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Progressive politics and economics. Will covers political issues from around the world and Arliss does the same for financial news and monetary policy with special emphasis on modern monetary theory. Each week they are joined by a special guest for the interview. Both Will and Arliss are fond of carrots.
Segments of the Worship service and selected sermons are available for download.
On McLeod Nine
Hosted by Cameron McLeod, On McLeod Nine is a podcast about the best and worst things to ever happen to you. This podcast delves into the stories that make us the people we are today. Some may be sad, some may be funny, but they're always relatable. New episodes Monday.
Podcast by Andrew Wilson & Sam Mcleod
Bishop Keith McLeod
Podcast by Bishop Keith McLeod
Under The Radar podcast is a show where I showcase things that I find interesting. These things include interviews with my friends, celebrities, coverage of music and movies, or anything else I feel like adding. Mostly it will be interviews with friends and people I find interesting. You never know what you're gonna hear when you tune in to this show!
Join best-selling author and Oscar-nominated actor Julianne Moore and app developer Andrew McLeod as they discuss their new app, Freckleface Strawberry’s Monster Maker. Based on her children’s book series Freckleface Strawberry, illustrated by LeUyen Pham, the app lets you mix and match an endless number of monster parts for hours of fun. You can even hear the voice of Freckleface Strawberry herself offering you encouragement as you design your very own monster best friend.
The website for the podcast 'The Book Was Better', a humourous investigation of movie novelisations.
Rich Wilson of brings you the best live Fantasy Baseball show on the Internet. Join Rich and legendary industry expert Tim McLeod every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET as they bring you the best Fantasy Baseball discussion in the industry.
Hosted by Bruce McLeod and Trish Khoo, Testcast discusses all things related to Software Testing, Test Management, Automated Testing and living the life of a software tester.
Multimedia productions of the AICPA
Carol McLeod's daily radio show, Defiant Joy Radio. Visit to learn more about Carol and when the show airs in your area!
Your hosts Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg talk about all things technology, local and international. (Send us a WhatsApp message on 071 999 1111. WhatsApp voice notes may be used on air - don't be shy.)
Kermit The Pod
Do you remember the first time you saw a Muppets film? Brothers, Chris and Jordan McLeod relive every Muppet moment. Conversations range from silly to heartfelt. They talk about their first experiences and memories around seeing each film for the first time, and then they take a deep dive into each classic moment. Of course some films are better than others, and brothers rarely agree on everything.
A retelling of old Greek stories involving mythological heroes and their adventures. Tales include those of Prometheus, Io, Perseus and Theseus. (Introduction by Iris McLeod)
The weekly message that Pastor Pete Jankowski preaches at Life Church Buffalo.
This Toronto-based DJ, whose passion, energy and sexy beats have brought dance floors to life for over 13 years, has demonstrated he knows his music. Classically trained on trumpet, this artist has been making music since he was able to get his fingers on the piano at the age of 4. Neill continued his journey through high-school and university, studying many genres including brass, jazz, funk ensemble and singing, to name a few: all while working towards his degree in music education at the ...
What’s Happening Here is a podcast hosted by Katie Shepherd about pivotal moments in people’s lives that define who we are and the stories we tell.
A weekly podcast made up of a series of informal conversations with creative people who are either working in and around Dundee or have ties to the city. It's run by Ryan McLeod and gets released every Wednesday morning.
From atop a church tower, a radio station broadcasts investigations into the crimes of a rural village. Narrated and written by Ben Fotheringham. Find us at, and at intermediatepod on twitter. Royalty free music by Kevin Mcleod of
Join Kevin Orris and Tim McLeod and Joel Henard every Wednesday at 7pm for an hour of hard-hitting and informative discussion as we unravel the mysteries and mayhem known to many as Fantasy Baseball. Please join us in the chat room or give us a call at (718) 664- 9899. Also if you have any question feel free to email us at
Ethno-musicological finds from all our world with Andrew McLeod, Liam Bowen & Duncan Bruce. Utilising an excellent and expanding network of obsessive collector enthusiasts and academic expert special guests, The Audible World focuses on specific regions, countries and cultures for an in-depth listen. Broadcast from Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday evenings from 9pm.
Jolt of Joy
Join Bible teacher and best-selling author, Carol McLeod, for your daily dose of joy from the Word of God. Carol has a practical way of wringing the truth out of the Bible that brings both hope and purpose to ordinary lives. Every week-day, Carol will be sharing principles and power that can only be found in the Bible. This is a podcast that you will want to add to your daily routine. For more information on Carol McLeod or on Just Joy! Ministries, visit​
G.E.E.K Podcast
Get ready to G.E.E.K out every Monday with Dan, Shaun and Reg - Each week they meet up to discuss what's hot and what's happening in the world of games, electronics, entertainment and... erm... komics! With the occasional special guest along for the ride, they bring you up to date news, recaps on "Geeks Go Gaming" (their YouTube gaming series) and anything else they get distracted by during the week (reddit!). Not forgetting the always (mostly) comical "Just one more thing". (Theme remixed f ...
Ampersand D&D
Ampersand is a D&D RPG Show set in a custom campaign setting. Stephen Crane, Mike McLeod, Chelsey, Kurtis Briggs, Spencer Wichmann, Wilson Wong, and Zac Schafer head on epic adventures.
Late Bloomers
Chicago Improvisor and Comedian, Phylicia McLeod interviews friends in their 20s and 30s to see where they are in life compared to where they thought they would be and if they too feel like they're falling behind in life.Host: Phylicia McLeod @Phy_Phy on twitterProducer: Matt Sadler @Matthew_Sadler on twitter
Grand National Championships w/ Alastair St.Hill, Jerrad McLeod and Corin Aitchison is a weekly bit of fun. Visit for a more detailed look.
The Slab. A vast orbiting slum where sweat falls in rain and the gene-spliced come in all shapes and sizes. Inspector Alex McLeod, recently suspended for excessive force and nurturing a growing addiction to bourbon, has been reduced to tending bar when an improbably beautiful vampire comes to him with a bizarre theory: there's a killer on the Slab, a killer with a liking for recreating ancient myth, in bloody and spectacular fashion. But who exactly is this vampire, and how does she know so ...
Outside The Squared Circle Is a podcast by Lachlan McLeod the first wheelchair critic of professional wrestling. Primarily the show will cover Australian wrestling promotion MCW. It will also focus on topics that highlight the connection between wrestler and fan.
Other Things That I Do is a self-improvement podcast hosted by Aly McLeod. Follow the progress of Aly's projects as she tries to lose weight, finish a deck of tarot cards, and get her finances in order.
Mothcast is a sailing podcast that discusses the latest happenings in the moth sailing world. Hosted by Bruce McLeod and Luka Damic, the show includes interviews with mothies from Australia and overseas.
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This episode I share that you all need a day of Rest. Take care of yourself today. Take a trip alone or stay home all day and do nothing , or just take care of you. Love yourself enough to take care of you.
In conjunction with Comicbuzz, Stephen Fagan & Evan O'Grady muse, rant and bant about:So Long, Ms. Lane. RIP Margot Kidder.No Sesame, All Street!Moustache Killah!Son of Coul.Be Seeing You, Mr. Wick.Zombieland Rules.Not Dark Yet?Thundercats, Oh No!?!Less Fist means a Tighter Whole.On Target for Daredevil season 3.Signal over Star City.Doomed Cha ...…
1. Art Of Tones - Cant Turn You Loose 2. Massiande - By my Side3. Mike Steva ft. Motty, Siobha - Weekend Love 4. Beloved & Mcleod - What You Won't Do For Love 5. Full Intension - Simply Living 6. Jimpster - Becoming Cyclonic 7. Art of Tones - Unstopped 8. Dj Oats - Time(N'dinga Gaba DuB Edit)9. Avidus - Revenge Of The Whales10.Yotam Avni - Mida ...…
Welcome to On the Tee with H&B. Today we’re delighted to officially kick off our new show dedicated to Golf and the Good Life across the pond. We’re joined for our first episode by Colin McLeod, Golf Services Manager at … Continue reading → The post Episode 1 – Colin McLeod, Carnoustie Golf Links appeared first on Haversham & Baker Golfing Expe ...…
This episode I discuss how we all have 'Free Will,' And unfortunately, with that many people will make the Wrong decision.
Organisation leader at the chief executive level, advocate & speaker with a commitment to human rights - particularly the rights of children - working for inclusive communities & addressing gender inequality. A background in gov & non-gov (inc. nearly 5 years in NFP frontline service delivery) and significant change management and business grow ...…
Eva talks with Courtney McLeod on the importance of play and how we should all incorporate some fun in our lives. We focus on her supportive women's group, Kick Ass Ladies, and how it helps them get out of their comfort zone, conquer fears, plus meet new friends along the way.
Whether it’s discussing equal pay for women healthcare professionals, uncovering #MeToo narratives in the medical profession, or examining studies comparing women physicians’ and surgeons’ outcomes favorably to men’s, there has never been a more important time for crucial conversations to take place about women’s health. And that is why Nationa ...…
In conjunction with Comicbuzz, Stephen Fagan, James Mason, Kathleen McRory & Evan O'Grady muse, rant and bant about:Wasp at your back.My name is Robin Locksley. I spent years crusading in Hell to come back with one mission: Save My Country.Wyld Stallyns to face the music. Harlem Heats Up.No return to Perfection.Plus Discussion, chat and opinion ...…
Not at all a comedian, this week Simon Challies, former chief executive of Ryman Healthcare. is our guest. A real business big shot! On this podcast!
In this episode, Emmet and Ali cover chapters 39-50 of Genesis. We pick up with Joseph the Dreamer just after he has been sold into slavery by his brothers. He ends up in the household of an important man and is sexually harassed by the lady of the house. For that, he is thrown in prison and quickly becomes the resident warden. There he interpr ...…
We go outside to talk summer fun! We threw together a nowhere-near-complete list of our favorite summer festivals in East TN.We realized after shooting this that we somehow left off Rhythm and Roots and Kingsport Fun Fest! What are your favorite festivals and why? Let us know in the comments!Join us! Support the ...…
Thanks for tuning in to today's Episode. Today I talk about how and why we Single Folks should Laugh More... Laughter Looks Good on you Sweetie! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more related videos: Kim McLeod. Also, you should follow me on Facebook: Kim Marie McLeod. Please continue to Share my podcast on your social media profiles. If you ...…
You ever feel like you've been passed by, looked over and it seems like all the potentials don't want to give you a chance with Dating? This episode I share my thoughts on the single life on why it's not time for me to date, be engaged or married. It boils down to God is not done with me and You. Hope this can be an encouragement to you as you ...…
Alan and I sat down with entrepreneur, recovery advocate, difference maker, and overall positive guy Brad Mcleod. (brad_mcleod on Instagram)Brad has such a motivational story that truly proves the only limits are the ones we place upon ourselves. Brad shared with us his battles with addiction, how he overcame them, and what made him want to cha ...…
This episode I share my 3rd official date of 2018 with myself. This past weekend I went to Washington, D.C. Alone. I also share some valuable things that is teaching me who I really am as a Single. feel free to follow me on YouTube: Kim McLeod, Instagram: kmmcleod489, Facebook: Kim Marie McLeod
It's the final episode! Logan Kitney and your host Cameron McLeod braved the Nelson Fringe Festival with only $6 in their wallet: find out how it ended!
Update: The original episode released this morning did not contain the extended interview. We've corrected that this evening. 7 May 2018 - Job Guarantee remains the talk of the Twitter town (nest?) as well as some mainstream media. Critics have been vocal and a core of MMT thought leaders have been guiding the response to the push-back. Nathan ...…
Logan Kitney and your host Cameron McLeod are enjoying the Nelson Fringe Festival so damn much they decided they'd stay until the end - with only $6 in their wallet. Follow their adventure daily!
Mark McLeod and Mike "The Cranky Fan" Aguis discuss how the Gators did in the NFL Draft, try to understand the disconnect between draft success and on-the-field shortcomings, and review the last week in Gator Baseball.
Budgeting. Let’s face it, it’s about as fun as pulling teeth. But it’s oh-so-necessary to ensure that you get to where you want to be financially, whether that’s studying stress-free at University, buying your first car, or treating yo’self to something fancy in the future. Unfortunately budgeting and saving tips for young adults online are oft ...…
This week, Kristin starts us off with a story that begins with the murder of her second cousin and ends with police capturing a serial killer in the making. The murder of sweet, outgoing Alissa Shippert shook Platte City, Missouri. Police were determined to catch her killer, but with most of the evidence washed away by the river and few viable ...…
Classic 1027 — Michael Avery talks to Duncan McLeod Founder & Editor at TechCentral about ICASA's "Reasons" for Rollover Regulation.
Greg Carlwood grew up in Arnold, MO. After spending K-11th grade in the local Catholic School pipeline, causing a fair amount of trouble along the way, St. Pius X High School in Festus, MO kicked him out on the first day of senior year, and he’s still bitter about it. Eventually making it to the University of Missouri, Greg studied nothing, dro ...…
We go live to talk about the show, Pie Wars was going on as we recorded so we talk about our favorite pizza places, and Bailey shows us the new cover for her latest novel "Fide!"You can purchase Fide by Bailey Buckner at THIS LINK: us! Support the ...…
In conjunction with Comicbuzz, Stephen Fagan & Evan O'Grady muse, rant and bant about:WE ARE SYM-BEE-OAT!Spideys Versus?So Cool you could barf.Wonder in the 80’sEvil Dead End.Mat Maniacs return.Plus Discussion, chat and opinions with spoilers on The Alex Mack and her Sex Cult arrest, Marvel Contracts, Annihilation and Thanos demanding our silen ...…
On the latest edition of In The Circle, Eric and Victor chat about the major takeaways from this weekend including Oregon's sweep at Washington as well as a new team to pencil into host regionals according to Mr. Lopez. The guys also share their thoughts on Missouri adding games to ensure they remain eligible for selection for the tournament. V ...…
Oh, the horror! Academic, critic and horror film lover Erin Harrington is today's well crafted guest.
Skwigly are proud to present a series of exclusive podcast minisodes from the first edition of the Cardiff Animation Festival.In episode 1 we hear from attending filmmakers in conversation with Ben Mitchell as part of the festival's Filmmaker Brunch sessions.Featured in this episode:Phil Brookes - Composer, 'Enough'Roos Mattaar - Animator, 'Spa ...…
Cedro the Dryad Druid returns to the ring and this time remembers to pray to his goddess Graiya before going into combat. Nyctim might have it cut out for him this time, or will things go his way this time. Let’s see what happens this week!Battle Music Title-: Volatile Reaction, Artist: Kevin mc Leod…
23 April 2018 – Everyone is talking about the Comey memos and I think I’m about over it BUT I have been curious about how Congress and the Justice Department both run investigations in parallel without pulling a Nunes or embarrassingly dropping a Gowdy on the floor. David Waldman (@KagroX), who is a lawyer, Congressional procedure expert and th ...…
Our lives tell a story. But what does it take to live a great story? Find out as Carol McLeod, best-selling author, popular speaker and CEO of Just Joy! Ministries, encourages you to live a story that is worth being read.
Shannon and Bailey talk about upcoming projects, current events, and the last few weeks of Hometown production!LIKE! SHARE! FOLLOW US!Join us! Support the song: "Life of Riley" & "Carefree" by Kevin McLeod
We are back LIVE! (There is a silent interlude at the beginning, but the audio kicks in after some funny faces.)Shannon and Bailey catch up on events, adventures in video interviews, search for local festivals!They try to find a local festival for a long while, but never fear, they find it and talk about it in part 2!LIKE! SHARE! FOLLOW US!Join ...…
16 April 2018 - There comes a time in every federal budget cycle when I have to find a way to talk about debt and, specifically, the Dems dangerous debt dance. This time I decided to switch things up and invited Frances Langum (Bluegal), from my favorite podcast, The Professional Left, to interview me and to provide push-back. Fran is someone f ...…
The latest episode of Dirty Kurt's Dugout, hosted by Kurt Bevacqua, leads off with a provocative interview of labor attorney Donald Fehr. The former leader of the Major League Baseball Players Association and current executive director of the National Hockey League Players' Association, Don provides a wealth of information on the economics of s ...…
9 April 2018 – Democrats are finally learning that Secretaries of State are more critical than even governors in state elections so we are lucky to have elections expert and Indiana State Democratic SOS candidate, Jim Harper for the interview. Jim is a strong candidate for Indiana and the videos on his FB page reinforce why he is a great choice ...…
Josephine Funes Wentzal is "a mother you don't want to mess with," according to the San Diego prosecutor who is investigating the strangulation murder of 30-year-old Krystal Mitchell. Wentzal, a former homicide investigator is leading the way in searching for Raymond McLeod, an ex-Marine who allegedly fled to Central America after killing Mitch ...…
May 2nd, 2016 - Dr. Lisa McLeod, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina gives a presentation on colorblind racism and how and why it exists.
In episode 3 of Probably Unknown, host J. McLeod talks to guest Kendal Osborne about recording, 90's rock and more! They also listen to some music and talk about that! You can find the links to all the songs we listened to bellow! Golden Suits - Is It Wrong The Besnard Lakes - Laura Lee Wand - Bee Karma Manta Rays - Blue Light Cymbals Eat Guita ...…
4 April 2018 - Due to the holiday weekend we do not have a new show this week. This is a rebroadcast of a special mid-week combined Hopping Mad and Irreverent Testimony entirely focused on trade. Travis Rosen and Rachel Hutcheson of Irreverent Testimony joined Will and I to talk about the domestic and international implications of the Trump Tra ...…
Hosts: Mike, Shar and Ian – Guest: Larry McLeod (Teacher, Cigar Expert, Henderson Store Part Time Employee)
Efter Jonatans korte eksil til Sverige eksploderede påsken udover det danske land. Klargør dild-snapsen og de røgede sild! Gem børnenes æg! For her, hos KlartIgennem, er mad og æg det absolutte fokus i denne påskeferie!God vind og fyldte chokoladeæg til jer alle!Musik - Kevin McLeod
Our heroes make their way into the city of Amenphis and adapt to city living. On their way to school, Kepler haggles for a horse, and Kofi and Aiko get a drink with some surprising company. Press play and grab some street food in this episode of DND4D! *** *** Music Credits: Theme by Kyle Schwaba @ Track Name: ...…
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