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Guitar Talk with John March and Jamie Kime » Podcast
.. all things guitar. A weekly Podcast/radio show about all things Guitar! 2 guys, old pals, long time professional recording and touring guitar players, talk each week about everything from picks and strings to styles and recording techniques, about what we like and dont like and what we love! No holds barred opinionated guitar talk with an eye to the future of music and guitar, and a reverence for the past. Surprise guests combined with opinionated conversation, and guitar mayhem ensues! J ...
Soundcheck with Francois Marchand
Every week, Edmonton Journal writer Francois Marchand uncovers some of the best new local music coming out of the cold, weather-beaten landscape of the City of Champions. Hear them first on the Soundcheck podcast, and read all about these new artists at
Behind The Music
Francois Marchand discusses the background stories and people that don’t necessarily make the headlines on the Vancouver music scene.
Unedited podcast with Francois Marchand
Revelation Today
A seminar on Bible prophecy presented by Pastor Anil Kanda in March and April 2012.
PostConsumer Reports Podcast
The PostConsumer Reports Podcast with Chris Marchand. It's like the blog but with sound: Thoughts on art, faith, and the intersection of the two, all spoken after consumption. Featuring interviews and conversations with artists and thinkers.
Noted preacher of shitlordism from Quebec, Canada. Moderator at Iron March and in charge of publications. Author of "Hammer of the patriot", and co-author of "Next leap" and "A squire's trial".
Between the Songs Podcast
Rich Mullins: Between The Songs is a podcast by Joe Cook of the Ragamuffin Archive and Chris Marchand of PostConsumer Reports. They two Rich Mullins superfans taking an in depth look at each one of his albums. Every episode will focus on one of his albums, a particular project, or a particular aspect of his career. It will feature interviews with his friends and people he worked with along with a commentary by Joe and Chris on the album in focus.
Soldier's Letters to Charming Nellie, A by POLLEY, Joseph Benjamin
Whether written in camp, in hospital, or in hospitable home, the letters tell a plain, unvarnished, and true story of the observations and experiences, the impressions and feelings, of a soldier whose only personal regret is that he could not be one of those whose paroles at Appomattox are patents incontestable that they fought for the right as they saw it, as long as there was a hope to encourage them. Though not intended as history, they are historical in the respect that they narrate actu ...
Center for the Study of Los Angeles
In conjunction with the Forecast LA conference, the Forecast LA Lecture Series explores the future of Los Angeles from the perspective of its thought leaders, elected officials, and residents. Lectures are held on select Tuesdays from 5-7 pm in February, March, and April in Ahmanson Auditorium, University Hall 1000 at the Loyola Marymount University Campus.
Episode 2 part I. Please Release Me
Are they like me? A glimpse at protests—the April 15, 2017 Tax March and demonstrations in Venezuela—and how that question plays a role for demonstrators, responders, observers, and policymakers. With clips from a speech by Maricela Morales, executive director of CAUSE.
Tree of Appomattox, The by ALTSHELER, Joseph A.
"The Tree of Appomattox" concludes the series of connected romances dealing with the Civil War, begun in "The Guns of Bull Run," and continued successively through "The Guns of Shiloh," "The Scouts of Stonewall," "The Sword of Antietam," "The Star of Gettysburg," "The Rock of Chickamauga" and "The Shades of the Wilderness" to the present volume. It has been completed at the expense of vast labor, and the author has striven at all times to be correct, wherever facts are involved. So far, at l ...
Little Men by Louisa May Alcott
If you've read and loved Little Women, you'd probably enjoy finding out more about the doings of the sisters in the third book in the series, Little Men. Published in 1871, the book's full title was Little Men or Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys. It followed the success of Little Women in 1868 and Good Wives in 1869, which portrayed the fortunes of the March family. Filled with remarkable, endearing and memorable characters, the books remain as fresh and enjoyable as they were when they firs ...
BFHS Network Radio
The Black Folk Hot Spots Network Radio Show is about spotlighting Black Folk and Urban Professionals in business- PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LISTEN TO OUR ARCHIVES OR, if you would like to be featured- become a member of BFHS and make it known- as we are in the process of scheduling shows for March and April 2011. Call in at 347-989-8992 or Log in and become friends of the show and to learn about select businesses and key urban pr ...
Three Musketeers, The by DUMAS, Alexandre
The Three Musketeers (Les Trois Mousquetaires) is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, père. It recounts the adventures of a young man named d'Artagnan after he leaves home to become a musketeer. D'Artagnan is not one of the musketeers of the title; those are his friends Athos, Porthos, and Aramis -- inseparable friends who live by the motto, "One for all, and all for one". The Three Musketeers was first published in serial form in the magazine Le Siècle between March and July 1844. Dumas claimed it ...
Springline Radio Players
Springline Radio Players is part of one of Oxfordshire most exciting and innovative amateur dramatic groups, Springline Productions -, which was formed in 2007. With numerous pantomimes, variety shows and village events under our belt, it was inevitable that we would turn their hand to "Steam Radio" and with SoundCloud, YouTube and iTunes we are able to present to a wider public base. The idea of the Radio Players started several years ago but with the improveme ...
Religious Epistemology, Contextualism, and Pragmatic Encroachment
New Insights and Directions in Religious Epistemology, a series of workshops held in Oxford University on 13th-14th March and 12th-13th June 2013.The aim of this project is to make a bold and lasting impact on religious epistemology.This project aims to bring recent developments in epistemology to bear on topics in the philosophy of religion in a way that will open up new channels of research in religious epistemology. The project is centered around, but not limited to, interesting and novel ...
Little Women by ALCOTT, Louisa May
Little Women is the classic story of The March family, which consists of Mr. and Mrs. March and their four girls--Practical, yet fashion conscious Meg, who longs for the nice things they used to have. Rambunctious, book worm, Jo, who wants to become a writer and wishes she were born a boy. Shy and quiet, home-loving Beth, who loves to play the piano and play with her kitties. Finally, the youngest, artistic Amy, who longs for an aristocratic nose! The story takes place during the American Ci ...
The True Purpose Development Show!
WELCOME to the TRUE PURPOSE DEVELOPMENT SHOW! It's a NEW SEASON with a NEW VIBE... AWESOME GUESTS and TOPICS, and... a NEW "HOT" CO-HOST, (as seen on the Oprah Winfrey Show), Relationship Specialist and Author, PATRICK CAGE! Tune in each Thursday @ 8pm EST to 10pm EST! Since 2008, The True Purpose Development Show has been here with a MISSION to Empower, Inspire, Educate, Entertain you, and to provide you ALL of the resources that you need to fulfill your life’s TRUE PURPOSE with a KEY focus ...
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Andi Petrillo and Mike Johnson hosting today. The crew previews the Leafs game tomorrow against the Senators and discuss Brad Marchand's tweet about Auston Matthews. Plus, another edition of "Lou's Offers!"
Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney
Buster Olney talks to Tim Kurkjian (3:47) about the ramifications of Stephen Strasburg not taking the ball for the Nationals and much more. Plus, Indians PxP man Tom Hamilton (23:59) and ESPN New York's Andrew Marchand (29:43) break down the decisive fifth game of the ALDS.
Last week's mass shooting in Las Vegas has prompted what seems to be the perennial discussion of gun control. Steve Marchand, a Democrat running for governor and former mayor of Portsmouth, says politicians should be ready to talk about guns and legislate if necessary.By (Peter Biello).
Chris looks back at the Red Sox incredible Game 3 win in the ALDS against the Houston Astros. He also goes in-depth on the series in conversation with Jackie Bradley Jr., Xander Bogaerts, Rafael Devers, Dallas Keuchel and George Springer. He also previews the Bruins season with Brad Marchand.
On this episode, Melissa and Cheyenne have questions about The Deuce and its gay cliches. Especially after screening Hustling, the TV movie that may as well be The Deuce if it really had been made in 1975. Our special guest is the author of A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women in Pornography, Mireille Miller-Young. Listen and download. Subscrib ...…
Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney
Buster Olney talks to Keith Law about the playoff matchups as the season winds down, the MVP races and more. Plus, Andrew Marchand on the Yankees and former big leaguer Jim Kaat on the pressures of pitching in October, the home-run surge and much more.
Patrice Marchand, cheese master and Guinness world record holder for the largest display of cheese varieties in 2016, brings his expertise and stories and very importantly some Comte for the the food panel to try. He is hosting a special gourmet cheese evening at La Serre, Dubai.
iOS 11 arrives, Equifax had a second attack in March, and the new Amazon Tablet gets an Echo-like feature. MP3 Please SUBSCRIBE HERE. Follow us on Soundcloud. A special thanks to all our supporters–without you, none of this would be possible. If you are willing to support the show or give as little as 5 cents a day on Patreon. Thank you! Big th ...…
~ a talk by Tara Brach presented on January 25, 2017 Listen and watch: Darkness of the Womb – Four Key Steps in Transforming Suffering Download transcript – now available in PDF. Practice with the final Reflection: Transforming Suffering and Awakening the Heart. Namaste and welcome. I recently heard a story about a priest who was giving a child ...…
Have you listened to Part 1 of my conversation with ex-IMSA racer David Cowart? Then you’ll want to be sure to hear the rest of this great interview. There’s a bunch more we didn’t cover in the first part, so sit down (or get on your bike, Jeff), and listen to the rest of our conversation. In this part, David tells us much more about the succes ...…
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Donald Trump on Tuesday scrapped an Obama-era program that protects from deportation immigrants brought illegally into the United States as children, delaying implementation until March and giving a gridlocked Congress six months to decide the fate of almost 800,000 young people.…
Wherein your hosts talk about the new school year and how they balance work and real life, how art is not a meritocracy, why kelsey is (not) ashamed of watching 16 episodes of Timeless in 4 days, Megan's ambition to be the #2 Twitter search result for Aaron Judge (without being too thirsty), why they're looking forward to season 3 of Outlander ...…
Justice and Drew continue their conversation on the "Dreamers March" and are joined by Hennepin County Sheriff Chief Rich Stanek to discuss protests and policing in Minneapolis. Later, they go over the House of Representatives State Fair Poll results.
in this podcast we talk about he act of “applying yourself”, random church services, Mexican music and the real stories behind them, sports talk including the ‘Kyrie trade’, and also the confederate white supremacist march…
Department of Labor and Beer
Join us as we get to know the great and powerful Erik Van Kesteren. Starting from the time he worked for the NSA in the early 90's up to his recent spiritual enlightening through Ayahuasca treatment in March and everything in between. Erik reminds us that the amount of money someone makes does not define the enjoyment, happiness or fulfillment ...…
Lt. Tabler confirms that Unite the Right informed UVA of our march and requested support (we did not receive it). I spoke with her briefly then handed the phone off to my security representative Elliott Kline, who negotiated with her from that point forward.
Aletheia Classical Christian School's Podcast
Welcome to the Aletheia Classical Christian School podcast. In this inaugural episode Headmaster Chris Marchand presents his 2017 "Introduction to Classical Education" teaching for teachers and parents. He also asks (and answers) the question: "Which are the better books: the Lord of the Rings or the Harry Potter series?"…
As Game of Thrones S7 continues, we are back for another episode of our podcast! In this episode we will talk about the third episode of season 7, that was aired on Sunday (30/07). We will have on episode each week, giving you a summary of what happened, possible spoilers, theories, opinion… If you would like to listen to some more episodes abo ...…
On June 8, the World Health Organization reported an outbreak of vaccine-related polio cases in war-torn Syria. As of August 1, 30 total cases of vaccine-derived polio virus had been reported, with 29 of the cases concentrated in the Deir-al-Zour governorate. Deir-al-Zour, one of the hardest hit regions of the Syrian civil war, has been largely ...…
Landaas & Company Money Talk Podcast
Landaas & Company newsletter August edition now available. Advisors on This Week’s Show Brian Kilb Kyle Tetting Steve Giles (with Max Hoelzl and Joel Dresang) Week in Review (Aug. 14-18, 2017) Significant economic indicators & reports Monday No major releases Tuesday A key indicator of consumer spending, retail sales, rose more than analysts ex ...…
1 John 2: 9-11 Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates a brother or sister is still in the darkness. Anyone who loves their brother and sister lives in the light, and there is nothing in them to make them stumble. But anyone who hates a brother or sister is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness. They do not know where they are ...…
In my conversations with people with disabilities, their families, and supporters one of the biggest dreams they have is social acceptance. This blog and podcast gives steps we can take to start creating a more inclusive world for people with disabilities. We are talking stigma in part 2 of our interview with Jackie Goldstein. Jackie is an obse ...…
Dr Marshall and the Street Soldiers discuss the events of past weekend’s violence in Charlottesville, VA. The post Charlottesville, VA. The Alt Right, White Supremacist March and the Violence it Ensued appeared first on Alive and Free.
This week, we’re talking about the events in Charlottesville,VA where on Saturday, Neo-Nazis, Alt-Right, White nationalists (whatever) gathered for a “march” they called “Unite the Right”. The basic premise for their “march” (they claimed) was to protest a statue of confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee being taken down. Unsurprisingly, they were met ...…
ep. 104Join us for what is shaping up to be a timely conversation about Fatherhood; the expectations and understanding about what it means to be a Good Father and how a lot of those expectations set us up for failure in the real world.In the studio is Dan Galperin, a experienced men's coach and force behind The Man Power ProjectMore importantly ...…
Steve and Jim are together in the Cleveland studio to discuss the situation with North Korea and the complexities of dealing with a madman (which one gets a bit confusing at times) and the march and protests in Charlottesville Virginia. Things get a little heated at times (in a good way). We also introduce our fan vote for the drink of punishme ...…
Des huîtres au vin du Médoc, en passant par l’artisanat, chacun peut trouver son bonheur au marché de Montalivet dans le Médoc en Gironde. Ce marché, l’un des plus importants du département, est devenu incontournable. En 1957, la construction du marché couvert donne une nouvelle impulsion au développement touristique. Les commerçants de la comm ...…
It?s another edition of the Midday Healthwatch , our monthly conversation with Baltimore City Health Commissioner, Dr. Leana Wen . According to the latest estimate from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , 142 Americans die every day from a drug overdose -- more than 50,000 people every year. The majority of these deaths, now surgin ...…
Flyover PolitiK
Flyover Politik Podcast 8-6-17Free for All ShowIllegal Alien Driver LicenseNYT looks at womens march and it is badSolar Eclipse is Racist?Latest thing Racist? Using GIF's with black people in themNext Podcast 8-9-17
Man Points!
This week there’s at least three. Chris makes is return with tales of the brown bag. Topics are all over the map as usual. Leland declares his love of John McCain. Some how Trump and Poop make it into the same podcast. A “Keeps it Real” or two and a whole mix of Pop culture and Politics. Did you expect to see Worm’s worm? So sit back and crawl ...…
Dope Interview with dallas rapper and singer Sam Lao. She gave us her thoughts on women in hip hop now, embracing your natural hair, and being a feminist. If you love the music you heard be sure to check out her website for all new music, march and tour dates!Feel free to check out my website and let me know ...…
On this weeks episode of Against the Norm we cover the Healthcare with the Republicans, the Womens March and Sean Spicer. This show aired on WFBT 106.7 in Wilmington, NC. TRANSCRIPT by WebCaptioner THIS IS AGAINST THE NORM I’M NICK CRAIG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR JOINING ME ON THIS SUNDAY EVENING BROADCAST JULY 23RD 2017 RIGHT HERE ON WILMINGTON BI ...…
In this episode of Southeast Hoops, host Blake Lovell discusses the Jontay Porter effect on early SEC power rankings, Alabama's difficult non-conference schedule and how it'll help the Crimson Tide in March, and so much more.
“What if “one” man can change the way you think?” X Minus One, Mr. Costello Hero written by Theodore Sturgeon. X Minus one “Intro” and Announcing was done by Fred Collins Directed by Daniel Sutter Cleaned by Capt. John Tadrzak of Misfits Audio Productions Misfits Audio Announcer: Alexa Chipman Intro Music by: Kevin MacLeod “Ghost March” and Joh ...…
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