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Menopause Morph
Experts from many fields giving advice to help women thrive through their menopause and emerge as the amazing women nature intended us to be.Not just advise on how to cope with menopause symptoms but a range of topics to help us thrive through the Change-of-Life and beyond.
Women to Women Podcast | Natural Health Solutions for Menopause Hormonal Imbalance PMS Hot Flashes Mood Swings Depression, Sex problems and more
The Women to Women podcast is a weekly show focused on discussing natural remedies for many of the health issues facing women today. Each episode centers around specific issues, such as natural treatments for hormonal imbalance, managing the effects of menopause, guidance for managing hot flashes, mood swings and PMS. All of the advice given on Women to Women was developed by healthcare professionals and is based in the belief that natural healing is the best healing.The goal of this podcast ...
Thinner Peace in Menopause: Weight Loss After 50 & Mindfulness
Mindfulness and Losing Weight After 50
Not Your Mother's Menopause with Dr. Fiona Lovely
Dr. Fiona Lovely brings to her listeners the expertise gleaned from a more than a decade of clinical primary care giving. She has many years of training in the fields of restorative endocrinology, functional neurology and functional medicine. She has been helping women with their hormonal and life challenges and is taking their stories of dis-ease to healing to the medium of podcasting.
Menopause Guide Podcast, with RhondaNP
Balance your menopause experience and regain control with natural solutions to live the life you love.
Vivid Menopause Podcast
Vivid Conversations - The Vivid Menopause Podcast. Real talk for women who embrace midlife as a time of renewal, adventure, juiciness, joy, and transformation.
Wellness, Weight Management & Menopause Relief
Lose YOUR Jiggle and live your life with energy, vitality, sexual desire, mental clarity, physical stamina and a passion for life. Get your waistlne back, lift your butt, feel fabulous naked and have unstoppable confidence & ultimate health. Thats the focus of this weekly program with international speaker, coach, business owner & mentor to women 40+.
Frank Discussions About Menopause
Understanding Menopause
Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed
Herbal Medicine is People's Medicine: simple, safe, effective. Bring your curiosity and health questions. Susun will enlighten, surprise, and delight you..
neuroscienceCME - Clinical Challenges During Midlife Transitions and the Impact on Women's Health
A woman's midlife transition from peri-menopause through post-menopause brings a period of vulnerability for physiologic and symptomatic changes affecting both physical and mental health. Estrogen has multiple effects on neurotransmitter systems and brain regions including the hypothalamus, neocortex, hippocampus, and brainstem. During times of estrogen fluctuations and decline, dysregulation of neuroendocrine systems can lead to physiologic effects such as hot flashes, reduced bone mass, an ...
Wrinkled Not Dead
Simple answers to complex questions on getting older and staying relevant.
Testosterone Reality Radio
Expert Medical Discussion regarding Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) by host Dr. Thomas O'Connor. Caring for men on Testosterone since 2005. Learn More: Dr. O'Connor's Testosterone Replacement Therapy Practice - you are interested in a one hour consult with Dr. O'Connor (over the phone or in person) Call 860 904 6779 or email
Simply Hormones Podcast
Podcast interviews with the best medical professionals bringing you up to date information on hormonal health for women, whatever their age.
The Staying Young Show 2.0 - Entertaining | Educational | Health & Wellness
With all the mixed messages on health, you need information that you can use and that you can trust. Listen in as the experts discuss all topics health related. It's time to STAY YOUNG and stay healthy! Each week we tackle a topic and often with leading scientists, best selling authors, and even your favorite celebrities!
Carrie Pierce, Founder and President of hosts 'Magnificent Menopause & Beyond' and each week with the mission of helping Midlife women AND men embrace the many gifts, challenges and mysteries of this exciting time of life!Featuring everything you need to know to be the best you can be during your Midlife years, Magnificent Menopause & Beyond hosts a very special guest each week, with show topics that run the Midlife gamut: Health, Beauty, Nutrition, Financial, Spiritual a ...
The Next Half
The Next Half will teach adults how to play again and enjoy life!. Tony Russell is a counselor, but that didn't stop him from having a major midlife crisis! He says, "I began questioning everything from myself to God." Now he uses his education, experience, and humor to help others navigate life.
Wise Woman Weblog
Susun Weed, herbalist and women's health expert, shares home remedies and herbal medicine wisdom. Topics include menopause, childbearing, breast health, fertility, lactation, pregnancy, cancer prevention, alternative remedies, natural healing, wise woman tradition.
Two-Minute Healhtips
Better Sex Now Podcast
Welcome to the ‘Better Sex Now’ Podcast with Richard Jacobs. Did you know that divorce rates in the USA are over 50%? A big reason for this is because 52% of men and 43% of women experience sex-related issues, especially as they hit middle age and beyond. Problems such as low or no sex drive, inability to become aroused or to perform, post-partum, menopausal, or hormone imbalances can cause divorce, breakups, infidelity, and domestic violence in even the most stable and long term relationshi ...
Hormone Makeover Chats (mp3)
The Hormone Makeover Chat is a free weekly teleconference designed for women of all ages wanting more information about hormones and issues related to hormone imbalance including PMS, perimenopause, and menopause. The Hormone Makeover Chat is held every Tuesday at 12pm Eastern Standard Time. Calls last 30 minutes including time allowed for listener questions at the end of each call.
Progress Your Health Podcast
Do you feel like a “hot hormonal mess”? You are not alone. Many of us are told we are healthy but don’t feel great. You feel tired, your sex drive has disappeared and you are frustrated with your weight, despite a healthy diet and exercise. At night you are exhausted, but your sleep quality is poor from waking up throughout the night. Needless to say, you’re irritable and your patience is short, which makes you feel guilty for overreacting. It is not your fault! These are all signs of hormon ...
Aren't you ready for some football? I sure as hell am. After eight days, and counting, of NFL-less living, I am as irritable as a post menopausal woman, oh, that's right, I am a post-menopausal woman! So what does a football junkie do to fill the hours before the BIG GAME? Oh, I don't know, I remodeled a room, I baked pies and cookies, I bought a new car, I put my old car up for sale and I painted the bathroom. My husband has fled. I want and I miss my NFL.
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In this episode I talk with Pamela Windle, who introduces herself by talking about how she became so interested in got into working with women especially around perimenopause, menopause, and post menopause We go onto to discuss Hormones and how they affect womens lives At what age women start going into perimenopause and what affects our hormon ...…
On today's show, we celebrate some celeb birthdays. Ezekiel Elliot gets to play a few games before suspension. We celebrate world menopause day. Mike tells us what is trending in El Paso.... Mike & Tricia bring you everything you need to know for day, whether it's entertainment news, El Paso headlines, or just their own warped sensibilities.…
Let's Talk Beer
Jeff returns from Louisiana and Florida and talks about his beer adventures…and misadventures. Brian runs 203ish miles, visits Alchemist, Treehouse, Hill Farmstead and lives to tell the tale. They also talk about a beer made for women going through menopause, yes that’s a thing. All that and more news! [See image gallery at]…
Dr. Anna Cabeca is an internationally recognized gynecologist and obstetrician specializing in holistic anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She uses a functional medicine approach and tools like bioidentical hormone therapy, diet, and superfood supplements to help women solve their hormonal health problems.…
Dr. Anna Cabeca is an internationally recognized gynecologist and obstetrician specializing in holistic anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She uses a functional medicine approach and tools like bioidentical hormone therapy, diet, and superfood supplements to help women solve their hormonal health problems.…
Live with Ilene ~ The Heart Healer: Mind-Body Causes for Pelvic Dis-ease This week’s sharing of wisdom will be about the mind-body connection to manifesting dis-ease in the female reproductive organs, specifically in the ovaries and uterus. Ilene will also discuss challenging symptoms related to menstruation and menopause and simple ways to fee ...…
Guest Deborah Garlick talks about menopause in the workplace ahead of World Menopause DayBy (Craig Wilkinson).
Girls Around Town
Fiona talks about men and the menopauseBy (Craig Wilkinson).
Dining Out with Rachel Forrest
Rachel Forrest talks with Joanne Francis and Matt Gallagher of The Portsmouth Brewery ahead of the launch of Libeeration, a menopausal beer for women.
Menopause is a normal part of a woman's life, but it is a major shift. Hot flashes aren't the only disruptive symptoms — we talk about them all with Carrie Levine. She is a Certified Nurse Midwife who treats women in all stages of their lives at her practice Whole Woman Health.
The Brooke Burke Show
Brooke’s guest on today’s episode is Dr. Chris Asandra. Dr. Chris is a board-certified anti-aging and regenerative medicine specialist with a practice in Beverly Hills. He treats both men and women with a whole range of issues including hormone replacement therapy. He’s the founder and Chief Medical Officer of the nationally recognized clinics, ...…
Periods, Pregnancy And Menopause - The WOW Of Being A Woman by Max International College for Fitness Professionals
Men need to be aware, acknowledge, and adapt to the hormonal shifts women experience both monthly and as they age.Remember that thing your significant other used to do when you were 28 that you thought was so cute and charming? Now that you're 45, it might be the thing that makes you want to punch him in the face. This doesn't arise from a ment ...…
Thinner Peace in Menopause: Weight Loss After 50 & Mindfulness
In this episode I read to you a letter from a listener, about her aha moment around food and fun! This is what she wrote: I just wanted to share something with you. I have been listening to your podcasts from the beginning and episode 13, I think that was the one, was life changing. My husband was going away for a couple days and my old thought ...…
Almost 30 | Real Talks On Health, Wellness, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Sexuality, Humor, + so much more
This week we're talkin' about SEX, LOVE & OTHER THINGS (hehe shameless plug for our event on October 14th) with Co-Founder and CEO of Unbound Box, POLLY RODRIGUEZ! We discuss everything from how and why she started Unbound Box, her battle at 21 years old with colon cancer and early menopause, the male dominated sex industry, to sexuality as a w ...…
N Network - Podcasts to make you think, laugh, and succeed
Managing a full 21st-century life with ruthless prioritization and banana peel tea–a great conversation with Michelle Pfennighaus. (Be sure to look for the link to pick up Michelle’s gift to The Productive Woman listeners!) 21st-century life requires “ruthless prioritization” Nutrition coach Michelle Pfennighaus identifies herself as a work-fro ...…
Episode 15 - Breast cancer and bone health Today we chat with endocrinologist Dr. Sabashini Ramchand from Austin Health in Melbourne. We discuss:- The different types of breast cancers- The different treatment strategies especially their effects on bone important hormones- The differences in these therapies in pre- vs. post-menopausal women- Th ...…
Change of Address-Lesbian Comedy Podcast
Now with improved Dorrie sound! Dorrie heroically takes us through the gauntlet of menopause, and Gary thinks he met the son of the man most equipped to defend her!
Can you really get fired for going through menopause?! One woman from Georgia claims she was! We break in down with a Nurse Practitioner and get real about what Kayla calls, "shark week." And lets hate on social shaming, Hurricane Harvey, unicorns and celebs in politics.
The Other F Word: Conversations About Failure
Editor, screenwriter, and the author of the book Marrying George Clooney: Confessions from a Midlife Crisis, Amy Ferris talks candidly and with humor, about the struggle of midlife and menopause and the need to connect with others to get through the darkest of times. Amy shares how her many mistakes in life, as messy and painful as they have be ...…
Catching Health with Diane Atwood
Menopause is a confusing time for many women. They often struggle with symptoms but may be unsure of the risks and benefits of hormone therapy. In this podcast, pharmacist Joe Lorello discusses the various options, from synthetic to plant-based hormones.
Menopause is a time of change that may not be simple, but doesn’t have to be hard! Whether you are trying to make sense of your symptoms or you want to learn what may lie ahead, we can help. Listen in as Laura Flanagan, MD discusses strategies to help you manage the symptoms of menopause and to share tips to make this exciting change more bearable.…
Brooklands Radio Your Health Matters
Jill Bennett talks to Lucy Powell & Mandy Barrett who share a passion for health and wellbeing and talk about one of their specialities, menopause and hormonal imbalance and the effect changing hormone levels can have on a woman's wellbeing.[ (Brooklands FM).
An entertaining recap of the latest archaeology and anthropology news. This week, English cannibals, ancient turkeys solve a mystery, Hannibal marches through the Alps, and the evolutionary reason for menopause. Hosted by Esther Ciammachilli.
The second half of the conversation about weight gain and weight loss resistance has to be centered around female hormones because they are so incredibly important to you finding and staying at your body's ideal weight. So, I'm taking the whole episode to talk about every little thing that could be going wrong with your hormones that may be hin ...…
Does midlife have to be the beginning of the end of fun, sexiness or meaning? Or, could it be the start of an adventurous, juicy and purposeful time of life? We vote for the latter, of course!In her medical practice, Dr. Andrea advised her female clients to look at midlife and beyond with anticipation of fun. Considering that after the kids lea ...…
This week, we meet 53-year Allison Hunt, a Los Gatos-based rower with the Chinook Performance Racing Team. With her team, she has earned eleven gold medals in the past year alone. When not in the water, Allison is currently Eating for Performance Coach and works with Advocare, a nutritional supplement company. In this interview, Allison candidl ...…
Dr. Mindy Goldman, director of the Women's Cancer Care Program at UCSF, is an OB/GYN specializing in gynecologic care for post-menopausal women or women dealing with induced menopause following risk-reducing surgeries related to hereditary cancer. Dr. Goldman is also a member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Survivorship pane ...…
Dr. Pankaj Naram is in Toronto, joined by Dr. Marianji and Dr. Giovanni. Dr. Naram gives ancient healing info on: cancer, detox, diabetes, depression, and much more, including methods to reverse menopause and induce pregnancy. To ask your questions, you can contact or visit…
The Smart Nutrition, Made Simple Show with Ben Brown
Do you ever feel like you can't stop gaining weight, even though you're doing everything you know how to make it stop?In this interview with Dave Smith, Canada's top personal trainer of 2013 and now online fitness and nutrition coach, we break down the necessary steps and habits to create lasting change.... even through menopause.Dave has been ...…
Hear from @PostIVF about dealing with the menopause at the same time as her mother, then waiting for fertility treatment on the NHS and how she managed to stay positive whilst on her rocky road to parenthood.
The Fertility Podcast|Infertility guidance|Stories from people struggling to conceive|Expert interviews|Health and wellbeing
Hear from @PostIVF about dealing with the menopause at the same time as her mother, then waiting for fertility treatment on the NHS and how she managed to stay positive whilst on her rocky road to parenthood.
If you like hairy, middle-aged men ranting about stuff then you're going to love this episode. In our continued stance of not getting political, we focus on two topics all about politics. Andrew also tries to console Chris through an extensional crisis regarding his love for cars and there's a shocking confession during the the news segment.…
Ali Newell is a personal trainer and fitness coach with a passion for nutrition. Ali works in a variety of settings around South Buckinghamshire and she specialises in helping clients with abdominal core and pelvic floor issues, along with helping ladies with pre, present and post menopausal complaints. I caught up with Ali at Halton Tennis Cen ...…
Top 5 Most Disturbingly Haunted Asylums and Hospitals Hospitals and asylums are places where people go to get cared for and seek refuge. Some of them are kept to the best standards and flourish, while others dwindle, eventually abandoned and forgotten by time.5. Beechworth Lunatic Asylum A few hours away from Melbourne, Australia sits the Beech ...…
The research laboratory of Virginia M. Miller, Ph.D., focuses on conditions specific to women: ovarian function, preeclampsia of pregnancy and menopause. These conditions are associated with dramatic changes in one of the sex steroids, estrogen, and can accelerate development of chronic conditions including cardiovascular disease and aging proc ...…
Dr. Veronica Anderson, Host, Functional Medicine Specialist and Medical Intuitive interviews Dr. Anna Cabeca about escaping the suffering and stereotypes of menopause. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Dr. Anna Cabeca is a double board-certified Ob-Gyn and Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine expert. She empowers women to escape t ...…
Transition time: menopause. Feelings of self-doubt, lack of confidence or not knowing your life's purpose crushing your spirit? Loving on Me will help!
1:08 - Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #2 ( 1:38 - Bone Broth Protein 2:26 - Heavy Metals and Bone Broth 3:40 - Dr. Jay’s Health and Happiness Reset Retreat ( 4:25 - “Upstream” Issues 5:38 - Antibiotics for Parasites 7:40 - Coffee Enemas 9:10 - Coaching with Dr. Jay Davidson and his Te ...…
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