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“Setting the Record Straight” is a powerful back-to-God’s-Word show where the many misconceptions, half-truths and outright pagan doctrines that have crept into the Christian Church are exposed and rectified based on Bible truth. The end time generation needs to understand Bible prophecy so that “when you see these things happen, you shall believe”.
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The world is on strike against climate change, not knowing that the climate crisis is the result of a deliberate strategy called geo-engineering. Find out who's behind it, why, and who gets to sit on the throne of world power.By MARLA ILONA.
There's only one thing the nations of the world can agree on, and that's climate change. A New World Order will address the root cause of climate change by changing the world's economic model.By MARLA ILONA.
In this two-part podcast, Marla Ilona presents the biblical, historical and prophetic evidence that the nations of the world will unite around the climate crisis and hand over the scepter of power to the pope as One World Leader of the New World Order.By MARLA ILONA.
The 1260, 1290 and 1335 end time prophecies of Daniel 12 are still future and will be fulfilled in our generation. They measure the length of: anti-christ's reign, the persecution of God's people, and the wait until God's covenant with His people is confirmed.By MARLA ILONA.
The three end time prophecies of the Book of Daniel Chapter 12 (the 1260, 1290 and 1335-Day Prophecies) will be fulfilled in our generation. This podcast contains the keys to unlock them.By MARLA ILONA.
The similarities between the collapse of the Twin Towers on 9/11 and the burning of Notre Dame Cathedral reveal how the prophetic destinies of the United States and France are linked.By MARLA ILONA.
Setting the record straight on our God-given authority to study end time prophecies. Recap and definition of key concepts that lay the foundation to understand the time prophecies in Chapter 12 of the Book of Daniel.By MARLA ILONA.
Staggering revelation about Satan's counterfeit of Jesus' second coming. The devil is still at war against God's holy covenant.By MARLA ILONA.
The burning of Notre Dame Cathedral has prophetic significance for France and the world. It's a warning of what's to come.By MARLA ILONA.
The story of King Sennacherib of Assyria versus King Hezekiah of Judah is a type of what will happen in the end time. It also confirms the theme of the Hebrew portion of the Book of Daniel, which was sealed.By MARLA ILONA.
The prophetic Book of Daniel is divinely designed. There is meaning and revelation embedded in its very structure. This book was sealed until the time of the end.By MARLA ILONA.
The Seventy-Week Prophecy is connected to the coming of Jesus, the Sabbath issue and the close of grace. This introduction lays the foundation for Part 2, the study of the Seventy-Week Prophecy in the end time.By MARLA ILONA.
The coming crisis is not the US government shutdown. It's the imminent financial collapse, revolution and time of trouble for God's people.By Marla Ilona.
A US national revolution looms on the horizon. It will bring a total economic, political and social collapse. This revolution will birth a new world order in the US and the rest of the world.By Marla Ilona.
The healing of the anti-christ's deadly wound is imminent. A world power stands in the way and needs to be removed. A national revolution in the USA will pave the way for the anti-christ's climb to power.By Marla Ilona.
The Lord gently inserts Himself into our lives to call us to salvation. Sometimes He has to break us before He can use us.By Marla Ilona.
God knew you before you were formed. He holds a beautiful vision for your life. The Bible provides evidence and examples of how God can use each one of us.By Marla Ilona.
The radical changes in American society brought about a natural alliance between Trump and the false prophet of Revelation. The Bible helps us understand what's happening and what's coming.By Marla Ilona.
Discover the true identity of each of the members of the Evil Trinity of the Book of Revelation: the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet.By Marla Ilona.
Is it time to leave the cities? Interview with Pastor David Gates of Gospel Ministries International. We discuss the signs of the end, what to expect, how to prepare, and when to leave the cities.By Marla Ilona.
God is calling the end time generation to be holy. We are the closing evidence for God's defense in the trial where Satan accuses Him of being unjust. The entire universe is watching God's people who are to take the gospel for a witness unto all nations. Then shall the end come.By Marla Ilona.
Leave no place to the devil in your life. Pull down every stronghold and bring every thought into obedience to Christ.By Marla Ilona.
Beautiful study of how Protestant denominations have restored the truths contained in God's Sanctuary that the anti-christ has cast down.By Marla Ilona.
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