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Talking On The Internet
Nathan Burke and Trent Adams talk on the internet.
Crow Cast Weekend Wrap - Adelaide Crows AFL Podcast
Win or lose, we'll be here pulling apart the weeks results of the latest Adelaide Crows Football Club match in the AFL
Queen of the Black Coast by HOWARD, Robert E.
Conan finally meets his match in Belit, the fierce, bloodthirsty and scantily clad pirate Queen. She also is unable to resist the huge, blue eyed, iron thewed barbarian who literally sweeps her off her feet. Together they become pirates of legend and are the scourge of the Black Coast. They venture up the river of death where no one has gone in centuries and lived, in search of plunder, battle and adventure. And get get more of all three than they could wish for.
Broke Girl Therapy with Stefanie Maegan
Broke Girl Therapy is a podcast hosted by Stefanie Maegan - a single woman working in the fashion industry has trouble looking for love in Los Angeles. The show highlights intimate conversations she has with her family, close friends, ex boyfriends, and failed dates. Stefanie talks about problems she encounters trying to find her match in a challenging dating scene filled with gay men and shady f*ckboys. The show sheds light on the struggles that hard working single women face in the modern ...
Around Serie A in 20 Days.... The Podcast - Michael Nimmo
Around Serie A in 20 Days is the book that I wrote documenting my trips to see every team in Serie A play a home match in the 2013/14 season. Looking for the spirit of supporters, and what makes them tick and turn up week in, week out, I had a great, if exhausting time. Hear all about it here, and if you like, buy the book too!
Black New York Singles
Meeting your match in New York City. A radio show for and about Black New York singles, brought to you by,
“Where cinema meets criticism” Join us as we review a new movie each week. we also pick a theme from the movie of the week and pick an old film to match in what we call “The Movie Mix.”
Devil in Iron, The by HOWARD, Robert E.
Conan's lustful desires again get him into a whole pile of trouble. This time the beautiful, golden haired, noble born Octavia, lures him into a fiendish trap set by his most powerful enemies and from which there seems to be no escape. But on the long deserted island of Xapur where he goes to capture this crafty beauty, it is not just mortal enemies that await him; Khosatral Khel a demon that crawled up from the abyss many eons ago and is of a substance as hard as iron has been awakened and ...
On the Trail of the Space Pirates by ROCKWELL, Carey
Tom Corbett is the main character in a series of Tom Corbett — Space Cadet stories that were depicted in television, radio, books, comic books, comic strips, and other media in the 1950s.The stories followed the adventures of Corbett and other cadets at the Space Academy as they train to become members of the Solar Guard. The action takes place at the Academy in classrooms and bunkrooms, aboard their training ship the rocket cruiser Polaris, and on alien worlds, both within our solar system ...
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In today’s episode, Steli and Hiten lay out the strategies for developing enterprise level clients. Before entering the enterprise space, remember that these clients require a huge commitment in terms of time, money, talent, and other resources. Product pricing and sales cycle duration are discussed at length in this episode. Find out why targe ...…
JSB Talks Digital is a weekly digital marketing and social media podcast hosted by author, strategist, consultant, speaker and trainer Joanne Sweeney-Burke. Each Friday Joanne shares her digital marketing and social media insights from her work as CEO of Digital Training Institute. SUBSCRIBE HERE In this episode, I take a look back at bloopers ...…
We would like to thank the sponsor of today’s show, Gravity Flow. Gravity Flow allows sites to automate business processes for internal routing, scheduling, reporting and more. You can go to to learn more. In today’s podcast, we’ll update you on what’s been happening, we’ll discuss some of the great changes that go along with the ...…
We would like to thank the sponsor of today’s show, Gravity Flow. Gravity Flow allows sites to automate business processes for internal routing, scheduling, reporting and more. You can go to to learn more. In today’s podcast, we’ll update you on what’s been happening, we’ll discuss some of the great changes that go along with the ...…
She Percolates with Jen Hatzung & Danielle Spurge
Maya Elious is a personal branding strategist that teaches bloggers and coaches how to expand their influence online so they can elevate their income and impact. She does this by speaking, writing, coaching, and hosting workshops about branding, strategy and personal development. When she’s not helping her clients build a digital empire, she ca ...…
I'm sure no introduction is needed, but for the few that have hidden on the moon for the last decade, Wayne G is an international DJ and producer from the UK. Instantly recognisable for big room bass lines and euphoric riffs, you'll feel ultimately satisfied with this awesome megamix.Making his name at the infamous London Superclub Heaven, Wayn ...…
In this episode, John Federico (twitter: @gadgetboy), Chia-Lin Simmons (twitter: @zeropts), Ken Gellman (twitter: @kengellman) and Steve Hatch (twitter: @shatch) discuss. Our next LIVE episode happens on November 21st! Amazon/Audible is hiring developers. Go here to learn more. Ken Gellman is unexpectedly available. He’d make a great addition t ...…
J. Trent Adams and Nathan Burke of matchmine talk tech.
Michael Troiano Chief Executive Officer of Matchmine Mike Troiano is a proven entrepreneurial leader with a track record of successes at the intersection of new technology and broad consumer adoption. He joined matchmine as CEO in November 2006 and has led the company to the successful launch of its product line and business strategy at DEMO200 ...…
Talking On The Internet
J. Trent Adams and Nathan Burke from matchmine cover news and topics related to web startups. Today's show will focus on the iPhone Application Directory launch, being acquired, and how video on the net is evolving.
Talking On The Internet
Trent Adams and Nathan Burke of matchmine discuss Yahoo's new BOSS initiative, the balance between openness and control, open APIs,, and any other web stuff that happens to come up.
Talking On The Internet
Nathan Burke and Trent Adams of matchmine talk about how matchmine started, what it is all about, and where it's going. Trent explains the difference between URL and URI, and Nathan takes a look at TripSay.
The Power of Mortality™ - by Patrick Mathieu, Motivational Speaker » Podcast
Subscribe to the Mindful Moment Podcast. On April 3 I promised to tell you some big news on April 15th. Well, sometimes things take longer than expected. Now I can finally let you in on the news! First, the background… In the fall, I started working with a Speaker’s Bureau. After we had been working together for a while, Cathleen (the woman who ...…
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