Best mayor podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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Archer Mayor's Open Season is a full-cast audio drama adaptation of chapter one of the first book in the bestselling Joe Gunther murder mystery series. Open Season concerns a mysterious man in a ski mask who forces the police to reopen an old murder case by compromising all the members of the old jury. Vermont detective Joe Gunther soon realizes that his department is being used as a stalking horse to flush out the real murderer. He must discover who that person is, before the man in the ski ...
Irritated and drunken, an itinerant farm-worker sells his wife and child to a stranger. Thus begins The Mayor of Casterbridge, set in rural and small-town England in the mid-1800s. In the original subtitle, Hardy called this the story of "a man of character," and the central character, Michael Henchard, is one of English fiction's greatest creations. Henchard is deeply developed as a realistic character, but also larger-than-life in the manner of a Greek or Shakespearean tragic hero — huge i ...
Louisville, Ky., Mayor Greg Fischer and host Graham Shelby discuss the city's challenges and unique potential in each episode.Produced by Louisville Metro.Music by The Pass used with permission of Sonablast Records.
Chomsky For Mayor
Former morning zoo radio DJ Rockin' Ray Robinson and former investigative reporter Ned Jenkins create a radio show promoting Chomsky for Mayor to get them back into the spotlight! Issues raised by Chomsky and his frequent internet postings are addressed... as well as how our show may or may not be on the air at the moment. Tune in each week to get an update on the race, and Chomsky's antics. Chomsky for Mayor is a show created by Nate Rubin and Chad Kean. Chomsky is Nate Rubin: Sam on the Si ...
Miss Mayor tells this story with singular skill, more by contrast than by drama, bringing her chief character into relief against her world, as it passes in swift procession. Her tale is in a form becoming common among our best writers; it is compressed into a space about a third as long as the ordinary novel, yet form and manner are so closely suited that all is told and nothing seems slightly done, or worked with too rapid a hand. (Summary from the Preface by John Masefield)
Ruston Mayor, Ronny Walker provides a weekly glimpse into the workings of City government and what's next for Ruston, Louisiana!
Hey, what's up? My name is Ty. I'm a struggling musician who is running for mayor of a small town in California. I have absolutely no background in politics, nor any relevant experience in local government. I compensate for these things with an abundance of self confidence and a whole bunch of crazy promises. In my new podcast you can follow along with my campaign, from it's genesis to my inevitable soul crushing defeat. This show is probably NSFW. Thanks for your time and vote #Ty4Mayor2018!
Cap Times reporter Bryna Godar interviewed each of the five candidates -- Richard Brown, Christopher Daly, Bridget Maniaci, Scott Resnick, Paul Soglin -- about the big issues facing the city in advance of the Feb. 17 primary election.
Are you interested in what is happening in the City of Greater Geraldton?Now you have the opportunity every month to catch up with Mayor Shane Van Styn as he summarises the latest council meeting and discusses all the goings on.Hit download and have a listen at a time and a place that is convenient for you, whilst keeping yourself appraised of the city we love!The City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn gives us the scoop on all the latest in Council news!
Miss Saunders is out for an adventure. One, which is full of secrets, hints, and half-lies. One, which will require all of her wits. She is to be the companion to the Mayor's wife. The Lady is unhappy, and the reason for her grave unhappiness is more serious than you think. (Summary by Stav Nisser)
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Mayor Gia
I'm the Mayor of my own Crazy Town. Sheriff, too.
WFIU: Ask the Mayor
Ask the Mayor focuses on issues facing communities in central Indiana. Everything from potholes to tax policy gets covered in 30 minute weekly live interviews with the mayors of Bloomington, Kokomo, Terre Haute, and Columbus, Indiana. \"Ask the Mayor\" is a production of WFIU Public Media from Indiana University.
Sprinkling entertainment into every subject, the Mayor of Storyville inspires children to explore their creative talents. Filmed LIVE before 300 K-5th grade students, it instills a sense of “I can do that,” in students. Teachers love it, stating, “What is amazing is the respect you have for your audience and they eagerly return that to you.” Which is why the Mayor remains a hero to each audience. Thousands of teachers and students have used this to kick off their Young Authors' Events. And, ...
The Clear Lake Today Mayor's Forum is a monthly podcast series, featuring interviews with Clear Lake area Mayors. Join host and Clear Lake Today General Manager Doug Meisinger as he sits down with League City Mayor Pat Hallisey, to discuss his thoughts and vision for League City, TX.
What's the 311 - Podcast From The Office Of Malden Mayor Gary Christenson.
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Mayor Greg Fischer is joined by Donald E. Lassere, president and chief executive of the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, to discuss the life and legacy of Louisville's own Muhammad Ali. The Mayor, Lassere and co-host Graham Shelby also discuss the week in early June 2016 leading up to Ali's burial in Louisville, and the on-going I Am Ali Fest ...…
This week, Graham Shelby and Mayor Fischer discuss the Mayor's recommended 2018-19 executive budget. Mayor Fischer delivered his budget proposal to the Louisville Metro Council on Thursday, April 26. To learn more, visit
The Mayor is back with episode 3 of the City of Greater Geraldton podcast! Catch up every month with Mayor Shane Van Styn as he summarises the latest council meeting and discusses all the goings on. Hit download and have a listen at a time and a place that is convenient for you, whilst keeping yourself appraised of the city we love! The City of ...…
2018 Paso Robles, CA mayoral candidate "Awesome" Ty Bezkostny and his campaign manager Michael J. Boohyah publicly shame local criminals for their indiscretions, and answer policy questions from overly concerned citizens. Sub par episode. 2 out of 5. We'll try harder.By (Natural Habitat Recordings).
Mayor Shane Van Styn is back with episode 2 of the City of Greater Geraldton podcast! Catch up every month with Mayor Shane Van Styn as he summarises the latest council meeting and discusses all the goings on. Hit download and have a listen at a time and a place that is convenient for you, whilst keeping yourself appraised of the city we love! ...…
In this episode, we hear from Dr. Bruce Katz, who works for the Brookings Institution and is an expert on how cities work. Katz recently visited Louisville and learned more about some of the city's programs. During his visit, he spoke with Mayor Fischer before an audience of city employees and partners.…
2018 Paso Robles, CA mayoral candidate "Awesome" Ty Bezkostny and his campaign manager Michael J. Boohyah are back again to take incumbent mayor #notTHATstevemartin to task on a number of hot local issues including cannabis sales and parking. Also, they solve the whole national gun crisis. You're welcome, America.…
In this episode, Mayor Fischer discusses the recent opening of the $315-million Omni Hotel in downtown Louisville, and Graham Shelby discusses the city's growing tourism industry with Cleo Battle of the Convention & Visitors Bureau.
2018 Paso Robles, CA mayoral candidate "Awesome" Ty Bezkostny has been found by the grace of god. Now the only thing standing in his way between the mayor seat this November is extracting a swift and brutal vengeance against anyone who may have played a part in his kidnapping.By (Natural Habitat Recordings).
From the CBD to the suburbs, there are plenty of updates here for your listening pleasure. Shane squashes plenty of rumours and informs us of the many building projects that are happening in your area. You will get to know the purpose of these projects and the benefits to the community. The post CGG Podcast with Mayor Shane Van Styn – Ep 001 ap ...…
Private Detective Bob Depperschmidt is set to reveal his findings in the case of 2018 Paso Robles, CA mayoral candidate Awesome Ty Bezkostny's kidnapping, until his life is tragically cut short mid episode by a conveniently timed sniper. RIP DETECTIVE ROBERT DEPPERSCHMIDT 1952-2018By (Natural Habitat Recordings).
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is joined by Raoul Cunningham, who began his Civil Right activism in Louisville as a teenager in 1959 and is currently President of the Louisville Branch of the NAACP.
Mayor Greg Fischer delivered the 2018 State of the City address on Jan. 4 at the new South Central Regional Library in Okolona. In this episode, we present the Mayor's remarks in full. To find Louisville's 2017 Progress Report and a transcript of the speech, go to…
In the latest episode, Mayor Greg Fischer discusses the major developments of 2017 and looks ahead to the events that will carry forward Louisville's momentum in the new year.
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer discusses the city's many efforts to build a more sustainable city. Also, Maria Koetter, director of the city's Office for Sustainability, discusses the recent Greenhouse Gas Inventory and offers advice for talking about sustainability during the holidays.
Haley Perot with an update from Ruston Mayor Ronnie Walker
Mayor Greg Fischer interviews Sheldon Shafer, who is retiring from the Courier Journal after 44 years covering many city-changing events. Shafer discusses the big news stories and personalities during his journalism career, the city’s evolution — and shares a bad joke.Released: Nov. 17, 2017
This week, Kortney Keim , sits in for Mayor Walker , to discuss what's happening in and around Ruston.
In this week's episode, Mayor Greg Fischer speaks in-depth about economic development in west Louisville and the history of its many neighborhoods. We also hear from Director of Redevelopment Strategies Jeana Dunlap, who works closely with west Louisville projects. Learn more here:…
Haley Perot subs for Mayor Walker and talks about what's happening around Ruston.
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