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Two black Catholic girls talking a life, pop culture, while incredibly caffeinated!
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Just a little midweek check-in ahead of the season finale because we had a chance to check in with the Crawleys! Offertory: Marcia- 1. Up Yours, Downstairs podcast 2. #lifeisworthloving challenge (find it on Instagram @stylishlycia) Shannon: 1. for the ethical giving guide! 2. Seasonal eating and all the fall flavors!…
Shannon and Marcia take on mental health and share their experiences. Offertory: Shannon: Marcia: self-care and (responsible) escapismBy Marcia Lane-McGee.
The girls are back in town! Shannon and Marcia take a trip to early 19th century rural England and triumph with the Dashwood sisters in BBC's 2008 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility! Bear with us as we get lost in Austen and update you on our lived over the last few weeks (months?!) Offertory: Shannon: -Malcolm Gladwell: Revisionist History po ...…
We’ve missed you as much as you’ve missed us!!By Marcia Lane-McGee.
Shannon and Marcia talk the Eucharist in this episode just right for your lunch hour! (Get it?!)By Marcia & Shannon.
Shannon & Marcia (finally!) cover Return to Me, the most wholesome (and casually Catholic) romantic comedy and one of our favorites! It doesn’t hurt that it is a love letter to our city and there’s a bit of Italy! Leave all of your cynicism at the door, have some ravioli with a side of cabbage, and just enjoy yourself! Offertory: Marcia: Speech ...…
Shannon & Marcia experience John Legend’s first live album (Live at SOB’s). Offertory: Marcia: shorts and Lord of the Rings Shannon: Farmers’ Market and spring cleaning! Next episode: Return to MeBy Marcia & Shannon.
Shannon & Marcia revisit a (later) childhood fave: Addy Walker, the first black American Girl doll.By Marcia & Shannon.
Shannon and Marcia talk the Sydney Poitier classic "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?", how things have changed, and how somethings haven't. We have a real discussion about race where the ladies share their experiences. Offertory: Shannon: *The Perfect Date (on Netflix) *Warren Dunes (in Michigan) *Fenty by Rihanna foundation Marcia: *Jasmine Guill ...…
Shannon and Marcia gush about The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (now streaming in Amazon Prime), the best compliment Marcia has ever received, and atonement. We also offer a shout out and many prayers to our Jewish brothers and sisters, because we love them (and they can feed Marcia). Offertory: Marcia: Veep (starring American treasure Julia Louis-Drey ...…
Welcome to SEASON THREE, y’all! We are kicking off this girl power fest with Captain Marvel, the MCU’s first stand alone female superhero movie! In this episode we highlight what makes Carol Danvers great, why this movie is amazing, and its underlying message of how can we better serve refugees. And you know that we had to talk about what the C ...…
Shannon and Marcia watched Netflix’s “The Holiday Calendar”By Marcia Lane-McGee.
Shannon and Marcia drop this surprise episode to talk Advent, the traditions, and why it is Shannon’s favorite!By Marcia Lane-McGee.
Shannon and Marcia went to see Fantastic Beast: Crimes of Grindelwald and recapped it in this very special Thanksgiving Day episode. Please know that this episode is FULL OF SPOILERS! Offertory: Marcia- The Shades of Magic series by V.E. Schwab, Doctor Who Series 11, and Walmart grocery pickup! Use this link to get $10 off!! ...…
Shannon and Marcia talk one of the best Disney/Pixar movies ever! We laugh, we cry, we appreciate the shenanigans and have a great time!By Marcia & Shannon.
Shannon and Marcia talk Catholic youth ministry and most everything that comes with. This episode also has our very first (official) guest to the pod (Kaylen!) and a brand new segment: The Offertory. Gifts from the Offertory: Marcia: Busy Philipps’ book “This Will Only Hurt A Little” available in print and audiobook in stores and online. Also, ...…
Shannon and Marcia talk Ladybird. Marcia, upon rewatch, has changed her feelings about this movie and it’s super important. Shannon talks about being a sneaky mom and Marcia expresses how she still can’t talk to boys. Ladybird, an Oscar nominated movie, is available on Netflix.By Marcia & Shannon.
Shannon and Marcia talk C.S. Lewis’ most well known book “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.” Explore the Christian themes and wish they were the Pevensie children!By Marcia & Shannon.
Shannon and Marcia talk Doctor Who, specifically The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit episodes in season two, break it down, and explore temptation. Doctor Who merchandise: Logan Arch: website: IG: The Colorful Geek IG: h ...…
Shannon and Marcia watch the pilot episode of the amazing show “Call the Midwife” and talk about how wonderful it is, the prolife movement’s responsibility to the poor, and how much we really don’t like Margaret Sanger.By Team Quarter Black.
We listen to Matt Maher’s first album and Shannon fangirls...hard. You can stream The End and the Beginning for free on You Tube and Amazon is you have a prime account.By Marcia Lane-McGee.
Shannon and Marcia talk about their experience with feminism. What it’s like to be pro-life feminists and talk about the movie “Pro-Life Feminist” that can be found at and is worth the $3.99 rental fee! The Atlantic article Shannon mentioned:…
Shannon and Marcia start season two on a hilarious note with another dynamic Catholic duo: Shawn and Gus! We talk about Season Four, Episode Four of “Psych:” The Devil is in the Details...and the Upstairs Bedroom, exorcism, and our summer. And of course we have time for shenanigans!By Marcia Lane-McGee and Shannon.
Shannon and Marcia take a break from their hiatus to talk the priest sex scandal and how heartbreaking it is for those young men, their families, and our Church.By Marcia Lane-McGee.
Shannon and Marcia talk Royal Wedding and all the #blackgirlmagic oozing out of Windsor! Oh, and we’ve convinced ourselves that Meghan Markle listens to our podcast.By Marcia Lane-McGee.
Shannon and Marcia talk about Jane the Virgin. Marcia has seen every episode and she made Shannon watch the pilot. We talk Catholic themes, family values, and Juanes! This is our penultimate episode of Season One and we would love to know what you think, so please remember to rate and share with your friends!…
Shannon and Marcia talk Mary and the Rosary in order to (hopefully) set the record straight. Also, Marcia is a jerk and says the words “ass” and “sh!t” while telling a story and giving direct quotes.By Marcia Lane-McGee and Shannon (no last name).
We take a look at Kirk Franklin and the Family’s The Nu Nation Project and it does not disappoint! Twenty years later and it still holds up...even though it features a problematic R. Kelly. (How was Kirk supposed to know, y’all?!) Strap in and get ready to make some “Holy Ghost crazy noise” wherever you listen to your favorite black Catholic po ...…
We aren’t rich or haughty, though we are proud and strong! Shannon and Marcia take on the original Gather hymnal with the usual Catholic nerdiness and hijinks-there’s even a quiz!By Marcia Lane-McGee.
Umm...yeah. Shannon and Marcia thought they were in for a treat and couldn’t be more wrong. Good thing you are as we (hopefully) hilariously break down this movie while forgetting to talk about anything Catholic (whoops!).By Marcia Lane-McGee.
Shannon and Marcia talk The Good Place (we love it!), Heaven, Hell, and what Catholics believe.By Marcia Lane-McGee.
Shannon and Marcia talk the upcoming Royal Wedding, Catholic weddings, and Marcia’s future Hindu husband. Remember to rate and review us when you get a chance!By Marcia Lane-McGee.
The Triduum is the three days leading up to Easter and it is lit!!! Shannon and Marcia (well, Shannon) break it down and offer some personal anecdotes about these super Holy days!By Marcia Lane-McGee.
Shannon and Marcia discuss one of their favorite episodes of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- Kimmy Goes to Church!By Marcia Lane-McGee.
Shannon and Marcia dive into the awesomeness that is Black Panther and how it could have used a good dose of Catholic Social Teachings!By Marcia Lane-McGee.
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