Best meccanica podcasts we could find (Updated November 2017)
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Razine Podcast: dragueo, circuito, drift, motovelocidad, kartismo y mas desde Republica Dominicana
Raul Peña (Mr_Long) y Aneudis Romero (PJ) nos mantienen informados con todas las eventualidades de los eventos de velocidad en la República Dominicana... dragueo, circuito, kartismo y demas, comentados de una forma amena en un capitulo semanal. No te lo pierdas, Razine Podcast.
Podcast Motocas & Carangos
O Podcast do mundo automotivo da vida real.
Radio Deplorable
Radio Deplorable is a right of center podcast that shines a spotlight on the people and places that those in the NYC-DC-LA vortex neither understand nor like very much. Whether it is a chat with an author or commentator, a mechanic, a pastor, an interesting stranger at a truck stop, or just random thoughts from the host, the animating persypectives of this podcast are those that resonate in the heart of "flyover country."
Level One Dad | Exploring Similarities Between Parenthood and Retro Gaming
Level One Dad is a weekly podcast presenting snippets of retro gaming wisdom, humor and nostalgia applied to parenthood. In each episode we'll pull one cool thing from an old school title - a theme, a game mechanic, a story element - and talk about how it relates to raising kids. New episodes air every Wednesday and run about 15'ish minutes in length.
Rick Paris
New Monthly Show Tune in each month to Synergenetic Livingtrade Radio and hear Rick amp Grace Paris discuss the Synergenetic way of life. What it means to truly change your life and perspective. What it means to take control of your life and manifest your true desires.From a young age, Rick Paris was seen as a healer, which began as a child in kindergarten, working with school supervision to assist children with depression and separation/divorce anxiety. His gift as a healer was discouraged ...
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Jerry Kroll is the CEO and Founder of Electra Meccanica, a Vancouver-based company producing an electric, one-seater vehicle. It has three wheels and looks like a prototype of a futuristic car. But Jerry says we'll be seeing these vehicles on the road much sooner than we think. He says 83 per cent of us drive by ourselves, so we might as well h ...…
Kilowatt: A Podcast about Tesla
Today on Kilowatt we talk about Tesla, New Electric Vehicles, Solar Panels, Autonomous Vehicles, and Space X. Support Ben: Videos: The Anatomy of the Tesla Lithium Battery Cell Tesla's 2170 Battery Cell So much good news: Elon's Tweet Storm Tesla 8.1 Software Update #1 Tesla 8.1 Software Update #2 Tesla 8.1 Software Updat ...…
That Car Podcast: Cars + Entrepreneurship From The Driver's Seat!
Listen now on iTunes and Google Play. (Editors Note: This episode was originally recorded back in October.) This week I’m privileged to have Jerry Kroll, Founder and CEO of Electra Meccanica, a car company based in Vancouver, Canada. Jerry and his team are on a mission to bring to market a new kind of commuter car and hopefully disrupt an indus ...…
Научно-популярное шоу «Опытные на кухне»
Одной строкой Одноместный электромобиль Solo: макс. скорость 80 миль/ч, проезжает 100 миль на одной зарядке Окна, генерирующие электричество Порт Роттердама планирует создать систему автономных аквадронов Медицинская школа Гарварда разработала контактные линзы дос ...…
הקצה 2.0 - ראשון בקצה
שיר פתיחה של קין והבל - קין והבל 90210 // Self-Released Julian Cope - The Greatness & Perfection Of Love // Phonogram 13th floor Elevators - Levitation // Charly The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard // Elektra The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream (last Night) // Reprise The Remains - Don't Look Back // Elektra The Creation - Painter Man // Pla ...…
Corinna Mantlo returns to Talking Motorcycles to bring us up to speed on the2015 Motorcycle Film Festival, which is scheduled for Sept. 23-27 in Brooklyn, N.Y. As the event's co-founder, Corinna is definitely on the cutting edge of the motorcycle film culture. Interestingly, she will be calling in from Cine Meccanica where they are previewing t ...…
Scuola di Eccellenza Universitaria Tullio Levi Civita » Storia della Scienza
Lezione tenuta presso l'Università "Tor Vergata" dal Prof. Lucio Russo in data 24 marzo 2010
Scuola di Eccellenza Universitaria Tullio Levi Civita » Seminari
Seminario sull'introduzione alla meccanica del danno tenuto dal Prof Cuomo l'11 dicembre 2009
Our very first episode! We talk about the latest (then) TF2 update, Smashball, and highschool fun. It's our first time, so cut us some slack! Good things take time. Thankfully no actual advertising, as we found a better file host! Featuring Rokrin, Meccanica, Hippie, and TheBob!.By (HK Clan).
Featuring: Rokrin, Meccanica, Hippie, and TheBob! Our very first episode! We talk about the latest (then) TF2 update, Smashball, and highschool fun. It's our first time, so cut us some slack! Good things take time. Thankfully no actual advertising, as we found a better file host!By (HK Clan).
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