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Best mcu podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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MCU CosmicCast
The MCUCosmicCast is the weekly podcast for MCU Cosmic. Hosted by site founder and editor in chief Jeremy Conrad, each episode covers the weekly happenings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with insight into the latest news and rumors.
MCU Rewind
Welcome to the Marvel Cinematic Rewind. The podcast that rewatches, reviews, and responds to every movie, show and one-shot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Infinity Box Rewatch
Anthony and Brian talk about all thinks comic book film from the MCU to the DCEU
Guardians of the MCU
Covering the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Part of the RandomChatter Network.
Tied to the MCU
Each week, Spoiler Steve will be joined with a few amazing members from the Leftover Army to rant, rate and review each movie within the MCU! See? Pretty simple. Send in your recommendations to!
ComicBook Debate
Covering all things DC & Marvel, The Farooqi Bros host a popular podcast with guests from around the comic book industry. They discuss a range of topics including the DCEU, MCU, Comics, Animation & more!
A Comedic review of the Marvel and DC live action cinematic universes hosted by Comedian Jay Washington.
In this weekly podcast two Fangirls take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and everything else superhero, fantasy and sci-fi. Join them for the ride as they navigate the MCU, discuss fandom life, and rant about everything in between.
Not Another Movie Pod
Ogni settimana
Movie and TV podcast covering the latest news in a wide array of topics such as MCU, Star Wars, GoT, and DC, capping off every episode with an in-depth film or TV discussion and review. Just a group of dudes talking movies the way you would with your friends. Hosted by Zach Williamson, Ross Cutsforth, and Luke Goessens. Available on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube. Follow us on our socials for movie news updates: Twitter: @notamoviepod @CultureCrave Instagram: @notamoviepod @Culture ...
Remake Rewind
The MDXpods crew talks about movies that have been remade or rebooted. While not strictly deciding which is better, they decide if the remake or reboot should have been made. They also talk about remake/reboot news.
New Rockstars ('Westeros Weekly') bring you breakdowns, theories and commentary on what's happening right now and what's coming next in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Listen Up A-Holes
In Listen Up A-Holes, narrative nerd Lani Diane Rich of Chipperish Media and super hero scholar Joshua Unruh of Pulp Diction Productions apply their wit, expertise and enthusiasm the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Hall of Justice
Meanwhile.... at the Hall of Justice. If you are old enough to know exactly what the Hall of Justice is, then you are our demographic.
Welcome to Level 7 Access, a Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Podcast! Each week, J.D. Jackson, Page Branson, Michal Schick, and Devon McGovern-Johnson will bring you the funniest and most in-depth Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D podcast on the web, featuring episode recaps, spoilers, audience participation, and speculation!
podcasting pop culture: smart conversations for smart people
A weekly review of Marvel's TV shows and off shoots. Like our Facebook page at
Art VS entertainment? Style over content? Schindler's List or Weekend at Bernie's?!! Two film fans in Birmingham, England. One is a chin stroker. The other is a punter. Discussion ensues....Leave us feedback at chinstrokervspunter@gmail.comVoicemail (US) 206-350-0293 or (Elsewhere) 001-206-350-0293
Comic books are on TV and we're on the Internet.
Your one stop hub for all discussion, news, and insight into what is happening with Marvel Studios. We love this stuff and want you to, too!
The fine folks at PodCavern gather a motley crew of self-proclaimed experts (Tuong La and special guests) to weigh in, rank, and order top 5 lists of anything and everything. Subscribe today!
Let's Go! Comic Show
Join Justin and Matt as they jump into the world of comics and their surrounding areas of pop culture and let you know whats a LET'S GO and whats not. Part of the LET'S GO! PODCAST Network!
A Podcast About Something, nothing, anything, and everything. Join Kalvin and Nick each week as we dive deep into whatever it is we find interesting. Whether it be sports, movies, TV, comics, current news, pop culture or whatever else may pop into our brains, each week we bring you a new topic with a fresh and exciting look outlook.
THE INFINITY PODCAST may or may not be a deep dive on the Marvel Cinematic Universe; it may or may not offer hot takes on Ant-Man & The Wasp or Jeremy Renner’s Instagram. What THE INFINITY PODCAST will be — with certainty — is an hour in which hosts Rachel Schenk, Scott Thomas, and Patrick (H) Willems look at pop culture plus the world at large through the lens of a film series that is forever shaping both of them. They’re gonna laugh; they’re gonna argue; they’re gonna ride Marvel’s coattai ...
Jahnya reads the comics, Queenie asks a lot of questions. We discuss each movie as they come out and in between we'll do character studies! Be sure to check out our Random Movie feed for non-MCU movies (including Deadpool!) We'd love to hear your thoughts, too! Write to us at Check out what else we like to talk about at
Welcome to the internet’s most “okayest” nerd culture podcast! On the main show, host David Dassau covers a wide range of topics such as gaming, comic books, cosplay, the MCU, and other geek-media related content. He is oftentimes accompanied by his wife Lindsay, or a guest with a thorough knowledge of a particular geeky topic or fandom. Apart from the main show, the podcast also offers a movies-only segment entitled Geek Garage “Goes to the Movies”, co-led by David and his buddy Ted White.
We discuss gaming, comics, movies, news and other geek culture topics. From video games to tabletop, anime to the MCU, and much more. All while drinking from the skulls of our enemies. Join us for some great times and a bumpy ride.
Cinematic Universe
Cinematic Universe is a podcast all about superhero and comic book movies and TV. Each episode, we look at one movie or show and find out more about the comics behind the screen. Along the way we run through the latest news across the genre, recommend related reading to explore, and pitch our not-always-entirely-serious ideas for future superhero films. From Iron Man to The Dark Knight, from Scott Pilgrim to Spider-Man, from The Incredibles to Howard the Duck, everything across the entire ci ...
Comic shop and gallery in the heart of London
Join Kev, Steve, Anna and Pab every Saturday morning for their unique take on Geek Culture, and some strong opinions on the Great British Bake Off.
Broadcasting from aboard the Helicarrier, atop the Triskelion, or whatever secret SHIELD base they're operating in these days, comes MARVEL Talk, a podcast discussing all things MARVEL, particularly the MCU, but occasionally things outside that studio, and even more!
All Comics Considered is a comics podcast dedicated to bringing a positive and welcoming attitude to all things comics. From the Big Two and Boom! To the MCU and Image, if it has to do with a comic, we want to talk about it!
Marvel News Desk
Formerly MCUExchange Podcast, Marvel News Desk is your best source for the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe News, Reviews, and Speculation. Each Monday, listen as Adam, Caleb, and Rhiannon breakdown everything you need to know about the latest and greatest in the MCU. Official Podcast of
Marvel News Desk
Formerly MCUExchange Podcast, Marvel News Desk is your best source for the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe News, Reviews, and Speculation. Each Monday, listen as Adam, Caleb, and Rhiannon breakdown everything you need to know about the latest and greatest in the MCU. Official Podcast of
Thanks for checking out Hard In Marvel Podcast. My name is Justin and this channel is about updates, news, and leaks of all things Marvel. On this Podcast, you will find weekly videos on up and coming to Marvel, MCU, new and old comic series reviews, and Theory Crafting. We love these titles as you do, so let us assist you with our content through your busy day. No need to search for it, we will do the hard work and getting you the most up-to-date content. Support this podcast: https://ancho ...
The Movie Multiverse follows, analyzes and discusses the growing number of shared movie universes based on comic book superhero properties and beyond. Subscribe to hear reviews and the latest news about universes such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Cinematic Universe, the Fox Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Sony Spidey-verse, the Star Wars Universe and many more!
After The Snap
Virtual group therapy for everyone affected by Tony Stark's snap (and any other depressing, sci-fi stuff). We'll visit every cinematic universe, but call Marvel home!! Support this podcast at —
Podcaster's Assemble (Probably) is a crowdsourced, prestige format podcast, revisiting every film in the Skywalker Saga one-by-one up to the release of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.
For Nerds by Nerds! From Comic Books, Horror, Video Games, Wrestling, TV, and Film, No Nerdom Goes Uncovered!
The Infinity Stone Podcast is a fan podcast dedicated to examining every movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The goal of this show is to look at the movies from the perspective of fans of these movies, not necessarily comic book fans or movie critics. These are the most popular movies in the world, yet online discussions about them tend to be dominated either by specialized genre fans or people paid to review them. We're hoping to change that and most importantly, to have some fun along ...
The MCU Guru chats about every corner of the ever-lovin’ Marvel Cinematic Universe!
Agents of SHIELD
Listen as we recap each episode and read your emails. We love hearing your thoughts and theories! Be sure to check out our Agent Carter and MCU feeds, too! Write to us at Check out what else we like to talk about at
Podcast by David Edwards
Earth Station MCU
A weekly podcast all about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and more!
MCU Complete Me
Luke doesn't like the Marvel movies. Crystal likes the Marvel movies. Together, they will review every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Podcast Art illustrated by Matt Ferguson
Geek to Geek Podcast
Not your typical "2 geeks talking", Geek to Geek has weekly discussions on gaming and geek culture. We don’t do toxic, salt, or nerdrage because we want to be a safe, positive online geek space. We want to talk about being adults with families, jobs, and responsibilities while still making time for the things we love. We respect your time, so our show is structured and topical. No 3-hour rants here! So whether you love Nintendo, Final Fantasy, the MCU, Star Wars, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering ...
The Story Geeks
Geek Movies: Comic Book | Science Fiction | Fantasy - The Story Geeks Podcast
Agents of F.L.A.I.L is an improvised podcast based in the Marvel Universe. We host a town hall for citizens in the MCU to voice their complaints about property damage.
MCU Excelsior!
Marvel Cinematic Universe podcast
Sweet Feathery Jesus!
The Comedy Podcast that joins hands across the Atlantic Ocean with two Americans and a Brit. We cover a range of topics from bad movies, weird news stories, plumb the depths of pop culture, and reveal way too much about ourselves. There's also usually monkeys mentioned. Why? Because monkeys are funny. Also, we edit. The cast includes Belasco (the resident nerd), Booze (the witty Brit), and Professor Chuck Turtleman (animal expert). The SFJ Podcast has on an array of regular guests and friend ...
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show series
Black Widow Scene Revealed! Could the Black Widow movie be setting up a future Dark Avengers in the MCU, seen as early as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+? In this special update episode of #InsideMarvel, Erik Voss explains the latest news about the Black Widow film, coming May 2020, and how secret cameos could set up the future of ...…
Level 7 Access: A Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and MCU Podcast Dragon-Con 2019: All About Art with Bob Pendarvis Show Notes: If you've ever wanted to be an artist, this is the one for you. First up is a panel from Dragon-Con 2019 all about art school, and then an extensive interview with Bob Pendarvis, who was one of Page's professors back a ...…
Welcome back to Guardians of the MCU! The Guardians have assembled to talk about Martin Scorsese, Tom Holland, the Infinity Saga box set, and more! Download or Subscribe! Download MP3 ♦ Subscribe via iTunes ♦ Subscribe via Google Play ♦ Subscribe via RSS ♦ Listen via Stitcher Subscribe to the entire RandomChatter Network here: RSS ♦ iTunes ♦ Go ...…
This week all of the bogus stories of secret Spider-Man negotiations were officially squashed as it was confirmed that the deal was saved at the last minute by Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland. Also the Infinity Saga boxed set was finally revealed via Best Buy, and new Marvel experiences are coming to Virtual Reality.…
In this episode we chat about Marvel's Agent Carter! Season 2: Episode 2 - A View in the Dark You can find the complete plot on Wikipedia hereBy Tony Camarena.
We go off for a hot sec, but it's always bothered us how poorly connected the MCU movies are from the MCU TV shows. So hang on, it's rant time. We talk mostly about how the powers that be left Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D in the dirt, how the Defenders were able to mostly avoid it, and all of the missed opportunities that could have made it so much co ...…
Spider-Man is swinging back into the MCU, and we talk about his return before rewinding to our Spider-Man: Far From Home review. As always, thanks to those who support us on! MP3By Matt Lafferty & Pieter Ketelaar.
Spider-man stays in the MCU with a shared universe with Sony that changes the game AGAIN. --- Support this podcast:
(Recorded July 09, 2019) This episode Brooke, Emily, Steve Miller and Spoiler Steven review Doctor Strange! Send us emails and feedback to Like us on and follow us on instagram and twitter @sceneitcastBy Scene-It Cast.
As we sit between the end of the Infinity Saga and the launching of what comes next, we look to the distant future. Is there ever a day we could see the MCU needing to reboot or end? Or will this storyline continue forever? We share our thoughts and check out all the latest news on this week’s Marvel News Desk. WELCOME 0:00-NYCC Meetup Details ...…
It's one month until the Mandalorian takes flight, and's Pete and Matt start the countdown to blastoff. Share your thoughts about the Mandalorian by reaching out to Phantastic Geek on Twitter, Facebook, and PhantasticGeek on Gmail. As always, our podcasts are made possible by those who support us on ...…
As Rorschach and Nite Owl reach Karnak, Ozymandias reveals his master plan. Matt and Pete revisit Chapter XI: “Look on my Works, Ye Mighty…” Share your thoughts about Watchmen on HBO--and the graphic novel, by reaching out to Phantastic Geek on Twitter, Facebook, and PhantasticGeek on Gmail. As always, our podcasts are made possible by those wh ...…
In this weeks episode: Sheepdog has been lying on the floor again; Pab has powered through a game; Anna has turned people invisible and Kev previews all the games at EGX. All this and much more on episode 354 of MGP!By MGP.
Avengers Damage Control Trailer teases the return of ULTRON... could Ultron return to the MCU too? How could Ultron have survived the Avengers Age of Ultron ending, and what hidden sightings he has made throughout the MCU in movies like Spider-Man Homecoming! In this special update episode of #InsideMarvel, Erik Voss breaks down everything we k ...…
The Top Horror Icon Countdown brings some psycho killers to the forefront this week as we continue Horror Month! We also review the horrifying spectacle of a film Joker! As well as bring you the latest news and rumors in nerdom! Keep the terror going with episode 92! #theshowyouneverknewyouwanted is now on all your favorite platforms. Catch us ...…
Justin and Matt go deep on the Todd Phillips directed JOKER film staring Joaquin Phoenix. Is it worth hype? Was the controversy necessary? Do we feel it is a good interpretation of the Clown Prince of Crime? Are we right? Are you wrong? HIT US UP NERDS! Be a part of our Let's Go! Podcast crew! Follow us on Twitter @let ...…
A recap/review of Joker... the first and possibly only movie set in its own offshoot universe? We start in on the News Bits at 4:45 and get back to Joker talk at 35:45. Check out our Patreon page at to see how you can receive the newest installment of our mini-episode series, Extra Dimensions, where Joel and I discus ...…
The godfather of zombies’ greatest film with out zombies! That’s right we are talking about George Romero’s cult classic, The Crazies, and it 2010 TImothy Olyphant remake. Was Romero a one trick pony? Listen to 2019’s second halloween special to find out. We are now on YouTube! Listen to our other great podcast, Ruin My Childhood, starring Mike ...…
Enterprise loses a crewman but gains a colleague when Lynne Lucero is chosen to captain the U.S.S. Cabot. But a bumbling know-it-all doesn’t think she’s cut out for the job. Matt and Pete diagnose Short Treks: “The Trouble with Edward.” Thanks as always to everyone who supports the podcast by visiting Share your feed ...…
The Episode Where We Talk About What We’re Reading MANU Quick question: Revisiting our problematic character faves! Marty Matt motherfucking Murdock John Constantine Tim She-Hulk White Queen/Emma Pullbox Marty White Trees Aditya Bidikar Sera and the Royal Stars Pretty Deadly Wolverine and X-Men Jason Aaron (2011–14) Regular artists Chris Bachal ...…
Recorded at the 2019 New York Comic Con, the Hall of Justice welcomes the cast and crew of Batman Beyond to the Hall of Justice. The show celebrates its 20th anniversary with a new Blu-Ray Digital Release. Batman Beyond: The Complete Animated Series Limited Edition, arrives on Digital starting October 15, 2019 and on Blu-Ray on October 29, 2019 ...…
In This Episode: BJ is back from Mexico and has an adventure to share including Mayan ruins and hours upon hours food! Void is hanging in there after a crazy month of work but managed to sneak in a bit of geekery and some Nintendo Labo with his kids. Support the Podcast on Patreon You can go to to support the ...…
The boys send in the clowns. We're talking Joker, baby! (SPOILERS) 00:30 Box office and Oscar potential 2:23 Reviews start 15:54 Phoenix hints at what is real or not with his dancing 16:45 Gary Glitter song controversy 18:40 Thomas Wayne theories 24:33 fridge theories 25:57 Did the Joker make it all up? 27:00 Did Joker kill Sophie & her daughte ...…
Gobble Gobble!It’s that time of year again where friends and family gather around and give thanks to the Turkey/Tofurkey gods! But whether you like Turkey or not, there is no denying that Thanksgiving has turned into a tradition where families bring out their A-game for dinner. This week join Tuong La and Food pilgrims Geoff McBride, Jesse Pree ...…
Bennett Brothers’ Joker podcast Joker is here! Are you ready? Great discussion on the most unique comic book movie we’ve ever done! Plus discussion on Spider-man coming back to the MCU! Advertisements __ATA.cmd.push(function() { __ATA.initSlot('atatags- ...…
As tensions escalate abroad, Adrian Veidt retreats to the sanctity of his Antarctic stronghold. Meanwhile, Rorschach and Nite Owl arrive at a conclusion in their investigation. Matt and Pete revisit Chapter X: “Two Riders Were Approaching…” Share your thoughts about Watchmen on HBO--and the graphic novel, by reaching out to Phantastic Geek on T ...…
Join the hosts of New Rockstars at Los Angeles Comic Con this Saturday, Oct. 12, at 3pm! Details here: Help New Rockstars build a new home and get access to exclusive breakdowns by becoming a patron: Spider-Man Far From Home Mysterio Illusion Battle Break ...…
TimestampsCrisis on Infinite Earths Hype 00:00:33Birds of Prey Trailer 00:13:14The Suicide Squad 00:15:38Media Cautionary about Joker 00:21:23Joker's Weekend Box Office 00:24:23Joker First Impressions 00:26:08Spoiler Free Review 00:30:23Theater Experience 00:32:26Spoiler Review 00:35:49What DC Should Do With Their Films ...…
It’s Spock’s first day on the U.S.S. Enterprise, but the turbolift doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. Will a query-filled conversation with No. 1 pass the time? Matt and Pete respond to Short Treks: “Q & A.” Thanks as always to everyone who supports the podcast by visiting Share your feedback for Star Trek: Discovery ...…
Okay, look: it’s Joker. Whatever we say about it is going to annoy somebody somewhere, right? But Seb and Caroline are joined by some bloke called Joe who apparently used to do a podcast, or something, to talk about Todd Phillips’ divisive, controversial, and possibly actually surprisingly a bit boring “not a comic book movie” comic book movie. ...…
Made for the best geeks on earth,'s Pete and Matt look at the many successes of NYCC 2019, from the surprise Ryan Reynolds reveal, to the epic premiere of the Watchmen series, to the Walking Dead ruling the morning at MSG, and our beloved Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard center stage. MP3 Apple Podcasts…
Daryl Smith and Sandra Dimas are joined by horror enthusiast Megan Salinas from Silver Screams and comic book guru Scott Niswander from NerdSync to dig deeper into BRIGHTBURN! On today's Aftercast: More deep discussion about BRIGHTBURN! Unlock the Aftercast for only $2-a-month and unlock all our Aftercasts! ------------------------------------- ...…
With one final ice cream bet, we bid a farewell to Krypton, Lobo, and all that could have been. We're also talking about Jessica Jones, Titans, and aaaalmost The Boys, so come check it out!Krypton - s02e10Jessica Jones - s03e08Titans - s02e04By Night of the Living Geeks.
Miles, Rakesh and Joy lend some much-needed assistance to a self-help guru. Arthur learns that Ali has joined another church. Cara closes in on why the God Account has brought her — and others — to Paris. Matt and Pete follow the path of episode 202, “The Lady.” Share your thoughts God Friended Me by reaching out to Phantastic Geek on Twitter, ...…
On this episode we go a bit a far. In additional to the Marvel Team Ups we want to see in Phase 4, we also discuss Jonah Hill, Seinfeld, 3D printed food, Goop, and a host of other random things. It’s a fun ride of randomness. Marvel News Desk #134, coming your way! 0:00-We ironically talk about getting on a schedule, not knowing this will be an ...…
On this episode we go a bit a far. In additional to the Marvel Team Ups we want to see in Phase 4, we also discuss Jonah Hill, Seinfeld, 3D printed food, Goop, and a host of other random things. It’s a fun ride of randomness. Marvel News Desk #134, coming your way! 0:00-We ironically talk about getting on a schedule, not knowing this will be an ...…
"Goes to the Movies" cohost Ted White joins David to discuss Todd Phillips' new film Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix. Ted also does a mini deep-dive into a few iterations of the Joker, his appearances in the comics and in film, and the different portrayals by actors over the years. Please subscribe to our podcast, and Like/Follow us on social m ...…
One of the most epic DC crossover events in comics history is on Kalvin and Nick's docket this week as we dive into the one and only epic tale: DC’s Flashpoint. The timeline is not to be trifled with, and the Flash learns first-hand what happens when you meddle, resulting in a shattered reality. The world he knew is gone. and the people who use ...…
On the fifty-third Infinity Podcast — the gang tackle House of X #6 and Martin Scorsese but first: Rachel hasn’t seen WHAT movie? Scott says WHO should direct Moon Knight? And how was Patrick’s one day at New York Comic Con? All this and more, on...GOODFELLAS! Excelsior! Instagram Twitter Email: "This is Not a News" the ...…
This week we discuss the merits of a bunch of recent watches including Rambo Last Blood, Batman Year One, Red Sonja, The Dead Don't Die, Clash of the Titans, Silverado, Harry Potter, Crawl, Alligator and many more. Feedback appreciated at and hang with us on facebook at ...…
We chat about all the latest news and cover a bunch of feedback.By MCUCast.
In this weeks episode: Sheepdog has been sneaking a game; Kev has built a house; Anna has been wandering the wacky city that is Kamurocho and Pab is only playing FPS at the minute. All this and much more on episode 353 of MGP!By MGP.
Horror Month Begins! Come be our victims this week as we start our Top Horror Icon's list! We ring you up to speed on more Halloween casting news and rejoice at the return of Spider-Man to the MCU! We also dive into the trenches as the Wednesday Night Wars erupt! All this and more! Time Stamps Horror Month: Top Horror Icons 15-13- 00:00 Tom Hol ...…
Tom Holland saved the MCU - or at least helped put Spidey back in! Brandon Routh looks SUPER as the Kingdom Come version of The Man of Steel for the CRISIS crossover on the CW! Justin and Matt also have great ideas on how to make seasons on the CW work better. And finally we chat the Birds of Prey trailer! PLUS WE SMELL SOME FLOPPIES! X-Men fro ...…
If you're in New York City for NYCC, we're doing a meetup! Saturday, Oct. 5th 4-7pm Porchlight (271 11th Ave)By Patrick (H) Willems.
At the time of this episode, Star Wars is in a calm before the storm. 5 weeks from the premiere of The Mandalorian on Disney+. 2 months from the debut of Episode IX- The Rise of Skywalker.Plus, there is a new Clone Wars series in the works, and news about many new projects in the making.JC Reifenberg is the Hall of Justice Star Wars Insider. He ...…
Laurie transverses space and time with Dr. Manhattan to learn the truth about her origin. Matt and Pete revisit Chapter IX: “The Darkness of Mere Being.” Share your thoughts about Watchmen on HBO--and the graphic novel, by reaching out to Phantastic Geek on Twitter, Facebook, and PhantasticGeek on Gmail. As always, our podcasts are made possibl ...…
In This Episode: Beej is training for a marathon and Void’s mind is boggled at how someone even approaches that. BJ also picked up a few new Final Fantasy games and grabbed a Fitness Quest game on iOS to help his training. Void brings some interesting shows and movies to the table with The Wandering Earth and Savage Builds. He also tried out Ki ...…
The Episode Where We Talk about Mutants and Flowers Hello and welcome to All Comics Considered, the comic book podcast with a heart of gold. Tonight, with special returning guest Kat Lehto, we’re jumping in on the Hox Pox! Patron Shout Out Liaden Ryland! Spoilers Spoiling House of X 1-5 Powers of X (4) Structure of the Books House of X Hickman, ...…
Welcome to the latest instalment of our flagship review podcast Orbiting Comics! In this week’s episode, Scott‘s joined by Liz for our fortnightly update of comics released September 18th and 25th: – Avengers: Loki Unleashed #1 [03:06] – New Mutants: War Children #1 [13:50] – Spider-man #1 [23:48] – Flash Forward #1 [33:35] – Heroes in Crisis [ ...…
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