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Nerd Management is Indiana’s finest award losing podcast. Join hosts Alec Ward, Warner Swopes, and Rob Ropke for an hour of entertaining ranting about comics, wrestling, video games, and pop culture.
Jay Weber is an angry young man, the kind of person who looks at the world just a bit differently than most. Each week, Jay and his friends sit around discussing barstool prophecies while enjoying a refreshing glass of whiskey. AngerMGMT is produced by Ari Halbkram and
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Cabaret Nocturne
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Hangin' Brain
Simon O'Connor (Kuroma/Simon Doom) and Andrew Vanwyngarden (MGMT) shoot the breeze! Guests stop by.
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Welcome to THE STATESIDE PODCAST!!! We talk about Music, the Creative Process, and the color of farts. Hosted by James MacMillan and Neil Engle alongside trusted producer Andrew Carreon. We'll document our journey and be there for yours. Brought to you by STATESIDE MGMT -A Producer Management Company- Popular Topics: Music, Movies, Current Events, Bands, Would You Rather, Rapid Fire Questions, Interviews, Producers, Studio, Recording
Premier alternative music blog What's On The Hi-Fi presents 10 new songs that are currently coming out of headphones and speakers. Fans of Passion Pit, MGMT, Arcade Fire or Fleet Foxes this is the Podcast for you. Look for new episodes every month
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Slight Work
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MaWayy Radio
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Julio Caezar's JuliTunzZz Radio comes in as a bi-monthly dosage of the grooviest House TunzZz available, broadcasted across the globe. You'll get to chuckle at the interactions between Julio and his A.I. Rexie. Subscribe and let's groove!For free downloads, personal JuliBlogs & more: https://www.juliocaezar.comSocial Media Platforms:@julitunzzzMGMT: juliocaezarmgnt@gmail.comBookings:
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Alec and Warner dive deeper into Sea of Theives. The boys talk about a frightening new conspiracy and how it is connected to the Nerd Management family.
Alec and Warner are joined by Rob as they discuss the New Gods movie, the return of Daniel Bryan, and the demise of Toys R Us.
On this month's episode Matt discusses his Philly Crew Video Journal 9 Revised part. View the visual version of this podcast at Hosted and mixed by Dylan Kasson. Graphic design and music by Ben Bursell. Material discussed that should be viewed. Philly Crew Video Journal 9 Revised ...…
Watch the video of this presentation here
What’s up guys, our latest episode has just been released. Jonny sits down with Australian Strength Coach and Physical Therapist ANDREW WILD: • • KEY POINTS DISCUSSED: •FITNESS “EXPERTS” •PAIN MGMT •CLIENT ASSESSMENTS •DO’s & DON’TS •PROGRAMMING •WHO TO “FOLLOW” Be sure to follow ANDREW on all social media channels @wildphysiofitness and Contac ...…
Today, Omar dives deep into the combo writer/artist Matt Kindt and how he honed his talent in each field separately. Matt discusses the process of what it takes to work at DC, Marvel, and Dark Horse and the process of optioning intellectual property that he's created.
Warner tries his hand at Alec's "Around the Net" segment. Alec rants. and the boys decide they have to have a serious conversation about Stan Lee.
Carly and Johnny open up on the topic of their baby boy going viral with a video of him dancing to MGMT, and discuss the global response, the parental concerns and the licensing logistics that come along with such a bizarre happenstance.
Mikel joins Alec and Warner to talk about Black Panther.
Callum built his valet trash service company to serve over 65,000 units and then sold to a large private equity firm. Now he focuses on multifamily and self storage investing. Callum shares great tips on how to scale a business as well as multifamily and self storage success stories and some things that went wrong along the way. If you enjoyed ...…
Welcome to the first track of NOTLG's newest podcast: Monthly Music Digest. Hosts Mary and John discuss the past month's album releases, pick their favorite tracks, and put them into a Spotify playlist just for you! February saw new releases from Justin Timberlake, Franz Ferdinand, and MGMT. Did they live up to the hype? Was any album as enjoya ...…
Andrew and Ben from MGMT chat to John about their new album 'Little Dark Age' on X-Posure, Radio XBy
MGMT's Little Dark Age returns to their classic indie pop vibe that was so popular on Oracular Spectacular. They mix in important political lyrics, and honest messages about the dangers of social media. It's an album all the artists from the 80s wish they could've made. Lisa was unable to be on the show today due to the crazy busyness of life, ...…
Grace Lanni of All About That Brand is joined by Marketing Expert and movie enthusiast Joey McGirr to share real-life stories of companies battling unjustified social roasting. Get Joey’s secrets on personal branding and learn how to make the most of your online time. Listen to get the beta invite to his next entrepreneurial venture – a new onl ...…
It's time for some more musical thoughts from John Lucero and Brittany Beshel! They get some of their disagreements and hurt feelings out of the way early to gush about one of the year's best albums. John is also introduced to a man named Peggy with some THOUGHTS. We know you like us, so you should like us on Facebook and Twitter as well. You c ...…
This ep we’re talking about (in alphabetical order): Rich Brian – Amen MGMT – Little Dark Age Lil Debbie – I’m the Rapper, He’s the Producer Various Artists (but primarily Kendrick Lamar) – Black Panther OST Jóhann Jóhannsson – Sicario OST Carly Rae Jepsen – EMOTION Tracks in order: Pink Floyd – Have a Cigar Rich Brian – Glow Like Dat Rich Bria ...…
We discuss Greta Gerwig's acutely observed coming-of-age drama Lady Bird starring Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf and Tracy Letts (2:58); psychedelic synth-poppers MGMT are back with their eclectic and electric new album Little Dark Age (20:36); and from director Ryan Coogler comes Black Panther, the latest in the Marvel superhero stable and an A ...…
On this episode of Stick It In Your Ear, Bud! Backfence tells the guys about his debut project and shares a brand new song. He also sticks around to review MGMT's newest release, "Little Dark Age." Drew nitpicks too much, Hudson nitpicks Drew for nitpicking too much, and Josh introduces us to a new guest, Colby Jack.…
We dump a new segment on you called Half Baked Hot Takes, which is basically just like the old Book Club segment but now with a bunch of current albums instead of just one. In this one we tackle new to newish albums from Migos, Corrosion of Conformity, Palm, MGMT, and the Black Panther soundtrack. Spotify companion playlist…
Brunno discusses his experience as an auditor before following his true passions and entering the art world! He advocates for a multidisciplinary approach to the arts, simplicity, explains the basics of time-based media conservation and his upcoming projects such as TRACE in Berlin and an exciting residency in South Italy as part of Zagara Foun ...…
Zach and Chris welcome on good friend and music expert Nate Mondschein to talk about Justin Timberlake's... uh... interesting album Man of the Woods. They reminisce about the good times and each count down their top 5 favorite JT songs (38:58). They then discuss the Kendrick Lamar-curated Black Panther soundtrack (58:18), talk about some things ...…
Bloomberg Daybreak with Karen Moskow and Bob Moon.GUESTS:Mike WilsonChief US Equity Strategist/CIO:Wealth MgmtMorgan Stanley & Co LLCJennifer RyanBloomberg Gadfly Editor
We list our favorite love songs, and why they're important to us, before getting into new albums by MGMT, the Black Panther Soundtrack, and the Wombats - we also discuss new EPs from Shakey Braves and Ravyn Lenae and singles from Marian Hill, The Aces, and more. ...…
Brian Boyd and Edel Coffey review "Always Ascending" from Franz Ferdinand, "Damned Devotion" from Joan As Policewoman and "Little Dark Age" from MGMT
A decade after their debut album, neo-psychedelic wunderkinds MGMT are back to reclaim their narrative. Little Dark Age is their first album in five years, and it follows two critically panned releases, both of which veered so far into zany art-rock experimentation it was hard for everyone but their core fanbase to keep up. Little Dark Age hews ...…
MelMan calls CEO of Wilde Capital Management, Doug Wilde, to try to understand big drop in the market and if we should be worried with our investments and retirement funds.
Celebrating episode 1 of Carried Away The Den co-host Dane Hart joins me as we discuss the smash-hit Netflix Original series "The End Of The F****** World." SPOILERS. Special Thanks to:Dane Hart Twitter: @danehart @The_D3N Cian Grant Twitter: @GrantCian @The_D3NArtwork by Thomas Van Kampen Link: MGMT - Wh ...…
When your homeschool treasurer hands you a financial statement, do you know what you’re looking at? HomeschoolCPA, Carol Topp, explains how to read and understand the statement of revenues and expenses. This 15 minute podcast will help your treasurer prepare a statement that is easy to read and understand. FEATURED PRODUCT from HomeschoolCPA: M ...…
Warner tells the guys a "too sweet" story about a fan at a Brother O' Brother show and rants about Lebanese spies hacking his phone.
Rob rejoins the team to put them in their place. The moral compase of Nerd Management has returned!
Chris Parker from Parker Wealth Mgmt spoke to Bill about Govt shutdown, no govt shutdown-Another milestone.... the Dow hits 26,000-The Federal Reserve's first Beige Book of the year
On Episode 6.2, Nick and Vic recap the College Football Playoff National Championship, Donald Trump's Fake News Awards, Gywneth Paltrow's health secrets,and if Oprah should run for President in 2020! SUBSCRIBE AND RATE! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @nickandvicshow Go get yourself some Mt. Wavy gear! If you are in t ...…
Alec and Warner work as a tag team in this two man episode about the usual erd rantings of the 'cast.
[INTRO]THE FERNWEH ... DOING IT ALL THEIR OWN WEH [THE MAGIC BISCUIT TIN]Ned, Austin & Jamie, The Fernweh ... & the Dark Chocolate Digestive, the Jammy Dodger and the Rich Tea, [NEAR PERFECT PITCH SPOTIFY 'CHRIMBO 2017' PLAYLIST] ...…
Virtue Signaling, pinning for attention & sympathy, Donnie Vie is Charles Manson, Enuff Z’nuff & touring, talking about dicks, “i’m writing a book”, cover bands should be better, it’s all your fault & you’re not as good as you think you are, “I’m gonna do...”, ideas are nothing, Starbucks Jesus, girls at tables talking, Amazon returns @ Kohl’s, ...…
This Week in Work segment returns! This is the segment of PB where we help you crack the professional code and discuss stories and topics relevant to the workplace. This week we’re talking about five things you can do in 2018 to get both your work and money up. We cover: Using your bonus and merit increases to jumpstart your 401k while lowering ...…
Chris Parker From Parker-Wealth Mgmt spoke to bill about November Jobs and Unemployment numbers-Bitcoin- Senate and House are now working in Conference on their tax legislation
From Syscast: talking linux, open source, web development and system administration (DevOps) Published Feb 9 2017 I’m back! Sort of. This is a mono-episode where it’s just me talking about Config Management Camp, a conference held in Gent in February 2017. I recap a few interesting talks and projects I saw. This is an episode that I recorded in ...…
Chris Parker from Parker-Wealth Mgmt spoke to Bill about Markets... record highs. An expected vote on Tax policy in the Senate...Kiwanis Club in Olmsted Falls has a personal connection to what's happened, and is putting together relief items for the people of Puerto Rico...TO HELP-Please Call 440-235-3035…
Chris Parker-Parker Wealth Mgmt spoke to Bill about House Tax Plan-Stock Markets-Black Friday Shopping
Big B (first hour) and Big M. gratitude Playlist Drone 3 by The Beacon Sound Choir on - (-) Drone 3 by The Beacon Sound Choir on - (-) Africa Blvd by Andreas Spechtl on - (-) Say You'll Say So by Geoffrey Landers on - (-) Madrigal Morning by Erskine Lynas on - (-) The One to Wait by CCFX on - (-) Macho Island by Geneva Jacuzzi on - (-) All of t ...…
Chris Parker-Parker Wealth Mgmt. spoke to Bill about Senate Tax Plan-Trump Economics After 1 Year In Office
Bloomberg Daybreak with Karen Moskow and Bob Moon.GUESTS:Megan GreeneMng Dir/Chief EconomistManulife Asset Mgmt US LLCJennifer RyanBloomberg Gadfly EditorBloomberg Editorial
We're are back and as always are sharing our ten track of the last two weeks, this week we've been to the new music "festival" outside Dublin, Samhain, where we saw Annie Mac and we talk Jessie Ware and her new album "Glasshouse" which is out now. Get in contact an email us at or check out the latest playlist (before it ...…
#SomethingBIG – EP #241: STAFFORD BROTHERS – ARTIST SPOTLIGHT FLUME 01: More Than Friends (Illyus & Barrientos Remix) – James Hype ft. Kelli-Leigh 02: X With U (Extended) – Tom Budin & Luciana 03: Without You (Domastic & Kovan Remix) – Avicii 04: Honest (Gil Glaze Extended Remix) – The Chainsmokers 05: Glory (Jack Wins Extended Mix) – Bastille ...…
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