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{MARKED} is a podcast for women who are marked by a hunger for God’s Word, a longing to impact culture, and a desire to discover and live out God’s calling in their lives. Each episode Mary Margaret West and Elizabeth Hyndman will talk about what God is doing—how He has and is marking each of us.
Weekly pro wrestling show w/ emphasis on all WWE products. We try to have fun with different segments & topical wrestling conversations. We are not so-called insiders or experts; simply a group of friends who enjoy talking about the product. We can be corny or real, but never take ourselves too seriously We enjoy the work we put into it so If you enjoy our show - sub. If you don't, cool...we won't be offended.
Podcast by Roger Staton, Brian Zeolla
90's kids won't stop talking about how their childhoods were the best. Jake and Jacob are going to put that to the test. Join them on their trip down memory lane to see how bad the neighborhood's gotten.,, @smbcast on twitter
Marked By Jesus
A study through the Gospel of Mark
Stories of people who are impacting others, and those who have impacted them.
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Adam, Rob and Brian try something new, Something a little less WWE, Something a little les organized. Let us know what you think
In this episode, we talk about life at 22. Everyone’s twenties are different, but there are some things we all have in common—a feeling of lostness, an excitement for life, and a desire to know what God has called us to do. We talk with Mickey Pitts on what it looked like for us during those years, the mistakes we made, and what we’d change if ...…
Adam and Kevin talk WWE Smackdown and the stark difference between the two WWE television show.
Adam, Rob and Brian have decided that the WWE Monday night product has become unwatchable. We talk about RAW, NXT and the Mae Young Classic results. Next Monday night we will be discussing more independent promotions and less Monday night #RAW.
Adam and Irish react to Tuesday night Smackdown and run through current news of the pro wrestling industry
Adam, Rob and Brian (Bionic Mark) decide to start the show talking about actual professional Wrestling..... ALL IN!!! We talk about WWE too.
Today, we’re taking questions that many of you have asked about how to study the Bible, Bible translations, and Bible study tools. We promise it won’t be boring. We’ve linked to a ton of helpful tools and resources in today’s show notes, so don’t forget to check them out. We’re also hosting a giveaway with this episode! The CSB (in)courage Devo ...…
How should Christians respond to the reality of divorce and the difficulty of marriage? We dig into this difficult, but relevant topics in light of Jesus teachings on them. Speaker: Aaron YoderBy @fmcmorton.
Finally!! Rob and Kevin are on the same show and Adam is there as well. WWE Reaction and news, rumors and more from the world of professional wrestling... from a fans view
Adam, Brian and a self medicated Rob react to Monday Night RAW.
What is doubt? What should we do when we doubt? Why does God even allow faith-testing, doubt producing trials? We dig into these difficult but relevant questions as we study Jesus' interaction with his disciples and the father of a demon-possessed boy after Jesus' returned from the Mount of Transfiguration. Speaker: Aaron Yoder…
Adam and Maybe Medine react to the 8/22/18 showing of @wwe Tuesday Night #Smackdown Live.
Adam, the Bionic Mark Brian and Roadie Rob react to the RAW after Summer Slam from Brooklyn. Roadie brings back the Roadie's Rant, Brian celebrates NJPW and Adam is here too.
Adam leads the reaction to Summer Slam 2018 with the help or just attendance of Rob, Irish and Brian. Roman and Brock main event for the 300th time and Roman finally gets over... yea!! {sarcasm}
Louie Giglio has had a profound impact on the lives of countless young adults over the last 30 years. He and his wife Shelley have spent their lives pouring into other people, and their lives are evidence of that. On today’s episode, Louie gives insight into today’s young adults/college students, shares about his struggle with anxiety, and talk ...…
How is the world's definition of greatness different from God's definition of greatness? We study Jesus' teaching on this topic and consider how Jesus' example applies to our lives today. Speaker: Aaron YoderBy @fmcmorton.
Adam goes legit solo as he runs through the go home show for #SummerSlam2018 on @WWE #SmackdownLive.
Adam goings into full mark mode as his fetish Dean Ambrose returns to WWE RAW from injury. We make our preditions for #summerslam2018 give out our #RAWESOME awards for #RAW and more pro wrestling conversation that Adam yells at us about.
Why does God lead us into mountain top experiences only to lead us out of them? Guest preacher, Paul Walles, teaches through the disciples' experience with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. Speaker: Paul WallesBy @fmcmorton.
Episode 318 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast. Adam, Brian and Kevin react to WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown.
The fall season and start of school is right upon us. We picked Kelly King’s brain on today’s episode as about what it looks like to get back in gear for things like sending kids to school or college, moving Bible study routines, and in church life. It can be hard to settle into a new routine, but we all talk about how fall feels like a New Yea ...…
Where was the movement of Jesus headed? To answer this, Jesus contrasts the wealth of Caesarea Philippi with the shame of Roman crucifixion. Speaker: SethBy @fmcmorton.
Episode 316 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast features the duo of Adam Baum and Maybe Medine covering the episode of WWE Smackdown from 7-31-18. Is the Miz getting the upper hand in the Daniel Bryan fued, Should Nak and Randy team up as heels, will Rusev day be cancelled. All that and more on this episode.…
Episdoe 315 of MOWP and the cast of Adam, Brian, Kiara and Rob brings you a variety of emotions. Anger to Laughter, Rob finds a distaste for the live audience and the phone system pays the price for it. Brian protests his theme music for the NJPW minute and more
Who is the Gospel of Jesus really for? We study the crucial moment in Jesus' ministry when he started to turn his attention towards the Gentiles and consider how His missional focus applies to our lives today. Speaker: Aaron YoderBy @fmcmorton.
Adam along side Irish, and Kevin..... Yes Kevin, react and review Tuesday Night Smackdown Live from 7/25/18. We cover current news and rumors from pro wrestling and Irish has a shoot
Adam, Rob and Brian hold back the giggles as they take a journey through Monday Night RAW. We talk some NXT, NJPW, News and Rumors from the world of Professional Wrestling.
Jackie Hill Perry has a powerful story, and today’s episode is going to leave you wanting to know more. She speaks with wisdom and wit, and she loves Jesus in a really evident way. We can’t wait for you to get to know Jackie and connect with her. {MARKED} is a podcast for women who are marked by a hunger for God’s Word, a longing to impact cult ...…
How are traditions beneficial and how can they blind us from a relationship with God? As we study Jesus' interactions with the Pharisees and Syrophonecian woman, we consider the blessing and challenges that go along with religious traditions. Speaker: Aaron YoderBy @fmcmorton.
Adam Baum goes solo as he recaps WWE Smackdown Live
nYour new host of Mondays, Adam Baum leads his crew of Brian and the fallen from grace Roadie Rob through a reaction of WWE Monday night RAW. Rob tries his hand at a NXT minute. Brian crawls through the Dirt Sheets and Adam asks everyone, "Who is the Jannety?
MOWP reaction to WWE Extreme Rules 2018
What priorities kept Jesus ministering to the needy crowds during the height of his public ministry? We look at the habits of Jesus and apply them to our lives as servants of God. Speaker: Aaron YoderBy @fmcmorton.
Adam, Medine, and Irish react to WWE Smackdown Live and make their predicitions for Extreme Rules
Adam takes hosting duties and Rob joins Brian as a panel member. We make our RAW roster predicitions for Extreme Rules and Kiara joins us for trivia.
Christine Caine is a woman who isn’t afraid to step right in to whatever God is calling her to do. Listen in today as Mary Margaret talks to Christine about ministry life, and Christine shares from her own life experience. {MARKED} is a podcast for women who are marked by a hunger for God’s Word, a longing to impact culture, and a desire to dis ...…
What did Jesus mean when He said, "I have not come to bring peace but a sword?" Today, we dig into the divisiveness of truth and study why Jesus was rejected in his hometown and why John the Baptist was beheaded. Finally, we look into how to live in such a culture. Speaker: Aaron YoderBy @fmcmorton.
Episode 307 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast. Adam and Medine react to WWE Smackdown. Kiara and Rob stop by at the end with a special guest. Adam is announced as the new host of RAWESOME in addition to Smarkdown
What is faith? What kind of faith does Jesus honor and reward? We look at the answer to those questions as we study Jesus' interactions with Jairus and the woman suffering from hemophilia. Speaker: Aaron YoderBy @fmcmorton.
Adam is out, Medine is in... good luck getting through this one
Rob, Medine and Brian enjoy a little too much of Marked Out 1 as Adam calls in to react to WWE Monday Night RAW from 6/25/18.
It’s been awhile, but we’re back, and we’re here to stay! You’ll hear some fun changes in upcoming episodes, but we know you’re going to love it. In this new episode, Mary Margaret introduces her new co-host Elizabeth, and you’ll get to know both of them as they talk and share. In upcoming episodes, we’re adding in some conversations around the ...…
Is Jesus someone who should be feared? Mark, the Gospel writer, includes three scenes of fear as Jesus sailed across the sea of Galilee with his disciples and met the demon possessed men. These scenes of fear bring us to that critical and relevant question. Speaker: Aaron YoderBy @fmcmorton.
Adam and Medine react to wwe smackdown from 6/20/18
Rob, Adam and Brian discuss the first watchable RAW in several weeks. How has Bruan started his run as briefcase holder? Who do Dolph Zoggler help more by being IC champ...Drew, Seth or himself? Did Rhonda and Baley both make moves to heel status? How will be the next NXT champions?
Why did Jesus use parables to teach the crowds? What do Jesus' parables teach us about maturing in the Lord? We dig into these questions as our series through Mark continues. Speaker: Aaron YoderBy @fmcmorton.
The gang celebrates 300 episodes while recaping WWE Smackdown. We make our predictions and talk about our favorite moments from the 300. Join us.. rate, review and subscribe!
The crew does their best to react and discuss what has become an unwatchable product in Monday Night RAW.
What is the 'unpardonable sin?' More importantly, have you or I committed it? Furthermore, how do we reconcile that concept, as spoken by Jesus, with the gracious and loving nature of our God? We dig into those difficult but important topics as we continue our study through the Gospel of Mark. Speaker: Aaron Yoder…
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