine, Joe, Michelle & Miles are present for the fun and Bobber & Kat join in for "What The Hell Is That Sound?" and MadLibs! Enjoy!
In the I Literary Can't Even Halloween special, find out which books scare Paula, Kyra, and Clare, plus their phobias and favourite Halloween costumes, and a very silly round of Halloween Mad Libs!Burnt Spirit Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License…
Download the latest FREE Turn Up the Night Podcast featuring Kenny. Raine, Joe & Adam Hebert of Mic Check Radio!O'Reilly Hates God!It's a TUTN Tussle over Corker & Flake!Fox News has NO standards!Halloween Memories!Name Calling!"What The Hell Is That Sound?" with Francie!Schitt's Creek is AMAZING!Mad Libs!MORE!…
Looking Back On My Wonder Years: A Wonder Years Podcast
Hey there Wonderlings,How’s it going? Let’s jump right into the first of these two episodes S3E5: On The Spot which aired on November 7, 1989 in this episode Kevin joins the school play just to get out of Gym class, while Winnie and Paul seem to take it very seriously. Winnie has problems with her performance, and Kevin unexpectedly helps her d ...…
Belotheflo Episode 1 In this episode Bora, Jose, and Jazz discuss the Madvillainy by the group Madvillain consisting of the talented produce Madlib and the MC MF Doom. The BF Squad also prosecutes a middle of the mall rapper for his crimes against hip hop. The post Madvillain – Madvillainy – Belo the Flo – E1 appeared first on Belo the Flo.…
Segments | with Mark and Amber
In this episode, Mark and Amber dive into their Top 5 things about fall, do some hilarious fall TV themed Mad-Libs and discover what fall tradition they are. This hilarious episode will certainly entertain and keep you company for about an hour! Also, preedback returns asking: What song do you hear that always brings back a specific memory? Let ...…
It's hard to get to the Disney Parks (Disneyland and Disney World) as often as we would like. Aubree Larsen solved that problem by creating the Disney Parks in her home for a date night. She included tickets, activities, rides, games, and so much more. She is also brewing up an amazing Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party for home too! >>>>>>R ...…
TUTN with Kenny Pick
Download the latest FREE Turn Up the Night Podcast featuring Kenny, Raine, Joe, Bobber, Miles, Michelle & Pete! The Trump Cult is relentless and we're here to show you how creepy they can get!That's Entertainment!MadLibs!PLUS Francie's Birthday!Mother's Husband!Mother Tucker!MORE!!!
This is Beyond the Airwaves: The Infinity Project, where we go beyond the mainstream media and tackle issues that don't seem so important to the major networks. Summer is beginning to wind down, but that doesn't mean we can't end the week with Mad Libs, trivia, and anything else in between! Get ready for seriously uncensored fun because naughti ...…
TUTN with Kenny Pick
Download the latest FREE Turn Up the Night Podcast featuring Kenny, Raine, Michelle, Miles & Pete! Trump's Wall of Failure!Fox & Friends and Jason Chaffetz... The Trump Fluffer Brain Trust!Noted RACIST Steve King whines about balloons!Bannon Shreds Trump Over Comey! LET THEM FIGHT!Tucker Carlson is a Mother Tucker!MAD-LIBS!MORE!!!…
On this week's episode, the guys play punk rock madlibs, throw up with anxiety, and get their dicks bitten by dogs.
TUTN with Kenny Pick
Well... Ted Cruz was "trending" all over his Twitter last night... Dear lord.This podcasts is loaded with inappropriate double entendres, euphemisms and loads of blue language.Kenny, Raine, Micelle and Miles filth up the show, provide some half way decent news and talk about other stuff... But mostly about Ted Cruz Milking his monkey!PLUS: Madl ...…
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