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This is Gary McFarland
From this is the podcast to the film "This is Gary McFarland" which is a new phase jazz & pop documentary. Featuring the trailer and candid interviews with some of the world's hippest musicians, this film explores the life and times of self-taught musician, composer, and producer Gary McFarland.
First Nurse Radio by McFarland Clinic
The First Nurse Radio program is a monthly radio show about health and wellness from McFarland Clinic and KFJB radio in Marshalltown, Iowa. McFarland Clinic's vision is to be the trusted choice for enhancing the health and well-being of our communities. #ExtraordinaryCare #EveryDay
McFarland United Church of Christ Sermons
Pastor Kerri Parker's sermons at the McFarland United Church of Christ in McFarland WI
Join bad decision makers Derek Mcfarland and Glendon Mcgee as they day drink with the headliners of their comedy show Catalina Comedy and talk about crazy shenanigans.
Booger and Burns
Anthony "Booger" McFarland and fellow SEC Network personality Peter Burns put their own flair on all things SEC.
Outdoor Radio
Outdoor Radio takes you outside to explore and uncover some of the mysteries of our natural world. This monthly feature is produced in collaboration with the Vermont Center for EcoStudies in Woodstock, Vermont, and is hosted by biologists Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra.
Hosts of Eden
Hosts of Eden is a modern radio drama, written and performed by Jay Mcfarland. The 11-part fictional podcast serial is told in cliff-hanging science fiction style. Dr. Marian Turner has been studying multiple personality disorder for years. Her life is mostly ordinary until one of her patients starts to display some very unusual behavior. After a series of unexplainable events, Marian risks her career and her life to free her patient. An unexpected ally comes to the rescue, but also reveals ...
It's The Drink Talking
It’s The Drink Talking is the Premier Cru podcast for all things drink related, from Absinthe to Zinfandel. This podcast is not aimed at the booze bore, spirit snob or the wine wonk but instead provides an irreverent and inclusive, warm and welcoming weekly round-up, featuring tastings, the latest booze news and fascinating facts about the most famous and fervent advocates of alcohol. This weekly podcast is presented by the award-winning Thinking Drinkers, Ben McFarland and Tom Sandham, plus ...
Monument Valley: Meet the Developer
Neil McFarland, Director of Games for games developer ustwo, shares the story behind the development of the award-winning game Monument Valley. Learn about the design approach used in the creation of Monument Valley’s stunningly beautiful virtual world and then see a presentation of ‘Ida’s (RED) Dream’, the newly created final level of the game. Hosted by Myke Hurley at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
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Today's Full Stack Journey dives into Istio, Envoy & service meshes with guest Shannon McFarland.The post Full Stack Journey 018: Istio, Envoy & Service Meshes appeared first on Packet Pushers.
02/04/2018 PM Sermon at Water Mill church of Christ by Bill McFarland
02/04/2018 AM Sermon at Water Mill church of Christ by Bill McFarland
HR 3 - GUMBO Friday - Alex McFarland talks about Truth for a New Generation Conference, Groundhog day history, Amazon CEO richest man in the world
On Thursday's edition of "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins" House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) joins Tony from the annual congressional GOP retreat to give us an inside look at what is on the GOP agenda. CNS News Editor-in-Chief Terry Jeffrey is here to comment on new research finding that the number of married coup ...…
Worldview experts Alex McFarland and Jason Jimenez discuss the cultural forces that are shaping Millennials, how the Church has failed to reach them, and ways to lead them back to the Christian faith.By (Focus on the Family).
There is so much going on in Madison, and the team here has all the coverage for you! The Madison Food Tournament final round is coming up, so get ready to have the best hamburger in the city! Also on this episode is a great interview from Neil Mathweg with special guest Ashley Quinto Powell, a Boss Mom, leader, and speaker who is empowering wo ...…
01/28/2018 PM Sermon at Water Mill church of Christ by Bill McFarland
Water Mill Church of Christ Audio
01/28/2018 AM Sermon at Water Mill church of Christ by Bill McFarland
This podcast is usually devoted to book written about the past. The authors may be historians, or political scientists, or anthropologists, or even a member of the human rights community. But we’re almost always talking about a mass atrocity that…
On Your Way to Work Interview Series | Conversations with Business Owners & Managers About You!
For this show, we are talking with Robert McFarland on his successful approach to parenting your child's career. How does one do that? Let's talk about it.
Water Mill Church of Christ Audio
01/21/2018 PM Sermon at Water Mill church of Christ by Bill McFarland
01/21/2018 AM Sermon at Water Mill church of Christ by Bill McFarland
1.12.18 Loop Pharmacy on Ask The ExpertDr Bill McFarland and his guest Dr Jerrod Chapman are in the ATE studio to discuss weight loss techniques and some options you have to get rid of the Holiday Weight Gains. They also share some tips on what you should be looking for when shopping at the grocery store.…
Music used in this show: SFSG – Utah Show Notes: What we’ve been listening to: Ryan: pit picks Val: Finger Guns – tired Playlists: Helping or not? Fake Music Spotify takes Wall Street Forbes Music Predictions Security Breaches in Concerts All Emo Things Must End, Even Warped Tour A tribute: Chuck Berry, Robert Miles, Chris Cornell, Chester Benn ...…
Lee Hutchison (@Lee_Nostromo) is joined by the author of 'Opening The X-Files: A Critical History of the Original Series', Darren Mooney (@Darren_Mooney). Darren Mooney is a pop culture critic currently working in Dublin, Ireland. He runs his own website (the m0vie blog), hosts a film podcast (The 250), and is a member of the Online Film Critic ...…
This week I'm continuing last week's "18 Days of New" theme - we're not even halfway through the 18 days! Be sure to check the site everyday here, because each afternoon a new item is added. 1. Olivia Kaplan - Nobody's Talking 2. The Roches - Hammond Song 3. Funkadelic - Biological Speculation 4. Karin Krog - All I Want 5. Maggie & Terre Roche ...…
Thanks for checking out the 214th episode of The ETX ROCKS Show! Mickey Lamantia is proof that good country music can come from anywhere! The Rhode Island based prison guard has toured with Willie Nelson, has won awards but his main focus has always been to impact people’s lives with his music! With his smart usage of social media he has forged ...…
01/07/2018 PM Sermon at Water Mill church of Christ by Bill McFarland
01/07/2018 AM Sermon at Water Mill church of Christ by Bill McFarland
Life!Line with Craig Roberts
GUESTS Segment 1: Planned Parenthood has released their annual report regarding their operations. What does it say? Dan Gainor, Vice President for Media Research Center's Business joins the program with insights. Segment 2: California welcoming illegals to the sanctuary state? What is going on? Marie Espinoza of The Remembrance PRoject joins th ...…
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