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Soundcheck with Francois Marchand
Every week, Edmonton Journal writer Francois Marchand uncovers some of the best new local music coming out of the cold, weather-beaten landscape of the City of Champions. Hear them first on the Soundcheck podcast, and read all about these new artists at
Behind The Music
Francois Marchand discusses the background stories and people that don’t necessarily make the headlines on the Vancouver music scene.
Unedited podcast with Francois Marchand
PostConsumer Reports Podcast
The PostConsumer Reports Podcast with Chris Marchand. It's like the blog but with sound: Thoughts on art, faith, and the intersection of the two, all spoken after consumption. Featuring interviews and conversations with artists and thinkers.
Revelation Today
A seminar on Bible prophecy presented by Pastor Anil Kanda in March and April 2012.
Between the Songs Podcast
Rich Mullins: Between The Songs is a podcast by Joe Cook of the Ragamuffin Archive and Chris Marchand of PostConsumer Reports. They two Rich Mullins superfans taking an in depth look at each one of his albums. Every episode will focus on one of his albums, a particular project, or a particular aspect of his career. It will feature interviews with his friends and people he worked with along with a commentary by Joe and Chris on the album in focus.
Soldier's Letters to Charming Nellie, A by POLLEY, Joseph Benjamin
Whether written in camp, in hospital, or in hospitable home, the letters tell a plain, unvarnished, and true story of the observations and experiences, the impressions and feelings, of a soldier whose only personal regret is that he could not be one of those whose paroles at Appomattox are patents incontestable that they fought for the right as they saw it, as long as there was a hope to encourage them. Though not intended as history, they are historical in the respect that they narrate actu ...
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Healthcare Communication: Effective Techniques for Clinicians
Dr. Surendra Marur talks about assigning on-line communication skills modules to residents after the Match in March and before orientation to improve skills. Excerpted from a webinar on the DocCom YouTube channel.
Disaster Artists: The Post-Apocalyptic Podcast
(Intro ends at 5:40, skip to here if you wanna just start the episode) In March 2018, the United Kingdom and Ireland were affected by a cold wave, dubbed the Beast from the East by the media, which brought widespread unseasonably low temperatures and heavy snowfall to large areas. The cold wave combined with Storm Emma made landfall in southwes ...…
We talk about our favourites again These are the musicfilmfood favourites that weve loved throughout March and thought you might love too Make sure to check out the links to our playlists in the show notesMayas playlistJosephines playlistPLU InstagramPLU Facebook pagePLU TwitterMayas InstagramJosephines Instagram…
Here's Johnny's Reviews
Hello and welcome to part 4 of Musicals in March and my look at the John Waters cult classic Hairspray. So backcomb that bee hive and crack open that Aquanet welcome to the 60s. It's Hairspray. Go Ricki go Ricki go Enjoy.
It's March, and our programs are firing on all cylinders. We talk a bit about the Hoop Shoot and play an interview with the Barnhart family of West Virginia, but this episode stars Maryann Dernlan and the Elks Scholar Service Trips. Total backstab! Actually, it stars Jenna Johnson. Enjoy!
Milan Mrkusich will be one of the NZ artists featuring in the Aratoi Artists Auction Here’s March’s episode of ReCooper8 again for your listening pleasure! In this show Katie n Coops chatted like the divas we are to Nikki King, entrepreneur, trumpet player, rock star, graphic designer, host of Arrow FM’s Nothing Personal, aaaaannnnnnnd one of t ...…
It's Friday 23rd March and it's time for #MandHDaily.3 Topics 2 minutes each keeping you up to date with all the movie news.Twitter- @MandHSociety, @DCEU_Society, @MaskandHammerMandHSociety@Gmail.comPodcast
This Week: In life when you love something, you must set it free. If it comes back, it was meant to be! That’s exactly what has happened with Trust The Podcast. Kenny and Nate are back together and since it’s been awhile, the guys decided to just hang out and catch up. First up we break down the Madness of March and discuss are god awful bracke ...…
"Join Tim, Shaun & Jay as they discuss all the latest news in the world of tech in this weeks episode of Double Tap Canada. Tim takes the captains chair as Steven is away this week. As long as he can remember the names of his fellow hosts he'll be fine...Jay takes a look at Alertable, an app that gives you Emergency & Weather alerts in Canada. ...…
Let's Be Real Sports
On this episode, we talk about the month of March and it’s MADNESS!!! NCAA brackets are in full effect but are looking pretty busted. UMBC just beat No.1 Virginia and now have an invitation to the Sweet 16 after drumming Virginia by 20pts the other night. We take a look at the game and how the rest of the tourney will play out. So, tune in for ...…
It's Wednesday 22nd March and it's time for #MandHDaily.3 Topics 2 minutes each keeping you up to date with all the movie news.Twitter- @MandHSociety, @DCEU_Society, @MaskandHammerMandHSociety@Gmail.comPodcast
Better late than never, the boys are back and talking brackets. They take a DEEP dive into the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament, busted brackets and ALL! Tiger Woods is offically back (even Phil thinks so!) now that he's near the top of the Masters odds, and Murder Island has a new batch of contestants! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE (then uns ...…
It's March and its total madness! In this episode we discuss the start of the 2018 NRL season, the upsets and surprises of the 2018 NCAA College Basketball Tournament, Commonwealth Games and preview the 2018 AFL season with our tips, predicitions and 9 players to watch in 2018.Don't forget to follow our social pages:Facebook: ...…
Under The Influence
It's March and that means the little gold man is here (and no, we're not talking about the leprechaun) (and no, we're also not talking about Cee Lo Green) (why are you even bringing up Cee Lo? What does he have to do with the month of March?)... that's right it's OSCAR TIME! We put the vote to the listeners and the audience choice was Forrest G ...…
It's Wednesday 21st March and it's time for #MandHDaily.3 Topics 2 minutes each keeping you up to date with all the movie news.Twitter- @MandHSociety, @DCEU_Society, @MaskandHammerMandHSociety@Gmail.comPodcast
This week we're all about March Madness: we review the first two rounds and mourn our terribly busted brackets, and preview the Sweet 16 matchups and identify upset specials in the remaining games. Plus we check in on the Cavs and Warriors and take a peek at the NHL's stretch run. Brought to you by Sign up for our email list an ...…
Just Press Play
This week on Just Press Play, the guys talk about their best and worst of the week (1:00), the man in red is back on the green (10:46), Tom Brady breaking his diet (14:50), and then they get started on NCAA hoops. From funny Vegas stories during March’s biggest sporting upset (19:11) to how Arizona fell apart (31:02) to the coolest nun since Si ...…
Jacaranda FM — Nathan Liedeman, from Malmesbury in the Western Cape has been a Bulls supporter since 1954, but has never watched a game of his beloved team at Loftus Versveld.Martin Bester opened up his heart and organised for Nathan to fly to Gauteng and join us for Project Waterdrop on 31 March and have an experience of a lifetime!…
The ODDsmen Broadcast
This is our seventh official episode! This time with special guest FanaticJalapeno of YouTube fame!If you like what we're doing here, consider becoming a patron at covered in this episode:- HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER: FJ reviews Etrigan, Constantine and Martian Manhunter- NIP TUCK: FJ reviews Jessica Cruz and S ...…
This Flammarion engraving, by an unknown artist, is called Empedocles Breaks through the Crystal Spheres. It first appeared in Camille Flammarion’s 1888 book L’atmosphère: météorologie populaire (The Atmosphere: Popular Meteorology) with the caption: “A missionary of the Middle Ages tells that he had found the point where the sky and the Earth ...…
Too Many Thoughts
Nico, Andre, Mike and Tyler Farms break down the only bracket that matters this March…Kanye Madness. For the Latest From Tyler Farms: For More TMT Shenanigans: Twitter: @funnynicotweets E-mail: Subscribe and Rate on iTunes!…
It's Friday 16th March and it's time for #MandHDaily.3 Topics 2 minutes each keeping you up to date with all the movie news.Twitter- @MandHSociety, @DCEU_Society, @MaskandHammerMandHSociety@Gmail.comPodcast
Simon Pauley chats to RNIB NI's Connect Community Facilitator Una Mulgrew about the upcoming community engagement events. Taking place across Northern Ireland and Isle of Man throughout March and April, these events are chance for those affected by sight loss to become involved in shaping the future of RNIB. Find out from Una how your voice can ...…
The Game Developer’s Choice awards take place in late March, and we give our thoughts and predictions for the event along with a score game to see which of us can predict the most winners correctly.
It's Thursday 15th March and it's time for #MandHDaily.3 Topics 2 minutes each keeping you up to date with all the movie news.Twitter- @MandHSociety, @DCEU_Society, @MaskandHammerMandHSociety@Gmail.comPodcast
The Story Behind | The Extraordinary History of the Ordinary
If you’re listening to this on the day it comes out, beware the Ides of March! That is if you’re Julius Caesar. But in all honesty, I tried looking up the ides of March and, really, when I found out how Romans calculated dates and that they actually counted backward from certain points within the month instead of, you know, sequentially, I gave ...…
Two Great Debates! A Sing-a-Long! A Litany of Errors! Josh teases major movies coming out in March, and the guys share their favorite moments from Star Wars: Rebels.
After a brief hiatus, Davis and Felix discuss how Hamburg are falling apart (1:00), Dortmund's win over Frankfurt (12:00) and who could be candidates to make Germany's squad for March's international break (22:30).
Do you feel like you're going in circles with your church marketing tactics? Have you tried doing a lot of techniques from different marketers but it still doesn't work? If you want to find the answers for the right way to church marketing, listen to our podcast below. Check it out now! ? To check out the previous Lunch and Learn episodes, here ...…
Biggest Website For Full Free Audio Books of Religion & Spirituality, Christianity and Many More
Listen to audiobook in full for free on Title: Daily Might: JuneSubtitle: A Reading for Each Day in JuneAuthor: Simon PetersonNarrator: Simon PetersonFormat: Original RecordingLength: 1 hr and 2 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 04-18-13Publisher: Andrews UK LimitedRatings: 5 of 5 out of 1 votesGenres: Religion & ...…
Pigeons and Pylons
here comes episode 21! the evolving situation in Carolina between Ron Francis and the new ownership, a discussion of basement teams, Marchand's latest questionable play, and TB the first to 100 pts! all this and more on this week's episode!
Synopsis:-Article about Pasadena recently in the news: Winter Olympics! Mirai Nagasu, She got her start skating at age 5, she later skated at the Pasadena Ice Skating Center at the City’s Convention Center! She’s the 2nd American woman to land a triple axle in competition! -March is Women's History Month!Famous Historic Woman of Pasadena:Did yo ...…
Gardeners' Corner
It's the March phone-in and David Maxwell is joined in the studio by gardening experts Ann Fitzsimons and Neil Porteous. Neil and Ann also talk about their favourite plants for March and give gardening tips for the week ahead.
The Adam Jones Show
Joe McDonald of the Boston Sports Journal joined Jones and they discussed all things Bruins including ss Brad Marchand an MVP candidate and can the Bruins survive Charlie McAvoy's injury. They also talk about Tuukka Rask and his struggles.
Repro Madness! - The Lady Parts Justice Podcast
Episode 84: Get Ready for the Revamp ReproMadness is getting a major facelift, hence why we’ve been MIA. Please keep an eye out for the relaunch on March 30th. In the meantime, we have an amazing episode for you. Join the #EndtheLies campaign and learn about the upcoming SCOTUS hearing around fake clinics in California. We share discussions fro ...…
On this hour: Someone logged off Fred's computer and he wants to know who. The Bruins win and Brad Marchand came through again. Celtics win in Minnesota. Marcus Smart and a huge putback slam dunk and Jaylen Brown is okay after a scary fault.
The mystery of daylight saving time, hockey gods fail to reward the Sens, small and quiet crowd at the CTC, race for worst in the NHL, Brad Marchand leads Bruins to victory again and Carleton Ravens Men's and Women's basketball teams win their opening games.
Michael gets a little obsessed with podcasting in this, er podcast episode. We lay out everything you need to know to start a successful podcast for your massage business, including why you might want to do it in the first place. This episode is sponsored by: Mother Earth Pillows Center for Barefoot Massage Resources referenced in this episode: ...…
It's Friday 9th March and time for #MandHDaily.3 Topics 2 minutes each keeping you up to date with all the movie news.Twitter- @MandHSociety, @DCEU_Society,
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