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Dave Softy Mahler Show
Full Hours from the Dave Softy Mahler show, which airs every day from 3pm-6:30pm on 950 KJR in Seattle.
Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan
Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan, combine their decades of experiences as successful entrepreneurs & health & fitness experts, to chat w/guests such as Robert Greene, Daniel Coyle, Christian Thibadeau, Charles Poliquin, Steve Maxwell, Harley Flanagan, Frank Shamrock, Amy Dumas (aka Lita), Dr. Mark Gordon, Roger Cross, & comedians Ali Siddiq & John Heffron, w/a no holds barred approach to living life on your own terms, during their entertaining weekly podcast. Bullsh-tter's discretion is advised.
Dave Softy Mahler
Dave Softy Mahler weekdays 3pm-6:30pm
Dave Softy Mahler
Full Hours from the Dave Softy Mahler show
Technical Tidbits with Debbie Mahler
Don't know your SaaS from a hole in the ground? Can't tell the difference between your whatchamacallit from the thingamabob? Then you need to listen to this radio show! Whether you're technologically terrified, or a pro, this show features information that helps you maximize technology in your daily life and your business! Your host, Debbie Mahler always makes the information easy to understand!
Hiding GOD's Word in Your Heart with Barry Mahler
Our DVD Collection
Featuring Christine and Eric
Mr Mom Daily
Listen as Eric deals with the day to day challenges of being a stay at home dad.New episodes every weekday!Send me an e-mail at and I’ll reply on the show!Find me on Twitter at @MrMomDailyFind out more about me at my personal webpage Frumpous!
Today I am...
Chronicling the life and times of boring old me.
Eric Everyday
Eric Mahler’s rambling thoughts.Monday through Friday.
The Frumpous Brothers Podcast
Cory and Eric Mahler are brothers who love video games and love to talk them.Tune in every week to hear about what they’re playing, gaming news, game music, and other related whatnot.Contact us via @FrumpousBros or FrumpousBros@gmail.comFind more of Eric here and more of Cory here.
Irvington Bible Baptist Church
Bible Studies, and Discussion
Maestro E's Talk Forward Podcasts
These podcasts are designed to help listeners of all experiences to gain some understanding of "classical music" from the perspective of a conductor, teacher, performer, and artist - they are a synthesis of what I have gained from my life experience with this music and it is my hope that they will enable you to enjoy this music and be able to utilize the tools I provide for further listening in your life.
KUCI: Weekly Signals
Current Events, Irreverent Memes, and a Dog Named Mahler
World of BLISS podcast
BLISSbooking has been re-founded from the over years well known euphoria group., in 2013. The Manager Gregor dreamed of an agency, which would combine his passion for music as bliss with a professional fulfillment, and by founding BLISS his dream became reality.BLISSbooking offers its artists full comprehensive service, from professional placing of artist bookings and counselling via project and production planning up to the usual travel management. However, we are working autonomically and ...
Achieving ALPHA with Nate Elmore
On Achieving ALPHA, Nate Elmore interviews exceptional individuals who have valuable knowledge or skills that allow them to master one particular area of life. By learning from these ALPHAs, we can expand our knowledge, maximize our potential, and become the best version of ourselves, and Achieve ALPHA. Jimmy Moore, Mike Mahler, Jay Cutler, and Steve Maxwell are just a few of the interviews to date. If you're looking to evolve as a human being, this show was made for you!
Business Divorce Roundtable
When co-owners of a business can no longer get along, they need a divorce – a business divorce. The Business Divorce Roundtable presents lively conversations with top experts from a variety of fields – lawyers, judges, mediators, appraisers, accountants, and academicians – on the legal and practical issues including business valuation that business owners and their professional advisors need to know to navigate the turbulent waters of a business partnership breakup. The Business Divorce Roun ...
The Frumpous Brothers Podcast
Cory and Eric Mahler are brothers who love video games and love to talk them.Tune in every week to hear about what they’re playing, gaming news, game music, and other related whatnot.Contact us via @FrumpousBros or FrumpousBros@gmail.comFind more of Eric here and more of Cory here.
Michael Fierman's Podcast
This is the perfect venue for me to share my non dance music along with the performances one expects of me. I have a wide and eclectic range of style which no doubt my followers have heard many a time when I will try to merge some of my early influences into a dance party. I have played such diversities as Mahler, Joni Mitchell and The Doors at Black Parties. Since the late 80's I started making short 75-90 minute pieces of abstract, themed acoustic music and to this day those little music p ...
Bojana Šaljić Podešva She closed studies composition at the AG in Ljubljana and studying electroacoustic composition in Vienna. The basic means of her expression is composing electroacoustic music - which covers both fixed two - or multi - channel compositions as well as "real-time" processing instrumental works - vocal sounds or sound installations. For her work she received many awards from slovenian and international competitions - both for concert works - (such as Gustav Mahler Kompositi ...
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Art Thiel filling in for Softy. Mariners are red-hot and Rick Rizzs joins the show/More arena drama
Art Thiel is filling in for Softy and he talks about what he heard from Tim Leiweke and the NBA/NHL. Art chats about the Mariners and the changing landscape of baseball with Bill Krueger. Textimonials wraps up the hour.
Softy has the day off so Art Thiel of is filling in. Art has some interesting numbers to share on Felix Hernandez and what is happening to baseball. Is it less interesting with the strikeouts, walks, and homers? Jake Kaplan of the Houston Chronicle joins the show to talk about the Astros and their red-hot start. Adam Jude is o ...…
On today's show, we go back in time to highlight some of our favorite interviews in BFT history. These interviews include Dr. Jack Ramsay, Brandon Roy, Rick Majerus, Kevin Pritchard, Dave Softy Mahler, and Brian Urlacher.
Nathan, Mike, and Mahler tackle memories, heartbeats, tiny crossbows, climate change, Cuba, King Salman, Kushner, the Great Mosque of al-Nuri, Georgia 6, poor people, Comey tapes, lawyer up, Flynn blackmail, RNC hack, gerrymandering, trademarks, Philando Castile, Uber Goober, Ken dolls, and more.
Softy gets REALLY excited when he receives the Phil Steele College Football Preview so when he gets 30 minutes (plus) to talk with the man himself, Phil Steele, he's excited. They talk all things College football from national teams to PAC-12 teams and, of course, plenty of Huskies. A few thoughts on the NBA Draft and then, Baseball's Best Unsp ...…
Softy chats with the man that is in charge of the Mariners Bullpen which has been pitching their collective balls off. Next, fun with some audio of Stephen A Smith losing his damn mind about Phil Jackson and Lamar Odom, "WHO WAS ON CRACK!" Bret Boone is on talking about Dyson's bunt and the Mariners. Lastly, Textimonials react to Stephen A, the ...…
Softy is really angry at the people he says are dumb for being mad about the Jarrod Dyson bunt last night. He yells about it for a while. We also check in to see what they were saying about it on the Tigers Radio Network. Lastly, Eric Johnson from KOMO joins the Press Box (even though he was a bit late)…
Classical Music Discoveries
Mahler’s 3rd and 4th Symphonies together comprise his longest symphony. Separately the 3rd remains his longest symphony and the 4th his shortest symphony. The 3rd symphony is also the longest symphony in the orchestral repertoire which is also the 10th most popular symphony according to the BBC Music Magazine.The 3rd symphony consists of 6 move ...…
Paul Myerberg of USA Today joins Softy to chat about the best coaches in all of college football since 1999 and where Chris Petersen and Pete Carroll fall in that conversation. It was a VERY busy day in Mariners-land so Ryan Divish joins to talk Segura, Gallardo, Andrew Moore, and much more. Warren Sapp said some stupid stuff and Softy and Shoc ...…
Matt Calkins joins the show in the Press Box on the Mariners, Pete Carroll, Chris Petersen, and high school water polo (sorta, but not really on the last one). Petros Papadakis' weekly visit is another winner as they talk LA sports, PAC-12, Pete Carroll, Chris Petersen, Shawshank Redemption, and getting older. Also, Textimonials on which 2 segm ...…
The Mariners are a game under .500 and Softy is excited about them. Are the listeners excited? Softy asks people to call in and say something nice about the Mariners and some of them actually succeed in being positive! Taylor Motter calls in to chat about the hot streak, his hair, and some nicknames (among other things.…
Softy wonders if Phil Steele's prediction for the Huskies of 11-1 and a Cotton Bowl appearance would be good enough for Huskies fans. Fans and Listeners call in to respond. Daryl Ruiter from 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland is on to talk about the latest LeBron drama. The great unsponsored pre-game show of all time (we think) wraps up the show.…
In honor of the NHL expansion draft, we ask who the THREE Seahawks players would be to protect if they had to pick just three for an expansion draft. Bill Krueger joins the show to talk about the greatness of Sam Gaviglio and Mike Zunino and the not-so-greatness of Yovani Gallardo. Textimonials offer some bad advice on Softy's iPhone situation ...…
Softy starts the show with the VERY important and TOTALLY relevant question of how to get a little notification off of his phone. Then we talk Mariners! Sam Gaviglio is pitching well and Gallardo is not but, most importantly, Mike Zunino is the best hitter on the planet right now. Lloyd McClendon joins us from Safeco Field and Bob Condotta is i ...…
This is pt.2 of our discussion with Dr. Thomas Incledon, as he goes more in depth on his non-traditional approach toward cancer treatment, plus the following:: Dr. Incledon address the issues of insurance coverage & cost-prohibitive healthcare Dr. Incledon shares some key preventative measures to improve your health Can excessive exercise cause ...…
Football at 5 today takes us to Atlanta. Are the Falcons dealing with any hangover from their brutal loss in the SB? (You may recall that they were ahead 28-3 and then lost). Aaron Torres from FOXSports joins the show to talk NBA Draft. Can UW Football repeat as PAC-12 Champs? The greatest unsponsored pre-game show for baseball retuns!…
Softy is still wondering about the random, Softy-esque hypothetical of if Chris Petersen would ever coach the Seahawks. Aaron Goldsmith joins the show to talk Mariners. What should the Mariners do with Nelson Cruz? Is he in their long-term plans at DH? Textimonials react to the Ms, Petersen, and a dumb joke.…
The Mariners continue to exist in No-Man's-Land, not good but not bad. What should they do with their starters? Softy has a weird question about Chris Petersen and if he would ever replace Pete Carroll with the Seahawks. Todd Milles from the News Tribune is in the Press Box talking about the US Open.…
A tribute to the Russian Diva includes an excerpt from Prokofiev’s War and Peace as well as arias by Mozart, Puccini and Verdi and a song by Rimsky-Korsakov. Playlist: Mozart: Don Giovanni “Non mi dir” Anna Netrebko with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Gianandrea Noseda Recorded in Vienna in 2003 DGG B000990 02 Prokofiev: War and ...…
Football at Five today takes us to Montlake and Chico McClatcher talking about his off-season and what's to come for the Dawgs. We head to Philly with Bob Cooney of the Philly Daily News to check in on where Markelle Fultz might end up. Mariners keep making changes, too.
One of the more passionate sports media members when it comes to the arena, Aaron Levine stops by to chat with Softy about his latest commentaries. Bill Krueger's twice weekly visit talking all things Mariners. Textimonials react to the Hawks questions of the day.
We listen in on Colin Cowherd, Jason Whitlock, Eric Davis, and Seth Joyner talking about the Seahawks. Does it actually make a difference if the Seahawks actually "get along" with each other? Larry Stone is in the Press Box talking all things Safeco Field, Seahawks, and more.
Special guest co-host Claudia Shambaugh joins Nathan and Mahler to tackle London burning, Russian protests, cholera, Qatar flip-flop, white phosphorus, troops in the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, dragonfly drones, obstruction of justice, suing Trump, high praise, retro-Cuba, Sessions v Harris, the “COVFEFE” Act, net neutrality, Flint, Standing Roc ...…
This is a “best of” episode from three classic Contrabass Conversations episodes. Back in the early days of the podcast, John Grillo and I recorded two episodes that dissected various excerpts. He and I talked through each excerpt and then played a recording of John performing it. These have been extremely popular resources over the years, but ...…
Contrabass Conversations - double bass life on the low end of the spectrum
This is a “best of” episode from three classic Contrabass Conversations episodes. Back in the early days of the podcast, John Grillo and I recorded two episodes that dissected various excerpts. He and I talked through each excerpt and then played a recording of John performing it. These have been extremely popular resources over the years, but ...…
Nigel Burton is our guest for Football at 5 talking all things Huskies, PAC-12, and college football. Pete Carroll talks about the end of minicamp and how the Hawks look. Kevin Iole from Yahoo! Sports on the 8/26 Mayweather/McGregor fight and if Conor actually has a chance to win.
We're still giving away $100/hour and some people are confused. Doug Baldwin and Softy have a nice chat on all things Seahawks from the title window to his career, and more. Also, Textimonials on all things David Stern, Mariners, and three dumb jokes.
David Stern spoke about the Mariners for a while on his visit with Nunyo Demasio's podcast. We listen in and react to him saying that Seattle “is a town that deserves to have a team — no question about it.” Steve Bunin from KING 5 is also in the Press Box!
After minicamp today, Richard Sherman spoke with the media on everything from his "outbursts" last year to the rumors/stories about the locker room. Softy and Shockey react to what they hear, how he sounded, and what it could mean for the future of this year's team.
After a false start in the first hour, Paul Silvi is on the show to talk Seahawks, Mariners, and more in the Press Box! Petros Papadakis joins the show in what continues to be the strangest, most out-of-control segment of the week (maybe on the entire station!). Textimonials reacts to Petros, lobs out some thoughts on players crossing over into ...…
The Mariners lost by a lot last night but it was only one game right? Softy and Shockey chat about the monster matchup that was finally set between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr in the BOXING ring. Ryan Divish joins the show to talk Mariners. George Fant from the Seahawks O-Line stops by for a chat, too.…
University of Memphis Percussion Professor and Creator of “Good Beats Percussion” Bill Shaltis see Pete’s Jets t-shirt and responds accordingly (02:40), talks about getting the Memphis job from his work at Missouri Southern and UMKC (03:10), growing up in Michigan (13:30), his Patriots fandom, coupled with some more sports talk (17:10), times i ...…
Football heavy in the final hour. Trey Adams from the UW OL for Football at 5. We check in with Earl Thomas as he recovers from his injury and Kam Chancellor who might be looking for a new deal. Chris Crawford from RotoWorld talks Ms prospects and then an update from Pete Carroll and Curtis Crabtree.…
Softy is saying goodbye to Safeco Field (at the end of 2018) so we want some new names for the stadium. Bill Krueger stops by to talk Ms. Textimonials on some new names, some dumb jokes, and more.
Softy is reacting to another nice win for the Ms last night and he BELIEVES in this team! Also, Mike Ferreri steps into the Press Box.
In today's Football at 5, we listen in on a conversation with CJ Prosise. Softy shares some thoughts on the Seahawks RB trio of Lacy, Rawls, and Prosise. Is it possible that they have three "good" running backs? Daryl Ruiter joins the show from Cleveland to talk about the Cavs in the Finals. Lastly, some MLB draft chatter with Chris Crawford of ...…
Shockey asks Softy about the constant moves back and forth for Mariners relievers. Eddie Lacy is raking in the cash for losing a few pounds here and there. The MLB Draft is going on and, while is ignoring it, we're looking at the brutal history for the Ms. Lastly, Textimonials on the show.
Softy is PISSED about the Blue Jays fans and their takeover of Safeco Field. What can be done about it? Also, the Mariners bats went silent during the weekend. Is Eric Decker a fit for the Hawks? The Press Box guest today is Brad Adam and we hit on everything from the NBA to the Mariners and even some Seahawks, too.…
Popular LLA guest, Dr. Thomas Incledon joins us for a 2 part discussion no true LLA Show fan will won't to miss. If you have been affected by cancer in any way, this 2 part discussion is a must-listen. During part 1, we discuss the following:: Why is cancer the most feared diseased in the world What is the real reason as to why people die from ...…
Alain Platel is the director of Les Ballet C de la B, which is in fact not a ballet company, and definitely not your typical dance company. Based in Belgium, Alain tells us how he started Les Ballet C de la B by accident and has over the last 30 years challenged the normal conventions of dance. Working with both professional and non-professiona ...…
My dear friends Nanc Patterson and her late one-of-a-kind Canine Companions for Independence service dog Mahler. The theme this time is standards and evaluation – or lack of them. There’s no more important issue in the assistance dog world. I’m always focused on that issue, but a number of recent ongoing events have only highlighted and ramped ...…
Larry offers a sampling of recordings by eminent Mahler interpreters Maureen Forrester, Elizabeth Schwarzkopf, Kathleen Ferrier and Fritz Wunderlich as well as an unexpected and hilarious tribute to Alma Mahler. Playlist: Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde, “Der Trunkene im Fruhling” Fritz Wunderlich with the Philharmonia Orchestra Conducted by Otto ...…
Our final hour EVER from FX McRory's begins with a visit by Michael Barrow, the Seahawks Linebackers coach. Softy and Michael are always a zoo together so, enjoy. Scott Servais updates everybody on the injury situations and bouncing back from the loss last night, and a final look at Game 4 of the NBA Finals.…
The man who started all of the work to bring the NBA back to Seattle, Chris Hansen, sits down with Softy for some updates and to share some memories. Bill Krueger joins the show for his twice weekly segment talking all things Mariners. Lastly, a fun segment with Gas and Mick McHugh sharing memories of great days in the past at FX McRory's and more.…
We kick off our final show EVER from FX McRory's as it currently exists and Softy has some thoughts to share about it. Art Thiel is in the Press Box talking about the Key Arena renovation news. Jack Sikma and Wally Walker sit down for a chat at FX to talk all things Sonics.
6-8 Hour 1 - Softy H1 - Mike Zunino, the hero of last night's game, joins the show! Softy and Shockey talk about the RED-HOT Ms. Chris Daniels is in the Press Box, too.
6-8 Hour 1 - Softy H1 - Mike Zunino, the hero of last night's game, joins the show! Softy and Shockey talk about the RED-HOT Ms. Chris Daniels is in the Press Box, too.
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