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Música & Magia
a linguagem divina
Journey into the underworld of American organized crime and the stories behind the rise and fall of the most notorious mobsters in history. From Charles “Lucky” Luciano and John Gotti, to Donnie Brasco, “Bugsy” Siegel and Dutch Schultz–Mafia explores the lives of our greatest gangsters and the cops and attorneys who worked to bring them down.
Movie Mania
A podcast about Movies, past, present and future. Sprinkle in the occasional TV show, and add a geek culture wrap around, and you have the delicious audio Kabab that is.....pause for effect.....Movie Mania!
Arnie Niekamp fell through a dimensional portal behind a Burger King into the fantastical land of Foon. He's still getting a slight wifi signal, so he uploads a weekly podcast from the tavern the Vermilion Minotaur where he interviews wizards, monsters and adventurers. It's a major discovery!
In a world…where Magic the Gathering seems too complicated…two enthusiastic amateur players break it down for the rest of us. Each episode, Maria and Meghan dive face-first into new Magic rules, cards, and strategy. Did we mention they’re obsessed with this game? They are. And – if you listen – you will be, too! Unless, much like a Gobbling Ooze, you were born without a soul. Or arms. Or eyes.
The Magic Garden
The Magic Garden is a weekly gardening show that's all about indoor gardening, outdoor gardening and lawn care.
Magic: The Gathering Head Designer Mark Rosewater shares stories, insights, and more while driving to work. Listen in and learn more about Magic!
Our daily Q&A with KCBS Radio Technology Analyst Larry Magid. Listen live M-F 3:50 PM on KCBS Radio All News 740AM and 106.9FM.
Teresa Tomeo, host of Catholic Connection is a dynamic Professional Speaker and local Media Personality. She discusses social issues, media awareness, and interviews local businesses, youth, families, and community leaders in Southeastern Michigan. Live and local, Teresa reports on news throughout the Catholic community and how we can make a difference.
In Season 2 of Magic Lessons, the author Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love) offers wisdom and advice to artists trying to overcome creative obstacles. To help these writers, poets, dancers, and comedians she enlists the help of several friends including Sarah Jones, Neil Gaiman, Gary Shteyngart, Amy Purdy, Michael Ian Black, Brandon Stanton, Martha Beck, and Glennon Doyle Melton. Magic Lessons are roadmaps for the path to creativity, the extra nudge we need when we’re feeling stuck in our cre ...
Blake Rasmussen goes behind the scenes with the people who create the worlds, characters, and lore of Magic: The Gathering.
Inside the Magic
Covering themed entertainment, from Disney and beyond!
Two time world champ and top boxing analyst, Paulie "The Magic Man" Malignaggi is breaking down the sport of boxing like nobody else can. Joined by his sidekick, Peter Cards, The Magic Hour delivers a unique insight into the sweet science that will make you appreciate the sport you love even more! Oh, and you'll definitely have a few laughs along the way!
The Magic Sponge
Jimmy Bullard, Rob Beckett and Ian Smith talk about all things football
Freshly Brewed is a Magic: The Gathering Podcast hosted by two of the most passionate deck brewers in the game: Frank Lepore and Ali Aintrazi. Join them each week as they discuss the latest goings-on along with their favorite cards that no one is playing...yet. You can follow the podcast on Twitter at @FreshBrewedMTG or Frank and Ali at @FrankLepore and @AliEldrazi
Insights Readings from timeless Christian literature and writings of the saints and doctors of the Church.
Challenge Mania
MTV Star Derrick Kosinski (@DerrickMTV) & actor / comedian Scott Yager (@SHOTOFYAGER) dive head first into the MTV Challenge universe, interviewing past, present and future contestants, breaking down Challenge news and episodes, and laying down new challenges to anyone and everyone.
Magic: The Gathering Podcasts
Pagan Chaos Magic
This podcast is an attempt to educate the curious about the concepts and techniques of Chaos Magic.The show host, Ki’a Dragon, is also utilizing this podcast to leave an audio record for his children in case they seek knowledge of their old man after his passing
Your Own Magic
Your Own Magic podcast connects you with the most inspiring artists, wellness experts, humanitarians, spiritual leaders, entrepreneurs and other influential visionaries who are living their magic and making a great impact on our world. Our intention is to empower you by sharing their stories, tricks and tips to help you unleash your own magic. Hosted by Allie Michelle & Raquelle Mantra INSTAGRAMS @alliemichellel @raquellemantra Theme Music: Sounds of Sion ...
Ex-pro Jimmy Bullard is joined by comedians Rob Beckett and Ian Smith plus a guest from the world of football to talk about the beautiful game and their outrageous experiences on and off the field. Tweet us using #MagicSponge.
NOTICE: If you think we're right wing (or left wing) you haven't really been listening. If you disagree with anything we've said, please engage in civil conversation via email, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or our website. We love hearing from our listeners. "Inane ramblings from the fringe, half-baked politics from suspect sources, 'open-minded' nonsense about paranormal topics." John and Adam explore trending and historical fringe topics in a sometimes-frustrating, occasionally profound, alwa ...
Welcome to the Magic Animal Club podcast. This podcast is Stampy Cat and iBallistic Squid from youtube talking about whatever interests them that week.
A weekly exploration of the past, present and future of the Latino musical universe
A podcast about Magic: The Gathering
Magic Read Along
Follow along with Brian Lonsdorf and Hardy Jones as they explore the internet, life, and programming.
From Snow White to Star Wars, it's all here. In-depth reviews of the Disney films where we break down every film and ask three questions. What is the iconic shot? Does it achieve a moral or emotional aim? Does the film hold up? Plus theme park news and live dining reviews. Its the Disney Magic Hour!
Inside the Magic
Covering themed entertainment, from Disney and beyond!
Magic Mics Podcast
A weekly live web show that focuses on Magic the Gathering culture, community, and issues. Join us each week at or subscribe to the podcast to keep up to date after the show is over!
Magical Thinking
Magical Thinking is a podcast sponsored by and dedicated to advancing the Art of Magic and generally being a good time. Host Elliott Terral sits down with magicians specializing in various techniques and styles and discusses why magic is important as a performance art.
An unofficial Disneyland & Walt Disney World Podcast. Disney Theme Park Magic brought to you in FULL STEREO SOUND!!
Tulip Mania
Take a journey into the weird and wonderful world of Bitcoin. Listen as your hosts Josh and Mike explore the events, the drama, the players, the markets, and everything in between, to understand how this little technology is set to change the world. Disclaimer: We are not experts in economics, finance, technology, or anything else so basically we have no idea what we are talking about.
Home of Canadian Magic
Jonah Babins and Tyler Williams from Discourse in Magic tackle magic’s hardest issues, theories, philosophies, discussion, and more to help you explore. We jump into all sorts of magic, and resources, and most importantly actionable tips to help better the art and become a killer performer!
Buddha Magic
Thai and South East Asian Occult and Buddhist documentary Media Channel and publications.
A podcast about the amazing people of the Magic: The Gathering community. Hear stories by pro players, cosplayers, YouTubers, content creators, streamers, controversy makers and inspiring people.
Instruction on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and other topics critical to those seeking answers to life's greatest questions..
By Maria Fernandez, a highly-experienced native Spanish teacher. Easy Spanish lessons with speaking exercises and drills. Master the Spanish verbs. Expand your vocabulary. Develop your conversation skills. Get a cool Spanish accent. This Spanish course includes: verb drills, role playing exercises, language learning tips, vocabulary audio flashcards, everyday words and phrases, pronunciation exercises, fun grammar lessons, and more. This podcast is ideal for beginners, and those with gaps in ...
MTG Pro Tutor is a top rated Magic: The Gathering podcast and here's why: professional Magic players and community notables share their origin stories twice a week (Tue & Fri) and impart actionable tips you can use the next time you sit down to play. Learn from the wealth of experience they've built through hours of practice and playing against hundreds of opponents and start seeing improvements in your own skill right away. Don't you hate feeling like you play and play and don’t improve? Su ...
Your beliefs create your world. Are you feeling empowered - or limited? These podcasts cover the chapters of Claude M. Bristol's Magic of Believing. Listen in as this veteran newspaper reporter reveals his own research into the secrets of belief.
Magic Hour
Join host Jordan Weitzman as he sits down with well-known photographers to discuss their careers, challenges and motivations for making their art.
Go inside the world of Magic: The Gathering for insights, interviews, and much more.
Locked on Magic
Philip Rossman-Reich of Orlando Magic Daily now does in podcast form with the daily podcast Locked on Magic part of the Locked on Podcast Network. #nba #magic #orlandomagic
Joanne Antoun, Your transformational expert and creator of CTC – The life transforming Combined Therapy Cocktail (aka – Cut the Crap)Are you ready to Cut the Crap and live the life you truly desire?Are you ready to be free of the past and all that holds you back from being the very best you can be?Are you truly ready to step into your power and start Living the Magic?Then this show is for you. Joanne is sure to have you sitting at the edge of your seat, wanting more. She is direct, always to ...
Magic Music
Welcome to Magic Music, a Trap & Bass Channel dedicated to bringing you the best of the best TRAP tracks!!FAQ:"Are your videos copyright free & can I use the songs on my videos?"Unfortunately, we don't own the rights to any of the songs we promote. You will have to ask the artists themselves. However, any time you see "Magic Records Release" tags on our video title, those tracks are free to use and free to monetize on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch!Click here for Magic Record's Full Catalog:➤ ...
Kresta in the Afternoon is what Catholic radio has been missing: a daily conversation - personal, authentic and human. It looks at all of life through the lens of Scripture and the teaching tradition of the Catholic Church. The scope is not limited to spiritual subjects...our host Al Kresta talks abortion, war, peace, dissent, old age, New Age, heavy metal, light eating, politics, church affairs, current events, family and marriage, movies and media, theology and apologetics, sports, crime a ...
Magic Pill
A daily dose of get-up-and-go
Blue Magic
Blue Magic is a show about erotic creativity, especially hentai and erotic art. Your host Alatar interviews artists, authors, and cool people about their work, their influences, and their thoughts on the medium. If you like sexy art, and like thinking about sexy art, this is the show for you! Note: Subject matter and language will be of an adult nature. 18+ Only.
Lee Cockerell, former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World, shares his wisdom and experience from his time with Disney, Marriott, and Hilton. Lee discusses how you can apply lessons in leadership, management, and customer service to create magic in your organization.
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ARCANOS.COM El Horóscopo de Hoy de ARCANOS.COM siempre será tu mejor opción porque es el único que publica 7 horóscopos diarios para cada signo del zodiaco (Horóscopo Dinero, Horóscopo Trabajo, Horóscopo Profesión, Horóscopo Amor Parejas, Horóscopo Amor Solteros, Horóscopo Viajes y Horóscopo Amigos). Solo ARCANOS.COM tiene el horóscopo más comp ...…
ARCANOS.COM ¿Qué encontrarás al consultar el Horóscopo de Hoy de ARCANOS.COM?: 7 temas por signo zodiacal cada día (Dinero, Trabajo, Profesión, Amor Parejas, Amor Solteros, Viajes y Amigos). El Video Horóscopo Semanal de ARCANOS.COM tiene ya 10 años de transmisión ininterrumpida en YouTube, contando con más de 6 mil videos publicados y más de 3 ...…
ARCANOS.COM Cada día, consulta el Horóscopo de Hoy de ARCANOS.COM. No solamente es el más completo pues le ofrece a cada signo zodiacal 7 temas distintos diariamente (Dinero, Trabajo, Profesión, Amor Parejas, Amor Solteros, Viajes y Amigos), sino que es el que más acierta. El Video Horóscopo Semanal de ARCANOS.COM tiene ya 10 años de transmisió ...…
En el podcast de hoy María y yo, Teresa, vamos a hablar de qué es esto del "decluttering" que está tan de moda en EEUU, por qué nos interesa tanto y cómo puede impactar tu familia y tu propia vida. Hablaremos de: El libro de Marie Kondo La cita de Stephen Covey: "Lo más importante en la vida es que lo más importante sea lo más importante". Step ...…
EVERYTHING I'VE HEARD #4Music curated by Fabio Pezzella & mixed by Andrea Setti aka Gege.Tracklist : 01 - Rare Silk - Storm (Original Mix)02 - Faze O - Riding High (Original Mix)03 - Maya - Lait De Coco (Original Mix)04 - Hitomi Tohyama - Wanna Kiss (Original Mix)05 - Saâda Bonaire - You Could Be More As You Are (Original Mix)06 - Pieces Of A D ...…
ARCANOS.COM El Horóscopo de Hoy de ARCANOS.COM siempre será tu mejor opción porque es el único que publica 7 horóscopos diarios para cada signo del zodiaco (Horóscopo Dinero, Horóscopo Trabajo, Horóscopo Profesión, Horóscopo Amor Parejas, Horóscopo Amor Solteros, Horóscopo Viajes y Horóscopo Amigos). Solo ARCANOS.COM tiene el horóscopo más comp ...…
Podcast - Magia Branca - Episódio 12 - O Doze e o Zodíaco.MP3 by CEU
ARCANOS.COM El Horóscopo de Hoy de ARCANOS.COM siempre será tu mejor opción porque es el único que publica 7 horóscopos diarios para cada signo del zodiaco ( Horóscopo Dinero , Horóscopo Trabajo , Horóscopo Profesión , Horóscopo Amor Parejas , Horóscopo Amor Solteros , Horóscopo Viajes y Horóscopo Amigos ). Solo ARCANOS.COM tiene el horóscopo m ...…
Growing up in Jerusalem, Nephi likely had little experience in sailing. How did he learn how to sail? In our next conversation with George Potter, we’ll talk about Nephi’s training as a sailor. How did he travel? What were Nephi’s sea trials like? How did Nephi learn to captain a ship? It takes dozens of […] The post Nephi’s Sea Trials & the Ma ...…
Hay una especie de magia cuando uno escucha a un cantautor. Me refiero a que se siente el cariño en cada una de sus interpretaciones, porque son como sus hijos, pero además de eso son su forma de expresarse. Un enamoramiento, un corazón roto, un triunfo, una tristeza, lo que sea que este pasando por la vida del cantautor, o por su mente, lo exp ...…
Hello ladies and gentlemen!! This weekend is huge in the EDM World, Ultra Music Festival returns to Bayfront Park in Miami, and right here Tampa!! Tampa pride is this weekend as well I have combined tracks from both events In one mix, blending the Spanish sounds of Miami and the Circuit music know by all. Here we Go this is Mint Radio. 1. Sean ...…
Bienvenidos una vez más al podcast de Yourspanishguide. En el episodio de hoy os traigo un cuento. ¿Recordáis que os comenté la importancia de adaptar el contenido a vuestro nivel? Bien, ver dibujos animados para niños u oír cuentos para niños es algo muy útil. Recordad que durante esta semana os estaré dejando las transcripciones de los podcas ...…
The Jedi have some things in common with the Magi from the nativity story in the Bible. The post Jedi, Wizards and Magi appeared first on Trideo.
"O que é imortal não morre no final", já dizia Sandy e Júnior. Os lamentáveis Lulu, Surfista Aluminado, Zé Andarilho, Borgo Reversador e Magia (em clima de praia) juntam suas forças para ressuscitar o podcast mais vagabundo da internet e com a presença de Belo do Locadora TV recomendam algumas coisinhas e falam muita merda como sempre. Edição: ...…
Ver, escuchar o leer, lo que quiero y cuando quiero, es mucho más que un servicio, es nuestro día a día. Hoy descubriremos en la entrevista qué sistemas son los que soportan los contenidos que disfrutamos día a día. La tecnología es muy cómoda, desde el sofá de casa podemos elegir el contenido que queramos disfrutar, pasando de ver que hacen en ...…
1Beneaji LattuDoving2John DeJohnette's DirectionOne For Devadip and the Professor3Disco Dub BandFor The Love of Money (Disco Dub)4DJ SottofettDrippin For A Trip (Space Dub)5Segun AdewaleOjo Je6Arp FriqueNos Magia7FlapjUnknown8UnknownPelvis Afro9Mor ElianFairplex Drive10LoufIf I Was11Andre SebastianCaribbean Feast12PeverelistStill Early13EnkuanK ...…
Today is the visit of the Magi as we close the Christmas season. We also begin our new sermon series AWAKE: The Call to a Renewed Life. Today is our WAKE UP call and we learn what it takes to wake up from the Wise Men and particularly the gifts they bring.
Sunday preview for Epiphany Sunday. Text study: 7 January 2018 Epiphany CWS-B Notable nearby dates: 40th anniversary of worshipping as SOTL at 323 E. 1st St Seasonal Intro: The readings during the Epiphany season carry forward the emphasis in the readings for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the theme of Jesus revealing himself to us as God and ...…
The Mystery of the Magi The post Morning Drive Guest: Fr. Dwight Longenecker, The Mystery of the Magi appeared first on Mater Dei Radio.
What is the nature of the God we worship at Christmas? Like so many, we can carry misconceptions of God into our understanding of Jesus and miss His divinity. We look at God's character through Isaiah 40 and the magi as they experienced the star. Speaker: Aaron YoderBy First Mennonite Church of Morton.
This week, the CU Crew discussed: new archeology trying to locate the resting place of St. Nicholas Related: The St. Nicholas Center 20 tips for the new liturgical new year Learning to live the Law of the Gift They also recommended these Picks of the Week: Kathleen: Cassie Pease Designs Olivia: The Tear Ring Jeff: EATOP iPhone/Android compatibl ...…
Entrevista exclusiva con Samar Yorde sobre su nuevo libro «Rejuvenece en la cocina». - Samar ha dedicado «Rejuvenece en la cocina» a todas las mujeres que desean mantenerse jóvenes, lograr un peso saludable, alejar las enfermedades y tener más energía. Samar Yorde, con más de 1.5 millones de seguidores en redes sociales, sabe que no es fácil en ...…
Primera edición mundialista. Revisaremos los goles que nos regresaron al mundial y las lecciones aprendidas de la clasificación. Canciones: 1) Que se mueran de envidia (Frankie Ruiz) 2) It ain´t over till it´s over (Lenny Kravitz) 3) La magia de tus besos (Grupo Niche) 4) La Bikina (Canción de Despedida)…
Nuestro primer episodio en espanol...... y tenemos dos fantasticas facilitadoras!!! Claudia tieneuna abilidad con cuerpos que es dificil poner en palabras. Tiene un punto de vista con cuerpos que es diferente que la mayoria del mundo... Los cuerpos son Yummy... y tiene una tremenda habilidad de susurrar con cuerpos. Claudia es la cordinadora mu ...…
Rex Daugherty has been a performer for as long as I've known him. Today, he's acting, directing, and singing all throughout Washington D.C. He's the artistic director at Solas Nua (, a singer songwriter for The Magi, and he just wrapped up a run with Rep Stage Theater and their production of "The Heidi Chronicles." You can also ...…
Liberte seu lado gamerConheça PC ideal para você.Acesse:érie Tons de magiaEm Um tom mais escuro de magia, Victoria Schwab cria um universo fantástico e complexo que não deixa nada a desejar das suas duas maiores inspirações literárias: J.K. Rowling e Neil Gaiman.Acesse:çamento ex ...…
Esse episódio fala sobre o Grau 8 da Magia Branca, o oitavo grau dos 22 arcanos maiores, graus ascensionais.
Esse episódio fala sobre o grau 7 da Magia Branca, o Setenário Divino.
Esse episódio fala sobre a Estrela de David, sua ligação com o Macro e o Microcosmo e seus diferentes tipos de utilização.
Esse áudio aborda o Grau 5 da Magia Divina.
Esse áudio fala sobre os ensinamentos do Grau 4 da Magia Divina.
Katarína Nádaská skončila štúdium na Filozoficke Fakulte UK v Bratislave (etnológia – história). V roku 1997 obhájila titul PhD. Pôsobila ako vedecko-výskumná pracovníčka na FF UK, pedagogicky pôsobila na UCM Trnava, UKF Nitra, FF UK Praha.Absolvovala viacero vedeckých stáží na európskych univerzitách napríklad Univerzita Viedeň, Univerzita Reg ...…
01. Miss Tara – Monkey (Original Mix) [Bonnies]02. Audino & Elmy - Praise The Sun (Extended Mix)03. Willy William & J Balvin - Mi Gente (Cedric Gervais Remix)04. La Fuente - Bring The House Down [HELDEEP]05. Sander Kleinenberg x Boris Smith – Trouble (feat. Baby Sol)-06. Claptone – The Music Got Me (Darius Syrossian Remix)-07. Leandro Da Silva, ...…
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