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This Week in Makeup
MEL Products Presents This Week in Makeup. Host Crystal and MEL Products team including Allan Apone and AJ bring you the latest in the Makeup industry. Communicating with some of the biggest voices and companies in the industry, come and join the dialogue with the industry's latest news and events for the beautiful world of makeup artistry. With topics ranging from professional "insta-famous" artists to professional special effects artists on set, there is something new each week.
Make-up Your Mind
Welcome to Make-Up Your Mind! A twice-monthly podcast about all things makeup, skincare, and beauty! Listen to our hosts, Melinda and Dani, discuss what products they love (or don't love!), solve listeners's beauty dilemmas, and discover the long and fascinating history of makeup and skincare! Subscribe to stay current on all the latest episodes!!
No Makeup Podcast
No Makeup shares authentic stories of really cool women who sign up to honestly and bravely tell us their stories. We believe stories can do a lot-they inspire, they console, and they shape our understanding of the world. So welcome to a podcast where Tiff and Marissa interview women they admire and ask them to figuratively take of their makeup and tell stories from the heart. This podcast is produced in partnership with Vermont Public Radio.
I am a professional makeup artist, a beauty blogger and am launching THIS -> a NEW YouTube/Podcast titled, #JSMminute (The JennySue Makeup Minute) where I answer all of your makeup and beauty questions and offer up my own tips, tricks and solutions to show you how using makeup to create a more beautiful version of your natural self can be easy!
The QC Makeup Academy Podcast, published monthly, features interviews with tutors, industry professionals, and QC graduates. Learn makeup artistry tips, gain professional career advice, and be entertained in the same way that you learn through QC—wherever and whenever you like! Subscribe on iTunes, share us with friends, and make us part of your day!
Makeup Mondays
“Spilling Makeup ☕️ Everywhere” Product Reviews • Tips & Tricks • Girl-Talk at it’s finest✨Positive vibes only.
Enjoy these fun make up tips for dramatic yet down to earth makeup especially for performers.
Makeup Artist Podcast with Makeup by Sophie Downing.Talking all things makeup and beauty, with specials from beauty brands.
Scandalous Beauty is a beauty podcast for Women of Color that features interviews and commentary from top artists and influencers in the industry, plus beauty news and reviews by host Erin Baynham.
Welcome to this year's best explicit Sailor Moon Crystal podcast! Join your hosts CC and Ashley as they talk about old Sailor Moon, new Sailor Moon, cute foods, gender stuff, and structural inequality in the Silver Millennium. Come for the sincerity, stay for the puns and extensive library of music cues. Reach us by email at and Twitter @sailorpodcast. A part of the POMEcast Network.
💜✨Makeup Artist & Beauty Coach💄 Queen of time & money saving makeup tips!💋Founder of Makeup Reset Workshop
Navigating my path and sharing what hurts me and helps me to keep doing it over and over again, day after day, month after month, year after year.Listen to what I have to share below!
Makeup and Moscato
Welcome to the first episode of Makeup & Moscato! Join Leesha of xSparkage and September of Septembermoments as we introduce ourselves and how we became obsessed with the online beauty community.
A podcast about relationships.
Welcome to BEAUTY NEWS podcast. Every Monday and Friday we discuss all things new in makeup releases. This podcast is taken from our YouTube channel -
Unseen Beauty
This podcast is based on the blog at and in it I talk about my favourite beauty products, new discoveries, places I've been and websites that I've reviewed, all from the perspective of someone who is blind.
Sissy That Talk! with Velvet Valhalla is a podcast breaking down the greatest reality TV show ever RuPauls Drag Race! Join hosts Velvet Valhalla and Alex Woodside (along with special guests) every episode of Drag Race for in-depth analysis as the race roars on. Feel like reliving past seasons? Check out our archive for all of our breakdowns!
Behind The Beauty
Behind the Beauty is a weekly podcast series hosted by Serein Wu. Each week, we take a behind the scenes look inside the world of beauty and fashion, by talking directly to the brands and industry professionals.
All Things Beauty
Some say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder.." For us, beauty is in the hands of our hosts! Welcome to All Things Beauty, where we deliver the latest in makeup, haircare, and fashion trends that fit your daily style and monetary budget!
Why are teens shoplifting makeup and posting their hauls to Tumblr? How can a blind man run a marathon through the desert with just an iPhone? And what happens to your social media profiles after you die? Week on week we answer questions just like these on our digital culture podcast, Chips with Everything.
Dedicated to helping you find solutions to your beauty concerns, we'll cut through the hype so you can better understand what works (and what doesn't). Led by best-selling author and beauty expert Paula Begoun, The Paula’s Choice Research Team provides detailed, scientifically validated cosmetic critiques you won't find anywhere else! For more information, visit
Cosmopolitan magazine's editor takes viewers backstage at New York Fashion Week for insider hair and make-up tips.
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SkinCare Consultant w/over 20 yrs experience! I give Makeup Reviews & Tutorials. GLAMOROUS/FABULOUS & OVER40 will help Mature Women maintain that ageless look. BEAUTY Products 4 Mature Women I'm 70yr young & I review makeup & tell U what works 4 aging skin. also reviews on new Beauty Products. Tips on hiding or solving ur aging skin problems! CK OUT="SHOW NOTES" (BELOW)I'm a youthful retired Cosmetologists, Realtor,Licensed FosterCare Parent, Also,a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) 4 ...
Hello! My name is Shel and this is the first episode of my vlog podcast! I'll be talking about things like, mostly makeup, yarn crafting, and books. I tried to keep the sections about 10 minuets, so if one thing interests you more this episode is in this order: makeup, yarn, book reviews, and some personal things at the end.
Where curls, culture, and couture collide. We share our journey, and the journey of others, as we make our mark in the beauty, style, and hair industry to inform, empower, and inspire. Find out the latest in hair and beauty, cultural topics and event, fashion and style all in one place.
This is the SFX Makeup podcast from a fan and pro perspective! Len Peralta is the fan, an artist with a keen interest in makeup and special effects. Frank Ippolito is the pro, a working professional in the FX industry with movies and TV under his belt. Together they cover a variety of topics, interview guests and geek out in general about makeup.
Learn from Emmy Award winner Val Brown about how to look, feel and sound your best in front of the camera. Whether it’s for social media, headshots or television, learn what you need to know to support your brand and deliver your message effectively with credibility and authenticity to your target audience. music: Scott Holmes
Blood, Guts and Gore
Create amusing, amazing stage makeup and bloody special effects.
Curated Content
Host Michael Ross selects three topics from his own flawed memories and finds the subtle connections that make up a lifetime's worth of memories.
The Trillest Podcast is an outlet for two health and fitness enthusiasts to talk truthfully about real life, real struggles, and everything in between. Your hosts, Salah and Taylor, are Austin-based, self-professed fitness gurus (gurus should be taken lightly) who are super jazzed to share with you their thoughts on, and journeys through, health, fitness, and life. Their friendly banter and constant comedic relief make the struggles of health, fitness, and life a little more enjoyable. Trill ...
Beauty Bites
The podcast that follows the beauty news so you don’t have to.
The Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast reveals the science behind human sexuality. Every month Dr Rob Burriss uncovers new research on attraction, jealousy, lust, and love. Recent topics include: what is the evolutionary purpose of oral sex? Why do women wear red when they ovulate? How does make-up boost beauty? And why do tattoos attract men, and guitars attract women? Join Rob to find out the answers to all these questions and more!
Make Me Over Eb
Make Me Over, Eb! Get the advice you need to update your style; choose the best makeup for your skin type; revamp your wardrobe; reevaluate your body image; and makeover YOU! Eb is passionate about helping you see that you can be fabulous professionally and personally. The Make Me Over Eb Show discusses topics from fashion, beauty, health, wellness, and more! If you miss a show, you can download it on itunes, or right here in the archive pages! Recent Guests Include: The Apprentice (Season 3 ...
Here on our podcast we interview some of the biggest names in the beauty business and peel back the curtain on their success so that we can extract solid advice that will help you, inspire you, make you laugh, maybe make you cry, who knows, the opportunity is endless.We have an INCREDIBLE line-up of beauty industry game changers so check out the Beauty Boss Network Podcast.
International Waters is a pop culture comedy quiz show where land laws do not apply. Join host Dave Holmes and competing teams of world-famous comedians from the US and UK in a hilarious and lively test of pop culture knowledge (and the ability to make up baloney when that knowledge fails). It's part panel show, part trivia quiz and all laughs. It's also a little embarrassed it wrote that last sentence.
Away With Acne
Your guide to ending acne
Let's dive together into the fascinating subject of women: who they are, what they need, what they love. We'll understand better what it means to be a woman and how we can make the best of our lives. Anne will share her thoughts based on her research and she will also interview experts. A French perspective combined with a multicultural experience gives a unique flair to Anne Benissan's understanding of our world.
Story Not Story
Married couple, Craig & Chyna, tell each other bedtime stories that they make up on the spot.
Ergänzung zu den täglichen Postings auf dem Blog mit Videos über besondere Orte oder Vorstellungen interessanter und neuer Produkte. Folgt einfach meinem Leben ein wenig und schaut was täglich so bei mir passiert...
Rise and Prime
Your favorite beauty tips, makeup tricks, and celebrity picks
When you love who you are, your natural radiance outshines hair + makeup. As a Nashville stylist, Taylor Nick has learned that true beauty is felt more than seen. Here, she chats with people from all different backgrounds to learn what beauty looks like to them and how we can get it ourselves. Together you’ll learn from country artists, pageant queens, fashion stylists, photographers, roller derby girls, recovery counselors, spiritual leaders and more! Join the conversation to discover how t ...
Stretch your throats and get ready for your monthly dose of glam with San Antonio's gender-bending Glam Bear queen! As we are all on our own unique journey to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be, we hope that our conversations with my special guests about music, literature, current events, fashion, drag, makeup, hair, food, sex, health and wellness will help you a little bit along the way!
Ramblings of a beauty & fashion shopaholic. Things I've bought, things I want, the "DivaRoll" (Listen to find out what that is!), news, & tips.
Additional information and videoclips for the blog and introduction of special new places, new products. Take a look on my daily life and what happens every day...
Objects hold history. They're evocative of stories stamped in time. As part of The Washington Post's coverage of the Smithsonian's new National Museum of African American History and Culture, people submitted dozens of objects that make up their own lived experiences of black history, creating a "people's museum" of personal objects, family photos and more. The Historically Black podcast brings those objects and their stories to life through interviews, archival sound and music. The Washingt ...
Blood n Blush
A new, bi weekly podcast where Jessie, Allison, and Shandi sit down to talk about all things gore related, our favorite make up happenings, and whatever the fuck else they want!
A historical view of Scotland and the Scots that make up the country
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Glam Soup
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Strep Throat and Tonsillitis Disclaimer: Information from this show is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or go to the nearest emergency department with any questions you may have. Strep is a bacterial infection. It is one of the oldest, most common, and most contagious infections in the world. Microbio ...…
Speaker or Performer: Bob PetersenDate of Delivery: May 20, 2018Characteristics of a Religious SpiritI am using the term religion to refer to a man-made effort to get to God and then serve Him.It is very easy to mistake being religious for having a relationship with God.Religion looks like true relationship from the outsideIt makes sense to the ...…
We apologize for the late episode, but we were grieving the loss of half of our recording to the evil, evil void. To make up for it, this one is ridiculously long! Enjoy! Today's topics are a very large cat that likes to cry and has a friend coyote, and the incomprehensable possibility of infinite copies of ourselves. Yikes. Music provided by t ...…
Today’s movie is “Day of the Dead: Bloodline” (2018), loosely based on George Romero’s classic “Day of the Dead” (1985). It was written for the screen by Mark Tonderai and Lars Jacobson, and directed by Hèctor Hernández Vicens. The film follows Zoe (Sophie Skelton), a medical student working at a refugee camp five years after the zombie outbrea ...…
Jana is one of the first people I “met” online when I start my journey in the green beauty world and I can testify she’s the ultimate green beauty babe. Jana comes from Slovenia and is obsessed with green, natural, organic, cruelty free beauty products. On her blog along with beauty articles you will find information about healthy healthy lifes ...…
I am asked daily, ‘What Is A Side Hustle?’. So, it seemed natural to answer this to help you and I get on the same page. I talk about the 3 pillars that make up the side hustle and how my tribe use these to define their own hustle and have an even more fulfilling career. Listen in and let me know which pillar talks to you the most. Enjoy!…
Lyla and Emma are the best of friends... until one day they get into a huge fight! Will they ever make up? Written and read by Bodel Edited by J D Evans and ID Audio
The Riverside Public Utilities is recommending raising the rates of its services to make up for lost revenue and replace aging infrastructure, but after some recent events ( Measure Z, the firing of City Manager John Russo and news being made by some RPU employees earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in overtime) can the already bewildered ...…
Radiant Power Hour Radio Show On this episode of Radiant Power Hour Tara is hosting author, & founder of Goddess Code Academy™, Radhaa Nilia who will be sharing how to bring the sacred into everyday life based on her work with Goddess Quan Yin. Radhaa is also the author of Quan Yin Goddess Code Activation's. Join special guest Radhaa as she sha ...…
This episode of Jugheads is all about redemption, as Veronica tries to make up with Betty after kissing her crush in the closet, Jughead and Archie patch things up after Jughead spies something scandalous happening in the music room, and Cheryl has some explaining to do when the Sheriff comes looking for her with questions about the murder of h ...…
Twins! This week we interview twins Kim and Kelli Lennox. We talk to them about being twins, their work behind the curtain in costumes, hair and makeup, and "the whole show" behind stage--as well as a little bit of acting. We go into their marketing background, and what things people in theatre can do to market themselves. The best thing yet, t ...…
Welcome back to Film Buff Fridays! I’m back with another David Lynch film, and for anyone who doesn’t know, I am a huge fan of David Lynch. Earlier this week in Episode #135 (“Last Flag Flying”), I spoke about directors who have a particularly recognizable aesthetic, and Lynch certainly fits the bill. If you’re interested in my take on “Blue Ve ...…
What do you need to consider when upping your skincare game in your 20s, 30s, and beyond? There will be some trial and error, but everyone deserves great skin! We talk through the basics from cleansers to SPF and everything in between. Links in this episode: Thrive Global: Become an ‘Unstoppable’ Leader by Enhancing Your Self-Awareness Goop: Pa ...…
Two Fab Femmes are putting on a contest! Tune into to our interview with photographer, Laura Bravo Mertz to learn more about the contest, her process, and everything about the boudoir! Ou la la… And oh, it is on! Enter our contest giveaway to win! Here are the dets: Prizes: 1st Prize we are giving away one 1-hour Boudoir photo session with Phot ...…
Hard N Heavy 5/18/18 Playlist MMRBQ 2018 Preview Alice in Chains- The One You Know Alice in Chains- Man in a Box Ghost- Rats Ghost- Pro Memoria (Live From Houston) Stone Temple Pilots- Roll Me Under Stone Temple Pilots- Dead And Bloated Jonathan Davis- What It Is Korn- Did My Time The Record Company- Life To Fix Dorothy- Medicine Man Radkey- Da ...…
@onthewakeupradiopresents For The Black Of ITEvery other Thursday 9-11pm EST check time zoneshost @theozlife hostess @ciaindahouse call in @kazcut & Producer Sindy Ashbysubscribehttps://www.onthewakeupradio.com ...…
Asknod and James joins us as we will go in depth and discuss the ILP program. It has its ups and downs and as long as The VA plays by the rules then it works great. Only when they make up their own rules does a Veteran have issues.
On the episode we talk about how females use makeup to completely transform their appearance and how it can be deceiving. We also have some females on the show so we can hear their perspective as well. Check it oouuutttt!
Sincerest apologies beer lovers for a slightly delayed episode this week, both the boys got carried away in their search for beer. However, to make up for it Cock and Croc have decided to bring you an episode with double the amount of toast! (And it's definitely a planned apology, not because they just wanted to drink more...). The double toast ...…
While Scott's still away, living it up as America's newest international hit, Leona is joined my her make up artist best friend Ashley, and together they tackle the challenge of going on a day and night out with no make up on.
Can you use make-up during Ramadan if you're fasting? What about brushing your teeth? We spoke to experts Rashid Al Tamimi from the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and Dr. Ali Al Tuchmachy from Kings College Hospital to answer all your unusual questions about fasting.
Using Face Primers will UP your make up application, feel & look. Benefits of using Face Primers are: 1. Seals your pores - this allows for an even and smooth makeup application. Because your pores are filled/sealed with a base, the primer, larger pores will not be visible. 2. Face Primers improve the feel or texture of your skin. The skin feel ...…
So it is highly unlikely that you are reading or listening to this review in order to decide if you will see the movie or not. As of today, May 17, Avengers: Infinity War has raked in $1,665,125,380 globally. If you take its domestic haul and divide if by the average cost of a movie ticket here in America--$9.16 by the way--it means that over 6 ...…
Arlene Blum led the first all-women ascents of most of the world's tallest mountains. But before she started climbing mountains, she took on another huge challenge: the chemical industry. In the 1970s Blum discovered that children's pajamas were being coated in a carcinogenic flame retardant chemical. She sounded the alarm, got the chemical ban ...…
Nice Guys Pizza is a place we have talked about and we have shot Quick Bites from on several occasions. This week, they celebrate their 5th anniversary. We are so honored and humbled to have been some of their first customers. If you are ever in our hometown, you need to stop by this amazing hole-in-the-wall pizza place with delicious food (not ...…
Broadway had to spin the Wheel Of Consequences after he lost the 30 Second Rodeo. It landed on, "Make up a story about the object to your right." My options were: Jade's cup, part of a leftover omlet, or a packet of ketchup. I chose the cup. Here's my story about...a cup.
Happy Thursday! What qualities and skills about yourself would you like your coworkers to know about you? What do you want your coworkers to know about you? How do you contribute to the team? It’s a really good idea to consider what you bring to the table to not just your employer but to also the other people who work at your office. These are ...…
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the biggest change to Data Protection for years and is coming into force on 25 May. It has major implications for how organisations store and process personal data. In this seminar you will understand some of the different elements that make up GDPR and how it specifcally affects churches.Kyle Co ...…
Hump Day is back and we had to bring you all a special For Lovers treat this episode....we have the lovely ladies Strap on Shan & FiftySHades of Peachestogether they make up Carversations (check out their show on they joined EL Pesco to talk about marriage, corny dudes, dating outside your race, and Peaches has a message to al ...…
Episode 73: "THHMC" - Texas Homeschooling Head Momma in Charge, Alana René HigginbothamGirlfriends' Guide to Homeschooling with Angela Jordan Perry****************************************************Alana......*17 year wife*15 year parent *7 year homeschool educator*Women’s Ministry Leader*Mental Wellness Advocate*Makeup Artist & Wardrobe Styli ...…
In Crisis: America’s Retirement Income In this episode, John Smallwood of Smallwood Wealth Management discusses the sources of retirement income and reviews both the negative and positive pressures on your wealth. John is the author of 5 Ways Your Wealth is Under Attack. He has lectured extensively on financial planning and has received the Fiv ...…
While employers in construction and trade jobs struggle to find enough employees, women only make up just 4 percent of the national workforce in natural resources, construction and maintenance. Our guest says women have great potential to fill these jobs, but often don't realize it. We also take a look at how important exports are to Wisconsin' ...…
After taking a break last week, the boys are back in town. This time we (kinda) tackle celebrities who can't be friends. We also read a listener roommate story and Josh ticks off Joel (shocker).
All you need is a pressing tool, rubbing alcohol, a cracked powder and a little patience. There’s a step by step instruction in the original blog article HERE
Listen To My Beats Here To Our Podcast Here:• PayPal Donations:• Social Media:Twitter: https:/ ...…
Jacqueline Mgido, popularly known as “Jacque Mgido” or just "Jacque" is a Zimbabwean born renowned celebrity make-up artist, stylist and entrepreneur who is based in Hollywood. She is the founder and CEO of Vault Cosmetics which recently rebranded to Jacque Mgido Cosmetics an international makeup brand. She is a make-up artist to the stars darl ...…
Some of the best decisions you can make for yourself often are the result of tough, scary choices. In this episode, celebrity make-up artist Val Harvey describes what it felt like when she had to make a life-altering decision between seeing her mother in her final moments or taking a once-in-a-lifetime job with one of her biggest idols. Also, V ...…
Jen, Annie and Lauren sit down with Jacqueline Stickle, a registered dietitian with expertise in the area of school nutrition and community health. They discuss nutrition education for kids, how to evaluate how good it is and how to help foster healthy relationships with foods for our kids. Listen in and learn about: What to look for in your ch ...…
In good form in this episode of the work IN to your workout, Jen shares why meditation is one of the cornerstone pillars of the FitMama Foundations™. Have you ever noticed it’s not what you want that you really want, it’s the feeling that said thing will bring? Want weight loss? You probably want to feel strong and healthy in your body. Want mo ...…
People spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying make up for their short falls. If you want a better return on that time and energy, focus on building strengths versus improving up on weaknesses. Try it for yourself and for your employees.… The post #879 Building Strengths Versus Improving Upon Weaknesses appeared first on Joel Brookman.…
Thoughts on business start ups and motivational content to keep you dreaming.
IVN Election Reform Editor Shawn Griffiths recently interviewed Steve Peterson, who is running as an independent for Colorado State Senate District 30.Peterson is in a unique position because if the current political makeup holds -- which it likely will thanks to a lack of competition in the state -- he could single-handedly deny both major par ...…
This Episode promises to be a treat as I try to pick the brain of my soon to be husband to get his take on wedding makeup.
This week we're chatting with our podfam! Carlene and Jill from one of our favourite podcasts, Breaking Beauty, dropped by the pod to tell us all about their beauty stories, their top products and drop some sweet Canadian knowledge on their favourite homegrown brands.We've been trying out all the latest on launches from Hourglass, Fenty, Glossi ...…
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary senior Jason Zuehlke joins WELSTech to talk about his thesis on reaching those who make up the Millennial Generation with the Gospel. We also get an update from Pastor Brock Groth on his project and some exciting new content. The interview & discussion: Make new friends – Martin and Sallie ...…
Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary senior Jason Zuehlke joins WELSTech to talk about his thesis on reaching those who make up the Millennial Generation with the Gospel. We also get an update from Pastor Brock Groth on his project and some exciting new content. The interview & discussion: Make new friends – Martin and Sallie ...…
There is some good news today - the "experts" have decided that they now know what happened to MH-370 which disappeared in 2014. They still don't know where it is, but they announced they know what happened. If you need to post memes that make up stuff about political figures that isn't true to show that you dislike political figures, then you ...…
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