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Movement Church
Movement Church of Hilliard, Ohio exists to be a movement of people finding their way back to God.
This podcast is intended to help encourage you as a group leader by hearing from other leaders who are right in the trenches with you. Each month we will hear about the wins, struggles and tensions each leader goes through while focusing on one leadership principle that leaders can grow in and apply.
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Multiplying your group can have growing pains and challenges, but why do we do it? Listen as Josh talks with special guest, Mark Artrip, about the heart behind multiplication and why it is important.
If you want to lead like Jesus, you have to serve others. Listen to Mark Artrip talk about the importantance of owning your faith.
Listen to Lead Pastor Mark Artrip and Mark Mathews, who is on our finance team, co teach about how Jesus is after our hearts and not our money.
Mark Artrip from Movement Church speaks this week for "Pastor Swap"By (Grace Fellowship).
Listen to our guest speaker, Sean Spoelstra who is the lead Pastor at Encounter Church. Encouner Church is our sending church and following an ordination service for our Pastor Mark Artrip, Sean expands on our vision of finding our way back to God.
Listen as Mark Artrip talks about the differences in being a conformist, separatist and a transformist. Which one are you?
You career brings you your paycheck, your job is to Glorify God. Listen to this powerful message brought by lead Pastor Mark Artrip.
Listen to Mark Artrip as he emphasizes that we are adopted children of God. When we know who we are in Him, it will change the way we leave.
Listen as Mark Artrip talks about how prayer is about connection, recognition, and surrender. At the end Mark guides everyone through a time of prayer with specific things to prayer for. We encourage you to take time, listen and pray along with us!
Listen to a 3 part message of Pastor Mark Artrip talking about how Jesus is the way, truth and life. It is intertwined with worship and the 3 parts are blended together.
Listen to Pastor Mark Artrip talk about how God created us to be the body of Christ which means we must be connected to and helping each other.
Listen to lead pastor Mark Artrip as he starts off our new series "Defintion" talking about the importance of church and evangelism.
Listen to Pastor Mark Artrip in our new facility talk about building altars to God and not to ourselves.
Worship Leader Josh Howard and Jeremy Noland produced and recorded a cover of "Love Knows No End" by Hillsong and Pastor Mark Artrip is featured as well.
Listen as Pastor Mark Artrip talks about fear and other distractions that can get in the way of what God is calling you to do, and where Movement Church is heading.
Listen to Pastor Mark Artrip as he talks about the heart of giving and why it is so much bigger than just for meeting budget every week.
Listen as Pastor Mark Artrip talks about what it means to sustain a movement and the importance of apprenticing.
Listen as Pastor Mark Artrip continues talking about why we do what we do looking further into our statement of faith.
Listen as Pastor Mark Artrip talks about our statement of faith, which is our core of why we do what we do founded in the Bible.
Listen to Pastor Mark Artrip as he talks about Movement Church's vision and even further as he describes the church's "dashboard" and DNA.
No where in the bible does it say be a light….when you feel like it, or if you are think you are gifted this way, or if life is good right now and when we put borders around the gospel it becomes about us and that is selfish and wrong. Pastor Mark Artrip use's a scene from "Dumber and Dumber" and a passage from 2 Kings to emphasize the importan ...…
Listen to lead Pastor Mark Artrip talk about his heart and vision for Movement Church with September 2nd being the very first Movement Church Launch Team Meeting.
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